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lAAH o I92B 
iMAR 2 192SI 

APK 6 1925. 
j^ to 1925 

JUN 8 \^7\. 
JAN 2 8 192a 

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2(uf ber Hnioe^ftfat 

Cl^eobor Storm 




Shtffitld Scientific School of Yalt University 





' / 


The text of this edition of Auf der Universitdt is 
from the eighteenth edition of Storm's works (Theo- 
dor Storm's Samtliche Werke. Achtzehnte Auflage. 
Braunschweig, 1908), with some sUght changes in 
spelling in conformity with Duden's Orthographisches 

I desire to acknowledge helpful suggestions from 
my colleagues, Professors Gruener and Glascock. 


Digitized by the Internet Arcliive 

in 2007 witli funding from 

IVIicrosoft Corporation 






,8Ber ben t)td5tcr rtifl serftc^en 
SKu6 in Dic^terS ?anbe getjcn." 

This word of Goethe's can be applied to few authors 
more fittingly than to Storm, for few authors have 
been so completely rooted in their native soil. Born 
in Schleswig, the most northern of German provinces, 
he has found in the legends and traditions which 
abound in this borderland of Scandinavian and Ger- 
man civilizations his materials and motives; its simple, 
rugged folk have been his actors; the iitful sea, the 
barren heath, the fertile lowlands, the gloomy moor 
and forest which surrounded his native town have 
given his tales their setting and local coloring. 

Storm was born September 14, 181 7, in Husum, a 
small seaport in the Duchy of Schleswig, then a prov- 
ince of Denmark. Of good family, — his father a 
respected and busy lawyer, his mother of the patrician 
class, — he grew up amidst a large circle of relatives 
and in close association with the townspeople. 

Storm's school and university life show little out of 
the ordinary. After completing the course in the old 
Latin School of his native town he was sent to the ex- 


cellent Gymnasium of Lubeck, where he entered the 
highest class — Prima. At Easter, 1837, he matricu- 
lated as a student of law at the neighboring Univer- 
sity of Kiel, — the chief seaport of Schleswig-Holstein 
and accordingly also in Danish territory. A year later 
this university was exchanged for that of Berlin, 
where he spent three semesters, returning in the 
autumn of 1839 to Kiel, to complete his preparation 
for the state examination requisite for admission to 
the bar. 

Though not an indifferent student. Storm acquired 
much outside of the class room. He was little attracted 
by the rough and wild side of student life, — the 
heritage of a yet wilder age, — but he found ample 
opportunity for increasing his knowledge of human 
nature. Much of his time was spent in the open, and 
there began that close acquaintance with plant and 
animal life which gives a peculiarly realistic coloring 
to his writings. 

From the time of his admission to the bar (1842), 
Storm's career is closely associated with the fate of 
his native state. Schleswig-Holstein, whose inhabit- 
ants were in large part German, had long chafed under 
Danish rule. The struggle for independence, begun 
in the revolution of 1848, ended disastrously in 1852. 
With the tightening of the Danish bonds. Storm's 
license to continue the practise of his profession was 
made dependent upon his renunciation of his anti- 
Danish sympathies. He was therefore forced into 
exile and sought service in the Prussian courts. 


His first assignment was as Associate Judge of the 
Military Court in the garrison town of Potsdam 
(November, 1853), and while here he made many con- 
genial friends in the neighboring Berlin, among them 
Eichendorflf, Fontane, and Heyse. But, much as 
Storm valued these friendships and those made at 
Heiligenstadt in the Harz Mountain region, whither 
he was transferred three years later, his affections 
remained unalterably fixed upon his home in the 

At the conquest of Schleswig-Holstein by the allied 
German armies (1864), Storm returned to Husum 
and was installed as Governor {Landvogt) under the 
provisional government. Upon the incorporation of 
this province into Prussia he was again appointed to 
the bench. Retired from active service at his own 
request in 1880, he withdrew to the little estate which 
he had purchased near the country village of Hade- 
marschen. Here he died July 4, 1888. 

Our interest lies, however, in what Storm did during 
the odd moments gained from this busy and arduous 
public career. 

In addition to a considerable body of lyric poetry, 
which has given him rank among the best, he has left 
us some fifty short stories (Novellen). Chiefly upon 
these rests his literary reputation, and competent 
critics class beside him in this field only Keller and 

Among the most characteristic and best known of 
Storm's Novellen are the following: — 


3ntmcnfee. 1849. 

auf bcm <Staatd^of. 1858. 

auj ber Uniocrfitttt. 1862. 

3n St. OUrgen. 1867. 

Seirn 55«tter C^riftian. 1872. 

Viola tricolor. 1873. 

ffialbminfel. 1874. 

^ole "JJoppenfpttler. 1874. 

Gin ftiUer SWufifant. 1875. 

mdit. 1875- 

Aquis submersus. 1876. 

(Sarften Curator. 1877. 

JRenate. 1878. 

$and unb $etnj ^irc^. 1883. 

I)cr (Sc^immelreiter. 1888. 

Many and varied are the phases of human life which 
Storm portrays, but he excels especially in the charm- 
ing realism with which he treats the everyday life of 
the rugged old-fashioned people of his home. His 
sympathetic touch has given to their simple doings a 
universal interest. 

Quite as worthy of note is his skill in the treatment 
of inanimate nature. His simple folk live close to 
nature and are dependent on its moods. So his back- 
grounds of moor, forest, and sea, the glow of the sunset 
sky, the sailing clouds at noonday, — painted with the 
skill which hides painstaking care, — seem essential 
parts of the story rather than mere accessory details. 

AsinAuf der Universitdl, a sad tone pervades many 
of Storm's Novellen. He is sometimes called the poet 
of resignation. His is, however, not the resignation of 
despondency but rather of a hopeful belief in the ul- 


timate outcome. The reader finds therefore in his 
works that purification and elevation of feeling com- 
mended by Aristotle and Lessing as characteristic of 
ancient tragedy. 

Storm expresses his own conception of the scope 
and purpose of the short story as follows: — 

"The Novelle of the present day is the sister of the 
drama and the severest form of poetic diction. Like 
the drama, it treats of the deepest problems of human 
life and, like it, requires for its perfection a conflict as 
the organic center of the whole. It therefore requires 
the most compact form and the exclusion of all non- 
essentials. It imposes the highest requirements of 
art rather than submits to them." 

Auf der Universitai is a typical embodiment of this 
conception of the Novelle. The plot is simple, the 
action compact. Without unnecessary detail it moves 
along with the inevitableness of life itself. The style 
of the narrative is lucid and idiomatic, the conversation 
natural. It has the additional charm, — characteristic 
of several of Storm's tales, — of being told by a par- 
ticipant in the action, and forms no exception among 
his stories, in resting firmly upon his own experiences. 
The scenes and episodes of university life are from his 
own student days in Kiel where one may still trace 
many of the landmarks mentioned. 

Recognizing the qualities of Auf der Universitdt, the 
poet and novelist Paul Heyse selected it for the Novel- 
lenschatz (Vol. IX, 1879), but was tmable to obtain it 
from the publisher. 


The chief sources, outside of his own works, for 
Storm's life are: 

Paul SchUtze, Theodor Storm, Sein Leben und Seine Dichtung. 

3te Aufl., Berlin, 1907 (with full bibliography). 
Erich Schkidt, Theodor Storm, in Charakteristiken, ate Aufl., 

Berlin, 1903. 
Adolf Stern, Theodor Storm, in Studien zur Litter atur der 

Gegenwart, Dresden, 1895. 
Adolf Bartels, in Die Deutsche Dichtung der Gegenwart, 6te 

Aufl., Leipzig, 1904. 
R. M. Meyer, in Die Deutsche Literatur des Neunzehnten Jahr- 

kundetts, 3te Aufl., Berlin, 1906. 

2luf ber Unipcrfitdt 

^^ \)aiit fcinc (^d^tucftcr, tocld^c mir ben 93crfc]^r 
mit SOf^fibd^cn meinc« 5lIterS i)Qttc bermittein fdnncn; 
abcr i{^ ging in bic Slanjfd^ulc. ©ic h)urbe jtocimal 
tooc^entUd^ im ©aale bc6 ftobtifd^cn 9?Qtf)Qufc8 fle* 

5 tjaltcn, n)cl(^c8 jUQlcid^ bic 2Bof)nung bc« SBUrgcr* 
mci[tcr8 bilbcte. 9JJit bc[[cn (SoI)n, mcinem treuften 
^amcrabcn, marcn mir ac^t Janjcr, ffimtlid^ <©cfun= 
bancr bcr latcinifc^cn ©d^ule unfcrcr 33atcr[tQbt. 9iur 
in 53ctrcff bcr 2:anscrinncn tiat^t^ ftc^ anfonglic^ cine 

iilc^cinbar unUberminblic^e ©d^micriefeit f)crQu«flcftcnt; 
bic Qd^te ftanbegmti&iQC !Damc tear nid^t ju bcfdiaffen 

Sldcin grilj S3i^rQcnnci[tcr mufetc 9fat. (Sine friil^crc, 
bci alien gcftfd^maujen oon bcr ^^i^QU 33Ur9ermci[tcrin 

IS noc^ immcr gugcjogcne ^o(^in fcincr ©Item ftjor an 
cincn ^^lidffd^ncibcr t)crl)ciratct, cinen gclben l)agern 
aWcnfd^cn mit franjofifc^cm 9^amcn, bcr licbcr im 
!iESirt«^au8 baS grofec SBort, aU auf [cincm ©ddnci* 
hcrtifc^ bic 9^abel fUl^rtc. 5)ic ?cutc njolinten cm 

20 gnbe bcr (Stabt, bort n)o bic ©trofec bcm (gdfitofe* 
gartcn gcgcnilberlicgt. :5)a« fd^malc ^au«d^cn mit bcr 
grofecn ?inbc bat)or, h)cl(^c ba8 cinjigc ncbcn bcr 3:ilr 
bcfinbUdie gcnftcr fa[t ganj bcfc^attctc, njor un« n)o^l 


4 2tuf bcr Unirerfitdt 

bcfannt; njir luorcn oft boron DorUbcrgcoongcn, um 
cincn '^M ht^ t)iibfc^cn 9)?obc^cnS ju crF)o[d)cn, bfl« 
f)intcr ben 9?cfcba= unb @cranient6pfcn on cincr 9lfif)» 
orbeit gu fitjen pftcfltc unb in unfern ^nobcnp^Qntoficn 
cine nic^t unbebeutcnbe dlo\k fpielte. Sd mor ba« 5 
einjige ^inb bcS fronjofifcf)cn (S(^neibcr«, ein breijebn* 
i(i{)ri0eS jierlid^eg 5p?flbc!()en, bo« aud^ in ber ^ileibung 
trotj ber gcringen 9)?ittcl don ber Wluiitx in grower 
©fluberfeit gcbolten murbe. T)ie brfiunlic^c ^Qut== 
forbc unb bie gro^en bunfcin 3lugcn bcfunbeten bie 10 
frembtonbifc^e Slbfunft i^rcd 5?oter«; unb ic^ entfinne /«** 
ntid^ noc^, bop fie \\)v fc^raorjcs .spoor fet)r ticf unb 
fc^lic^t on ben ©cjlofen j^crobgcftric^en trug, mod bem 
of)nc{)in fleinen ^opfe ein befonber^ feine^ §Iudfeben 
gob. Jritj unb ic^ moren bolb miteinonber einig, bofe 15 
Scnore 55eauregorb bie oc^te Dome merben miiffe. S^(^^ 
u fatten mir mit ^inbemiffen ju fdmpfen; bcnn bie 
a Ubrigen fleinen ^roulein unb gndblgen J^rflulein n)ur^ - 
ben fet)r ferioe unb einjitbig, oI« mir unfern 53orf(^Iag 
mitjuteilen it)agten; ollein bie 5liinfte i^rcS ?iebling«= 20 
fobncd f)otten bie iBUrgermeifterin ouf unfere <Seite 
gebroc^t, unb Dor bem F)eitern unb rcfoluten SSefen 
biefer mocfern Jrou bermod)ten meber bie gerllmpften 
yi(i^d)tn ber fleinen Domen, nod^, n)o« gefa()rli(f)er mar, 
bie beftimmten Ginmenbungen if)rcr ajhlttcr ftonbju^ 25 

(So hjoren mir benn eineS 9?0(^mittog« untcrh)eg« 
nod) bem ^fiuSc^en be« fronjiififc^en (2^neiber«. — 

2Juf ber Unicerfitat 5 

(Sonft f)attc Id^ oft n3of)I bcbouert, bofe meinc ^omcrab^ 
f(^Qft mit bcm ®o{)nc unfcrcg ^ouStifc^lcrg cingc* 
gangcn tt)Qr, bcffcn <Sd^h)c[tcr fa[t taglid^ mit bcr 
fleincn 33cauregQrb t)crfet)rtc; id^ {)Qttc oud^ njot)! boron 

5 gcbo(f)t, bic 53cfanntf(^oft h)icbcr onjufniipfcn unb nit(^ 
in ber SBerfftott [cineg S3otcrg in ber ^(^reincrci unter= 
toeifen p Io[[en; benn St)ri[topt) h)or im Ubrigen ein 
cfirlic^cr 3unQC unb feinc«n)CQ8 ouf ben ^opf gcfollcn; 
nur bofe cr ouf bie (Sd)Ukr ber ®ele{)rtcnfc^ulc, „bic 

lo ?otcincr/' tt)ie er mit einer unongcnef)mcn Sctonung ju 
fogen liebte, einea n)unbcrUrf)cn ^o^ gen)orfen l^ottc; 
oud^ pflegte er [ic^ unter 53eit)itfe glcid)gefinnter t^rcunbc 
ouf bem ©yersierplfllje Pon ^cit ju 3cit mit ben „?o= 
teinem" nod) SeibeSfroftcn burd^jupriigeln; ol)ne bofe 

IS jebod^ burd^ biefe ©diloc^ten ein Snbe beg ^riegeS er* 
jielt n)cire. 

9fJun beburfte ic^ iencr 5$ennittlung nid^t; benn 
fd^on n)oren mir Por bem ^oufe unb ft^ritten liber bie 
gelben 53Iatter ber ?inbe, bie ber 9lodembcrn)inb f)er= 

20 obgcfegt {)otte, ouf bie niebrige ^ouStUr ju. 33ei bem 
^lingeln bcr ©d^eric fom unS i^rou 33eouregorb ou« 
ber ^iid^e entgegen unb, noc^bem fie fid^ forgfom i!)re 
^finbe on ber iDeifeen ©d^ilrje obgetrodfnet, rturben 
h)ir in bo8 ftcinc SBol^nftUbd^en genotigt. 

2s ©8 iDor fd^mer in biefer blonben unterfeljten ^xau 
bie Tlutttx ber jorten bunfein 9)?fibd^engeftoIt ju er* 
fennen, bie jeljt bei unferm (Sintritt Pon ber 9^tibQrbcit 
ouffprong unb fid^ bann mit einem SluSbrucf gmifdfien 

6 2tuf ber Unipcrfitdt 

9?cugicr unb 33crlc9cn{)cit an Me ©(^atuHe Itijntt. 
aBft()rcnb 5nlj unfcr Slnlicgcn toorbroc^tc, Ubcrflog cin 
l)cllc« 9iot it)r ©cfic^tc^cn, unb i(^ fal), mic itjrc Slugcn 
leuc^tctcn unb grower murbcn; qI« abcr bic 2)Zuttcr 
fdimieg unb nac^bcnflic^ ben ^opf fd)UttcIte, ftaljl fie s 
fid^ leife l^intcr ibrcm $Rll(Jcn fort unb Derfd^manb 
hmd) tint onfc^cinenb in bic (Sd^Igffammer fiifjrcnbe 
lUr. — 3c^ marf einen 53Iicf nad) bem lifc^c, Dor 
bem fie bei unferm Gintritt gefeffcn f)Qtte. 3^i[<^cn 
Sanbern unb anbcrm 90?iibc^cnfram ftanben ein ^aax lo 
fc^malc ?Qftin0-!S(^Uf)d^en, fcrtig bi8 ouf bie @in= 
faffung, momit, mie e8 fc^ien, ba^ 9[^flbc^en fi(^ foeben 
noc^ befc^aftigt f)Qtte. ^ie 3)ingcr marcn bcunrubigenb 
ftcin, unb mcinc ^nabenpf)antafic licfe nic^t nod), fic^ 
bic i^iife^cn Dorjuftcllen, bic mutmofelic^ baf)incin ge= is 
t)5rten; mir mar, al« fat)' i^ fie fd^on im Jonjc um 
bie mcinen ^crummcd^fcln, id^ b^tte fie bitten niogcn, 
nur einen Slugcnblicf ftanbjubalten; ober fie marcn ba 
unb njoren mieber fort unb nedten ntid^ unouf^drlic^. 

SBdbrcnb biefcr oifionfiren Xraumerei batte bie grou ao 
SScQurcgarb mit meincm i^reunbc, bem id^ mie billig 
bag ilBort Ubcrloffcn mufete, (^rlinbe unb ©cgengrUnbe 
au«jutQuf(^en begonncn, bi« fic^ bie ©od^e, nacbbem 
Qurf) ber 9?Qmc ber 53Urgermeiftcrin in bic SSag* 
fd)Qle gclcgt toax, mcbr unb mcbr ju unfcrn ©unftcn as 

^Unb ba fteben \a fc^on bie Janjfc^ube!" fagte ^ri^. 
„3ft ^err ^eauregarb benn aurf) ein (Sd)ubniad)er?" 

2tuf 6cr UntDcrfitdt 7 

J)le i^rou [(^iittcltc ben ^opf. „€ie iDiffcn ja h)of)t, 

grilj, bofe cr, Icibcr ®ottc8, cin Sloufcnbftinftler ift! 

(Sr mufete 3t)nen bo(^ and) S^xt Za\6)tnu\)x im i^rlif)* 

JQl)r rcparicrcn! — ©ie (Sc^Uf)d^cn l)ai tx bcm ^inbe 

5 auf SBcif)nad)tcn im borauS gcmad^t." 

„5^un, SD^orgaret', unb meinc 9}Zutter hat cincn 
ganscn Coffer boll [d^oncr alter ^leibcr; bo fonnt ^l)x 
neue borauS fc^ncibem flir bie ?orc; eg reid()t jebcg 
meniflftenS ein bicrtcl ^Dul^enb 9)?al flir fie." 
*o Tiic Sllte lac^elte; aber fie iourbe mieber em[t. „3<^ 
tpeife nic^t," fagte fie, „e8 follte nid)t fein; aber h)cnn 
bie 5rau 58lirgcmieiftcrin e§ meint!" 

2)08 9!)?dbc^en mar inbeffen mieber cinQCtretcn ipb 

l^attc fic^ neben bie 9J?uttcr Qeftejtt. @« entging tnir 

^s nic^t, ba^ fie ein iDeifee^ ^rageldjen umgeton j^ottc; 

QU(f) meinte id^ bie Cf)rringe mit ben roten ^oranen= 

fndpfd)en Dorf)in nid)t on if)r gcfet)en gu l^oben. 

„SBq« melnft bu, ?ore?" fogte %xii^, tUQl^renb bie 
5}?utter noc^ immer noc^benflic^ unb unfc^lUffig brein= 
2o faf), M\t bu ?uft mit \m^ ju tanjen?" 

Bit ontmortetc nid)t; aber |ie fafete bie SD?uttcr mit 
beiben ^anbcn um ben ^aU unb fltifterte it)r gu, n)fit)= 
renb lf)r Slntli^ mit immer tieferem 9?ot Uberjogen 
^s „5i^il?/" foQte bie Sllte, inbem fie fid^ fotift bcS ungc= 
ftiimcn 9D?abd)en« ertt)ef)rte, „id) tvoUtt, (Sic F)dttcn mir 
bie ®ef(^ic^tc erft atlcin erjaf)It; ee hjfire bann nid)t« 
baraug gett)orbcn. ^o I)abt i^r mir nun einmal ba« 

8 TXuf bcr UniPerfitat 

ayjttbct auf ben ^al« gcficljt; Ic^ mi^ e« f^on, fie lafet 

mlr fcinc 9?uF|'!" 

SBir f)Qttcn alfo flefiegt. „3)?ittiDoc^ obcnb urn ftcben 
U^r!" rtcf ^nlj noc^ Im 5oi^tgct)cn; bonn troten mlr, 
bon 9Kuttcr unb Xoc^tcr jur ZHx beglcitct, qu« bcm 5 
^aufc. — 31I« JDir un« nac^ eincr SScile umblicftcn, 
ftonb nur nod^ unfcrc iunge (5reiinbin ha; fie nicftc un« 
ein paarmal ju unb lief bonn rofc^ in« ^au8 gurticf. 

3n brr Zatt^fhtnbe 

Sltn Xqqc barouf njor, mie mir grit? tocrtrQutc, ble 
%vau S3eaure9arb bci fciner SD?utter gciDcfcn, I)Qtte mlt 10 
lf)r cine gcraumc 3cit i" ^^^ ^tlclberfommer geframt 
unb bann mit cinem h)o{)IgefUlIten ^ficfdicn ba« ^qu8 

2Im aWittmoc^obenb max bie iitQnjftunbe. 3c^ f)atte 
mir bie lacfiertcn 3c^uf)e mit (Sta()Ifd)nQnen unb bie 15 
neue ^adt erft im Icljtcn ?lugenblicf Don <Sc^uftcr unb 
Sd^ncibcr I)erau«gcpocf)t unb fonb frfion qIIcS Der^ 
fammelt, qI^ id} in ben 8qqI trot. 9)2eine ilomeraben 
ftanben am ^tn]ttx urn ben atten lonjmeifter, ber mit 
ben (^ingem auf feiner @eige flimperte unb babei bie 20 
SKUnfc^e fciner jimgen (gc^olaren entgegenna{)m. Un= 
fere Xfinjerinncn gingen in @ruppen, bie 2lrme inelnan* 
ber oerfci^rttnft, im ©oale auf unb ah. 

?enore mor nic^t unter i^nen; fie ftanb aUein unmcit 
ber XUr unb blicfte finfter ju ben lebbaft plaubcrnbcn 25 

Tinf ber UntPcrfitat 9 

. 9D?iibd^cn f)inU6cr, bic fid^ fo frci unb unbcl^inbert in 
bcm frcmbcn borne t)men §qu[c su fiif)Icn [d^iencn unb 
fid^ [o gar nid^t um fie fiimmerten. 
9^id^t« ift feIb[t[lid)tiQer unb erbarmungSlofer qI8 

s bie 3u0enb. Slber gleic^ nad^ mir toor bie 53lir0er= 
meifterin eingetreten. 9^ad)bem fie bic junge ©efell* 
f(^oft begrlifet unb, mie gri^ fic^ Qu^brlicfte, einen 
i^rer ©eneralsblicfe im ©oal umt)ergemorfen I)Qtte, 
fc^ritt fie auf ?ore ju unb naf)m fie bei ber ^anb. 

lo „!Damit bie ^firdicn jueinanber paffen!" fagte fie gu 
bcm Janjmeifter. ^^Jangicrcn (Sic einmal bic ^QDa= 
licre!" — X>ann, tuafircnb bicfer it)rem Sluftragc i^olge 
Iciftcte, njonbtc fie fid^ ju ben 9}?abd^cn unb begonn mit 
if)nen bicfclbe ^iProjcbur. :Die blonbe ^oftmeiftcrtoc^ter 

15 iBor bie Ifingfte, faft um cincn ^opf f)of)cr al^ allc 
Ubrigcn. <Sie murbc un« gcgeniiber on ber SBanb auf= 
gcftetlt; bann abcr mar bie (Sad^e sn)cifctt)Qft. „^6) 
h)ci6 nid^t, Sbatlott'/' fagte bic SSlirgcrmciftcrin, „bu 
ober ?orc! 3f)r fd^eint mir gicmlid^ egol ju fein!" 

20 "Die 3(ngcrcbcte, bie Jod^tcr be^ ^Qmmert)crrn unb 
SlmtmonnS, rctirierte einen ®(^ritt. „9)?Qmfcn ?ore 
mirb ujobi bic gro&ere fein/' fagte fie leic^t^in. 

„@i n)a«, fleine ©nabige/' ricf bic 9)?utter mcineS 
^reunbeg, „fomm nur l^erauS au« beiner (Scfe, unb mife 

25 bid^ einmal mit ber 9}?amfeH ?ore!" 

Unb bic fleine T)amt mufete t)crt)or unb fic^ dos k 
dos mit ber ©d^ncibertod^ter meffen; abcr — id^ bfltte 
cin fd^arfcS Stugc barauf — fie mufetc e« bcnnod^ fo ju 

10 ^uf bcv llnircrfitat 

mac^en, bafe fie ben bunfetn ^opf bcr ^anbrnerfer* • 
toc^ter mit bem if)nQen foum berUt)rte. 

X)a« iuHQC graulein toav in lic^te 'i^axhtn Qcfleibet; 
?enore trug cin [cfimarj unb rot QeftrcifteS SSoflen* 
fleib, urn ben §al« einen mcifeen ^^lorfc^al. !Die s 
^Icibung mar faft ju bunfel; fie foF) frembartig qu«; 
aber eS ftanb it)r gut. 

^ie ^SUrgemicifterin mufterte bie bciben SD?abd)cn. 
„Sf)QrIott'/' fagte fie, „bu bift fonft immer bie SD?el= 
ftcrin gemcfcn; nimm bic^ in ac^t, bofe bie bir nic^t lo 
ben 9?ang ablauft; fie fief)t mir grabe banac^ au«." — 

3)?ir njor, aU ffi^' icl^ t>ci biefcn SSorten bie fc^marjcn 
3lugen bed 9)?cibc^cn« bliljen. 

9?Q(^ einer SBcilc murbcn bie ^aore formiert. 3c^ 
mar bcr s^cite in ber 9icil)e ber ilnaben, unb ?orc is 
murbe meine !5)antc. ©ie Ific^elte, al« fie it)re ^anb 
in meine legte. „S[Bir iBotten fie urn unb urn tonjen!" 
fagte ic^. — Unb mir ()icttcn SBort. ©« follte ju= 
nftc^ft eine STZafurfa cingelibt mcrben, unb fd^on ju 
(Snbe biefer erften ?ct)rftunbe, ha eine Xour nic^t geben 20 
moHte, ftopfte unfer alter SD'Jaeftro mit bem 33ogen auf 
ben ©eigenbcrfel: „.rUcine 53eaurcgarb! ^err ^Mjilipp! 
9J2ac^en (Sie einmal oor!" unb n)fil)renb er bie Tltlohk 
jugleic^ geigte unb fang, tanjten mir. — S« mar feine 
^unft, mit if)r lu tanjen, id) gtaube, e8 f)atte nie* as 
manbem mifeglUcfen fdnnen; aber bcr alte $err rief 
eln begeifterte« „33rat)o!" nad^ bem anbem, unb bie 
mocfere 't^xau ©Urgermeifterin lebnte fic^ Dor ^e» 

2Xuf 5er Unircrfttat 11 

I^QQcn lod^clnb meit jurlicf auf if)rcm ©of a, h)o ftc fcit 
. S3c0inn beS Untcrric^t^ oI« oufmcrffamc 3"f<^oufi^in 
•ipialj gcnommcn I)attc. 
i^roulcin Sfiarlottc njor mcincm grcunbc ^^ri^ qI« 

s "iPQrtncrin jugefatten, unb it)r Icb^aftcS SBcfen fc^icn, 
n)ic i(^ gem benterttc, i^n bolb [einc onfcinglic^c 33c* 
gciftcrung fiir bic ©c^ncibcrtoc^tcr bergcffcn ju nta* 
d^en. ^a ic^ bie Icljtcrc obcr jcljt geh)i[|'ermafeen qI^ 
mein ©igcntum bctrad^tctc, fo tuar id^ cifcrfiid^tig auf 

lo bic ©d^on^cit unb Slcganj tncincr 2)Qmc; unb cin 
bcrmeilcnbcr 33Ii(f i^rcr tobcllog gcfleibctcn 9?cbcn= 
bu{)lcrin, bent metnc Slugcn gcfotgt nxiren, l^ottc niid^ 
bclc^rt, ha^ bic 33cfd)U^crin bc6 fd)onen SD^cibd^cnS 
bcnnoc^ cinc6 nic^t gcniigcnb bcbod^t j^ottc. !Dic 

15 ^anb[d^uf)c marcn ju grofe fUr bicfc fd^molen ^anbe; 
fie tt)arcn offcnbor aud^ fd^on gcmafd^cn. 

5Int anbcrn 90?orgcn, fobalb i(^ au8 bcr ^Itoffc font, 
licfe c6 mir fcine 9?ul^e ntcl^r. 3d^ mQd)tc mid^ iibcr 
ben ©d^ranf, n3orin nteinc bled^crnc (Sparbild)[c aufbc= 

io njQ^rt njurbc, unb grub unb [djlitteltc [o langc, big ic^ 
au6 bcm <Bpalt cincn I)artcn Xaltx ncbcn bcr rotcn 
2:ud^jungc f)crDorgcQrbcitct f)Qttc. ^onn rannte id) 
in einen ^ouflabcn. — „3d^ h)oItte ftcine njci^c v'panb* 
fd^uf)c!" fagtc ic^ nid)t obnc 33cnommcn^cit. 

25 T)tv ?abcnbiencr hjorf cincn [ad^bcrftanbigen 53licf 
auf mcinc ^anb. „^ummcr fed)8!" mcintc er, h)Q{)rcnb 
er bic ^Qnbfc^ulf)fd^Q(^tcl auf ben 3:ifd^ fteltte. „®ebcn 
©ic mir iJlummcr fUnf !" bcmcrftc id) ftcinlaut. 

12 2tuf 6cr Unircrfitdt 

— „'5«ummcr fUnf? — SBirb m\){ nid^t paffcn!" 
Unb cr mac^te Slnftalt, bic ^Qnb[d^uf)c iibcr mcinc 
§anb ju fpanncn. 

(56 fticg mir ficbcnbljcife inS ®cft(^t. „(Sic folTcn 
tiic^t fUr mi(^!" fagtc ic^, unb bcbaucrtc mct)r al« s 
icmal6 ben 9)2QngcI cincr 5c^n)c|tcr, auf bic id) ben 
^onbcl {)atte bringcn fonnen. Slber id) mar entjUcft 
»on ben fleinen .*panb[c^u^en mit ben mei^en feibcnen 
33dnbd^en, bie nun oor mir auSgebreitet lagcn. ^6) 
faufte jn3ei '^aav, unb bolb nad^bem id) ben ?Qben Der- lo 
laffcn, f)Qtte ic^ einen 3ungen Don ber ©traftc aufge- 
fifc^t. „53ring ba^ an bic l^orc iScauregarb/' fagte id^, 
„cincn ©rufe Don ber J^rau 53urgermci[terin, l)icr mciren 
bic Apanbfc^ut)c flir bic Xanjftunbe! Unb bann bring 
mir 53cf(^cib; [6) marte ^ier an ber Gcfe auf bic^." is 

^ad) jcf)n SWinutcn mar ber 3ungc micbcr ba. 


„^d) f)a&* fie ber Slltcn gegcbcn." 

„2Ba« fagtc bie Sllte?" 

— „ (5« tt)arc ju Diet; bic i^ran 53iirgcrmcifterin ^attc 20 
biefen SD?orgen [a f(^on ein *ipaar gefc^icft." 

„(V)ut!" bac^tc ic^; „fo merft fie nid^tS." 

3n ber nac^ftcn Janjftunbc trug ?ore bic ncuen 
^anbfd^uf)e; ic^ h>cife nic^t, ob bic mcincn obcr bie don 
ber SSUrgcrmeiftcrin; aber fie lagen mic angegoffcn um 25 
ba« frfimate ^anbgelcnf; unb nun fab fcine Dornebmcr 
ou« ale ?ore in i^rcm bunfein ^tcibc. 

TXuf bcr UniDcrfitat 13 

^ie ?cf)r[tunbcn gingcn nun if)ren ebcncn ?auf. '?fla6)' 
bcm blc Wla\mta cingclibt mar, tarn cin ^'ontcrtanj 
an bic diti^c, in mclc^cm grilj unb ?orc jufammcn^ 
tanjtcn. — ©in 53crf)altni« bicfcr ju ben anbcrn SD^ob* 
s d^cn molltc [ic^ inbcffcn nid^t ficrau^ftcUcn; nur mit bcr 
langcn 3cnm, h)ctc^c bic altcftc unb, n)ic ic^ glaubc, 
bic nugftc bon ifincn tvav, [al^ ici^ [ic cin paormal im 
©cfpraci^ jufammcnfi^cn; auc!^ auf bcm §ei7nn)e9C, 
bcr bcibcn bid auf cine ficinc ©trccfc gcmcinfrfiaftlici^ 

10 hjar, Icgtc 3cnni rt)of)I cinmal i^rcn ?Irm auf ben 
bcr (Sd^ncibcrtod^tcr. (Sonft ftanb bicfc jmifcfjcn bcm 
*J:anjcn mcift allcin, menu nic^t bcr attc ?cbrcr mit 
fcincr ©cigc cinmat ju if)r trat, unb i^r cincn obcr 
anbcrn S3attctfprung au6 ben 3fitcn fcincr 3ugcnb 

IS tjormad^tc, um fcincn Sicbling in bic aufecrften gcin= 
fjcitcn bcr ^unft cingumcifien. Oft F)abc ic^ dcrftofitcn 
gu tf)r ^iniibergcblidft, h)ic fie fd^einbar tcilnal^mlog 
bem alten 9?2anne suf)orte, nur mitunter bic fc^margen 
Slugcn ju if)m auffd^Iagenb obcr ftilt unb h)ic nur an= 

3o beutungsmcife eine fcincr fUnftlid^en j^igurcn nad^» 
mad^cnb. 3lbcr njcnn h)ir angctretcn marcn unb bcr 
SPfJaeftro fcinc ©cigc ju ftrcic^cn bcgann, murbc cd 
anbcr«. 3^^^ ft^i^n H^ on nic^td mcnigcr ju ben Fen, 
al« an bic Xritte unb SSenbungen beS 3:anje«, e8 mar 

25 fa ft, aU blidftcn if)re 5lugcn in entlegenc icemen; aber 
n)dt)rcnb it)rc ©cbanfen meit entrilcft fc^icnen, Iod)eItc 
t^r SDhinb, unb iF)re ftcinen gttfec ftreiften lautlod unb 
fpielwb ttbcr ben ^obcn, — „?cnore, h)o bift bu?" 

14 Kuf ber Untpcrfitdt 

fragte id^ bann n)ot)I, n)fi{)rcnb \<i) tf)r in bcr Touv blc 
^anb rcic^tc. — „3d^?" ricf fie unb [tric^ mic qu« 
Iroumcn Quffaf)rcnb if)r [c^tt)Qrjc« v^paar juriicf, tual)* 
renb bic SScnbung be6 Janje« fie mtr frf)on micbcr 
cntfU^rt f)Qttc. — '?io(^ jcljt, mcnn tc^ bic [pQnifd)C s 
Xanjmcifc in (Sild)er« QuSlanbifc^cn 33olf^mcIobicn 
f)orc, fann id^ immcr nur an fie bcnfen. 

Ginigerma^en f)inberlid^ — id^ mid eg nic^t teugncn 
— mar e« mir, bafe feit ben Janjftunben ber fran^ 
jofifc^e (©d^neibcr mid^ mit ciner auffafligen ®unft bc= »o 
el^rtc. SBo er mir nur begegnete, auf Strafien obcr 
©pajiermegen, fuc^tc cr mic^ ju ftettcn unb ein mbg» 
lic^ft Iautc« unb tanged ©efprac^ mit mir anjufniipfcn. 
<©c^on baS erfte ^al crjaf)Itc er mir, ba& fein ®ro6= 
Pater unter Louis seize Ofen^ci^er in ben Xuilerien is 
flcmefen njor. 

„^a, 9J?onficur ^f)ilipp/' fagtc er mit eincm !£eufjer 
unb prfifenticrte mir feinc porjeltanenc <Sd^nupftabaf«= 

bofe, „fo fann eine Jamilie I)erunterfommen! 

?lber mcine ?ore — ©ie perftef)en mic^, SO?onfieur 2° 
^^ilipp!" — (Sr jog ein bunt gctDiirfetteg <2rf)nupf= 
tuc^ au« ber Jafd^e unb trocfnetc fid^ bie ficinen 
fcfimarjen 3(ugen. „3Bag moKcn ^ie! 3(^ bin ein 

ormer ^crl, aber ba« ^inb fie ift mcin 93iiou, 

ber Jlbgott meineg v^erjene!" Unb bobei blinjelte cr 2s 
unb marf mir einen fo Dotcrlirfien 33Iicf gu, al« ge* 
benfe er auc^ mid) in bie t)erunter0efommene j^amilic 

^uf bcr Untrcrfitdt 15 

9D?ittIcrn)ciIe fam bic Icljtc ^^anjftunbc l)tvan, bie ju 
cincm ficincn 53att cmcitcrt JDcrbcn [odtc. jDic (SItcm 
toavm cingelabcn, um un8 tnngcn ju fcf)en; t)on ben 
meiniQcn ^atte inbeffcn niir mcinc 9D?uttcr jugefagt, 
5 mcin 33Qtcr iDurbc burc^ feincn 53cruf aU Slrjt unb 
S3cjirt«=^f)t)[ifuS Don jcbcr ©efcHigfcit fern ge^alten. 
^a meinc Ungcbiilb, fobalb bcr Stbcnb anbrod^, mir 
fcinc 9?u^e licfe, fo trot id) [c^on Dor bcr angefcijtcn 
©tunbc in ben (Baal, in totl6)cm f)cutc ouf ben S[CQnb= 
lo Icuditcm unb in ben ©la^froncn alk ^erjen bronnten. 
2llg id^ mid) uniblicftc, bemerftc ic^ !?ore ganj oKein 
mit bent 9?u(fen gegen mi(^ an cinem (^enftcr ftcf)cnb. 
33ei bem ©erdufc^ bcr gufallenben Xixx [d^raf [ie fid^t* 
lic^ Sufammcn, lua^rcnb fie ntit ^aft bcmUl^t fd^ien, 
IS einen golbcnen B^mud Don i\)vtt ^onb ju [trcifen. 
21IS id^ ju if)r gctrcten, [af) ic^, ha% c8 cin Stmtbanb 
h)ar, beffen ®d^lo& fie bcrgcblic^ ju offncn fic^ bemii^te. 

„(2o lofe boc^ fiijcn, ?orc!" [agtc id^. 

„^g gcl^ort nid)t mein!" ontnjortete fie ttcrlegen, 
20 „3enni hat e8 f)icr Dcrge[[cn." 

!Die fcinc 53Iumenrofettc Don mottem DcnctiQnifd)em 
©olbe lag fo fc^immernb auf bem braunen fc^Ionfcn 

„(g8 folftc bleibcn, n)o e8 ift/' fagtc ic^ Icife. 
25 ?ore fd^iittelte traurig ben 5?opf; unb ibre %inQtv 
begonnen oufS neue, an bem ®d)Iofe ju ncftcln. 

„^omm," fngtc id^, „e« gcbt [a nic^t; ic^ njifl bir 
f)clfcn!" — 3d^ fUF)ttc bic Icid^tc Saft if)rcr fc^malcn 

16 2luf bcr Unircrfitdt 

^anb in ber mcincn; id) jogcrtc, mcinc Slugcn h)Qrcn 
h)ic t)crjaubcrt. 

„0, bittc, gcfd^iDtnb!" bat fie. 2^it nicbcrQcfc^Iagc^ 
ncn ?lugcn, mic mit 33Iut Ubcrgoffcn [tonb ba« 2WQb* 
(f)cn Dor mir. s 

(Snblid^ [prong boS (Sd^Iofe ouf, unb ?orc Icgtc ben 
golbenen (Sd^mudf fc^meigenb jn)ifrf)en bie ^Blumentdpfe 
Quf bic (^enftcrbonf. 

(^kidj borauf fUttte fic^ ber ^aal. fimi) %ran 
SBcQuregarb l^attc e« fic^ nid^t nebnien laffen, njenigftcnS lo 
al« 3Iufmarterin on bent Gl^renfeftc ibrcS ^inbe« teil= 
june^mcn. 3n ciner frifc^ geftarften §Qube, bolb niit 
^uc^enforben, balb mit cinem grofeen "iPrdfentierteUer 
belaben, ging fie jmifc^en ben ®a|ten ah unb ju. — 
Gnblid^ begannen bie 3!iJ?ufifantcn aufjuftrcidjen, bercn is 
l^eute toier on cinem Jifcfie fa^en. Xtv alte 2^Qnj= 
mcifter flopftc auf ben ©eigenbccfel, unb ?ore rcic^te 
mir bie ^onb jur 9D?Q[urfa. — Unb, o, rtic tonjten 
h)ir! SSie fid^er log fie in meinem Slrm, mit mld)cv 
S3erQ(^tung ftampften bie fleinen j^ilfee ben 33obcn! 20 
Sluc^ m{6) rife c8 f)in, qI« menu ic^ Don ben 9?f)t)t^mcn 
bcr SD'Jufif getrogen mUrbe. Q^ \mx n)ic cine fc^mcrj^ 
lic^c l^cibenfc^aft; benn mir tonjtcn (jcute, Diellcicl)t ouf 
immcr, jum leljtenmQl jufammcn. 

(Srft jetjt ^Qtte ic^ bemerft, bofe ?orc cin Jllcib Don as 
Icic^tem f)cll geblUmtcn SBoflcnftoff trug. (5s hjor mic 
ba« Dorige ougcnfcfieinlici^ qu« ber ©orberobe ibrer &'6n' 
nerin ^erDorgegongen; benn ouf ber breiten 33ruft unb 

2tuf bcr UniDcrfitat 17 

bci ben cttDQg fupfcrigen SSangcn bcr i^vau 53tirgcnnci= 
ftcrin \)aiUn biefc farbigen 9?ofcnbufcttS im Icijtcn 
SSintcr cine 2trt »on fomifc^cr S3ertit)mt^cit crlongt; 
nun obcr fam bQ6 jartc 2JJu[ter ju [einer ©cltnng; 
s bcm fri[(^en brauncn 3}iab(^cnantlil5 ftanb e8 h)unbcr= 

X)ie SD^a[urfa tnav gcton^t; ?orc licfe mieber ibr 
bunfleg ^opfd^en unb bie fcblanfen Slrmc finfen, unb 
id^ fUbrtc fie an ibren ^lai^, — %vii^ unb Sbarlotte, bie 

lo cbcnfatts abgctrcten marcn, fo^en btc^t boncben. 3n 
bemfclbcn 5lugcnblicf fam aucb i^xau 53caure0arb mit 
Xct unb ^ud^cn; fie fprad^ nid)t gu ibrer Jodbter, fie 
h)arf nur cinen Icidbclnbcn ftoljcn SQUd auf [ic, aU fie 
nac^ bcr dorncbmcn ^amc aud) ibr prafcnticren burfte. 

IS ^ic ficinc ©nabigc battc [d)on cine SBcilc bcibc mit 
ber ibr eigcntiimlicbcn ^dfftgfcit gemuftcrt. „^l)xt 
2:odbtcr i[t \a b^utc febr [c^on, i^rau 58eaurcgarb!" 
fagte fie, h)abrcnb fie ben ^ucfcr in bie 2:affc fatten 

20 !Dic gefdbmci(^clte J^rau neigtc ficb dcrbinblic^. „@na' 
bigcs i^routein, grau 33Urgcnneiftcrin b^bcn auc^ au«= 

„2lcb! — barum auc^! — bie ^JJofcnbufcttS!" — Unb 
fie ticfe cincn tangcn 53tid aber ^cnorc bingteiten. 3)icfe 

25 h)ofttc ibn ermibcrn, abcr ibrc Slugcn Derbunfelten fi(^; 
icb fab, ft)ic cin paar Jrcinen ibr Ubcr bie SKangcn 
^t)artottc fdjien bic« nic^t ju bcmerfcn; itire $luf* 

18 iluf bet Unircrfttat 

tncrffamfctt f)attc fic^ noc^ bcr offcn ftel^cnben Xtir ge* 
rtc^tet, n)o id^ ju mcincm (Sc^rcrfcn untcr ben ^dpfcn 
bcr 5ufd)Qucnbcn !Dicnftbotcn bad gclbc ©cftd^t bc« 
franjofifd^cn ^d^ncibcr^ auftaud^cn faf). Gr fd^icn 
flonj k son aise, brcf)tc bic ^^orscflonbofe in bcr ^onb s 
unb blicftc mit fcincn [d^morjcn Slugcn frcubcftral^Icnb 
in ben <Baal l^incin. 

„3[t bag 3f)r 5?atcr, 2«amfcn ?orc?" fragtc Sfior* 
lottc, inbcm fie mit bem t^inger nadi bcr X\!lx h)ic0. 

?enore blicftc f)in unb fu{)r jufommcn, ^aJJuttcr!" lo 
ricf fie, unb fafetc h)ic unh)iUfUrIid^ ben Slrm bcr noc^ 
t)or un« befdjoftigtcn grau. 

i^rou 53caurcQQrb, aU nun and) fie i^rcn Icb^oft 
geftifuticrcnbcn (Sf)c^crm bcmcrfte, fc^ien toon bcffen 
Slnn)cfcnl)cit feincgmcgg erbaut; obcr fie notim fid^ is 
iufammen. „(Sr fommt au8 bcr ^erbcrge," fogtc fie, 
„er n)in bic^ cinmol tonjcn \c\)tn." 

2Baf)renb ?orc, bcr id) unmiflfUrlici^ folgtc, fic^ bcr 
Xiiv gcnQt)crt l^attc, mar fc^on bcr SBUrgcrmcifter ju 
if)rcm 5Sater getreten unb lub if)n cin, fic^ cin ®Ia« ao 
^unfd) im ®aal gcfarien ju laffen. Sbcr bcr (Sc^nciber 
njar nic^t ju bcmegcn. w^Submiffcfter Scrtoitcur, ^err 
33iirgermcifter!" fagtc cr, inbcm er mit einem 5loljen= 
budfcl noc^ einen <Sc^ritt meiter rctiricrtc. „5Bcnn id) 
mein ©rofeuater bom ^ofc ?ubh)ig XVI. mflre! — 'S 
<Bo aber fcnnc id^ meine iStcHung." 

Sis bcr 33Urgcrmciftcr meggcgangcn, brad^tc ^nlj 
i^m cin 0Io8 an bic XUr. „5!3ol)t bcfomm*«, 2«ciftcrl" 

2(uf ber Untpcrfitat 19 

foQtc er Qutmtlttg. „^t%t hjcrbe id^ mit bcr Core 
tonjcn! bic Dcrftc^t'S." 

Slbcr in bemfclbcn Slugcnbticfc tioax aud^ bcr 
©d^tuarm ber onbcm ^nobcn mit Doftcn ©Ififcm in 

5 bcr ^anb f)cran0efommcn. (Sic fticfecn mit if)m on, 

mod^tcn if)m fcincn ^aljcnbudfel nod^, ben cr if)ncn 

icbcSmal beim Slnflingcn jum bcftcn gab, unb ergingcn 

fic^ in allcrlci poffcnf)a[tcn ^omplimcntcn. 

?orc ftonb ot)nc [ic^ gu rUf)rcn unb licfe fcin Huge 

lo t)on if)rem S5ater; ober id^ ^ortc, hjic xt)xt flcinen 
3al^nc aufcinanber fnirfd^tcn. 

Sll8 bic SD'Zufifonten Uiiebcr gu ftimmcn beganncn, 
liefen bic Ubrigcn ^noben in ben <Baal jurlicf. 3d^ 
ftanb nod^ mit ?orc on ber 2:Ur. 

IS „5ld^, 2)?onfieur "jpfjitipp," ricf bcr ^c^nciber, h)a^= 
renb er mir bic §anb reid^tc, Jauter liebc, fd^ormantc 
iungc ^erren! Slber im SSertraucn, — ©ie unb bic 
?orc, ®ie unb bic ?orc, a^Jonficur "ipi^ilipp!" 3)ic 
flcinen f(^n)Qrjcn 5lugen rid^tetcn fid^ babci mit be= 

20 n)unbcmbcr ^artlid^feit ouf bag Slntlilj [eineS ^inbc«; 
n)ic au8 unn)iber[tet)Ii^em 5lntrieb ftrcdftc er feinen 
langcn Slrm in ben ©aal f)inein unb gog fie an feinc 
S3ruft. „9»cin tinb, mon bijou!" flilftcrtc cr. Unb 
ba« SD^fibc^cn flifetc ibn unb njorf if)rc 5lrmc mit leiben* 

25 fc^oftlid^cr, fd^mcrglid^cr ^tti^tl^icfifcit um fcincn ^aU, 
h)ftf)renb i^r feincS ^opfd^cn an fciner (gc^ultcr rul)tc. 
T)ann abcr mad^tc fie fid^ to« unb fafete feinc ^ftnbc, 
unb fprad^ Icifc unb cinbringlic^ ju x\)m, ^6) Pcrftanb 

20 2tuf bcr Untpcrfitai 

i^rc SBortc nid^t; obcr ic^ fo^ i^rc Slugcn bittcnb ouf 
bic [cincn gcrid^tct, unb it)rc flcinc ^anh, bic mituntcr, 
al« njollc fie il)m cin ?cib ocrglltcn, jittcrnb liber 
fcinc boQcrn SSongen ()in[tri(^. .Sucrft [(^Uttelte cr 
Itt(^clnb unb njic ungliiubiQ ben ^opf; aUmiiblif^ aber 5 
berfc^roonb au8 [einen Stugen bie freubeftrofilenbc 
(Sicl^erl)cit, momit er bidf)cr feinen "ipialj be{)Quptct 
I)atte. „3c^ njeife, i(^ meife," murmelte er, „bu liebft 
bcinen armen altcn S3ater!" Unb qI« nun bie Tlu^it 
gum ^ontertanj begonn, briicfte er fcincr 3:ocl^ter bie 10 
^anb unb ging ftumm unb, oI)ne aud) nur einen 
33Iicf nod^ in ben ©oal t)ineingun)erfen, ben longen 
^au«flur f)inab. 

3n biefem Elugenbticf font i^rilj unb Ijolte fcinc 
X)ame. — ©ic tonjte ntit bcr gemobnten (Sid^crbcit; is 
nur mar e8 nic^t bie [onftige forgtofc Jrfiumerci, aU 
uiclmcbr cine grojiofc g^icrtid^fcit, njomit fie bic 
Jouren bicfeS Janje« auSfUbrtc. 9??itunter in ben 
^Qufen blicfte fie mic Dcrfteinert Dor fid^ bi"/ mttbrcnb fie 
mit bcibcn v^onben ibr glonjcnb fdbnjargcS ^paav on 20 
ben ©djlafcn jurlldftrid^. ^ie (Scbcrje ibreS JiinjerS 
fc^icnen ungebort ibrem Obr borbeijugeben. 

aWit bcm ^ontcrtanj marcn unferc einftubicrtcn 
Jttnjc ju (Snbe; aber nicbt unferc lonjluft. 2Bir 
flatten' noc^ SSaljcr, ©c^ottifd) unb ©aloppobcn auf as 
unferm 3^ttcl; fogar cincn Cotillon, moju icb in ®e= 
banfen an ?orc cincn au^gefud^ten S3citrag an ©cblcifcn 
unb frifdjcn 33Iumcnftrau&cn gclicfcct \)atit. 

^uf ber Uniperfitat 21 

Slbcr Sore mar nid^t mct)r im <Baal. !Dic onbcrn 
9J?(ib(^en [tanbcn bci it)rcn SD^Zlittern unb licfecn fic^ 
toon if)ncn bic berfc^obencn ©difirpcn unb ^aorbcinbcr 
jurec^t jupfen. i^xau 33eaurc6arb tarn cbcn mit ncucn 
s Srfrifd^unQcn jur JUr f)crein; [ic ^ottc ibrc Joc^tcr 
nic^t 0c[e{)en. ^lun [ud)te ic^ %xii}. @r ftonb in bcr 
S(fc am 9)2u[tfantentifc^ unb fUtltc bic Iccrcn ©Ififer 
toicbcr. .,3330 i[t ?orc?" fragtc id^. 

„3c^ ^eife nic^t," cmibcrtc er bcrbriefelid^, „ftc mar 
lo Dcrbammt cinfilbig, mir i)at [te'« nidft bcrratcn." 

3(^ jo(^ if)n mit auf ben ^^lur l)inau8. 3tl8 mir an 
bie hammer famcn, morin bic ©cfcUfdiaft ifirc 9D?fintcl 
obQctegt b^ttc, trat fie ung cntgcgcn; fie t)atte i^r 
SO^cintelc^cn umgctan unb il)x fd^marjcg ^cibcnfappc^cn 
IS auf bcm ^opf. „?orc!" ricf x(i), unb fud^tc ibre §anb 
gu faffcn; abcr fie cntjog fie mir unb ging an un6 

„2a^\" fagtc fie furj, „id^ mill nad^ ^au«!" 

(Sincn Slugenblicf fpdter batte fie bie ft^mcrc nad^ 
20 bcr ©trafee fiibrenbc 2:Ur aufgeriffen unb fprang 
braufecn an bem (Sifengelanber bie ©tcintrcppc binab; 
unb aU aucb %vii^ neben mir braufeen auf ben ^^liefcn 
ftanb, mar fie fc^on meit brunten in bcr ©trafec, bafe 
mir in bcr ^unfelbcit ibrc leid^te flUc^tige ©eftalt nur 
2s faum no(^ ju crfenncn tjcrmocbten. 

„?afe fie!" fagtc grilj, „ober b^ft bu ?uft auf bie 

3d^ botte jmar bie Suft; id^ mufetc abcr nid^t red^t, 

22 OTuf ber tlnircrfitat 

h)ie ic^ c« mit ^UQ bcginncn fofltc. — <Bo Ufjxttn mir 
bcnn in ben ^aai jurildf. ^rau 53cQurcQQrb ging nad^ 
ihrcr iBo^nung; obcr fie fe{)rte unuerric^tetcr <Ba(i}t 
mieber. T)er !i?ore [ei unnjot)! gemorbcn, [agte fie, fie 
liege fc^on im 33ett, ber 35ater fitjc bei if)r. s 

9)?ir mar nun ber 9?eft beS SlbenbS Dcrborben; unb 
aid ber ^otiflon beginnen foUte, ben id) mit ?ore ju 
tanjen gebadite, fc^Iicf) id) mid) ftill unb trlibfclig na6) 

«uf bcm 9Ru^(rntcii| 

^Jeuial^r voar oortlber. ©d^on Ifingft l^attc {(^ mit lo 
ber gtatten <StabIfo{)le meiner ^ollftnbifc^cn <B6)\itU 
fc!^ut)e geliebaugelt, nid^t of)nc eine fleine 33crQd^tunQ 
gegcn meine ^amcraben, mldjt fid^ nod) ber Fierge* 
brQd)ten fd^orffantigen @ifen gu bebienen pflegten. 
Slber erft jetjt mar ein bauernber i^roft cingctretcnj 15 

Q^ njar on einem (Sonntagnad^mittog; Uber bem 
9)?U()Ientei(^, einem mittetgro&en ?anbfee unmeit ber 
©tabt, lag ein gtftnjenbcr (SiSfpiegcI. !Die \)alht 
(Sinnjo^nerfc^aft tjcrfammeltc fic^ braufeen in ber 
frifd)cn 3[BinterIuft; Don alt unb jung, auf jmeien unb 20 
auf einem ©dilittfd^ut), fogar auf einem untergebun* 
benen ^albsfnbdilein murbe bic cble £unft be« (Si8» 
laufd gelibt. — 3n ber 9?af)e be« UferS marcn ^cltc 
aufgefc^tagen, bancben auf bem ?anbe Uber fladfembem 
^^euer bampftcn bie ^effel, mit beren ^ilfe allerlei as 
tedrmenbed ©etriinf oerabrcic^t njurbc. ^ie unb ba ' 

2(uf 6er Unircrfitat 23 

\ai) man cincn ©c^iebfd^Iittcn, in bcm cine cingcfiiilftc 
SO^abc^cngcftalt faf3, au6 bem ©emil^t auf bie freic J^ldd^c 
I)inau€(fd^ic6en; aber arte fiieltcn ftcf) am 9fanbe beg 
©ccg; bie 9>?ittc mod)tc nod) nic^t geljcuei crfd^einen. 

s 3d) fd)nattte mcinc ®tabl[c^u^c untcr unb mac^tc 
cincn cinfamen ?auf an bem lifer enttang. — 5(1^ id) 
3urUcffe{)rtc, fanb ic^ faft bie gan^c @cfenfd)aft unfcrer 
S^anjftunbc bei ben 3etten Dcrfanimelt; prUfenb mit 
t)orgeftre(ften ^cinbcn fd)ritten bie fleinen Tonien in 

10 l{)ren ncuen SBei()nad^t8mnnteTn liber bie bort bereitS 
jicnilid^ 3crfa()rcne Gi^betfe. (^rll^, ber fci^on abenbd 
sudor [einen gelben ©c^Iitten mit bcm gefd)nl^tcn 
.^irfd^fopfe in ber 9D?ii{)Ie eingeftcttt t)attc, mar cben 
Don einer i^a\)vt mit ^^rciulein (^i)axlotk juriidgefe^rt; 

IS unb [d^on l^attc cine anbere unfcrer ^tcinjerinnen ben 
^(a^ imter ber prcid^ttgen 2!igcrbede eingenommen. 
:Der ^aoalier jogerte inbeffen nod) unb fc^ien [id) nad) 
cincm ®cf)ilfen fUr ben anftrengenbcn ^Damenbienft 
umjufefien; aber id) fd)n)enftc jcitig ah; benn meitcr- 

2o bin unter einer ®efel(fd)aft Don kronen unb 9)?dbc^en 
aug bem ^anbmcrferftanbe I)attc ic^ ?cnore 53eaurc= 
garb bemerft, mit ber ic^ feit jenem lel^ten Xanj* 
abcnbc ni(^t mieber gufammengetroffen mar. !Dic 
jungen 1)irnen lie^en fic^, cine nacb ber nnbern, don 

25 cincm ?cbrburfd)en unfereS ^QUigtifd)teri^ in einem 
Iciditcn ®(^iebfd)Utten fatircn, ben ic^ fofort qI8 ben 
meincS filibcrcn Spietgenoffen Sbrlftopb erfannte. 
Slud^ feine 8d)n)C)ter bcmcrfte id), er felbft mar nid)t 

24 2tuf ber Unirerfitdt 

babci. T)tx ®Ianj bc8 (Si«[picget« ntod^tc ibn iucitcr 
Quf ben ©cc binauSgcIocft {)abcn; bcnn er ttjor cincr 
bcr bcftcn (Sc^Iittfc^ul^Idufcr untcr ben 5lnabcn ber 

3d) [c^njormtc cine ^citlang umber, unfc^luffig, mic s 
{<S) am moniertic^l'ten ?cnoren mcine !Dicnfte onbieten 
mocf)tc; obcr icbcSmal, mcnn id^ micb ndberte, mid) fie 
[ic^tlic^ au8 unb Dcrborg fic^ jmifc^en ben anbcrn. 
Qbcn tarn, ber 33ur[c^c miebcr Don einer (^obrt jurlicf. 
„?ore ift an ber 9feibe!" bicfe eg; aber ?ore moUtc nid)t. lo 
„56artbct mu^ er[t einmal trinfen," fagte [ic, unb brlidte 
bcm 3ungen etma§ in bie v*panb. 

3(^ bbrtc bic« faum, fo f)atte id^ aud^ fd^on meincn 
*it3Ian Qcfafet. 2tt« gingc mic^ a(Ic« nic^t« mebr an, lief 
id^ fo rafd^ mic moglid^ nad^ ben S^Itc" P- ^i^^t 15 
boDor murbe Id^ don i^riljen^ 9)?utter angcrufen. 
„^t)itipp," fagte fie necfcnb unb mit bem !Daumen nac^ 
bcr Scitc mcifenb, oon mo id^ b^rgefommcn, „mcnn bu 
bie i^enorc mieber fangcn millft, — ba ift fie!" 

„i5reilid^ mill id^ fie fangen!" rief ic^ unb fegelte 20 

„3a, ja; aber fie mid ni(^t« mebr miffen toon eud^ 
jungen v'perren!" 

3c^ f)5rte nur nod^ au« bcr i^emt. ®(^on ftanb i(^ 
Dor bem gro^cn SBcinjcltc; unb ol6 auc^ 53artbet fid^ 25 
balb barauf einfanb, \)attt id) mit bcm Cpfer meiner 
ganjen 33arfd^aft ein ®la« *ilJunfc^ unb ein mit SBurft 
bclegte« 33utterbrot fUr if)n in 33creitfd)aft. „?a6 

2tuf ber Unirerfitat 25 

bir'g fdjmcdfcn/' [agtc id), inbcm id^ bcibc^ bor i^n 
t)in[(^ob, „bic SO^obc^cn mad)cn bir bag ?eben gar p 
!J)cr 3ungc afe unb tranf mit fold^cm 5(ppctit, ha^ 

5 i(^ tneinen 33e|"ted)unggDerfu(^ fortgufc^cn n)agtc. „2Bic 
njar' c«, 33art^et, hjenn ic^ bid) einmal ablofte?" 

(Sr trifd^te fid) mit bcr ^anb ben ©c^mci^ t)on bcr 
(Stirn unb fautc nif)ig meiter; nur mitunter, hjdfirenb 
ic^ if)Tn mcinc 3SerF)ottung8regeln ou^cinanberfel^tc, 

lo nicftc cr sum 3^^^^)^"/ ^afe ^^ ^i<^ Derftanben b«t)C. 
5It6 [cine 9}?ablscit bccnbigt mar, fcl^rtc cr ju feincr 
®efe(I[d^aft gurilcf; unb balb barauf \ai) id^ ?orc, ii)t 
fc^marjfeibcncg ^eljfappd^cn auf bcm ^opf, bic ^onbc 
in ibrcn fteincn 9)?uff gcftccft, im (gc^littcn filjcn, unb 

IS SBart^cI [tcucrtc langfam unb fc^merfallig am 9Janbe 
be« ©ccg babin. — 5116 fie au^ bem 9)?cnfd^engert)iibl 
bcrauS marcn, fubr id^ unborbar auf mcinen ebenen 
©d^Iittfd^ubcn binterber. 9lod) ein paar Hugenblidc; 
bann legte mcinc ^anb fid^ auf ben (Sdblittcn unb bcr 

2o SBurfdbc blicb juriidf. 3db bottc aufiaud^jen mogcn; 
abcr id) bi^ bic ^o^^c jufammcn; unb fort rt)ic auf 
i^tligctn fdbo& ba^ Icicbtc ®efa^rt iiber bic glanjcnbc 
„55artbel, bu ftiegft ja!" fagtc ?orc. 

25 3db bicit cin menig inne; id^ fiirdbtcte, midb Pcrratett 
gu l}abm, unb fud)tc, fo gut e6 gebcn n)ontc, bag (Sd)ar* 
ren Pon 33artbclg roftigcn ©cbtittfcbubcn nad^juabmen. 
Slbcr mcine S3cforgnig toax unndtig. ?orc ftecftc ibrc 

26 2tuf ber Itnircrfttat 

v<pfinbc ticfcr in ben SOIuff unb lc()ntc fid) bcI)QQti(f) ju» 
riicf, [o bafe bo^ *ii.kljfappd)cn [aft ouf mcincm 2trm 
ru{)tc. ,,'^uv immcrju, 33artl)en" fagtc fie. Unb 
^Qrtf)el liefe fic^ baS nic^t jmeimat fagcn. 

<3c^on f)atten mir ben 33crei(^ bcr 9en}o{)nlid)en 5 
<Sc^littf(^u^Iaufcr {)inter un8 flelaffen; fein SUftc^cn 
regtc fic^, ba^ meife bereiftc (Sc^ilf, baS fic^ n)eit()in 
bem Ufcr entlang 3ict)t, gtiljertc blenbcnb in ben fc^rdg 
fallenbcn ®onnenftrQf)Ien. 3innier meiter fling e«; 
menn ic^ nieberblidtc, fonnte ic^ bie fc^Iangenortigcn 10 
Xriebe beg HalfrautS unter ber burd)fi(^tigen 0Iq«= 
bccfc erfenncn. 

Slber bie Wlittt be« ©ecS locf tc mid^; unmerflid^ 
manbte ic^ ben ©c^Iitten, unb immer grower njurbe ber 
IJRaum, ber unS Dom Ufer trennte. ©c^on fonnte ic^ 15 
beim ^unlcfOIicfen nur noc^ faum bag 33linfen bed 
©d^ilfg unterfc^eiben; gebeimnisoott bebntc fid^ bie 
bunfte ©piegetflod^e big jum anbern n)eit entfemten 
Ufcr, faum erfennbar, ob eine fefte tragenbe (SiSbecfe 
ober nur ein regungglofeS trllglic^eg ©emaffer. (Snb= 20 
lic^ mar bie Wittt erreic^t. 3ebe (Spur eineS menf(^= 
lichen SufecS f)attc aufgebort; mie berloren fd)n)ebte 
bcr <Sc^Iitten liber ber fc^marjen Xiefe. 51 cine ^flanje 
ftrecftc ibr 53Iatt binauf on bie bUnne friftallenc J)e(fe; 
benn ber (See fofl bier ing 53obenlofe geben. 9?ur mit= 25 
unter mar e8 mir, atg bufd)te eg bunfel unter ung 
babin. — SSar bag PicHeicbt ber (Sargfifcb, bcr in ben 
untcrftcn (^rtlnben bicfeg ffiafferg boufen \oU, ber nur 

2tuf bcr UntPcrfttat 27 

l^craufftcigt, ircnn bcr <Bct fcin Opfcr fiobcn h)in? — 
„3Benn eg marc," bac^te ic^, „H)enn eg braced" Unb 
meinc Stugcn fuc^ten bie bunfein ^iiftcn ju burc^:= 
bringen, in bcncn ic^ bie lieblic^e ©eftalt Dcrborgcn 

5 iDufete. 

3(^ i^atte ben ©c^Iitten gcmanbt unb fubr jc^t 
grabeau^, mic^ immcr in ber Wittt ^altenb. 53or un6, 
bort too ber ®ee feine Ufcr ju cineni [c^molcn (Strom 
jufammenbrangt, toar in bcr gerne [c^on bie 33riicfc ju 

lo erfennen; loie ein ©(fatten ftanb fie in ber grauen ?uft. 

„SD?ac^ juriicf, 33artbel! (gg toirb fait!" fogte ?ore. 

^d) ac^tete nic^t barouf. „a)?Qo fie [id^ untbliden!" 

bad^te ic^ unb [c^ob nur urn fo rafc^cr oortoartg. 3(^ 

toartcte jc^t foft mit Ungcbulb barouf. 5lber fie fc^ien 

IS ii)tt 9)?af)nung fc^on oergeffen ju baben; benn fie fenfte 
fc^meigenb ben Stop^ unb micfelte fid) fefter in ibrcn 
Tlantd. — Unb toeiter f(og ber ©c^Iitten. 50?itunter 
h3ar mir, aU fpiirte ic^ unter unS cine Icife 2BelIcnbc= 
toegung, aU l^ebc unb fenfe fi(^ bie blinne ^riftallbccfc 

20 unter bcr liber fie btnfticgcnben ?aft; aber id} botte 
feine i^urc^t, id) toufete, njaS man bem jungfraulic^cn 
(Sife bicten barf. 

^cr furje 3Bintemad^mittag toor inbeffen faft ju 
6nbc gegangen; fd^on lag ber ©onncnbatl gtiibcnb am 

35 ^anbc beg ^orijontS. @« tourbe fait, ba« @iS tontc. 
Unb ieljt, in ftetem SBacbfcn, lief ein bonncrnbeS 
^rad^en oon cinem Ufcr jum anbcrn liber ben ungc= 
l^euren immcr bunfler tt)crbcnben (SiSfpicgcI. 

28 2tuf bcr Hnircrfitat 

?orc iDorf [id) jurllcf unb fticfe cincn lautcn <Sc^rcl 

„Grfc^ric! nid^t!" fngtc id) Icifc, „c« f}at nic^t 9Jot, 
c« fommt nur Don bcr Slbcnbtuft." 

(Sic iDonbte fic^ urn unb [tarrtc mic^ mic ocmirrt s 
an. „^u!" ricf fie, „roa9 miHft bu f)icr?" 

„So mad^ bod^ nici^t fo bofc Slugcn!" fogtc id^ unb 
fuc^tc i^rc §Qnb ju faffcn. 

<Bk cntrife fie mir. „SSo ift 53Qrtf)cI?" 

„@r ift jurlidfgcblicbcn; ic^ \)aht bid^ Ubcr ben ©cc lo 

®ic ric^tctc fic^ auf. „?a& mic^ t)inQU«!" ricf fie, 
inbcm if)r bic Xrflncn ouS ben Slugcn fprangcn. 

3d^ l^5rtc nid)t auf fie; id^ monbte nur ben ©dfilittcn 
nac^ ber ®tabt jurlicf. „?ore/' fagte id), „n)Q« l)ahc xdl) is 
bir geton?" 

5lbcr fie fticfe mic^ mit bcr ficincn geballten i^ouft 
Dor bic 33ruft. „@ef) bod^ ju bcinen feincn 'Damen! 
3c^ mifl nic^tS mit euc^ ju tun f)ahtn; mit bir nic^t, 
mit fcincm oon cud^!" » 

(gS mar mie 3Sut, ma« mi(^ Uberfiet. ^df fafetc fie mit 
beiben Slrmcn unb briicftc fie \)axt auf ben (Sil? niebcr. 

„T)u bift rubig, ?orc!" fagte id^, unb bic <Stimmc 
bebte mir, „ober id^ menbc noc^ einmal ben (Sd)Iitten, 
unb i(^ fabre bic^ in bic 9?ad^t binau^, unter bic 25 
33rii(fc burd), fomcit bcr Strom in^ ?anb binQW^= 
reic^t; mir glcic^, ob c0 bttit ober brid)t!" 

@ie battc ftabrenbbcffcn, faft als bcadjtc fie meinc 

2tuf bit Untrcrfttat 29 

SEJortc nic^t, fcitirartS liber ben @ce ficbltcft; obcr ftc 
blicb ft^en unb liefe fic^ ruf)ig t)on mir fQf)ren. 9?ur 
fiel c« mir auf, bafe fie balb barouf mieber^olt unb h)ic 
berfto^Ien nac^ berfetbcn ®eite blicftc. 2113 cud) ic^ ben 

5 5lopf bQf)inn)Qnbte, \at) id) einen (S(^Iittfc^uI)lQufer in 

nic^t gar mcitcr ^^ernc auf un« ju [trcben. Gr mufete 

bemerft ^aben, luaS foeben Dorgefalten; benn er ftrengtc 

fi(^ Qugenfc^einlic^ an, unS ju erreidien. 

Unb fc^on f)atte id) if)n erfannt; e« n)ar Sfiriftopb^ 

lo mein otter ©pielfamerab, ber grofee geinb ber „?atei= 
ner." 3^d^ mufetc auc^ \do\)\, n)a« jc^t bedorftanb; e8 
gait nur nod^, n)cr Don un§ ber (£c^nell[te fei. 

„^nx ju!" fagte ?ore, inbcm fie ibr 'iPelgfappcben 
jurlidfc^ob, ha^ i\)x fc^marjeg ^aar fid)tbar murbc. 

IS „(Sr friegt bi(^ bocb!" 

^d) fonnte nicbt antn)ortcn; fd^neller aU \t juDor 
trieb id^ ben ©c^Iitten DormartS; aber id) feud)te, unb 
meine ^rafte, Don ber langcn i^abrt gefd^njoc^t, be- 
gannen nad)julaffen. Smmer naber borte id^ ben 

2o 5?erfoIger binter mir; raftlo^ unb fd^treigenb idav er 
un« auf ben i^erfen; bann plb^Iicb boi^tc itb bicbt an 
meiner <©eite feine ©c^Iittfcbube fcbarf im (Sife b^m* 
men, unb eine fcbmere §anb fiel neben ber meinen auf 
bie ?ebne be« (5d)Iitten3. „^albpart, ^^bilipp!" rief er, 

25 inbem er mit ber anbeni an meine 33nift griff. 

3d) rife feine .*panb Io8 unb ftiefe ben Sd^Iitten fort, 
bafe er meit Dor un8 binflog. ?(ber in bcinfclbcn ?lugen^ 
blid erF)ielt id; einen gauftfc^Iag, unb ftur^te rilcfling^ 

30 2(uf 6cr Unircrfttat 

mit bcm vSpintcrfopfc ouf ba« (Si8. 9?ur unbcutlic^ 
I)ortc id^ nod^ boS j^ortfd^urrcn bc« <Sd^Iittcn«; bann 
Dcrlor id} bic ^cfinnung. 

3c^ blicb inbcS nic^t langc in bicfcr ?Qgc. 2Bic i(^ 
fpftter Don i^m ^ortc, f)Qttc (SI)ri[topl) balb borouf \id) s 
nad) mir umgcfcbcn unb mar, ba cr mid) nicf)t naci^= 
fommcn fat), ouf ben "ilJlQl^ unfcrcd ^iampfcS juriicfgc^ 
fcf)rt. 9lirf)t o^nc grofee iBei'tiirjung {)attcn bann bcibc, 
nad^bcm ?orc auSgcfticgcn, mid) in ben (©c^Iittcn gc* 
hoben. — Wix felbft fam nur ctn bunflcS ©cfUbl oon lo 
aflebcm; c« mar mic Iroummadicn. 2)?ituntcr t)cr= 
ftanb i(^ cinjcinc SBortc if)rc« ®cfprad)«. „53cl}alt boc^ 
bcincn 9??antcl, ?orc!" {)ortc i(^ (St)riftopb [ogcn. — 
„0 nein, ic^ brauc^' i^n nic^t; ic^ taufc [a." — Unb 
juglcic^ fU()Itc ic^, bafe ctmaS 2Barmc« ouf mic^ nicbcr* 15 
[anf. :Dcr ©(^littcn bcnjcgtc fic^ langfam Dormorte. 
2)Qnn fam c« micbcr hjie !Dammcnmg tibcr mic^; 
immcr aber mar c8 mir, als ginge cin Ici[c8 SScincn 
ncbcn mir t)tv. 

Sum Jjotligcn 33cn)u6tfcin crmad^tc ic^ crft in bcr 20 
SBobnftubc unb auf bcm (Sofa bc« 233a[[crmUfIcr«, bcr 
I)art am Ufcr bc« 9^U()Icntci(^8 h)ot)ntc. ?orc f}attt 
mit if)rcr 9Jhittcr, bie mitttcrmcilc aud^ !)crau«ge* 
fommcn mar, naci^ $aufc gcbcn mtiffcn; 6f)riftopb 
abcr mar gurticfgcblicbcn unb tjattc fid) auf ben 9?at as 
bcr a^hiUcrgfrau bamit befc^aftigt, mir naffc Um* 
fc^fiigc auf ben 5lopf ju Icgcn. 3n« idi) bie Slugcn auf* 
fd^Iug, fa^ cr neben mir auf bcm (Stuf)I, cine irbenc 

2tuf 6er Untrerfitdt 31 

(Sc^UffcI mit SBoffcr sttJifc^cn ben 5lnicn. Gr toolUt 
cben bQ6 ?eintuc!^ crncucrn; abtx cr jog jeljt bit ^anb 
jurticf unb frogtc fc^iic^tcrn: „X)Qrf ic^ bir ^elfen, 

5 3(^ [ejjtc mid^ Qufrec^t unb \nd)tt meinc ©cbonfen 

gu fammcin; bcr ^'opf frfimcrgtc mic^. „^cin," [agte 

tc^ bann, „ic^ braudic beinc §ilfc nid^t." 

„<BoU id^ jcmonbcn filr bic^ aue ber ©tobt t)olcn?'' 

— „®e^ nur; id) mcrbc fd^on ollcin nod^ ^qu8 

lo fontmcn." 

(Sf)rt[topt) ftonb sogemb auf unb fcj^tc bic (Sd^U[[cI 
auf ben Xi\(i). 

33alb barauf fnorrtc bic ©tubcntlir; cr 'i)atk bic 

^linfe in ber v^anb; ober cr ging nic^t fort. 2118 ic^ 

IS mid^ umrtonbtc, fob id^ bic Slugcn meine^ oltcn ^omc* 

rabcn mit bcm Hu^brudf bcr cbrlid^ften Jrourigfcit auf 

mid^ gerid^tet. 

5f?ur cine ®cfunbc noc^ tDax id^ unfc^Iiiffig. „(S^ri= 

ftopf)," fagtc ic^, inbcm ic^ oufftanb unb ibm bic ^onb 

2o cntgcgcnftrccftc, „mnn bu 3cit baft, fo bleibc noc^ ein 

hjcnig bei mir; bu fannft mir beincn 5(nn geben, n)ir 

flc{)en bann jufammcn in bic (Stabt." 

SSic cin 53Iil5 ber grcubc fubr c8 ilber fcin ©cfid^t. 
(Sr crgriff meinc ^onb unb frfiiitteltc fie. „©« roax 
as cin fc^Qublic^er Gtofe, ^bilipp!" fagtc cr. 

(Sine balbc ©tunbe fpatcr, bo c« fcbon Poflig finftcr 
h)Qr, monbertcn mir longfom nad^ bcr (Stabt gurticf. 

32 Zluf bcr Unircrfttat 

Slber bic ©ac^e ging nic^t fo Iciest borUbcr. 3<^ 
fonntc am folgcnbcn 3)2orQen bag 33ctt nic^t bcrloffcn 
unb mufetc meincn (SItem 9cftc()cn, bafe ic^ cincn 
fd^iDcren ^aii auf bcm Gi[c gctan f)Qbc. 

2lm 2lbcnb be« folgcnbcn XogcS, ba id) fc^on faft s 
Juicbcr^crgcftcUt irar, fcljtc mcinc 9D?uttcr cin ^cbcr- 
fttftc^cn Don policrtcm 3ucfci^fUtcnboIj t)or mir auf 
ben Xi\d). „Dcr S^riftopf) SBemcr ^at e« gcbrad)!/' 
fagtc ftc; „tx i)abt c« fclbft fUr bic^ gcarbcitct." 

3f<^ naf)m bod ^aftc^cn in bie .^anb. (5^ mar jicr- lo 
lic^ gemaci^t, fogar auf bcm ^Dcdfcl mit ciner ficincn 
SBilbfd^niljcrci dcr[cf)cn. 

„(Sx f)at ftd^ and) nad^ bcincm 33efinbcn crfunbigt," 
ful^r mcinc 9Jhittcr fort; „\)aht if)r bcnn broufecn cure 
altc 5^cunb[c^aft micber neu bcficgelt?" is 

„53cfiegclt, SO^uttcr? — SBic man'« ncf)mcn mill/' 
fagtc id) lad^clnb. 

Unb nun licfe bie gutc ^vau nic^t nad), bi« id}, don 
manc^en i^ragcn unb jttrtlid)cn 53orrt)lirfcn untcr- 
broc^cn, iF)r mein gonjc^ flcineS SIbenteuer gcbcicfttct 20 
I)attc. — Slber e8 murbe, mic fie gefagt; ber ?Qteincr 
unb bcr Xifc^lcrle{)rling cmeucrten if)rc ^lomcrab- 
fd^aft; unb jmeimal n)od)cntlid^ jur beftimmtcn ©tunbc 
ging id) don nun on rcgcImSfeig in bic SBcrfftott bc8 
altcn Xifc^lcrS SScmer, um unter bcr Slnlcitimg bc« 25 
gcf(^i(ftcn 9D?annc« mentgften^ bic SlnfangSgriinbc 
fcined f)Qnbtt)crf8 ju erlemcn. 

2tuf ber UntDcrfitat 33 

!Ca« ift bie Xroffcl, bie ba fd^iagt, 
!J)er griif)Itng, bcr mein ^erj bcttjcgt; 
3(^ fUf)lc, bie fic^ f)oIb bejeiflen, 
J)ie ©eiftcr au8 bcr Grbc fteigcn; 
5 ®o8 ?cbcn fliefeet loie cin Iraum, 

iWir ift, mie 33Iume, 93latt unb 5Baum. 

(S8 h)Qr {^rtil^ting gcmorbcn. !Dic 9?ac^tigart jh)ar 
Dcrfiinbigtc i()n nid)t; benn, luenn aud^ mituntcr eine 
\x(i) ju un« bcrftoQ, bie ^f^orbiDefttcinbc un[ercr ^iiftc 

10 f)atten fie balb mieber ^inmegQChJct)!; aber bie 3)rof[cI 
fc^Iug in ben ^aumgongen beg alten ©c^Iofegorten^, 
ber im ®d)u^e ber ©tabt, in bem SBinfel jh)eier 
©tro^cn lag. ®em ^aupteingange gcgeniibcr ouf 
cinem 9?afenpla^ l^inter ben ©drten bcr grofeen WlavfU 

15 ftrafee mar feit gcftern cin ^aru[[cU aufgcfc^Iagen; benn 
c8 mar nic^t nur f5rilf)Iing, e« rtjar auc^ 3a^nnarft, cine 
ganje SBod^e tang. !Die ?eierfa[tcnmdnner toaxm einge= 
jogen unb t)or alfcm bie f)arfenmab(f)en; bie ® driller 
mit i^ren roten SJJiitjcn [treiften Hrm in 2trm gmifc^en 

20 ben aufgcfc^Iagencn SDIarftbuben um^er, um h)omog= 
lid^ cincn 35ti(f au8 jungen afiatif(^cn 5lugcn gu er= 
F)ofd^en, bie ju gemofinlirficn ^^itcn bci un^ nic^t ju 
finbcn maren. — ^afe n)Sl^renb beS 3fi^rmarftc« bie 
®ete{)rten[(^ule, mie at(e anbern, ^^crien mad^tc, ber- 

25 [tanb fid^ Don fctbft. — 3d^ f)atte ba« Dollfte ®efUF)I 
biefer i^ciertagC; jumal id^ feit furgem "iPrimQncr tvax 

34 2(uf bcr Unircrfttat 

unb infolgcbcffcn ncbcn meincr rotcn SO^JUlje cinen 
[(^marjcn Sc^niircnrocf nad) cigcncr Grfinbimg trug. 
SSrauc^tc id) nun boc^ and) nic^t mcf)r njic [onft obcnbd 
an bem Xreppcncingongc bcS crlcud^tctcn 9?at«fc[Icrd 
fte()cn ju bicibcn, mo fief) afljcit boS [(f)dnftc luftigfte $ 
©cfinbcl bci Tbi\it unb Xanj jufammcnfanb; id^ fonntc, 
h)cnn ic^ [a motttc, nun fclbj't cinmat f)inabgc()cn unb 
mic^ mit cincm iencr frcmbartigcn SD^dbd^en im Xonjc 
iDicgcn, ot)ne ba^ irgcnb jcmanb grofe banoc^ gcfragt 
l^attc. — Slbcr grabc ju [olc^cn ,3citcn licbtc id^ c« mit- lo 
untcr, otlcin in8 ^^clb f)inQu6ju[trcifcn unb in bcm 
fid)cm ©cfii^t, bafe fie ha [eien unb bafe id^ fie ju jebcr 
©tunbc n)icbcr crrcid^cn fonnc, atlc bicfc ^crrli(^= 
fcitcn fUr einc ^^itlong Winter mir ju loffcn. 

®o gcfc^af) c6 auc^ f)cutc. Untcr bcr 33cif)ilfc mcincfi is 
S3atcr8, bcr cin leiblic^cr (Sntomologc mar, l)attt id) 
Dor cinigcn ^o^rcn cine (©c^mcttcrlingefammlung an- 
gelcgt unb bisf)cr mit (Sifcr fortgcfUf)rt. S<i) ^(^^ nod) 
2:i|c^c auf mein ^in^i^^i^ Qcgongen unb ftonb Dor bcm 
cincn ©laSfoftcn, bcrcn [d)on brei bort an bcr SBanb 20 
I)ingcn. Die 9^ad^mUtag8[onnc [d)immcrtc fo ocr» 
locfcnb auf ben blaucn J^Itigeln bcr 2trgu«faltcr, auf 
bcm Sammctbraun bcS XraucrmantcIS; mid) iibcrfam 
bic ?uft, cinmal micbcr cincn (Strcifjug noc^ bcm noc^ 
immcr oergeben« Don mir gcfud^tcn 53rombccrfaltcr 25 
iu untcrncf)mcn. "Denn biefc« fd^onc oliocnbraunc 
®ommcn)5gcld)cn, n)ctd)c« bic ftiflcn SBatbmicfcn licbt 
unb gem auf fonnigcn ®eftr(iuc^en ruf)t, mar in unfe» 

2tuf bcr Unircrfttdt 35 

rcr boumlofcn ©cgcnb cine (£cltcnt)cit. — S^ noljm 
tncincn Stt\<i)tx dom '^flaQcl; bonn fling ic^ fjinab unb 
licfe mir don mcincr 9)?uttcr cin StBei[5brotcf)cn in bic 
Xa\d)i [tccfcn unb mcinc (^•cIbf(Q[d)e tnit SBein unb 
s SSoffcr fUtlcn. (So auSgcrtii'tet fdjritt id) balb liber 
ben ^aruffeltplaij nad) bem (Sdjlo^gorten, beffen 
33aumQan8e [d^on don iungem ?aube befc^attet n)aren, 
unb don bort meiter burc^ bie bem ^Qu|)teingan0e 
gegeniiberlicgenbe 'ipforte in^ freie ^^ctb binnu^. (56 

lo batte bie 9?ad^t judor geregnet, bie Suft tuar Ian unb 
flar; ic^ faf) brliben am 9ianbe be6 v^orijont^ ouf bcr 
l^ol^en ®ee[t bic 9)?lif)Ie il^re {^liigel bret)en. 

(Sine furje ©trede [iibrte nocb ber SBcg an ber 
Slufeenfcite be« ©dilo^gortenS enttang; bann monbcrtc 

IS id) Qufd ©crotemot)! ouf 5cti>rt)egen ober ^^ufeftcigen, 
Xdeldjt quer liber bie ^der flibrcn, in bie fonnige fc^Qtten= 
lofe ?Qnbfd^aft binauS. 9lur fetten, fomeit bn§ Huge 
reic^te, ftanb au[ ben (Sanb- unb (£teinn)al(en, n)omit 
bie (5^runb[tiide umgeben finb, ein tt)ilbcr 9?ofenftrQU(^ 

20 ober ein anberc6 blirftigcS ®eblifd); ober bier, mo in ber 
9)?orgenfrlit)e bie rauben (geeminbe ungcbinbert iiberbin 
fabren, maren nur faum bie erften 53Idtter nodb entfal- 
itt. ^d) fc^Ienberte bebaglid^ meiter; mel^r bie Slugen in 
bie j^cmc, qIS nad) bem gerid^tet, n)Q§ etma neben mir 

25 am SBegc jmifc^en ©rafern unb rotbliibenben 5ie[[eln 
gaufetn moc^te. 

<So mar, of)ne bafe id) e« mcrfte, ber balbe ^Jad^mit- 
tag baf)in. 3d) borte e« don ber (Stabt ber dier 

36 2tuf bcr Unircrfitat 

[(^logcn, Qt« id) mic^ an bcni Ufcr bc§ 9)?til^lcntcid)« in« 
©rod marf unb mein bcfc^eibcncS 5?c[pcrbrot dcqcbrtc. 
(Sine ongcne^mc ^Uf)tung mc^tc bon bcm SBaffcrfpicQcl 
auf mid^ ju, ber gro^ unb bunfcl ju mcincn gUfecn 
tag. — "Dort in ber SlZitte, mo jetjt ilbcr ber Xiefe bie s 
fleinen SSetlen trieben, mu^te ber (Sd)litten geftanben 
t)aben, al« ?orc il)ren SD?antel Uber mic^ legte. ^d) 
btidtc cine ganje SBeite nod) bcm iel?t unerrcid^baren 
*»|?uuftc, ben meine 5tugcn in ben J^Iuten beg SSBofferd 

nur mit 3)JUf)C feftgu^alten bcnnoc^ten. lo 

2(ber ic^ molftc [a ben !i8rombeerf alter fangen! §ier, 
njo eg tt)eit umt)cr fein ©cbiifd), fein [tiKeg dor bcm 
SBinbe gcfc^Uljteg gtccfc^en gab, n^ar er nidjt ju finbcn. 
3d^ cntfann mid^ cineg anbem OrteS, an bem id^ dor 
3a^rcn iinter ber 5InfUf)rung cineg cilteren 3ungen is 
einmal 58ogeIeicr ge[ud)t F)atte. X'ort maren ^oppcl 
an Moppet bie SBatle mit ^ageboni unb ^ZufegcbUfd) 
benjad)fen genjefen; an ben !Dorncn fjatten mir bie unb 
ba cine .*pummel aufgefpie&t gcfunben, njic bieg nad^ 
ber S'Jaturgefc^ic^te oon ben 'D'^cuntotern gefc^cben foUtc; 20 
balb batten loir auc^ bie 5SogeI felbft aug ben ^fiunen 
flicgen fcben unb i^re Slei'ter mit ben braun gefprenfcl- 
tcn (Sicrn jioifc^en bem bicbten ?aub entbedft. Tort 
in bem F)eimlicben (gdbutj biefer ^cdfen n)ar oictfeid^t 
aud^ bag 9?eic^ beg fleinen [eltenen (Sommcroogelg! 25 
Dag „(Sicttanb" bottc ber 3unge jene ©egenb genannt, 
ma^ mobi fooiel mie 9?icbenmg bebeuten modbte. 9Iber 
njo rt)ar bag Sicttanb? — 3<^ nju&te nur, ba& h)ir in 

2tuf 6cr UniDcrfitat 37 

berfclbcn 9tid)tun8, tuic ic^ f)cutc, gur ©tobt j^inoug:' 
gegangen maren unb bofe eg uniueit bcr grofeen §eibe 
gelegen, tDelc^c etma cine SD^eilc tucit Don bcr <Stabt 
5 5^QC^ cinigcm 33cfinncn no^m id) mcin J^anggerat 
dom 53obcn unb mac^tc mid) mieber auf bie SBonbemng. 
!Durd^ eincn §oI)In)cg, in ben [ic^ baS Ufer f)ier 3u[am= 
menbrangt, gelongte ic!^ auf einc ^o^e, oon bcr id) bie 
Dor mir liegenbe Sbenc h)citf)in Uberfet)en fonnte; abcr 

lo id) faf) nid)tg olg gelb an i5clb, bie fa{)Ien cbenmafei^ 
gen SanbUjalte, auf benen bie f)erbe i^rtlf)Iinggfonnc 
flimmertc. Snblid^, bort in bcr 9?id)tung nad^ cinem 
^auSd^cn, n)ic fie am 9?anbe bcr §cibe ju ftcl^cn pflc= 
gen, gtaubtc ic^ tfma^ n)ie ©ebiifd^ ju entbcdcn. — (S« 

IS tear minbefteng nod) cin f)albe ©tunbc biS bafjin, aber 
ic^ f)atU f)eute ?uft jum SBanbem unb fd^ritt riiftig 
barauf log. ^ic unb ba f(og cin getber ^itroncnfalter 
ober cin ^rc^mcifeling iibcr mcinen SSeg, ober cine 
graue ?eineule fletterte an cinem ©raSftcngcl; Don 

20 cinem 53rombccrfalter abcr toax feine (Spur. 

!Doc^ i(^ mufete fd^on mef)r in ciner ^f^iebcrung fein; 
benn bie ?uft n)urbc immer ftittcr; aud^ ging id) fd^on 
eine 3cittang jmifc^cn bid^tcn ^agcbomf)eden. (Sin paar 
'ifflak, menu fid^ cin ?uftF)aud^ regtc, l)atU idf eincn 

25 ftarfen lieblic^cn ©crud) bcrfpllrt, of)nc ha\i 16) ben 
@runb baoon ju entbeden bermod^t t)attc; benn baS 
©cbiifd^ an meiner ©cite ocrtt)cf)rte mir bie 5lu«fid^t. 
:Da ploljlic^ fprang jur 9fec^tcn ber SBall gurUd, unb 


38 Tluf bcv Unircrfttat 

dor mir lag cin (^Iccfd)cn I)UQcHQcn .C^cibclonbe*. 
33rombccrranfcn unb 53i(fbccrcnflc[trttud^ bcbccftcn tjic 
unb ha ben ^obcn; in bcr 9Wittc ober on cincm 
fc^marjcn SBoffcrci^cn ftonb Dcrcinjclt im bctlftcn 8on= 
nenglonj cin [c^Ianfcr 53aum. Stu8 ben blcnbcnb 5 
eriincn 33Iattcrn, burc^ bic cr gonj bcloubt mar, fprong 
llbcrall cine Jiitte Don jartcn mcifeen 53IiltcntrQuben 
IierDor; uncnblid^cd 33icncnQc[ummc flong h)ie ^Qrfcn= 
ton auS feincm SSipfcI. SBcbcr in ben ®artcn bcr 
<Stabt, no(^ in ben entfemtcren SBoIbcm l)Qttc ic^ ie= 10 
mal« [cineSfitcidjcn gc[ef)en. 3^) ftaunte il)n on; n)ie 
cin 2Bunber ftonb cr ha in bicfer (Sinfamfeit. 

@ine ©trccfc meiter, nur burd^ cin poor btirftige 
SIcferfelber Don mir gctrcnnt, bcl^ntc fic^ unabfctjbor 
bcr braunc ©tcppcnjuQ bcr ^cibe; bic aufecrften ?inien 15 
ht^ ^orijontS jittcrten in bcr ?uft. ^cin Tlen\d), fcin 
Jicr tDor ju fel)en, [onjcit bag SIuqc reic^tc. — ^d) 
Icgtc mic^ neben bem 2Ba[[erd)cn im ^c^ottcn be« 
f(^onen 33aumc8 in baS ^raut. (Sin ©cfUbt Don filler 
^eimlid^feit befd^Ud^ mid^; qu8 bcr J^cmc F)ortc id^ bag 20 
fonftc trfiumerifc^e ©ingcn bcr ^cibclcrc^c; liber mir 
in ben 53Iilten fummtc bag 93iencnQcton; jumeilcn regtc 
fi(^ bie ?uft unb trieb cine SBoIfe Don ©uft urn mic^ 
^cr; fonft mar e« [titt bid in bie tiefftc i^cmc. Sim 
9?anb be« 3Baffer« fat) ic^ Sc^mcttcrlinflc flicgcn; aber as 
i<i) ac^tetc nic^t barauf, mein ^Icfdicr lag mlifeig neben 
mir. — 3d^ gebac^tc cincS SBilbcS, bog id^ Dor furjem 
gefef)cn Ijattc. 3n cincr ©cgcnb, meit unb unbcgrcn^t 

^uf bcr Unirerfitat 39 

toic bicfc, ftanb auf feincn <Btah Qclcf)nt cin jungcr 
^irtc, tt)ic ttjir ung bic 9)2cn[c^en nac^ ben crften ZaQtn 
ber SBcItfc^opfung ju benfcn Qcn)o{)nt finb, ein routes 
3ic9enfeII aB ©c^urj urn fcinc ^iiften; ju feinen 

5 gUfecn fafe — cr faf) auf fie f)crab — einc fc^dnc 
aJiabc^engeftalt; i!)re grofeen bunfein Hugen blicftcn 
in feligcr ®elaffcnf)eit in bic morgenf)eI(e ©infomfcit 
j^inau^. — „2ltlcin ouf ber SSelt" ftanb banintcr. — 
— ^6) fd^Iofe bic Slugen; mir h)ar al8 miiffe au« 

lo bent Iccrcn 9?aum bieS jmeitc SBefen ju mir treten, mit 

bem felbanber icbeS S3eburfni^ auft)orc, atlc feimcnbc 

©e()nfuc^t geftillt fci. „?orc!" fliiftertc id) unb ftrerftc 

ntcinc 5lnnc in bic lauc ?uft. 

3nbeffen n3ar bic ©onnc f)inabgefunfen, unb bor mir 

15 Icuc^tctc bag Hbcnbrot iibcr bic ^eibc. !Dcr 53aum 
h)ar ftumm gcmorbcn, bic SBicncn tiattcn ii)n t)cr= 
laffcn; c8 toax 3^it jur ^eimfe^r. 9)leinc ^anb 
fafetc nad^ bent ^efdjer. — 5lbcr \oa^ fiintmerte mid^ 
ic^t bie« ^nabenfpieljcug. 3d) fprang auf unb Ijangte 

2o ibn Ijod}, fo 1:}o6), mit ic^ t)ennod)te, jmifc^cn ben bic^t= 
belaubten ^^^^iQ^^ ^c^ ^SaumcS auf. ^ann, ha& 53ilb 
ber fd)onen ©c^neibcrtoc^ter Por nieincn trunfencn 
Slugen, mad)te ic^ mid^ langfam auf ben dlMroiQ.y;^ 

X>ic !Dcimmcrung tuar ftarf l^ereingebrod)en, atS id) 

25 au8 bem "iPortalc beg ©c^IofegartcnS trat. 5)riibcn ant 

^aruffell n)arcn fc^on bic ?ampcn angejUnbct; ?eier= 

faftenntufif, ?ac^en unb ©timmcngcnjirr fd^ott gu ntir 

40 Tlnf 6cr Untpcrfitdt 

^erilber; bajiuifc^cn ba« 5lUrrcn be« ^lorcttS on ben 
ciferncn 9Jin0l)aItcrn. 3(^ blicb ftebcn unb blicftc 
burc^ bic l^inbcn, mclc^e ben ^lalj umgaben, in bad 
bcmcQte ^ilb I)inein. "DqS ^iaruffell mar in doUeni 
©ange; ©iljpldlje unb *!|5fcrbe, aik^ [c^icn befetjt, unb 
rinQgumf)er brangte [id) cine |d)aulu[tiQe aJZenge jebed 
SllterS unb ®cfc^tec^t«. 3cljt aber murbc bie 33e- 
meQung langfamer, fo ta^ id) unter ben grlinen S^^i- 
gen burc^ bie cinjelnen ©eftalten jiemlic^ beftimmt 
erfcnnen fonnte. i 

UnnjillfUrlid^ mar ic^ inbeffen na^er gctreten unb 
{)atte niic^ bis an ben (Si[enbraf)t gebrdngt, ber ringg- 
l^erum gejogen mar. — ^a« 3)Jdbd)en bort auf bent 
braunen ^ferbc mar bie <Sd^me[tcr meineS ^^eunbeS 
Sbril'top^. 5lber e« fam nod^ eine ^feiterin, eine i 
fcinere ®e[talt; fie [afe [eitmart«, ein menig Idffig, auf 
it)rem {)oIjernen ®aule. Unb jetjt, mabrenb fie Iang= 
fam naF)cr getragen murbe, manbte fie ben ^opf unb 
blicfte Iod)elnb in bie 3funbc. — @8 mar ?orc; fa ft mie 
ein ©direcfen fc^lug e« mir burd^ bie ©lieber. Slud^ 2 
fie batte mici^ erfannt; aber nur eine (Sefunbe lang 
baftetcn ibre 3lugen mie betroffen in ben meinen; bann 
bticfte fie fid^ jur <Seite unb mad)te fid) an ibrem .^leibe 
ju fc^affen. !t)a« fd()merc cifeme i^Iorett, ha^ fie in ber 
fteinen (^auft f)iett, fd)icn nic^t umfonft uon ibr geftlbrt 2, 
ju fcin; benn e« mar faft bis an ben £nopf mit 9Jingen 

SOfJittlermeile mar ber Gigentllmer be« ^aruffeHd 

2tuf bcv Unirerfttdt 41 

f)crangctrctcn, um fUr bic ncuc ^uubc eiujufammeln. 
<Sic ric^tctc fic^ auf unb I)ielt if)m if)r glorett ent= 
flcgcn. „i5reigcritten!" fagtc [ic, inbcm fie eg iim^ 
[tlirjtc unb bie ^Ungc in bie §anb bc« 9}?anne8 gleitcn 

(gr nicfte unb ging on ben nad^ften ®tuf)I, mo eine 
?InjQt)I ^inber [ic^ um bie beften ^lii^e janften. — 
51I« id^ bon bort mieber ju ?ore tiiniibcrfa^, ftonb 
SI)ri[topf)« <Sd()tt)e[ter neben il)r; aber fie monbte mir 

lo ben dlMtn unb fc^ien mic^ nic^t bemerft ju ^aben. 
„®ef)[t bu mit, ?ore?" I)ortc id) fie fragcn; „i6) mufe 
narf) §aufe." 

?orc ontmortetc nic^t fogleid^; ifirc Hugen ftrciftcn 
mit einem unfic^ern 33licf ju mir f)inilber. ^d) mogtc 

IS micf) nic^t ju rll^rcn; aber meine 5lugcn antmorteten 
ben ibrcn, unb mir felber faum bemebmlid) fllifterten 
meine ?ippen: „33teib!" 

„(So [prirf) bod) !" brdngte bic anbere; „e8 I)Qt fc^on 
ad)t gefc^Iogen." ?orc [tccfte ibr 5iiM)en n)ieber in ben 

20 (Steigbllget, ben fie l^atte fobrcn loffcn, unb, bie Slugen 
ouf mii^ gericbtet, ermibertc fie: ,M bteibe noc^, ic^ 
bob' mi(^ frei geritten!" Unb leife fel^te fie bi«su: 
„9J?einc 9?hitter toolltc oiellcic^t noc^ 't)kx Doriiber* 

25 3c^ fUbltc, bafe ha9 gctogen fei. !j)a« 33Iut fd^ofe 
mir fiebenbbeife tn8 ©efic^t, e8 broufte mir bor ben 
Ob^cn; bie fleine ?llgnerin batte plbtjUd) ben (Scbleier 
bc« ®c{)cimniffe« ilber unS bcibe gemorfen. S^ iDar 

42 2tuf bcr Unircrfitat 

jum crftcnmol in mcinciu ?cbcn, bofe id^ cine fo bc- 
raufc^cnbc .Sufagc crbicit; bibber battc tc^ nur mand)-- 
mal barliber nac^gcfonncn, mic in bcr SBcIt [o ctmag 
moglic^ fel. 

(Sbri)topF)« (Sc^mcftcr ^attc fi(^ cntfcmt. !Der s 
?cicrfaftcn begann micbcr feine 9Jiufif, bic "iPcitfc^e 
flatfc^tc iibcr bem altcn ®aul, unb untcr bcm ^uruf 
bcr ^aucrburfdjcn unb ^mabc^cn, bic injtt)i[c^cn bic 
mcii'tcn ^Idljc cingcnommcn f)attcn, [ctjtc baS ^loruffcn 
fic^ micbcr in 33cn)C0ung. ?orc fa!) nad) mir juriicf, lo 
fie f)Qttc if)r ^^orctt in ben ©ottclfnopf gcfto&cn unb 
fafe n)ic in fid^ tocrfunfcn, bic ."panbc Dor [\d} ouf bcm 
<Bd)o^ Qcfoltct. X>aS rote Xiidjelc^cn an i{)rem ^atfc 
tocbtc in bcr ?uft, unb in immcr rafc^eren ^reifen 
h)urbc bic Icid^tc ®c[tatt an mir oorUbcrgctraQcn; is 
faum fUf)ltc ic^ ben 53Ulj ibrc« HugeS in ben mcincn, 
fo mar fie fc^on fort, unb nur bcr <Sc^immcr ibrc6 
F)eflcn .tlcibc« tauc^te in bcr trilbcn ?ampcnbclcu(^tung 
nod) cin paarmal flUc^tig a\i^ ben immcr ticfer fallen^ 
ben 3d)attcn auf. — "iptotjlid^ fraditc eticaS; bic in 20 
ben StUf)Icn filjcnbcn 9)^fibd)cn freifc^tcn, unb ba« 
ilaruffcfl ftanb. 

„5^Ieiben <Sie f{l;,cn, meine v<5errf(i^aften!" rief bcr 
(SigcntUmer; inbcm er mit feinen ©ebilfcn liber bic 
Oucrbalfcn ftieg, um ben ©c^abcn ju untcrfuc^cn. 25 
(2ine i'aternc murbe f)enmtergenommcn, e« murbc ge» 
flopft unb gebflmmert; aber c6 fc^ien ftcb fobalb nic^t 
niieber fUgcn ju toollcn. Tliv murbc bic 3eit lang; 

2Xuf bcr Unircrfttat 43 

mcinc Slugcn [uc^ten dergcbcnS nad) bcr ficinen 9icitcrin. 
^d) brangtc mic^ oug bcr 9)?en[cf)cnmQ[[c fjcrouS, in 
bic ic^ cingcfcilt tear, unb ging oon aufecn nac^ bcr 
Qcgcnlibcrlicgcnbcn ©cite bc« "i^IaljcS. 51IS id) mid^ 

5 t)icr mit 53ittcn unb ©cmalt big an bic S3Qrricrc burc^= 

gcorbcitct I)attc, [tanb id) bid)t ncbcu il^r. (2ic mar 

bon bcm ^oljgaul j^crabgcftiegcn unb blicftc mic fu- 

d^cnb um [ic^ {)cr. 

'^Rad) cincr 3BciIc [tccftc fie bog i^Iorctt, bag fie fpic= 

lo Icnb in bcr .fianb gcf)altcn, micbcr in ben Sattclfnopf 
unb macf)tc SD^icnc, ficrabjufpringcn. 5Ibcr h)af)renb 
fie i^rc ^Iciber jufammcnna^m, tvav id) in ben ^trcis 
„®utcn Hbcnb, ?ore!" 

IS — „®utcn 5lbcnb!" fagtc fie Icifc. 

^ann, ma^renb bic 53aucrburfc^en immcr tauter il^r 
©intrittggclb ^uriicfforbcrtcn, fof)tc id) i'^rc v*panb unb 
gog fie mit mir f)inaug ing ^^reie. 5lber l^ier toax mcinc 
SBcriDcgcnficit gu Gnbc. ?ore fjottc mir if)xt ^anb 

20 cntgogcn, unb n)ir gingen hjortlog unb bcfangen nebcn= 
cinonber bcr <Stra&e ju, an beren ciufeerftcm (Snbc fic^ 
bag v^aug if)rcr Gttcrn bcfanb. — 2tl8 h)ir ben jur 
©cite liegcnbcn Gingang beS (2d)to&gartcng crreic^t 
I)ottcn, fam una toon bcr (£trafec I)cr cin Xrupp don 

25 9}Jcnfd)en entgegcn, an bcrcn tauten Stimmcn id) ein= 
gcinc mciner auggctaffcnftcn ^ommilitonen crfanntc. 
Unmiflfilrtic^ btiebcn mir ftet)en. 
„SBir njollcn burc^ ben (©(^tofegartcn!" fagtc ic^. 

44 2luf 5cr UniDerfitdt 

— M tft fo iDcitr — 

„£)f), c« i|'t nicfjt fo t)icl iDcitcr!" 

Unb mir eingcn burd) boS *i|3ortQl in ben brcitcn 
©teig ^inab, tucld^cr jmifc^cn nicbrigcn !I)omt)Ccfen ju 
eincm ^aubgongc don bid^t t)crtt)ad^fcncn $Qgcbud)cn s 
fU^rtc. ^a F)icr borne aud) tjintcr ben 3a«"cn nur 
bcbaute« boumtofcS ©ortcnlanb log, fo bcrl)inbertc 
inic^ bic cinbrcci^cnbc X>unfel^cit nid^t, bie ncbcn inir 
iDanbelnbc SJ^abd^cngcftatt ju bctrad^ten. Wid) fd^au- 
crtc, ba& fie jel^t njirflic^ in folc^er Ginfamfeit mir lo 
nabe voax. 

.flcin aWcnfcb aufeer unS fd^lcn in bcm alten ^orf ju 
fcin; e« )mx fo ftill, bo^ loir icben unfercr 2:rittc auf 
bcm <©anbe bortcn. 

„S3Bittft bu mid) ni(^t anfaffcn?" fragtc id^. 15 

(Sie fcbUttcttc ben ^opf. 

„3BQrum nicbt?" 

— „9?cin, — tt)cnn iemonb fame!" 

SBir batten ben gemolbten 33ud)engQng crreid)t. (58 
mar febr bunfel bier; benn in geringcr Gntfcrnung ^u 20 
beiben Seiten iDorcn fib"Iitbc ?Qubgangc, unb auf ben 
ba^n)ifd)en befinblid)cn 9?Qfcnf(ecfen lagerten unburd)= 
bringlicbc 3d)atten. 3f(b njufjte nur noi^, baf? I'orc 
ncbcn mir ging, benn icb borte ibren 5ltcm unb ibrcn 
Iei(bten Scbritt; ju febcn t>ermod)tc icb fie nid)t. 2Bie 25 
ncrfcnb fd)of? c« mir burd) ben .^'opf, baf? id) am ^}adi'- 
mittag auf cincn 8ommert)ogcl ou^gcgangcn mar. 
n'^Jlnn bift bu bod) gefangcn!" fagte id), unb burd) bic 

2(uf 6er Unirerfttdt 45 

!Dunfc(f)eit crmutigt, crgriff i(i) il^rc l^crob^dngcnbc 
v^onb unb I)ielt fie feft. <Bk bulbctc eg; aber Ic^ flif)Ite, 
n)ic [ic jittcrtc, unb Qud^ mir [cf)Iug mcin ^naben^crg 
bi« in ben §al« f)inauf. 
s <2o gingcn n)ir langfam h)citer. 55on ber ©tabt bcr 
tarn ber gebampftc jTon ber ^rcl^orgetn unb ha^ nod^ 
immcr fortboucmbc ©etofc beg ^obntiorfttrcibcnS; 
Dor uns am Gnbc ber Slltec in unerreic^barcr i^emc 
ftanb nod) ein (Stiicfrf)cn golbencn Slbenb^immelg. 3d) 

lo Icgte il)rc ^onb in mcinen 3lrm unb fa^tc [ie bonn 
loicbcr. 3n biefcm Stugenblicf trolttc Oor unS eth)a« 
ilbcr ben SBeg; c^ mag ein 3gct gctDcfcn fcin, ber auf 
bic SD'Jaufciagb ging. — ®ie [d)raf ein Jocnig jufammcn 
unb brangte [id) 3U mir F)in; unb al8 'vi), unabfic^tlid) 

15 faft, ben 2lrm um fie Icgtc, fUl^ttc id), loie if)r ^lopfc^en 
auf meine ©d^ulter glitt. — 

Sits aber bann, nur eine fllic^tige (Se!unbc lang, ein 
iunger SJlunb ben anbem beriif)rt f)atte, ba tricb c« 
unS mie torid^t au« ben fc^iiljenben 53aumfc^atten inS 

20 greie. (So fatten mir batb, mtt^renb ic^ nur noc^ ibrc 
.^anb gefafet bicit, ba^ Gnbe ber 5IIlec erreic^t unb 
tratcn burd^ cine ^fortc auf cincn j5elbn)eg binou<^, 
ber feitnjorts auf bie leijten ."paufer ber ©tabt ju* 
fiibrtc. 9Bir gingcn eilig nebeneinanber ber, at« fonnten 

25 mir ba^ (Snbe unfereS 53eifammenfeinS nicbt rafd) genug 

„9)?ein 5?ater mirb mid^ fud)en; e« ift gett)ife fd)on 
fpat!" fagte ^ore oI)ne oufjufcI)cn. 

46 2tuf bcv Untpcrfitdt 

„^^ gloubc n)o{)I!" crmibcrtc id). Unb irir gingcn 
no(^ ciligcr al« juDor. 

©c^on [tonbcn h)ir am StuSgang bc8 3Bcgce, ben 
Icljtcn $au[crn bcr ©trafec gcgcniibcr. 3n bcm 
ipic^tfd^cin, bcr untcr bcr I'inbc quS bcm 55cnftcr bc« s 
(3d^nciberhfiuSd)en6 fid, fal) id) uiUDcit boDon cin 
SDMbc^cn on cincm iSrunncn ftcljcn. 3(^ burftc nic^t 
njeiter mit. 3116 obcr ?orc ben gufe ouf bod ©trafecn* 
pflaj'tcr {)inau«[ct,Uc, mar mir, als blirfc ic^ [ic [o mi)t 
oon mir gef)cn Ia[[cn. lo 

„?orc," fogtc [6) beflommcn, „icf) h)ontc bir nod^ 
ctrt)a« [agcn." 

<Sie trat cincn (Sc^ritt jurlidf. „SBa« bcnn?" fragtc 

— „SSartc noc^ cine SScile!" is 

<Sic tt)Qnbtc fic^ um unb blieb rubig t)or mir ftcbcn. 
3d5 i)'6Tk, mic fie mit ben ^iinbcn Ubcr ibr ^aar 
ftrid^, n)ie fie if)r XUrfjcIc^cn fefter um ben .^qI« fnlipftc; 
obcr i(^ fucbtc lange dergebcn« be6 ©ebonfend bQ&t)aft 
ju hjcrbcn, bcr mic cin bunfter 9?cbct tox meinen 3lugcn 20 
fc^roamm. „?orc/' fogtc id) cnblid), „bift bu nocb bo8 
mit mir?* 

©ie blidtc ju 53oben unb fd)UtteItc ben ^opf. 

„5SiWft bu morgen micber bier fein?" 

(5ie jbgcrte cincn 31ugcnblicf. „^6) barf beS SlbcnbS 25 
fonft nicbt au^gcben," fogtc fie bonn. 

„?ore, bu lUgft; bo« ift c« ni(^t, fog' mir bie 

2(uf 6cr Unircrfitdt 47 

3c^ l^attc if)rc ^onb gcfafet, abcr fie cntjog fie mir 

„<Bo fprid) borf), i^orc! — SBillft bu nid^t [prec^cn?" 

Vlo^ cine SBeile [tanb [ic fd)rt)cigenb Dor mir; bann 
s fc^lug fie bic Hugcn ouf unb fat) mid) on. „3d) h)eife 
c8 )Dof)I/' fagte fie Icife, „bu Ijcirotcft bod) cinmal nur 
eine don ben feincn 2)amen." 

3d^ derftummtc. 5luf biefcn Ginmurf "max id) nic^t 
gcfofet; an fo ungclf)eure Xin^t f)atte ic^ nie gcbad)t 
lo unb h)ufete nid)ts borauf ju ontmortcn. 

Unb el^c id) mic^ beffen berfo^, f)ortc 16) ein Icife8 
„®ute 9?Q(^t" bc« 3«abd)cnS; unb balb fol) id) fie brU= 
ben in bcm (2d)Qttcn bcr C^aufcr t)crfd)n)inbcn. ^d) 
t)crnQl)m nod) ha^ t)orfid)tige 5tufbriicfcn einer .^au8* 
IS tax, ba« Icifc Slnfc^logcn ber 3::Urfc^eUc; bann hjonbtc 
ic^ mid^ unb ging langfam burc^ ben ©d^Io^gartcn 

O^ne crft jum SIbenbeffen in bie SBol^nftube mcincr 
GItern ju gef)en, fd)Ii(^ ic^ bie Xreppe t)inQuf in meine 
20 hammer. SBic trunfen rtorf id) mici^ in bie ^iiffcn. 
"^Jlad) cincr 33iertelftunbe l^orte ic^ bie Stubcntilr gebcn, 
unb burd) bie f)atbgcoffneten Hugcnliber fof) ic^ meine 
SD^uttcr mit cincr ?ampe an mcin 33ctt tretcn. <2ic 
bcugtc fid) ilber mid); abcr id) fd)Iofe bic 5lugcn unb 
25 trciumte meitcr. Xxoi^ be« n3cnig ucrbcifeenben 3lb= 
fd)icbcS voax mir bod), at^ batte meine .<panb cine tiolfc 
9iofcngirtanbe gcfafet, an ii3cld)cr nun in alle ^uFunft 
t)incin ber ?eben«n)cg cntlang gcf)cn muffe. 

48 Huf 6cr Unipcrfitat 

(So fcF)r ic^ ober an bicfcm 3lbcnb ben ^rang oricin 
ju fcin empfunbcn, cbcnfofcbr tricb c« mid^ am anbcrn 
SDJorgcn untcr 9Wcn[d)cn. 3d) battc cin ncuc« 0efUl)l 
bcr Jrcibcit unb Ubcrlcgcnbcit in mir, bod id) nun audi 
anbcrn Qcgcniibcr cmpfinbcn molltc. (Sobalb id) 0C= s 
frtibftilcft, unb ben etmad unbcquemen J^rogen mcincr 
SD^utter notblirftig genuggcton batte, ging id) in bic 
©erfftatt meine« J^reunbc^ (Sbriftopb- Sr tvax eifrig 
bef(^fiftigt, Heine SlJJobagonifurnierc au«jutt)QbIcn unb 
ju ((^neiben. „3Ba« mad^ft benn bu ba fUr Sc^oneS?" lo 
fragte ic^. 

— „(Sin 'il'^a^foftc^en/' fagte er of)ne aufjublirfen. 
„(Sin ^f^abfai'tc^cn? fUr men bcnn?" 

w^ttr I'enore 33eauregarb; mcine ©c^mefter mill'd 
ibr jum C^eburtStag fcbenfen." is 

. 3(^ fa^ ibn Don ber Seite an; ein tibermiitigc* ?tt» 
c^eln fticg in mir ouf. „t)k ?ore ift njobi bein <Sc^at}, 

Tier edigc ,^opf be« guten 3ungen tt)urbe bi« unter 
bic Stirnboare mie mit 33Iut iibergoffcn bci biefer 20 
treulofen 5ragc. Gr fc^ien [elbft liber [cine 53erlcgcn^ 
f)cit in Sorn ^u gcrotcn. „3br battet fie nur uu6 
curer lateinifd)cn XQnjfd)uIe fortlaffcn foflen!" fagte 
er, inbcm er niit fcinem 3D?effer grimmig in bic 5wniicr= 
bl6ttd)cn bineinfubr. 25 

— ^Du bift mobi ciferfUcbtig, Gbriftopb?" fragte ic^. 
?lbcr er antnjortcte nicbt; cr brummte nur balb filr 

fic^: „bo« ()attc meine 8d)n)efter fein follcn!" — 

^uf i>cr Unipcrfttdt 49 

liefer Xriumpf) foHtc inbcffen mcin einjigftcr 
Mcibcn; bcnn ic^ mlil^te mic^ derflcbenS, tBicber oncin 
mit ?orc sufammenjutref'fcn. (5in poarmal jmar im 
?Qufc bc^ ©ommcrS bcgegnctc fie mir an <SonntQQ= 

s nac^mittagcn Winter ben ©artcn ouf bcm 33iir0crftci0c; 
abcr G()rii'topf) unb feine ©djtDcftcr bcglcitctcn fie, unb 
bcr gutc 3unge ging [o tro^ig neben it)r, qI6 hjcnn cr 
fie cincr ganjcn SSelt Oon ?ateincrn l^fitte [trcitig 
mad)cn hjoflcn; au(f) fucf)tc fie felbft, menn 16) cin ®c= 

10 fprod) mit if)nen begann, augcnfdjeinlid) bie anbern 
jum SSeitergcf)en su Deranlaffen. 

2IIS fpaterbin bei 53eginn bc« 9}?id)acligniQrfte« baS 
^'aruffcU mieber nufgcfci^Iagcn n)urbc, n)Qgte id) nocb 
einmol ju ^offcn. Ginen Slbenb nod) bem anbern, fo= 

IS batb bie jDammcrung anbrad), fanb ic^ mid^ auf bcm 
^iai^e ein; jum grofeen S3crbruffe meineS t^reunbeg 
i^rife, t)on bcm id) mid) unter immer neuen 33or= 
mtinbcn lo^sumadjcn fud)tc. Slber ebenfooft fpdbtc ic^ 
t)crgcbcn8 unter ben inngcn 9ieitcrinnen, bie fid^ gu= 

20 meitcn cinfanbcn, bie fd)Ionfe 53raune ju entberfen, um 
beren n)i((cn id) aUcin gefommcn tdax. Ginfam loan^ 
bcrtc ic^ burc^ bie bunfetn ©dnge bc8 (Sc^Iof^gartcnS 
unb jcf)rte trlibfelig Pon bcr Grinncrung cincS cnt* 
f[of)cnen ©ludeg. 

25 !l)icS oUeg na{)m cin pIol^lid)e« Gnbc, alS i^ ju 
SInfang be§ SBinterg nad^ bcm SSiften meineg S3atcr8 
bie (^clcbrtcnfc^utc unfercr v'oeimat Dcrlicfe unb ju 
mcincr mcitcren Slu^bilbung auf cin Cj^pmnafium bc^ 

50 2tuf bet Unipcrfttat 

mittlcrcn Dcutfc^IanbS flcfc^icft murbc. — Ob mcin 
^c^mcttcrlingefcfc^cr nod) in bcm blUbcnbcn S3aum 
am 3?Qnbc bcr .s^cibc I)an9t'? — 3(^ mcife c« ntd)t; ic^ 
bin nic^t micbcr bort Qcmcfen; aud) ben SSrombccr* 
falter babe ic^ biS auf bcute no(^ nic^t gefanQcn. s 

iluf brr Unidcrftfat 

Sabre marcn feitbem Dcrganflen. 

Sll« id) ben 3^o"S ^^^ flofterlic^cn ©c^ulanftalt 
bintcr mir bottc, brad)tc ic^ gum crften Tlak micbcr 
cinige vSperbftmoc^cn im eltcrli(^en .^aufc ju. 55on 
alien meinen Xfameraben fanb id) nur noc^ Gbriftopb lo 
im bcimatlic^cn 9ie|tc; bic Ubrlgen, aud) ^yrilj, maren 
aflc fc^on auSgcftogen; in« luftigc ©tubentenlcben, auf« 
meite SJZeer binaue, in bie bunfte (Sd)reib[tube cinc« 
5laufmann« ober njobin fonft 2Babt unb 55erbSltni[)'c 
fie gefUbrt batten. 3lu(^ (Sbriftopb, ber jum ftattlic^cn, is 
ctmad unterfeljten, jungcn 9)?ann bcrangemac^fen tioar, 
rliftctc |'i(^ jum Slbjug; cr mar Wcfetl gemorbcn unb 
njollte manbern. ?Iber juDor arbcitctcn mir nod) ein- 
mal gcmeinfc^aftti(^ in bcr SScrfftatt fcincS S?ater«; 
unb ein ungcbeurer XabafSfaftcn, bcr mit mir bie 20 
Uniocrfitcit bcjieben foUte, mor bad 9?efultat unferer 
iBemilbungcn. — 93on mciner SD^uttcr erfubr id), bafe 
bie rUi'tigc J^rau SBeaurcgarb Dor 3Qbre«frift eine« pl5t}* 
lichen Xobcd t)erblid)en, unb ibrc Xod)ter balb barauf 
nad) bcr flcincn V'anbc(5uniDer[itate)tabt ju cincr alten 25 

^uf bcr Untpcrfitdt 51 

unbcrJ^ciratctcn Xante gcjogcn fct, bic fie tcftomcn* 
torifd^ jur Uniocrfalcrbin it)rc^ fleinen S3ennogenS tin- 
eefeijt f)atte. ®ag fd^male ^ou^c^en mit ber ?inbc fttar 
nac^ bem Xobc ber abutter (Sd^ulben t)alber bcrfauft 

5 morben, unb ber franjofifd^e ©c^neiber t)Qtte fro^ fcin 
miiffen, bei einem ber anberen SD^eifter q16 ®e[el[e ein 
Unterfommen gefunbcn ju ()aben. ^d) traf ifin am 
©onntagnac^mittag in einer ©cfe be« £ircl^t)of8 ouf 
ber 33Qnf filjenb. <2eine ^aut ilber ben fd^arfen 

lo 33Qcfenfno(^en )max nod^ gelber gehjorben unb feln 
fc^marjeg ^aav toav [tarf ergrout; er l^uftete, aber bie 
(Sonne fc^ien if)m n)o]^l ju tun. „2l(^, 9)2on[{eur 
^f)ilipp!" rief er, ha er mid) erfannte, unb ftrecftc mir 
gnjei SinQ^^ feiner longcn fnoc^ernen ^anb entgcgen, 

IS n)fiF)renb bie anbem bie altc h)of)Ibefannte *i|3orjenQn= 
bo[e umflammert l^ietten. „3)amalg — bai moren 
onbere 3citen, SD^onfieur *!PF)itipp!" ful^r er fcufjenb fort. 
„5D^eine Sltte, fie \)at fid) mit if)rcr 9)?enQge unter bie 
fc^marjen ^reujc bort begcben; unb ba^ M'mb, bie 

20 ?ore/' — er fd^Iudfte ein paormal unb nQl)m eine ftarfe 
*i|3rife — „®ie n)erben e§ [a ge{)ort l^aben! — <Sie 
n)onte nic^t, fie n)or(te il^ren armen 95ater nid)t oHein 
laffen, ic^ mu&te mit ©emalt i^rc fleinen ^finbe Don 
mir loSrci^en; aber maS bilft e§ benn! ba« ^inb mufete 

25 bod^ fein ©tildf mad)en!" Sr 4iefe ben £opf finfen unb 
legte fd^taff feine v'pcinbe auf bie ^nie. „^6) mxbt 
3f)nen il^re 53riefe seigen!" begann er bann mieber. „<Bit 
hjerben fe{)en, SO'Jonfieur "il3f)ilipp, (2ic finb ja ein ®e* 

52 ^uf bcr Unircrfitat 

le^rter! iTic aderUcbftcn ^uc^ftabcn, unb all hie licbcn 
flutcn 3Borte; cine 9)?arqui[c fonntc c« nicl)t bcffcr." — 

2o [prad^ er nod) einc SScilc fort, biS id) i^n 


3c^ bcibc ben franjofifc^cn ©c^ncibcr nid^t iBicbcr 5 
flcfcbcn; bcnn cinigc Xngc barauf rcifte id^ ah, um ju- 
na<i)\t Quf cincr QuSlanbifc^en Unitjcrfitot meinc juri^ 
ftifc^en ©tubien ju bcginncn; unb fc^on nad) cincm 
balbcn 3Qt)rc [rfirieb mir meinc 9}?utter, ber id) biefe 
Scgcgnung erja()It f)atte, bafe aud^ 2Wonficur 53cau= 10 
rcQarb, bcr Snfet be8 Cfcn^eijer« toom $ofe ?ub* 
wigs XVI., untcr ben fc^morjen ^reujen cine ©tcHc 
flcfunben ^abe. 

Threi ^afjre fpfiter befanb id) mic^ ouf ber ?anbc«* 
unioerfitfit, um oor bcm Gyamen nod^ bad gefel^ilic^ is 
Dorflc[d)ricbcnc ^a\)v l)icr ^u abfoloiercn. (^ril^, mit bem 
ic^ bod Ictjtc ocmcftcr in ^eibelbcrg jufammen gc* 
mobnt, njoHte erft im nddiften ipcrbft juriicffebren. ?lber 
mcin i^reunb G^riftopb fiattc bic Uniuerfitat bcjogcn; 
er mar erftcr 3{rbeiter in einem grofeen SOZiibelmagajin. 20 
3(^ traf i{)n eine« 9?Qc^mittQg« in einem offcntIi(^en 
©orten, mo er onein Por einem Seibel Jogerbier fofe 
unb, [c^einbar in Sinnen Dcrlorcn, ben 9tQud^ feiner 
3igarrc oor fic^ binblicS. ®cin ftarfer blonber 33Qcfen= 
bart unb feine feine bUrgcrtic^c .rileibung lichen mi(^ 25 
i[)n erft in nad)[tcr 9?af)e erfcnncn. 3il«( id) [c^njcigcnb 

^uf 6er llntperfitdt 53 

mcine ^anb auf [einc ©d^uttcr legtc, loarf cr ben ^opf 
rofd^ unb tro^ig nad) mir f)eruin; bcnn, h)enn id^ jeljt 
auc^ feinc farbigc 3)?ulje trug, [o gel^tJrte ic^ bo(^ un= 
Dcrfcnnbar gcnug ju ben mutmafelic^ noc^ immer nic^t 

s Don i^m gcUebten „?ateinern." Hllein faum F)atte er 
mid^ angefe^en, alS aud^ fogleii^ bie freubigfte Uber- 
ra[(^ung auS feinen Hugen leud^tcte. „'i|3^Uipp! bu 
bift c«?" fagtc er, inbem cr mit cincr faft mabc^en* 
F)aften 53e[c^eibenf)eit meinc borgebotene ^anb nabm 

lo unb fie bann befto frtiftiger briicfte. — SBir fprac^en 
langc jufammcn; liber unfere §eimat, ilber Sltem unb 
Sllter^genoffcn; aU id) mic^ bann ber Derf)dngnigDotIen 
(Si^fo^rt erinnerte, fragte icb aud) na<i) unfcrer gemein* 
fd)QftIic^en ^nabenlicbe. 

IS ?enore lebte noc^ im ^Qufc il^rcr 33ern)Qnbtcn, ciner 
attcn ©d^nciberin, mit ber fie sum 5^Qben in bie §qu= 
fer ber Dornef)men (Sinh)of)ner ging. Hber Sbriftopb 
h)urbe bei ben Hntmorten auf biefe ^^ragen immer 
h)ortfQrger unb fud^te enblid) mit einer gemiffen ^oft 

20 baig ©efprad^ auf anbere T)ingc ju bringen. (Sr fd()ien 
in feinem treuen ©emiitc nod) immer bie i^tWdn be« 
fd^onen 9)Zabd^en^ ju tragen, bie id^ mit bcm <Staub 
ber ^eimat f(^on langft Don mir abgefc^ilttelt su l^aben 

25 3(^ mod^tc mid^ barin inbeffen irren. — ©inige 3cit 
barauf batte id) mit befreunbeten !Damen jenfeitd ber 
SD?eere§bud)t, an me(d)er bie ©tabt tiegt, einen bamal^ 
beticbtcn 55ergniigung^ort befud)t. X'er 9lad^mittag 

54 2tuf bcr llnircrfttat 

tear ju (Snbc, unb mir Qingcn on ben ©tronb l}inab, 
urn na<i) cincm j5a()rjcug fiir bic ^cimfct)r qu«ju» 
fc^aucn. — 3tt)ci ^ootc, bcibc fc^on foft bcfctjt, Iqqch 
jur Slbfa^rt bcrcit. 'D^cbcn bcm cinem, bad ctmo brcifeig 
©d^rittc don und entfcmt fcin moc^tc, [tonb an bcr 5 
®citc cincr filtlid^cn lawmen OtQl)terin, bic id) mituntcr 
im 3Sot)njimmcr mcinciS ^audroirtd Qefc()en tjattc, 
einc auffallcnb [(^5nc 9}?ab(^cn9cfta(t. (Sic f)attc fc^on 
ben 5u& auf ben 9ianb bed footed Qcfcljt unb fcf)icn 
im 33cgriff f)ineinjufteiQcn; abcr fie jogcrte ploljlic^, ba 10 
fie ben ^opf nac^ un« juriirfmanbtc. 3^«i [c^marjc 
frembartigc Slugcn, mic ic^ fie lange nid^t, abcr mic ic^ 
fie cinft gefc^cn, trafen in bic mcinen; id) mufetc jetjt, 
bafe e« ?enorc 33caurcgarb fci. Bit tnav grower gc- 
morben, unb unter ben braunen SSangcn [d^immcrte 15 
ba« $Kot bcr t)o(I)'tcn ^ungfraulic^fcit; abcr no(^ 
immcr mar i^r in bcr .^altung jcnc grajiofe ?dffig= 
fcit eigen, bic mir unbcmu&t fc^on cinft ntcin ilnabcn- 
^rj entfuf)rt ^attc. S« mattte fjcife in ntir auf, unb 
i(^ battc bcr Damen neben mir faft ganj Dcrgcffcn. 20 
^nn icne bunfcln 3lugen f(^ienen mic^ bittcnb anju- 
blicfen; ic^ b5rtc, mic bic atte 9?abterin ibr jufprac^, 
mic ber Sc^iffer fie nic^t ebcn in ben biiflici^ften Shorten 
jum Ginftcigcn brSngte; abcr noc^ immcr ftanb bic 
fc^lanfe SOidbc^cngcftalt unbciucglic^, mic im Xraum, 25 
bie ?(ugen nad) mir bingemanbt. 

®c^on bottc id), h)ic Don bunftcr Slaturgcmalt ge» 
tricbcn, ein paar Sc^ritte nac^ bem S3oote ju gctan; 

2(uf ber Uniperfitat 55 

Qber ic^ bcstuang mic^; ic^ bad)tc an Sfiriftop]^; fcinc ef)r^ 
lichen blauen ^lugcn fc^icnen mic^ plo^Ud) anjufc^cn. 
„@8 tt)irb nic^t *ipial3 bort fiir un^ alle fcin/' [agte ic^ 
SU ben ^Damen. T)ann gingcn mir feitnjclrt^ nad^ bcm 
5 onbem i^abrjeug am Staffer cntlang. — Xodj nod) 
cinmal mufete ic^ na(^ ?orc jurlicfblicfcn. (2ie ^atte 
ben ^opf Quf bic 58m[t finfcn laffen, unb fticg cbcn 
longfam liber ben 53orb in ha^ 3nnere beg 53ooteg, 
bog im ©olb ber 5lbenb[onne ouf bem regung8lo[en 
lo Staffer lag. 

Sdd ber ^eimfol^rt [afe id^ am ©tcucr, h)ortfarg 

unb innerlid^ erregt; meine Slugen mod)ten h)of)I mit= 

unter auf bem anbem in jiemlic^er ^ntfemung Dor 

un6 rubemben 33oote ruf)en, h)at)renb bic jungen !3)omen 

IS mid^ bergebeng in ifire "^Jlaubereicn ju jicf)en fud^ten. 

„5Iber ®ie [inb f)eut' nid^t ju gcbrauc^en!" fagte bie 
eine; „unfere [c^iinc ^'^afiterin fc^eint ©ie [tumm gc* 
mac^t ju I)aben!" 

„3[t ?ore 3f)re 9?al^tcrin?" fragte id^ nod^ tialb in 
20 ©ebanfcn. 

— „?ore! tool^cr toiffcn ©ie bcnn, ba^ fie ?ore 

„SBir finb auS einer ©tabt; id^ l)aht in ber Zani' 
fd^ulc meine crfte 9D?afurfa mit il^r getanjt." 
25 — w®o! — ®ie foil aud) jetjt noc^ gem mit (gtu^ 
bcnten tanjen." 

Unfer ©efprfid^ iiber ?ore toav gu Snbe; aber id^ 
nju^te ieljt, m^\)alh S^riftopI) nic^t [)atte rcbcn mbgen. 

56 Tluf bcr Unircrfitat 

'Dennod) fal^ id) i^n fpdtcr im ?aufc bc8 SBintcr« 
iucf)rmal« nn o[fcntIic^cn Ortcn mit ^ove gufammcn, 
luciftcnS in ©cfcllfc^aft bcr tatimcn Wlavk obcr cincr 
iiltcrn "i^erfon, lDcld)e nicmanb anberS qIS bic Qxh-- 
tantc fcin fonntc, bic bcm ormcn ©d)ncibcr nod^ fo 
furj t)or fcincm ©nbc boS 5lIcinob fcinc« ^crjcnS cnt* 
[U()rt Iiattc. 

(5inc8 HbenbS, c§ mod^tc cinigc SBod^cn nod^ 9?cu* 
ia{)r fcin, f)ortc id^ toon mcincm dimmer auS cinen 
lumult Quf bcr ©tra^c. Slid ic^ baS gcnftcr offnctc, lo 
bciucrftc ic^ untcr bcm toorbcijict)cnben ^aufcn f)ic unb 
ba rote (Stubcntcnmliljcn; enbtid) crfanntc id) bcim 
Sd)cin bcr (Strafecniaternc aud^ cincn unfcrcr 'pebcllc. 

„3[Bq8 9ibt'«, ^o[c?" ricf id} ^inuntcr. 

„.<poIj ^at'« gcQcbcn, §crr !Doftor." — !Dofc nnnntc is 
mi(^ QuS einem nur un« bcibcn bcfanntcn ©runbe 
nffcjcit ^crr Doftor. 

— „<©o? Unb njo^I micbcr Quf bem SBan^aue?" 
frogte ii). 

„9?un, mo benn anber«?" 20 

!Dq8 S3Qnf)Qn« mar cin offcntnd)c8 Xonjlofal, h)o 
bic Qlt[)crfommtid^c Jvcinbfc^oft 5h)ifd)en (Stubcntcn 
unb ^'pnnbmcrfggcfcUcn fic^ jujcitcn ?uft ju mad)cn 
pflcQtc. Gd fc^icn bic^mol inbcffcn org gcmorbcn su fcin; 
benn Dofc moc^tc onbcutungemcife cine t)0(^ft frdftige 25 
^emcgung mit ber ^Quft. 

2ruf &cr Untperfttat 57 

„SBcr f)Qt'g bcnn gcfricgt?" fragtc irf) norf). 

!Dcr Sllte l^ielt hie C^onb dor ben 2)?unb unb fliiftcrtc 

mir ju: „(Ss i[t ouf bie rcd^tc (gtetic gcfommen, §crr 

!Doftor." (Sin 33efannter, ber unfer ©efprad) t)6rtc, rief 

s im SSoriibcrQc^en: „Q^ ift ber ^^aiigrof; bic 5?noten 

t)Qbcn if)m ouf Slbfd^Iag gcjal^It." 

Scr fogcnanntc „9faugraf" mar ein cbcnfo [djoncr, 
al8 JBiiftcr iungcr 'JBlann, ber in ben ^orfalcn ber 
^rofcfforcn felten, bagegcn f)ciu[ig ouf ber jyjcnfur unb 

lo rcgclma^ig ouf ber ^ncipc ju ftnbcn mar; cincr toon 
bcncn, bie nuf Uniderfitciten einc 9iorfe fpielcn, unt 
bonn im fpatern ?ebcn [purloS ju Pcr[c!^n)inben. S3on 
ben jungen ^anbmcrfcrn, bencn er i^re 2)?abd)en ab^ 
fpenftig mac^te, n)urbe er ebenfo[e()r gefia^t, qIS er fUr 

IS bie gro^cre Sln^aril ber iilngem <Stubenten ber ©egen- 
ftanb einer [rf)euen 33en3unberung toar, 9^Qrf)bem er 
einc 9?eil^e onberer UniPerfitaten befuc^t unb, teilmeife 
burd^ 9?etegation gesmungen, pjieber Perlaffcn f)atte, 
fanb er fiir gut, aud) bic unfrigc ju Pcrfud)en; unb 

20 batb gingen Pon fcinem grofjen S5^ed)[el unb bnnn Pon 
fcincn noci^ grofeeren ©d^ulbcn bie niannigfaltigften 
©erild^tc im <2d)n3angc. Tiv Zxtd „9iaugraf," ben 
er mitbroc^te, pa^te infofern fUr if)n, qI8 er on bic 
^citen bc8 i^auftredit^ erinnert, unb olterbingS bic 

25 SBeifc ber olten 3iinfer, bie ©c^modjeren riicffic^tglog 
fiir ibre ?cibenfc^aften gu Perbraud^en, [ic^ PoIIftanbig 
ttuf ibn Pererbt ju baben fc^ien. 
!Da id^ ben „9Jaugrafen" pjeber genauer fannte, nod^ 

58 2luf bcr Unircrfitat 

cin 3ntcrcffc an fcincr "iPcrfon no^ni, [o [c^tofj id) bQ« 
^enfter unb bcqab m\6) jur 9?uf)e, of)nc bed S3or[a[Ic« 
mcitcr 5U Qcbcnfcn. 

3lm 33ormittag barauf foHtc id^ inbcffcn auf« neue 
boran crinncrt mcrbcn. — 3d^ l^ottc cbcn mcincn s 
Coffee Qctrunfcn unb fafe im @ofa Ubcr cincr ^Qn= 
bcften^^ontrooerfc, qI« on bic ©tubentUr gepoc^t 

2tuf mcin „^crcin!" trot bic ftattlic^c ©cftolt mcinc« 
5rcunbc« Sfiriftopf) toorfic^tig unb ctmaS jbgcrnb in lo 

bad 3i"in^cr« 

„53i[t bu ancin?" fragtc cr. 

— „mt bu ficMt, Sfiriftop^." 

@r fd^tricg cincn Slugenbticf. „3d^ ntufe fort t)on 
f)ier, '^^^ilipp/' fagtc cr bonn, „nod^ F)cutc abcnb; toeit 15 
fort, on ben $R^ein ju mcinem 9Wutterbrubcr; er i[t 
fd^mttc^Iid^ unb braud^t cincn ^cfctten, bcr nad^ bcm 
9?ccf)tcn fcben fonn. 3Ibcr id^ fUrd^tc, mcinc 53Qrfd^aft 
rcic^t nic^t fUr bic 9?cifc; unb i^i<i)im, ba^ i[t nid^t 
mcinc '^ad)t.'' 20 

3c^ mar fd^on on mcin ^ult gcgangen unb ^attc 
cine fleine ©clbfummc auf ben Xi\d) gejQf)It. „9Jcic^t 
c«, (Sbriftopf)?" 

,M bonfc bir, "^bilipp." Unb cr ftccfte bad ©clb 
forgfom in [cine 33orfc, bic fcfion cincn fleincn Bdjaii 2$ 
on @oIb= unb (Silbcrmllnscn entbielt. Srft ieljt \a\) 
i(i), bafe cr in fcincr fcfiroorjcn <SonntagdfIeibung Dor 
mir ftanb. 

2(uf bcr Unircrfitdt 59 

„2lbcr bu bift [a in doKcm SBic^g," frog tc id^; „h)o 
bift bu bcnn gcmefcn?" 

— „9?un," fogtc cr unb ricb fid^ nac^bcnflic^ mit bcr 
^anb feinc brcitc ©tint, „[6) fommc cbcn t)on bcr 
s ^olisci!" 

„!Du F)a[t [(^on bcincn ^afe gc^olt?" 

— „3att)of)I; mcincn Soufpafe." 
^d) \a\) if)n fragenb an. 

— „@« ift megcn ber bummen @c[c^id^tc ouf bcm 
lo S5anf)Qufc." 

9)2ir gtng cin ?ic^t auf. „®o! alfo bu bift c8 gc= 
mcfen," fogtc ic^, „bafe mir bog nicfit fogtcic^ cingc- 
fatten ift!" 

— ni^xdlid) bin id) bort gcnjcfcn, ^f)ilipp!" 
IS „?cnorc mar tt)of)I mit bir?" 

(gr nicftc. 

„Unb ba f)aft hu ben 9Jaugrafen burd^gcprllgclt?" 

(Sin ?ac^eln befriebigten ^affeS legte fic^ urn feinen 
9D?unb. „©ie fagcn \a, bafe ic^'« gemcfen fci/' cr= 
20 mibcrtc cr. 

!Dcr altc gcinb bcr ®t)mnafiaftcn fprad) bic8 in 
folc^cm $:onc bcr @cnugtuung, ha^ id) iibcr ben 
©ac^ocr^att nid^t mcf)r gn)cifelt)aft fein fonntc. 

3d^ mufetc laut auflac^cn. „®o crjci^r mir bod)! 
25 SBic fam bcnn bic ®efc^i(^tc?" 

— „5lun ^f)itipp/ — bu mcifet boc^, ba^ id) mit bcr 
?orc gc^c?" 

„(©cib il^r bcnn cinig mitcinanbcr?" 

60 Tluf bcr Unircrfitat 

— „(S« ift mol^t fo h)Q«/' crmibcrtc cr. — „(©ic tft 
ctnc anftcriiQC *il3cr[on; unb nad) bcm Xobc bcr altcn 
Zantt bcfommt [ic Qud^ nod) cine ^leiniflfcit." 

3c^ fa^ ibn Irtdjelnb an. „*i)hm (S{)riftopf), fie ift 
and) fonft fo libel nid^t; bu b^ttcft fo Ubcrjeugenb fonft 5 
audj fc^mcrlic^ juQefi^logen!" 

Gr btlcftc cincn Slugcnblicf Dor fid^ ]^in. „3rf) ^ci^ 
cS faum/' faflte cr, „n3ir ftanbcn in bcr 9tcif)c, ?ore unb 
idf, — c« Qcfc^a^ nur i\)x ju C^cfallcn, ba& ic^ f)in0e* 
gangcn mar, — ha tarn bcr longc blaffc 5?erl, bcr frf)on 10 
immcr ouf fie gemuftcrt unb babci mit cinem anbern 
Qetuf(^elt I)ottc, unb molltc cytra mit il^r tanjcn." 

„SSar cr bcnii uni)cr)d)dmt gcgcn bcinc 2)Qinc ?" 

— „UnDerfd)amt? — ©cin 0cfid)t ift undcrfc^amt 
flcnug!" - is 

„Unb ?orc?" fogtc id), mcincn ^jrcunb fd)arf fijic- 
rcnb, „fic {)attc mo^l gem mit bcm fc^mucfcn ^oDalicr 

(Sr jog bic ©timfaltcn jufammcn, unb ic^ \a\), mic 
fic^ cine trUbc SSoIfc Uber fcinc Slugcn lagertc. 20 

— „3c^ ^ci& c8 nid)t/' fogtc cr leife. — „G6 toax 
nidji gut, bafe ii)v ha^ SDMbd^cn bamolS in curcr lQtci== 
nifc^cn Tonjfc^ulc ben ^Jtotfncc^t fpielcn licfect." 

Gr rcic^tc mir bic ^anb. „?cb' n)oF)I, ^bilipp/' 
fogtc cr, „ha^ ®ctb fc^icfc ic^ bir; fonft mirft bu mo^l 25 
nid)t oiel toon mir ju f)orcn befommcn; ober um 
3laf)rc«frift, fo ©ott mill, bin ic^ fticbcr f)icr, ober bei 
une bafjeim." 

TXuf 6cr Unircrfttdt 61 

(Sr (jing. — ^d) [udjtc bergcbcnS mid^ tuieber in 
meinc untcrbroc^cncn Strbeiten ju bcrtiefen; cine un= 
bcftimmtc ©orge um bic ^^^funft meine^ 3u0cnbQC= 
[pielcn f)attc mcin ^erj be[rf)Ii(^cn. ^d) mu^tc nur ju 
s h)of)t, hjaS [einc SBortc nid^t Dcrratcn [oUtcn, ba^ [einc 
^f)anta[ie bon jcnem SO^abc^cn gonj erfiillt mar, unb 
ba^ altc ^rcifte biefcg tiic^tigcn ^opfeg barauf f)in= 
orbeiteten, [ein ?cben mit bem i\)xm ju Dereinigcn. 
33alb barauf ging ic^ in bic SSof)nung mcincr §au8- 

lo h)irtc f)inab, bci bcnen id) bamalg meincn SD^ittog«= 
ti[(^ f)attc. @S mo(^tc ctn)a« frli{)5citig fcin; bcnn toon 
ben v'pauSgcnoffcn fiattc fid) noc^ nicmanb cingcftcHt; 
abcr in bcr 9?cbenftnbe traf i^ bic flcine 5^af)tcrin, bic 
Mmt 2y?aric/' melc^c ftumm unb einfam inntittcn 

IS cincr SBoIfc mei^cr ©toffc mit bcr 9?abcl f)anticrtc. — 
^a id^ fie oft in ©cfellfd^aft ber beibcn SD^enfc^cn gc= 
fcl^cn l^attc, beren ©cfc^idE mid) ie^t bcfd)ciftigte, fo 
crjai^Itc id^ i^r ben geftrigcn 35orfafI, in bcr ^offnung, 
llbcr bie Urfad^c bc^fclbcn 5^dl)ereg ju crfaf)ren. 

20 „^ii) \)ah' ba^ fommcn fef)cn!" fagtc fie, bic blinncn 
?ippcn jufammcnfncifcnb; „bcr 2;ifd)tcr ift n)of)I fonft 
cin ganjcr ^crl; abcr gcgcn ba^ 9D?abd)cn ift cr ju gut^ 
h)ir(ig; — mag mollt' cr mit il)r auf bcm 53aH^au«!" 
Sd) fragtc nai()cr nad^. 

25 @ie rfiumtc cine ^artie 3cugc don eincm ©tuf)I, 
bamit id^ mic^ fc^en fonnc. — „®ie fennen bicKcid^t 
bag ficinc §au8 in bcr *!)3faffcngaffc," bcgann fie bann, 
al« id^ if)rcm SBinf gefolgt mar; „bic altc ©d)miebcn, 

62 ^uf bcr UntPcrfitat 

bic lantc Don bcr ?orc, l^ot c« Dor 3Qf)rcn Don bcm 
*i()ifcrbcDcrIci^cr ncbcnon gcfauft; obcr ben v<pof bo* 
f)intcr, mcil cr gu fcinem @c[d)aft bod) grofecn 9?Qum 
gebrauc^t, {)at bcr SScrfciufcr [ic^ Dorbcl)Qttcn, [o bafe 
cr mit [cincm nun in cinS jufammcngcFit; nur in bcr s 
Witit Quf cincm ©tticfd^cn ^Rofcn barf bic Slltc if)re 
SBQfc^fa($cn trocfncn unb blcid^cn, fomcit ce bamit 
rcic^cn mill, ©ic ift ®c[(^h)i[tcrfinb mit mcincr fcligcn 
aJJuttcr, unb fcit id) fonfirmicrt max, bin ic^ oft mit 
[\)X jum 9?Q^cn QuSgcgangcn. lo 

„^<i) bcnf , c8 tt)ar furj Dor SUJartini Dorigen 3al)rc8; 
ic^ mod^te mic^ glcic^ nod^ SWittag ju bcr ©c^micbcn; 
bcnn n)ir f)nttcn cine groi3C (Scibenmofci^c jufammen. 
Untcrn)eg« bcgcgn' id^ bcm Jifdjlcr, bcr bamalS fd^on 
mit bcr ?orc ging. SSir [prcc^en cin SBort gufammen, 15 
unb im SSeggcficn ruft cr mir noc^ lac^cnb gu: „„53el 
i^ctcrobcnb fomm' id^ unb f)clf' cuc^ bic ^lammcm 
Quffctjcn!"" 3d^ fagt'S auc^ bcr ?orc; abcr fie fc^ien 
nic^t grofe barauf ju od^tcn. 

„®pfit nod^mittagS, ba tdix brinnen fertig njorcn, 20 
gingcn tt)ir {)inau«, um bic ?cinc jmifd^cn ben "i^fafilcn 
Qufjufd^crcn, bic braufeen ouf bcm ©raSronbcIl ftct)en. 
?ore, bQ« ^Icib Ubcr ibrcn ^albfticfclcften Qufgcfc^Urjt, 
bic fc^morjcn ."paarc Winter bic OF)rcn gcftrid}cn, ging 
mit bcm ficincn t)5ljcmcn Xritt Don cincm gum anbcm. 25 
!Dic 2lltc ^attc fid^ brinnen in if)rcm ?cbnftut)I fdfilafcn 
gcfcljt; id^ — ic^ bin bic ©rofetc nid|t unb fonnte if)r 
cben nic^t Did babci {)elfen — " 

Tluf bet Untperfttat 63 

— unb bic (Srjfif)Icrin \u(i)tt if)rcn biirftigcn ^orpcr 
m5gli(^[t grobc ju rtc^tcn — 

„ic^ f)Qttc mi(^ ncbcn bcm SBofc^forb ouf cincn 
^rctlftcin gcfc^t unb \a\) mir'8 an, tok t)or bent ©tall 
s bcr ^ncc^t be« 5lac^bar6 cincn ©olbfuc^g [tricQcItc. — 
3(^ ^ob' bic *i|3fcrbc gem, h)i[fcn <Bk, benn mein SSatcr 
i[t au(^ ein i^uf)rmann gcmcfen. — Sg n3Qr gar cin 
f(^5nc8 Jicr; unb njcnn cS fo ben ^opf au8 bcm 
©d^attcn in bic (Sonne tiinouenjorf, gtdnjtcn bic 

lo ^aarc njic SD'Jctatt; aber an bcm fcinen 53cinh)erf 
merftc id) n)o!)t, ha^ eg fcinen Don beg 9lQc^bar« 9)?ict* 
goulen fei. — „„9Bem geF)ort bag ^fcrb?"" fragtc ic^ 
?ore, bic cben iF)r ^oljtrcppc^cn ^art ncbcn mir an ben 
Icljtcn <iPfof)l gcrucft ^attc. — „„^a« ^fcrb?"" fagte [ic, 

IS inbcm [ic [ic^ auf ben ^^ufefpil^cn f)ebt unb bie ?einc 
urn ba^ Oucrt)olj fc^Iingt; „,M^ gef)ort bcm frcmben 
<Stubentcn; id^ meife nid^t, h)ic cr F)cifet."" — 3rf) \o.\) 
ju i^r f)inauf; aber fie manbtc nic^t ben ^opf unb 
n)icfcltc nod^ imnierfort mit bcr ?eine. 5IB id) cben 

20 ungebutbig tt)erbcn h)otItc, fagte jointer mir cine 
(gtimmc: „„(S6 ift genug, ^^raulcin ?ord)cn!"" 

„3c^ fet)' noii), mic fie bie 3lrme finfcn laftt unb f)aftig 
bo« aufgcfc^iirjte 5ltcib t)cnmter5upft; unb, ba id^ ben 
^opf menbc, ftct)t bcr blaffe Domcfimc (gtubent dor 

as mir; unb ?orc, of)nc cin SBort ju fagen, fpringt t)on 
it)rem 3:ritt t)eruntcr unb ftcftt fic^ ncbcn mid^. — Xcr 
iunge $err ftet)t aud^ nur unb mad^t fd^arfe Slugcn auf 
bic Sore, al8 h)cnn er ba^ 5lnfd^auen ganj umfonft 

64 2tuf 6cr llnircrfttat 

f)«ttc. H^-Dafe bic^!"" ba6)V id}, unb fing oufe ©crotc^ 
tDO^I cincn loutcn X)i«fur6 Ubcr ben (yoIbfud)6 an; 
unb rcb'tc fo long, bi6 ic^ Slntmort I)attc; unb, cbc ic^ 
mic^'6 t)cr[c^cn, njorcn mir qIIc brci auf ben $of ^in- 
Ubcrgetreten. !Da« *il3fcrb [d^arrte mit ben ^ufen unb s 
fab feincn v*perm mit ben flugen Slugen on; ?ore [tanb 
boneben, unb, rcrf)t qI« triigc [ie 33crlQnQen nncf) bcm 
Xiev, licfe fie if)re ftadie ^anb an bem fpiegelblonfen 
^qI« bcrobglciten. „„(S« i[t lammfromm/'" [agte ber 
iunge ^err; „„h)aS meinen ©ie, grdulein ?ore, brin* lo 
nen im ©tail l^dngt noc^ ein iDomenfattel!"" — ©ic 
[(^Uttelte ben ^opf; ober ic^ f)ortc, h)ie ibr ber Sltem 
Derfeljtc, unb ibre Slugen blitjtcn orbentlic^ bor ?uft. 
!Der ^crr ©rof f)Qtte boS aud^ njof)! toerftanbcn; benn 
Quf feinen SSinf h)urbe ber ©attet Qufgefdjnant unb is 
ein leic^ter ^Qu^i angclcgt. ?ore fab barauf bin, qI« 
menu if)r bie 2lugcn t)cr!)eyt mciren. 2llg ober ber 
^nec^t ibr ba6 §oljtrepp(I)cn jum Sluffteigcn t)in* 
ftcftte, marf c8 ber junge §err beifeite. „„^^m boc^, 
3fobann!"" rief er; unb aU menu W^ nur bon fclbft 20 
uerftfinbe, fafete er ba« SJiobc^en untcrm Slrm. „„Xreten 
©ie feft!"" fagte er unb bicit bie anbere ^onb toor fie 
bin, inbcm er mit feincn burcbbringenbcn 5Iugen ju 
ibr Quffob. Unb ?ore, qI« mliffe fie nur immcr tun, 
n)ie ber eS njoflte, feljte ibr ^^ii^d^en in feine ^onb. 25 
3i(^ mcrftc mobi, er gbgerte; abcr e8 mar nur ein 
Slugenblicf: bann f)ob er fie mit einem rafc^en (Sc^mung 

2tuf bcr Unircrfitdt 65 

„(Sic \ai) Qonj bcmirrt quS unb fd)Iuo bic Slugcn 
nicbcr, al& fie brobcn fofe, unb lief) fi^ gebulbig ben 
ScLum jn)ifd)en ben ^i^flfi^" ^on if)m jurec^tlegcn. 
:Der i5uc^8 fc^tittette ben ^opf itnb [tiefe ein louteS 
s SBief)ern auS. (Sein .<pcrr ftricf) if)m cin paarmol Iieb= 
fofenb iiber bag [eibenc ^^cU; bann legte er bic ^onb 
jointer ?ore auf ben ©attel; mit bcr anbcrn fa^te cr 
ben 3qii"^ unb fill)rtc ba8 ^ferb langfam urn bag 
9?onbelI f)erum. 

lo „3d^ mu^ e« felb[t fagen, fie moc^ten ein ftoljes ^aor 

jufammcn; unb e8 f)atte n)oI)I feincr gcbad^t, ber fie fo 

gefef)en, bofe bie fcine ^erfon nur cine ormc 9^Qf)terin 

unb cineS ©d^nciberS Xod^ter fei. 

„58Qlb ging e8 i^r fc^on nid)t rofc^ gcnug. <Sic 

IS h)arf bic ^onb empor, bag ^ferb fing on ju troben, 
unb bcr fungc v^err trot auf bog JKonbeft juriicf. 
Slber er liefe fein Slugc bon it)x; h)ie ha^ ^fcrb lief, fo 
ging er, bic 9?citpeitf(^c in bcr ^onb, im ^rcifc mit 
umF)er; aU fei cS i'^m angeton, fo flogen fcine SBIidc 

20 on bent 9)Jabci^cn t)in unb njicber, t)on if)ren fd^toarjen 
n)cf)enbcn C>oa^ctt &i^ SU bcm ^^iijjc^en, baS oben on 
bent ©attcl untcr bem ^leibe fierborfal^. 53alb ricf 
er il^r, balb feinem j^ud)^ ein furjeS SBort l^iniiber. 
!DaS 2:icr lief immer fd^netter; eS fc^nob unb pcitfdjtc 

25 mit bcm ©d^meife in bic ?uft. ?enore fol) gar nid^t 
barauf l^in. ©ic fafe nur h)ic angcflogen unb Ifidfieltc 
unb fal) auf ben iimgcn v*perrn, grab' alS Ujfircn'S fcine 
Slugen, bic fie auf bcm ©attct fcftl;iclten. 

66 2(uf bcr Unircrfttai 

„<Bo ging c« cine SScilc. „„9[Bcnn bic Slltc l^crQuS' 
fame!"" bQc^tc id}, „„c« gfib' cin bo[e« SBctter!"" 2Ibcr 
fie font nic^t. !Da ploljlic^ fc^iucnft eine 5Iud)t Zan^ 
ben mit grofeem ©eflappcr ilbcr ben ^of; unb bcr 
guc^« [tufet unb mad^t einen ©qIj. 3(^ bent', bic s 
?ore ftUrjt f)crunter; aber nein, fie l^ing noci^ an bent 
^qI« be« '^fcrbeS; nur bln& n)ar fie gertjorben mic bcr 
2:ob. „„0^o, 53irginie!"" ruft bcr ^err, unb glcid^ ift 
er aud) briiben, t)at bic ?ore auf feincn Slmicn, ficbt 
fie einen Hugenblid mit ben fd^arfcn Slugcn on unb lo 
la&t fie bann fanft ju 53oben glciten. — Q\)' id) ntic^ 
nod^ bcfinne, t)ore id^ bic ^oftUr geF)cn. „„T)a ift bie 
Slltc!"" benf ic^; abcr, al8 id) mic^ umU\)vt, ftct)t bcr 
2:if(^tcr Por mir. — SBfir'S nur bic Slltc gcmefen, ic^ 
l^iitte mic^ nic^t fo alteriert; bcnn ganj \dk berftcinert 15 
fo^ bcr aJZcnfd) qu«. „„3ft bcnn fc^on geierobenb, 
$err SBcmcr?"" ruf id^; obcr er ad)tet gar ni(^t 
barauf. „„@utcn • Slbcnb, TlaxkV" fagt' er mit ganj 
beiferer <Stimmc, unb er rtUrgtc orbentlid^ baron, old 
n)cnn il)m bag SBort im ^alfe ftcdfcn bleiben mUfete. 20 
— ,„,2Boltcn h)ir nid^t in« v<pQu« gcben?"" fag' id) 
micbcr. „„^d) bonfc,"" antmortcte er, „„\i)v Ijabi ha 
fc^on ©cfcllfc^aft."" — Unb obne bQ« 2«ftbc^en anju* 
fcbcn obcr cine (gilbc on fie ju bcrlicrcn, fcbrt er fic^ 
um unb gcbt burd^ ben grofjcn Xormcg bcr (£trafic ju. 25 

„?ore ftonb, obne fic^ ju rlibrcn, neben bem fc^nauben* 
ben ^ferbc. „„©q8 njoflte bcr g)?enf(^?"" frogtc bcr 
@rQf. „„G« ift ein SaubSmonn toon mir,"" ernjibcrte 

^Tuf bcr Unircrfitat 67 

ftc Icifc. — „„(5« ift ^crr SBerncr/'" fagtc id), „„bcr 

crftc 5lrbciter in bcm grofecn 9}2obeImaQQjin""; benn 

mi) firgcrte bag fpottifc^c ©cfic^t, hjomit bcr ^crr 

^^{m Ji[(f)Icr nac^gcfe^en fiatte." 

^s :Dic (Srsdf)(erin i)attt cine Hrbcit Dottcnbet; fie ftonb 

f auf unb IcQte bic (Stoffc sufammcn. 9?ebcnQn im 

SSol^njimmer fanben [i(^ bie ^au^Qcnoffcn jutn 2)?it= 

tagStifc^ jufammcn. 

„3Bq^ t[t benn barau« gemorbcn?" frogtc id^ nod^. — 

lo „^a^ ift barouS gemorbcn?" n)iebcrf)oItc fie; „id^ \)ahe 

cine 3citlang {)in unb toiebcr gcrebct; am Snbe — ber 

2:if(^Ier fann [a bod^ nid^t t)on it)r laffen; unb fie, 

n)cnn if)r nid^t juft ber ^opf uerriicEt ift, toeife quc^ 

n)ol^I, tt)08 fie an if)m l^at. ^ie fd^onen bomef)mcn 

IS iungcn §erren finb [a nun boc^ cinmal nic^t filr fie 


2Bir gingen ju 3:ifd^e. Slbcr bie ©efd^id^te ber 
lal^men a^Jarie lag mir fc^toer auf bem ^erjen. — ?orc 
unb (S^riftopt)! ^d) tonntc mir bie beiben SJZcnfd^eu 
20 nic^t pfammenben!en. 

@in (S|ia}tcrgang 

35alb nad^ Cftem l^atte cine ploljtid^e (Srfranfung 

meincr 2Wutter mid^ nad^ §Qufe gerufen. (Srft im 

Sluguft, ba id^ bie DoIIig ©enefene mit 9?ul^e ber (gorge 

meineg 35aterg unb ber ^eilfraft ber milben ?ilftc 

25 llbcrlaffen fonnte, fcl)rte ic^ auf bie llniDerfitfit jurlicf. 

68 Huf 6cr Unircrfitat 

?ll« ic^ fortrcij'tc, njor ouf bcr locitcn (2ccbud)t ncbcn 
bcr Stabt nod) faum ha^ @i« t)crfd)li)unbcn; nun 
rnufittc liber alien SSegen ba8 bottc ?Qub bei8 <2ommerS. 

(iei mar am 35ormittaQC nadj meiner Slnfnnft; uon 
meinen SBcfannten t)atte id^ nod^ feincn Qefprod)en. s 
3(^ ftanb nad)benni(^ in bcr Wittt mcineS einfamen 
'3tubentenftUbd^en^; ba« auSgctrocfnetc Jintenfafe auf 
bem Sc^rcibtifd^ unb bic beftaubtcn 93iid^cr fabcn m'xdi 
unbeI)aQtid^ an; bcr f)alb auSgepacftc 51 offer auf bem 
ivuPoben macule e§ nic^t beffer. ?Ibcr bic (Sonne lo 
fd)ien burd^ bic ^cnftcrfc^cibcn unb locfte mid) ^inauS; 
unb balb ging id^, n)ic i^ cS [d^on al8 jlnabc liebte, 
nur mit mir allcin, im ©d^atten bcr breiten Ulmen* 
atfcc, meld^c cine ©tredfc obcr^alb bc^ 2Baffer8 am 
©ccftranbc cntlang fUf)rt. / 15 

2Bic cin bUftcreS @emt)Ibc ftanben bic ungcbcuem 
SBfiumc Ubcr mir, mabrjiib ju beibcn (Seiten auf ^auh 
unb @rdfem unb in b/n genftem bcr l^icr UberaH im 
®rUn Dcrftcdftcn ®artcnf)aufer bic j^cfle SKorgenfonnc 
funfcltc; mitunter, mo er burd^ bic 33iifc^e fic^tbar 20 
murbc, traf auc^ cin 5ililj be« SD^ccre^fpicgcI^ mcine 
?(ugcn. — 3(^ ging tangfam mcitcr, bie frifc^c ?uft 
mit Poftcn SH^^ atmenb; nur einjclne unbcfanntc 
SWenfc^cn bcgegneten mir; bcnn bie <Stunbe bed (Epa= 
iiercngcbenS f)attc nod^ nid)t gcfd)Iagcn. as 

StflmabH'^ Qbcr f)orten bic ©drten auf; ftatt bcr 
Ulmcn marcn c8 f^iev fc^Ianfc aufftrcbcnbc 93ud)cn, bic 
gur 3citc ftanben. 9^od) cine fur^c (Strede, unb ic^ 

2tuf 6cr Unircrfitat 69 

ging in cincm fuf)Icn SBotbc, bcr jur ?infcn cine 3ln= 
t)df)C tiinonfteigt, icofircnb id) noc^ bcr onbcrn (2citc 
biird^ bie 53aumc ouf bic ®cc f)inabbli(fcn fonntc. 
53or mir ouS bcm !Dicfi(^t flang bcr ©ilbcrfc^Iog hi^ 
5 53ud)finfcn unb bcr ?ocfruf bcr ©c^iDorjamfcI; bo^ 
jmifd^cn n)ie 9)Zufif l^ortc ic^ fortmaI)rcnb ba^ ?i[pcln 
bcr 33Iattcr unb brunten ju mcincn ^ilfecn bog 2ln- 
roufc^cn beg SBaffcr^. 9D?ir tarn plo^Iic^ bic @rinne= 
rung on cin f)albt)crfa((cncg $qu8, baS t)icr im SBalbc 

lo licgcn inufetc. 55or ^al^rcn al8 (Scfunbancr h)Qr id^ 
cinmal mit cincm mir bcrnjanbtcn ©tubcntcn bort 
gcnjcfcn, ben id^ t)on bcr ©d^ute quS bcMt l^ottc. (5§ 
njor, [o crful^r id^ bamalS, Don cincm fpcfuliercnben 
(Sd^enftt)irt gebaut njorben; ober bic ©pcfulation mi&= 

IS glUcftc; c8 njar i^m nid)t gelungcn, ben grofecn ^ufl 
bcr ®a[tc in feinc @in[amfcit f)inQuSjuIocfcn. (Sr 
f)attc bcr!aufcn milffcn, unb bcr neue (Sigcntiimer licfe 
bcrjcit bie [parlid^e 2Birt[d)Qft burd^ eincn ^ellner 

20 ^d) entfonn mid) beS longcn blaffcn SD^enfd^cn \t\)v 
mo^I, unb auc^ ha^ cin[todfigc ©eboube, n3eld)e« 
gmifc^en ben f)ol^cn 33ud)en ctma ouf bcr ^alfte bcr 
2lnt)oF)e lag, [tanb icljt mit !5)cutlid)fcit Dor meinen 
Slugcn. Unter bcr fleinen ®auten{)al(c, iucld^c bie 

2$ Wittt bcr i^ront cinnaf)m, f)atte id^ bomolg mein 
crftcg ®Ia« ®rog gctrunfen; Don f)ier qu§ maren mir 
burd^ cine gro^e glilgeltUr in eincn F)of)cn bilftem <SqqI 
Qctrcten, bc[[en ^^cnftcr nod) binten in ben SBalb l)inau«» 

70 ^uf ber Unipcrfitat 

fa()cn. Wiii) Ubcrfam cin SScrlongcn, ben cinfomcn 
Ort tt)icbcr aufjufuc^cn; jugleic^ cine 53c[or0nie, cr 
mogc jcl^t ucrfd)n)unbcn obcr ftir mi(^ nic^t mcf)r ju 
finbcn [cin. 

2Bfif)«nb {(i) fo mcincn ©cbanfcn nad^^ing, bc' $ 
mcrftc id^ aufblicfenb cinen fc^malen ^ufeipcg, ber fic^ 
VmH toom SScgc jmifd^en ben 53fiumcn ^inauffc^Iang. 
3iC^ [tanb einen Slugenblirf; fo toax e« bomols cud) 
gemefcn; bann ftieg i^ langfam ben 33erg f)inauf. ^lad) 
ciniger ^^it \ai) id) Dor mir jmifc^en ben ©tammen lo 
cin grcmeS ©d^ieferboc^ auftauc^en, allmaf)lid^ murben 
andf bie ^apiteHe einer fleinen ©aulenbalte unb su 
jeber (Seite berfelben ber obcrc ^^ell etne« gcnfterg 
fic^tbar. ^odi eln paax ©d^ritte, unb cine breitc 
©teintreppe fubrte auS bem SSoumfd^atten auf einen 15 
fleinen ebenen ^lai^ f)mau^. 

5)a log c« oor mir; mitten im SBoIbe, im [tiUften 
©onnen[d)ein. 2)ic 3cit fc^ien f)kx faum etmaS oer- 
ttnbert gu fiaben; luic bamol^ tear ber urfprllnglid^ 
rdtlid^c 2lntt)urf ber Tlamvn, tt)o er nic^t abgeblfittcrt 20 
an ber @rbe lag, UberuH mit grlinem 9D?oo« bejogen, 
unb au8 ben (Spalten ber f)otjemcn ©fiulcn brangte 
fic^ braune« touc^embes (Scbn)ammgeh)ttcl^«; aud^ ieljt 
noc^ [tanb unter ber fleinen v'patte cine bunfctgrllnc 
5Banf ju jeber Seite ber balbgeoffneten ^^tUgeltUr. — 25 
^d) feljte mic^ auf cine berfelben unb blidtc burc^ blc 
?il(fen be8 ®el)5lje« auf bie (Sec binab, njo cben eln 
i^ifrfierboot im (Sonnenfd)ein Porllbcrglitt. — 9)?en* 

2Cuf ber Unberfitat 71 

fd^cn fd^icncn f)icr obcn nirf)t ju l^aufcn, e« rlifirtc fic^ 
nid^t^; and) f)intcr mir au6 bem ^au[e tocmafim i(^ 
fcincn Saut; nur cine SSalbbiene [ummtc in rofc^cm 
J^IuQC boriibcr unb an ben ©raSrcinbcm ber ©tcin* 
5 treppc QQufcItcn jmei bunflc ©(^mcttcrlinge. 

^ad) cincr SScile [tanb i(^ ouf unb ging in ben ©aat. 
(Sr fc^icn mir nod^ biiftcrcr fa[t, qI6 ic^ if)n ntir qc^ 
bad^t l^atte; bic bid^t dor bcm j^cnftcr ftel^cnbcn 33aumc 
fc^iencn il^re ^^^iQ^ t)ig Ubcr baS !5)ad^ p brcitcn. 

lo ^d) [c^IuQ mit meincm ©todf ouf cincn 2:i[(^, ba^ c« 
an ber ^oticn :t)cdfc mibcrl^atlte; abcr eg !am nicmanb. 
— Sux ?infen in eincm S^ebcnjimmer, in ha^ id) I)in' 
einblicf tc, [tanb ein cinfamcS ^ittarb. 5lber gcQeniibcr 
an ber anbcrn ©eite be8 ®aat§ )mav nod) eine Xixr; 

IS id^ offnetc fie unb gelongte in einen [d^malcn ®ang unb 
burd^ biefen rt)icbemm in^ fyrcie. — 9?eben einer ^t^eh 
haf)n, bic bid^t am ^au[c lag, fanb icf) cincn [d)on ixU^ 
lid^cn 9y?en[d^en, mit cincr griincn ©d^llrsc angctan, auf 
bcm 9Jafcn cingcfd^tafen. ^n ber Xat, c« [c^ien auc^ 

20 bcrfclbc ^cllncr nod^ don bamal^! — 211^ ic^ ibn mit 
meincm ©tod berli^rte, rife cr bic 5lugen auf unb 
fprang cmpor. „^d) bittc, mein ^err/' fagtc cr, „id) 
\)aht njcnig 9fuF)c gcf)abt bic 5^ad^t." 
Sd) \af) 'ii)n dcrh)unbcrt an. 

25 „®ic h)i[[en ba6 nid^t?" fuf)r cr fort, inbcm cr mid^ 
don ^opf ju i^Ufecn mufterte; „bic ^crren ^orp6= 
burfd^en f)aben ja fcit Oftcm if)rcn ^ncipabcnb {)icrf)cr 

72 Zluf bcr llnirerfttat 

3(1^ hju&tc baS in bcr Jot nic^t, obglcic^ bic mciften 
mcincr iBcfanntcn ju bicfcr 3$crbinbun9 Qct)ortcn. 

2[BQf)rcnb id) cinen ^rug ^icr unb cine (©(^nitte 
53rot beftcfltc, marcn mir in ben (Saal juriicfgegongen. 
— 21I« ber Jagesfc^cin burc^ bie gcoffnete Ilir fiel, $ 
murbcn auf ber SO^itte bc« i^ufebobenS cin poor bunfle 
glecfc fic^tbar, bic mir feincn 3^^cifcl licfecn, ba& nid^t 
nur bie ^neipabenbe, fonbern and) bic bajUQcborigcn 
^"^Qufercien" in biefe (5infamfcit Pcrlegt marcn. — 
„5Begf)Qlb [(^Qfft if)r bcnn ba« 53Iut nid^t fort?" frogte lo 

„Um ©ntfc^ulbigung, mein $crr/' crnjibcrte ber 
blaffe ^cllncr, „aber ber %kd fommt immcr mieber; 
er ift pon bamalS, qI« baS UnglUcf F)icr paffierte. — (58 
fol^ fic^ libel an, al8 ber tiiljigc iungc ^crr auf cinmal is 
fo ftifl unb mei^ n)urbe." 

!^d) cntfann mid) [ogleid^ jencS 93orfQn8, ber eincr 
bUrftigcn OffijicriSmitme if)rcn cinjigen Sobn gefoftet 
batte. (S8 voax balb nad^ mcincr Slbrcifc gefd^c^cn unb 
botte Quf furje 3cit bie Xcitnabmc bed gonjen flcincn 20 
?anbe6 in Slnfpnid) gcnommen. 

3c^ ging in bie §qUc l)'mau9 unb feijte mid^ auf 
einc bcr grlincn 53ftnfe, bc8 ormen bcifeblUtigcn 3ungen 
gcbcnfcnb, bcffcn ?eben ^icr bic Ictjte unlicbfamc <Spur 
gurlidgclaffcn bottc. 25 

yiad) eincr SBeile broc^tc ber ^cKncr ba« beftcnte 
Srtibftllcf. „$eut' obenb fdnnten ®ie njoS S3cffcrc« 
baben," fogtc er, inbcm er ilrug unb JcIIcr Por mir 

2iuf ber Untrcrfitat 73 

ouf ben Xi\d) ftcntc. „SSir ^abcn ^aU; ba fd)icft bcr 
^rinjipal allcmal feinc ^od^in F)crQu8." 

„33att?" fragtc id) erftaunt. „2Bcr tonjt bcnn bier 
mitten im SBalbe?" 

5 „9?un/' crmiberte cr, unb blicfte faft ein tocnig 

befpeftierlic^ auf meine nidbt atlju moberne ^leibung, 

„bic bomebmften ^erren (©tubenten l)ahtn ba^ [o ein= 


Tlix fiel plbljlic^ eine ©tefTe ouS bem 93riefe einc8 

lo i^reunbeg ein, ben ic^ n)abrenb meineS 2lufentl)Qltc8 
in ber ^eimot crbolten bfltte. „3itni ^txm\ahbat 
nenncn n)ir e«; unb eg gebt tott genug f)er!" ®o Iqu= 
tcten bic S^ortc. 3(^ n)u6te jeijt, n)odon bie 9?ebc 
hjor; i(^ batte nur ben Drt Dergeffen. 

IS Der ^ettner [c^ien librigcnS jcnen ^f^onten nid^t eben 
gem ju borcn. SBfib^enb id) ibn ober nod) bamit lu 
fd^rauben fud^tc, njaren 3h)ei junge niir menig befannte 
©tubenten ben 53erg \)cxau\ gefommcn. <Sie n)Qrfen 
fi^ obnc t)on mir ^Zotij ju nebntcn, an bcr onbem 

20 ©cite bcr 3:Ur auf bic S5anf, n)abrcnb fie in [c^arf 
aficntuiertcn Shorten unb mit cinem grimmigen ®e= 
fic^t«au8brucf icber cinen <SeibcI S3icr bcftcllten. 
!J)ann, n)fibrcnb bcr ^ellner fid^ entfemtc, tarn in ab' 
gcbrod^enen ©fitjcn, mitunter burd^ *il3fcifcn ober Iaute« 

25 ®ttb"cn untcrbrod)cn, cine Untcrbaltung liber bic be* 
borftcbenbe 2:anxfc[tlid^feit in ©ang, bic ber cine, 
offenbar ein „5ud^§" t)on ncucftcm 5)atum, erft burd^ 
feinen ctmaS ttltem ®cno[[en fennen lemen foHtc. 

74 2tuf 6cr Unipcrfitdt 

Sine nad^ bcr onbcrn murbcn it)m bic Jdnjerlnncn in 
fnoppcr, nic^t cbcn jartcftcr ^ortrttticning DorQcfUl)rt; 
ooran bic !J:d(^tcr cincS 2BinfeItansmci[tcr8 unb cine« 
trunffalliQcn ^otiji[tcn, mit bcrcn §ilfe baS 3n[titut 
bcgriinbct mar; in i()rcm ©cfolQC einc gonjc 9?ei{)c s 
freunb- unb cttcrnlofer SO?db(f)cn, bic n)a^rcnb bc« 
XagcS mit xi)uv ^finbc Slrbcit fic^ cin fcirglirficS 53rot 

3d^ t)crjcl)rtc inbcffcn [d^mcigenb mcin J^riififttlcf 
unb fUttcrtc mituntcr cincn 53ud)finfcn, bcr fur(^tIo« lo 
ncbcn mir auf ben ^^licfcn t)crumticf unb bic {\)m I)in- 
Qcn)orfcncn 53rotfrumcn aufpidftc. 

„!Dic ©rfifin [ollft bu erft fcf)cn!" bcgonn bcr filtcre 
mcincr bcibcn ^ac^barn micbcr, inbcm cr [cincn ficincn 
©c^nurrbart brcf)tc. is 

Dcr anbcrc tot cine t)crh)unbcrtc i^rage. 

©cin i^rcunb locate: „S« i[t nur cine 9?abtcrin, 
Submig; obcr njcnn fie bid^ fo fait mit ibren frf)n)ar» 
gen Sluflcn anfief)tl — <©ic i[t ticrbammt bon oben 
bcrob." 20 

„?lbcr marum ncnnt if)r fie bcnn bic ©rflfin?" 

— „^7^un, ficbl't bu, — bcr ^Jaugrof bat fie." 

3c^ meife nid^t, n)ceF)aIb id) bei bicfen SBorten er* 
f(^rQf. (Sd^on tt)ofItc id^ nabcre Grfunbigungcn bcl 
bem iungen 9Jcnommi[tcn cinjict)cn, qI8 mir cinfici, 25 
ba& ic^ bei meincm gortgeben bic Mmt 9)?Qrie" in 
bcr ^intcrftubc mcincr ^ausmirttn gcfcf)en f)Qttc. 

^6) morfitc mi(^ fofort auf ben JKUcfmcg; unb cine 

2(uf ber Untrcrfitdt 75 

{)q16c ^tunbc fpotcr ftanb id^ ncben iF)r unb l^attc cin 
®efprd(^ mit if)r ongefntipft. 

„Unb (Sie \)ahtn 2tnoxt [cit langc nic^t gcfcFjcn?" 
froQtc ic^. 
s (Sie \d)\mt% cincn 5luflcnblicf. „3c^ ge^c nic^t mc^r 
mit il^r," [agtc [ic, inbcm fie auf i{)rc SIrbeit blirf te. 
„<Sic [c^iencn boc^ [on[t [o gute i^rcunbe!" 
— „©onft, io!" — ®ic ftric^ cin paarmal mit bcm 
5^QgcI iiber bic ebcn ongefcrtigtc 5^af)t. „2l6er feitbcm 

IO [ic broufecn bci ben <Stubcntcn tonjt; fie tuirb bie 

Idngftc ^cit bci bcr oltcn 2:Qntc gcmcfcn fcin; unb mit 

bcm Jeftament mag c8 nun and) irol)! anbcr^ hjcrbcn." 

„?nfo bo(^!" bad)tc id). — (S^riftopf) F)attc mir ha^ 

cntlef)ntc ®clb f(f)on cinigc 3^it nad) fcincr Slbreife 

15 mit bcr furjcn 58cmcrfung gurlidgcfonbt, bo^ er im 

i^Qufc fcineg OfjcimS cine frcunbtidjc Slufnol^mc, bci 

ben beibcn 5lltcn nid^t n)cnigcr, aU bci bcrcn fd^on 

etmag filtlid^cr 2^oc^ter, unb au^crbcm Slrbeit DoIIauf 

gefunben f)abc. ©eitbem l^otte id^ 9^Qf)crc§ toebcr toon 

20 if)m, nod^ t)on ?cnorc gel^ort. 

ti^htx, n)ie ift benn boS gcfommen?" fragtc id^ nod^ 
ciner SBcilc, h)(if)renb bic 5'id^tcrin cmfig fortgcorbci* 
tet f)Qttc. 
„9iun!" fogtc fie unb ftcdfte ftir cincn SlugcnblidC 
25 bie 9?Qf)nabcI in ba« S^M- w®^ ^Q^ Picrjcbn Jogc 
bor 'ipfingften; bic ?orc imav fc^on langc unh)irf(^ ge* 
hjcfcn; id^ bad) tc crft, mcil bcr !Iifd^Icr il^r nod^ immcr 
nid^t gcfd^ricben f)attc, mituntcr aber fam'8 mir t)or, 

76 2Iuf bcr UniPcrfttat 

aU fci boS QQitjc 33crIobni6 if)r Icib gch)orbcn, unb al8 
fonnc ftc in fid^ [clbcr barUbcr nid^i jurcd^tc fommcn. 
©ic fc^crtc fic^ aurf) fcinen Xcut barum, ob fie mid^ 
obcr cine oon i^ren dorne{)mcn ^crrf^often mit ben 
furjen 3Bortcn dor ben 5lopf fticfe; am fd^Iimmften mat s 
c« obcr, mcnn fie Qegcnllber bic 5D?ufif oom ^Qni)au« 
l^orte; benn fie ^atte bem Xifc^Icr bod^ tjcrfprcd^en 
miiffen, nic^t ju Janje ju getjen. — Gineg 2lbenb« nun, 
ba mir toor mcincr Xiir auf bcr 33anf fifeen, fommt 
mein <Sd^n)eftcrfobn, ber (Sdfineibcr, bcr erft geftern qu« lo 
ber Jrcmbe f)cim mar, ntit cin poor anbern ©cfcHcn ju 
un«. Gr War ben 9?f)ein !)crabgefommcn, f)attc aud^ 
bort in jmci obcr brci ®tabten, bic er nambaft mac^tc, 
gcarbcitct. X)ic anbern fragen; cr erjfiblt. — „„©o 
l)aft bu ben Sf)riftopb SScrncr auc^ gefebcn?"" fagt bcr is 
cine. — „„^cn Xif(^Icr, frcilid^ Iiabc id) ibn gefcbcn; 
ber f)at fein ©lUcf gemac^t."" — „„2eie benn?"" fragtc 
ber anbcre. — „„^it benn? Gr l^ciratct bic 9}2eifter«= 

Mter; unb fie i)at bu Pcrftcbft mic^!"" Gr 

mac^tc mic Ciiclbjftblcn mit ben i^ingcrn. 9D?ir hjurbe ao 
Ibimmclangft bci biefen 9?ebcn. „„Tu bift nid^t gc^ 
fc^eut, 3unge,"" fag' ic^, „„iDa« fc^matjeft bu ha in« 
0elag {)incin!"" — „„0^o, Jantc, gcf^cut gcnug!"" 
ruft cr, „„bin id) bod^ babci gcftanbcn, bafi er bic 

SBrctter ju feinem ^oc^jcitebett gcbobelt bat!"" as 

?orc, auf bicfc« SBort, obnc cinen ?aut ju gebcn, ftef>t 
fie toon ber 33anf auf, nimmt ibren §ut unb gebt, 
o^ne fic^ um3ufef)cn, bic ©trafec ^inab. „„SBa« fcf)It 

2tuf 6cr Unircrfitat 77 

ber?"" fagt tncin ®c^tt)c[tcr[ol^n nod^. — „„^^ h)cife 
nic^t, 2)ictnd)."" — Unb ic^ mu^te c8 ouc^ njirflid) 
nid^t. (S^ njor nid^t gar fo l^ci^ Qctuefen sh)i[d)cn il^r 
unb bcm !l:ifd^Icr; benn cr toav i^r langc nad^gegan* 

5 gen, unb fie t)atte fid^ jlBcimal bebod^t, bcbor fie ja 
gefagt; unb U)enn id^'g aud^ [d)on njufete mit bem bor- 
nef)men iungcn ^errn, bem ©tubenten, [o bad^te \6) 
boc^ nic^t, bafe cr il^r fo ganj il^ren eigcnfinnigen ^opf 
berriidt ^atte. 

lo „9iod^ cine SBeilc fo^ 16) bci ben anbern unb f)ortc, 
h)Qg bcr 3ii"0C/ bcr (Sd^neiber, ju erja{)Ien nju^tc; ober 
Id^ f)ortc nur l^albmege unb balb litt eg mid^ nid^t 
Idngcr; benn id) forgte bod) urn fie. 

„©o ging id^ benn ^interl)er unb traf fie, hjie id^ e8 

IS mir aud) geboc^t I)Qtte, bnmten im .^au8 ber 2;antc, 
too fie in eincm ^interfommerd^en i^re aJJcnogc F)Qttc. 
!Da ftonb fie mitten im ^in^n^cr freibemei^ unb nagtc 
fid^ auf ben ?ippen, ha^ \t)v ba^ S3Iut iiberg ^inn lief; 
alte il^re (2d^ubffid)er unb (£c^Qc^teIn I)Qtte fie aufgc= 

20 riffen unb JiiU unb 53iinber logen um fie I)er geftreut 
auf bcm ^ufeboben. ,„,?ore!"" rief ic^, „„iDa§ modfift 
bu, Sore?"" Slbcr fie fd^ien nid)t auf mic^ ju f)oren. — 
„„3ft eonntag Janj im 53am)au6?"" fragtc fie.— 
„„3m SBallfjaug? SSaS gc^t ha^ bid) an?"" — „„3c^ 

25 n)in mittanjen!"" — „„^u? tt)a« milrbc bcin <Sd^atj 
h)of)t baju fagen?"" — „„3Ba8 gebt mid^ mein ^d^aij 
an!"" — (Sie botte njfibi^enbbcd ibrcn vSjSut aufgefeljt 
unb i\)x Umfc^Iogetuc^ Don ber ^ommobe genommen; 

78 TXuf ber Untperfitat 

bann fd^Iofe [ic tin St(i\td)tn auf, toorin fie ifir (Sr- 
[ported t)incinjulcgcn pflcQtc; — bcnn tDcnn fie aud^ 
manc^cn (Sc^itling filr ^ui^ oertot, fo max fie boc^ 
ftotj unb f)attc immcr nic^t fo narft unb blop ju if)rcm 
©rautigam fommcn tDoUcn. S^lun rife fie bad Ropier, 5 
iDorin c« eingenjicfett mar, l^eruntcr unb liefe bad lofc 
®clb in if)rc Xafd^c fatten. „„mW bu mit?"" fragte 
fie; „„\(if mufe (Sinfciufc madden."" — ^^ mufete nic^t, 
maS fie njottte; aber fie baucrte mi<ii, unb fo ging id) 
mit if)r; bcnn id^ ^offte noc^, bag mit bcm Xanjen if)r 10 
tt)ieber audjurcben. Slber e« marcn Iccre iffiortc; benn 
fie ging f)aftig neben mir bie <Strafee ^inab unb ant* 
roortetc nid^t unb fa() nid^t nad^ mir bin. 

„2tl6 n)ir bci bcm (Sennit tn)arenf)anbler am SD?arfte 
dor bcm ?abcntifd^ ftanbcn, liefe fie fic^ bie bicfftcn 15 
fcibencn 33anber unb bie mobernften ^afoncttd »or* 
legen, mie fie bcren fonft tt)ot)I nur jujeiten flir bie 
35orncf)mften in ber (5tabt Dcrarbcitet l^atte. <Bit 
fuc^te bajmifc^en um^er unb tt)arf e« burd^cinanber. 
Der ?abcnbicner Icgte noc^ cine 2Bare dor. „„S5}cnn c« ao 
ber Dame, bie baS ^Icib beftcttt f)at, auf ben "i^rcid 
ni(^t anfommt!"" fagte er unb ftrcdtc bie $anb untcr 
ben flarcn burc^fic^tigen ©toff. „„9?ein/'" fagte ?ore, 
„„e« fommt i^r auf ben ^rciS nic^t an."" — ^d) fticfe 
fie {)cimlicf) an; benn id^ dcrftanb e8 nun n)of)I, bafe fie 25 
bie foftbaren ^cugc fUr fid^ felber moHte. „„?ore/'" 
fagte id^ leifc, „„id) bitte bic^, bcfinne bid) bod), maS 
miHft bu mit ben feincn Badjcn?"" — Slbcr fie fet)rte 

2tuf bcr Unircrfitat 79 

ftd^ nid^t baron, fie liefe ben ?abenbicner abfd^neiben 
unb SQf)Ite ba« fc^one fiorte (5^elb auf ben Jifc^, al3 
h)cnn fie nid^t mefir miij^tc, n)ie oleic Xage fie fic^ fauer 
barum fjotte tun mliffen. „„Bo \(i% bod)/'" fagte fie, 

s al« id^ i^rcn 2lrm jurilcf^ielt, „„\^ toiK oud^ cinmat 
fein fein; id^ bin ntc^t f)d^Ii(^er, ol^ bie (Sd^onfte 


„!Dann ift fie nad^ ^auS gegongen, unb l)ai bie ganje 
9?ac^t unb ben fotgcnben XaQ gefcffcn unb mit ber 

lo t)ei&en 9^abel genaf)!, big boS teuerc ^teib fertig ge= 
n)cfen ift." 

„5lm Sonntag barauf," fuf)r bie Grja^lerin fort, 
nadjbem fie juoor eincn ncucn gobcn burd^ if)re 5^abel 
gcjogen ^ottc, „QbcnbjJ, ba c^ fd^on fpcit gen^efen ift, 

15 f)Qt fie fid^ oon ben n)eifecn 9}?aiUUcn in it)r f(^n)arjcg 
^aax geftedft unb ift bann aufg 53Ql[^au« gegangen. 

„3c^ f)Qb' ba^ atteg nur oon mcinem (Sd^h)efter= 
fo^nc," feijtc fie F)inju, „ba« ift auc^ ciner, ber feinen 
Xan^ oerpaffen fonn. (Sie f)at erft lange gefeffen; 

20 benn bie jungen .*panbn)erMeute f)aben fic^ gar nid)t 
an fie getraut; unb bie ©tubenten f)at fie felber einen 
nac^ bem anbern abgemiefen; e8 l^atte nal^cju ioiebcr 
einen 2lufru^r urn fie gegeben. !Dcr blaffc Oorne^nie 
©tubent, mie ^ei&en fie if)n gleid^?" 

25 „!Der 9Jaugraf!" fagtc id^. 

„(5reilic^, ber ift aud^ ba gemefen; abcr cr l^at fid^ 
h)ic gar nid^t urn fie gefiimmert. 3^^^*?* I^at er bod^ 
fommcn milffen; benn ju fc^on f)at fie au«gefct)en; alS 

80 Unf 6cr Unipcrfttat 

tBcnn fie au« bcm aJiorgcnlonb Qcfommcn toixvt, f)ahm 
fie Qcfagt. <Bit ift blutrot gcmorbcn, otS cr ju if)xtm 
^latj Qctrctcn ift, unb l)at am ganjcn ?cibc Qcjittcrt. 
Slbcr nun ift fie Qufgcftanbcn unb ^at i{)ni bic v'panb 
flcgcben, unb er fjat fie angcfc^en, fagt nicin (24iDcftcr^ s 
fo^n, al8 njcnn er fie f)at beqc^rcn fotlen. (Sic f)nt 
auc!^ mit feincm fonft getanjt; bcnn bis bic 99?ufifantcn 
i()re ®eigen cingcpacft f)aben, finb bic bcibcn mitcinan* 
bcr nid^t miebcr Don ber 'Diete gcfommcn." 

Die „Iaf)me 9??aric" fdf)iDicg; nur „iQ, ja!" fagtc fie lo 
noc^ cinmal, n)ic in ©cbanfcn bic SD^orot ouS \\)vtv 
Grjd^Iung jie^enb; bann fe^jte fie cifriger qI8 s"^or 
if)re Strbcit fort. 

3(^ h)u&te genug; unb bcfc^tofe, urn nun auc^ mit 
cigncn Slugcn ^u fcbcn, mic^ f)eute abcnb fclbft auf ben is 
^^cjcnfabbat" ju begebcn. 

^raugen im SBalbe 

S8 mar fc^on bunfcl; cine fc^miite ?uft tag Ubcr bcm 
SBalbc, mabrenb id) bic ?In^6{)c I)inauf ben SBcg burc^ 
bic 53aum|tammc ju finbcn fud^tc. 

2116 id) bic ©teintrcppc erfticgen j^atte, blicb ic^ un* 20 
njinfUrlic^ ftcf)en. 9?cbcn mir fa^ id) cin paar mcifec 
2J2abcl)engcftatten burrf) bic 33fiume fc^lupfcn unb bann 
fcitmdrts im v<paufc Perfd^minbcn. (56 fd^icn ebcn cine 
lianjpaufc ju fein; id^ F)orte brinncn in bcm l)t{{ er= 
leuc^tctcn ©aal bie SWufifantcn itjrc ©cigcn ftimmcn; 25 

Tiuf bcr Unircrfttat 81 

an ben offcncn ^^IllQcItllrcn borbci tricbcn ©tubcnten 
unb 9}2abd)cn in Icb^oftem S3crfc^r boriibcr. y^d) 
fonntc mid) nid)t iibcrminben, foglcid) f)incinjugef)en; 
t)or mcincm inncm Stugc [tanb bic lieblid^c ^inbcSgc- 
5 ftalt beg S!}?abc^cng; id) fat) [ic n)icber an bcm ^alfc 
if)rc« armcn ^sSaterS fiangen; ic^ boc^te baran, trie fie 
fo tiartnddig meiner fnabcnf)aften i^eibenfd^aft au^gc* 
njid^en mar. Gin plol^^Iic^cr ©(^merj fcimpfte in meiner 
S3ruft; ic^ irei^ faum, n)ar eS 9D2itIcib ober ©iferfud)t. 

lo (Snblid) ftieg id) bic beiben ©tufen bcr fleinen §alle 
f)inan unb ftetltc mid) unbemcrft an ben ^foftcn bcr 
offcncn Xilr. T)it "ipaufe baucrtc no^ fort; aber e« 
fc^ien barum nid^t locnigcr lebenbig; bic ©tubcnten, 
bic an ben ®eitentifd)en ober im 5^ebenjimmcr fafeen, 

IS rcbeten unb flappten mit ifircn <SeibcIn, bic 9J?abc^cn 
tricbcn fic^ lac^enb auf unb ah; mitunter fuf)r cin 
Ubermlitigcr ©d)rci burd^ ben (Saal. 

S« n)arcn anmutige ©cfid^ter unter bicfen 2)?ab(^cn; 
iugcnblid^c @eftalten mit gro^cn Ieibenfd)aftlid)en 

20 Slugen, bic burd^ ben Slu^brucf forglofen !?cben8gc^ 
nuffeg ober einen boriibcrmanbelnbcn 3ug bon ?cibc 
nid^t locnigcr ansiel)cnb lourbcn. Xxoi^ it)vtv Slrmut 
marcn fie atte fauber gcHeibct, in l^etlen bur(^fid)tigcn 
©toffen, cine Stume ober einen frifc^cn ^ranj in bem 

25 forgfaltig geftod)tcncn v<paar. 
' ^ieg F)attc inbeffen bci ibrcn Janjem nid^t cine 
gleid^c 9^llcffid)t jn bcmirfcn ocrmoci^t; benn namcnt* 
lic^ bic ilingern unb einige bcr fogenannten „v^aupt* 

82 Tiuf bcr UniDcrfttat 

f)ttF)nc" bcr 35crbinbung fc^cutcn fid^ nid^t, in ©egcnirart 
if)rcr !Damcn bic 33cinc bc^agtid^ Ubcr Ii[d^ unb 33iinfc 

9D?cinc 3tu0cn Mtcn ?orc; unb fie broud^tcn nid^t 
longc ju fud^en. ®ic fafe bcm SBitlarbjimmcr gcgcn- $ 
ilbcr jtDi[d)cn eincm ^oar ilingercr 90?abd)en, bic Icb- 
baft ju ibr fprad)cn, mdbrcnb fie teilnobmlog Dor fidb 

3nt v^aor trug fie einc mci^e 9?ofc, eine <settenbeit 
in biefer ^obre^jeit; abcr auf ibrcm 5lntlilj wav bie lo 
9Jofcnjcit Dortiber; fein dloi fd)immerte niebr burc^ 
bicfe gartcn blaffen SBangcn. 

?(ud) ben ^^augrafcn fab idb; er fa^ mit ilbergefcbta= 
Qcnen ^Seincn, mic crmlibet, an ber anbcrn ©cite bed 
8aatc«. — 3d) ftanb in fciner ^:)2abe. 2tl« bic 9D?ufi= 15 
fanten ibrc ^nftrumentc jur ^^anb nobmen, trot einer 
bcr itlnflcrn Stubcnten ju ibm. „?a6 mir bic ?orc flir 
bicfen Xanj!" fagte cr fd)ud)tcrn. 

„(Sin anbcmial, ^uc^S!" ermibcrtc bcr 9?augraf unb 
Icbntc feinen fd)onen, abcr btcic^en ^opf jurticf gcgcn 20 
bic 2Banb. ^ic 2J?ufif fcljtc cin; atlein cr ftanb nid)t 
ouf, urn feinc Xdnjerin ju botcn; er bob laffig bic 
^^anb unb macbtc Qcgen fie bi" cin ^cidben niit ben 
Jlngcrn. 3cb fab, n)ic fie cinen jomigcn 93Ii(f ju ibm 
binlibermarf unb bann, obnc aufjuftcben, ibre Hugcn 25 
in bic aufflcftUljtc ^anb bcgrub. 'Der JHaugraf faltete 
bic 3tirn; unb nad) cincr SR^cile f prang er auf unb 
fi^ritt burcb ben Saal, bid cr oor ibr ftanb. — 21I« fie 

:tuf 6er Unirerfttat 83 

and) icijt nid^t oufblicftc, legtc cr ben 2(rm um fie unb 
jog fie mit ciner rofd^en 33cn3C9ung ju fid) cmpor. (Sr 
fd^ien einige SBortc mit ^eftigfcit t)crt)orjufto6cn; id^ 
tear inbcS ju iDcit cntfcmt, um etnjoS babon bcrftef)en 
s ju fonncn. iDonn trot cr mit if)r an bie ©piije bcr 
ilbrigcn "iPaare unb croffnetc ben Xan^. 
. <©ic hjar cine doll au«genjQ(^[cne SD^abc^cngcftott, 
aber gteid^mof)! reic^te [ie if)m nur big on bie S3ru[t. 
Q6) \ai) ifincn tange noc^; [ie I)atte ben ^opf in ben 

lo 5?Qcfen fatten taffen, ma^renb fie faft Don feinem Sinn 
getrogen n)urbe unb nur mit ben ^^u^pifecn ben 33oben 
beriit)rte; er neigtc fic^ tlber fie, unb feine 2(ugen lagen 
unbemeglid^ toie bie eineS Jungen 9?aubt)ogelg auf ibrcm 
Stntliij; bag fie mit gefd^loffenen ?ibem i^m entgcgen^ 

15 t)ie(t. 511^ ber Janj ju (5nbe tnar, flil^rte er fie an 
il^ren '^lat^ unb Iic& fie Ieid)t au^ feinen Slrmen auf 
ben ®tuf)I gteiten. 

!Die ^aufe bauerte inbeg nic^t langc. 53atb entftanb 
eine Unrube im ganjen ©aal; bie 9)?ufif fel^te in rafen^ 

20 bem Jempo ein, unb bie '^aaxt reibten ficb fttirmifcb 

T)tv Xani begann aufg ncue, ©clcidbter unb auggc* 
laffenc 9?ufe flogen burd) bie 9tunbe; immer n)ilber fab 
i(b bie fteinen leicbtfertigen ^^tlfed^en iiber bie bunfetn 

25 i^kdt beg i^uPobeng gleiten. (Snbtidb fam eg ju einer 
3:our, burdb beren ungefttlmc 5lugfiibrung bie ganjc 
9?eibc ber armen ^inber unaugbleiblid) ju gait ge= 
brad^t tt)urbe. 

84 2(uf bcr Unircrfitat 

iDann tuic ouf cincn SBinf fdf)n)icg bic SfWufif; unb, 
ttJiilircnb it)rc Xiinjer lac^cnb Ubcr fie I)intDC9fprQngen, 
ftanbcn fie mit f)cifeen ©cfid^tem auf unb ftrid)en fid) 
bad §Qar auS bcr ©tim ober fud^ten ben ©taub toon 
tf)rem mil{)fQm erarbciteten SBatlftoat abjufd^Iogen. — 5 
^d) meife nid^t, mar cS nod) ein 9Jeft bon bem ,3cr= 
ftorungStriebe bed ^inbeS ober max c6 ber alien 
9J?cnfd)en innemofincnbe T)rang, fic^ gegen bad auf* 
gule^ncn, beffen Ginftufe man fid^ nici^t entjicl)en fann; 
— ed fci^ien, aid mcnn bie afabcmifd^e ^ngcnb fic^ in 10 
llbcrmUtigcr ^erabUJlirbigung bed SSBeibed gar nid^t 
gcnugtun fonnte. 

?ore, bie id^ nid^t au^er ac^t gclaffen, fofe cinfam 
auf bemfetben "iJJIatje, ttjol^in fie t)on bem 9?augrafcn 
gcfU^rt njorben mar. ©ic fd^ien ii fid) erjmungen gu is 
l^aben, bafj gu ienem ^Janjc niemanb fie auc^ nur auf* 
geforbert ^atte. 

2Bd^renb balb barauf, Diericid^t ht^ 5lontraftcd 
^alber, ein ^ontcrtanj mit after ^^ic^^i'^ffit audge^ 
fU^rt njurbc, ging id^ mit eincm 53efannten in bad 20 
<5eitenjimmcr. 2Bir trafen mel)rcre altere 3tubentcn, 
unb balb njaren mir, unfere 53ierfeibcl bor und, in ein 
alle gteid^ermeife intcreffierenbcd ©efprac^ ilber bic 
Goentualitaten bed bei)orftcl)enben (Sjamend Dertieft. 

2lld nebenan bie SDIufif abfeljte, famen noc^ cinigc 25 
ber Xanjpaarc ju und an ben ZiW, ber 9Jaugraf mit 
?ore njar aud^ barunter. — (Sie feljtc fid^ ncbcn ibn, 
tt)ai)renb er bie <Speifefartc mufterte, unb balb Ijattc ber 

^uf ber Unirerfttdt 85 

^cITncr cinigc ©d^tiffcln unb cine ^^Qf^^c (Sl^ampagncr 
t)or ben beibcn I)inge)'tent. ^er ^orf n)urbe bc^ut= 
fam obgenommen, — ber 9?QugrQf liefe niemalg cinen 
(Sfiampagnerpfropfen fnolten, — unb ber [d^dumenbc 

5 SBein fto& in bie ©Ififer. IDie anbern SD^obd^en, benen 
cin einfQ(^crcg 9Waf)I ferbicrt n)ar, ftie^cn it)rc 3:dnjcr 
f)eimli(^ ntit ben @IIenbogen; unb auc^ meinc 2luf= 
merffamfeit Wax bolb auSfdiliefelid^ ouf bie[e8 ^ipaor 
gerid^tet. — ?ore l^attc if)r blaffcg ®e[id)t in bie eine 

lo ^onb gcftiiijt, moFircnb bie onbcre mic tocrgcffcn on bem 
?5u^ beg botlen ©lofeg ru{)te; ber 9?QugrQf bcfc^oftigtc 
fi(^ bef)agli(^ mit [einem ?erd^en^(£almi unb [d^lUrfte 
fci^njeigenb feincn SBcin boju. „2BiIl[t bu nic^t effcn, 
?ore?" fragte er cnblid^. 

IS ©ic fc^iittcltc ben ^opf. 

(Sr \ai) fie einen Slugcnblicf an. „^u iDilTft nid^t? 

5^un/' feljtc cr rut)ig tiingu, „beine (SQd)e!" 

bann fd^enfte er [id^ ein unb fe^te feinc ^di)lidt fort. 
^a« 9)?abd)en f)atte inbcffen if)r ®Iq6 an bie ?ippen 

20 gefiif)rt unb c6 mit einem burftigen 3u0 i^iitobge* 
trunfen. £)f)ne ben ^opf ju erl^eben, ber nod^ immer 
milbe in if)rer f)anb ruf)te, notim fie bie %\a\d}t unb 
{)iett fie fd^mebenb liber bem leeren ®lafe, fo bofe ber 
SSein langfom t)ineinf(o& unb nur Qttmfif)Ii(^ fc^fiu= 

25 menb in bem ^eld^c aufftieg. S^xt 2lugen blicften mit 
einem 5lu«brucf Don Jroftlofigfeit barouf, al« fc^e fie 
il^r ?eben qu« ber i^Iafd^e rinnen. (Sie od^tete quc^ 
nid^t barauf, aU ber <S(^aum qu6 bem ©lofe ouf ben 

86 2tuf bit Unipcrfitat 

Xi\^ unb Don bicfcm auf ben 33obcn flofe; nur i^re 
Qnbcrc $anb [d^icn fid^ immcr fcftcr in bQ0 [d^njoric 
fcibigc ^aar F)ineinjutt)U{)Icn. 

„(©c^one !5)amc!" flUftcrtc ein f)Ub[d^cr milc^bfirtiQcr 
3unQC, n)Qbrcnb er n)ic bettelnb i^r [ein IccrcS ®ta8 s 
cntgcQcnbicIt; „cincn 2;ropfcn Don (Surcm Ubcrflufe!" 

?orc blicftc nic^t Quf; obcr Ic^ [ab, n)ic c« flUc^tig 
urn ibre ?ippcn jucftc. 

„?!3a8 bcnn, 5"^^/ ^fl^ baft bu?" fragtc cincr bon 
ben HIten, ber [icb bi^b^t nur mit feinem ©lofe bc= lo 
fcbdftigt battc. „ObO/ ©toff dcrgcubung !" rief cr plol}= 
licb unb Icgte feinc ^anb auf ben 2lnn beS SJZabcbcnS. 

2)cr SJaugrof mar nur ein njenig jur ©cite gcrticft, 
at« ber 3Bcin nebcn ibm ju SBoben tropfte. „?a& fie," 
fagte er, „e8 ift ibre ^i^atur fo. — 5^i(bt mabr, ?orc/' 15 
feljte er binjU/ inbcm er fi(b Idcbelnb ju ibr JBonbte, 
„n)ir beibe, n)ir Pcrfteben unS auf« 33ergeuben!" 

©ie fe(}te bie i^tafcbc auf ben Xifcb unb marf ibm 
eincn 53Iicf Poll unergrlinblii^en ^affeS ju. T)ann 
ftanb fie auf unb ging nacb ber JUr, bie in ben ©aal 20 
fubrtc, 3lber er mar jugleicb mit ibr aufgefprungen. 
Sin 2lu8brucf oerbiffenen 3dbjont8 entftetlte bie 
fcbfinen regetmafeigen @efi(bt§jUge. „SBa8 ffiflt bir 
ein?" ftufterte er unb pacfte mit ^cftigfeit ibren Slrm. 
©ie blicb [teben, obne bafe fie 2Wiene macbte, ficb Don 25 
feiner ^anb ju lofen; nur ibre bunfeln gidnjenben 
Slugen blicften ibn fragenb unb oeracbtenb an. (5ine 
SKeile crtrug cr c«; bonn jog cr bie $anb jurilcf unb, 

2tuf 6er Uniccrfttat 87 

inbcm er cin furjcS ?Q(i^cn aug[ticf3, trot er h)icber on 
ben Xi\d) unb fd^cnftc langfom bic ^^eige aug bcr 
glafc^c. — Sore fof) ic^ burc^ bic ©aoltlir gtuifc^en ben 
2;anjcnben Derfc^minben. 

s Wiv quott bo^ ^erj; i6) [)atte qu8 bcr (Scfe, n)o id^ 
fo^, altcS Qcnau bcobad^tct. 9?ac^ ciner SSeile niadjtc 
ic^ mi(^ to« unb trat in ben <Baal, urn ftc gu [u(^cn. 

(Sic mar ni(^t untcr ben Xanjcnben; aU id) mic^ 
aber gmifc^cn ben h)aljenbcn ^aaren burc^gebrangt 

lo ^atte, \af) id^ fie in ciner genftcrnifc^c [tef)en unb [c^cin* 
bar regung«Io8 in ha^ ®eh)iif)I fjincinftarren; fie hjar 
faft [o blafe mic bic n)ci&c 9?o[e in i^rem .^aar. 

„®ic crinnern [ic^ meiner njo^l nic^t mti)v?" fragte 
id), inbcm id^ ouf fie jutrat. Sine ticfe ^ote llbcrjog 

IS ouf cincn SlugcnbUdt if)r Slntlilj. „£)\), bod^/' fagtc fie 
— „S3BoIIen tt)ir tanjen, ?ore?" 
(©ic fenfte, n)tt{)renb fie mir bic ^anb rcid^tc, ben 
ilopf fo ticf, ha\i i^ if)rc Slugen nid^t ju fc^en Dcr» 

20 moc^te; abcr id) \a^, mic i{)rc fleincn mei^en 3^^"^ 
fic^ ticf in if)rc ?ippcn gruben. 

<Bo tangten n)ir benn jufammcn; nur cin paar 
9?unbcn; bcnn auc^ fie moc^tc fli{)Icn, ha^ c8 mir nic^t 
um« !5:anjen h)ar. S3alb ftanben mir nebcncinanbcr 

25 t)or bcr grofecn 5luSgang8tllr, bercn bcibc gtligct h)cit 
geoffnct maren. 3(^ bticftc umttirifUrtic^ bincmg; eg 
hjar fef)r finfter, nur bic (Stdmme bcr nad)|tcn ^uc^cn 
moren \}on bem f)erau8fanenben ^d)tin bclcuc^tct. 

88 ^uf 6cr Unircrfitat 

Hbcr cin 3trom bciDcgtcr 9?ad^tluft tricb crfrifd^cnb 
gcQcn ung f)cran; unb, iDcibrenb oon bcr cincn Scitc 
ba« 5?rcifc^cn bcr ©eigcn unb ha^ 5(^arrcn bcr Xan* 
jcnbcn an mcin Of)r [(^lug, DcmQf)m id) juglcic^ don 
brau^cn ba« traumt)oftc 9^ic[ctn in ben ?aubfroncn bc« $ 

Dq8 Sl^abd^cn [tanb ncbcn mir, o^nc ju [prcc^cn, 
bic SluQcn JU 33obcn Qcfc^Iagcn. — ^d) fofetc mir ein 
^crj. „5Bic mag c8 Sf)ri|topf) gcf)cn?" fragtc ic^. 

©ic fuf)r gufammcn unb murmcltc ctmaS, boS iti} lo 
nic^t Dcrftanb; abcr auf it)rcn bloffcn SSangcn n)urben 
jmci bunfelrotc glccfc fic^tbor. 

„3Bq« mUrbc cr fogcn," fut)r id) fort, „n)cnn er t)icr 

3(^ fai^, h)ic [ie nod^ 21 tent rang, unb mic if)rc fjcrab- is 
l^angenbc ^anb frampft)aft on bcm ^Icibc fingcrtc. 
„0 bitte/' [ticfe [ic Icifc f)cri)or, „ni(^t f)icr, nur nic^t 

— „S[Bo bcnn? SBoHcn ©ic mic^ l^orcn, ?orc?" 

®ic blicftc JU mir auf. „^raufecn/' fagtc fie Icife, 20 
„\(i) mcrbc glcid^ {)crau«fommcn; laffcn <Bit un« ah= 
trctcn noc^ bicfcr 9?unbe! — ^i) l)abt 'Bit fd^on bitten 
molten, als ic^ ©ic Porbin im SfJcbenjimmcr filjen fat)." 

SSir tanjten nod) einmal; bann fubrte idb fie JU 
^\a^ unb trat bur(^ bie XUr in ben flcinen (©ftulcn^ as 
gang binau8. — (5« bonncrte in ber ^tmt; unb al« 
Icb bic bciben (Stufcn inS J^rcie binabftieg, n)etter=^ 
Ieud)tctc c«, bafe id) ouf eincn Slugenblicf bie einjelnen 

2tuf bcr Unircrfitat 89 

SBaumftammc big an bie ®ee I)inQb unb brunten ba^ 
33Unfcn beg SSafferfpiegcId unter[cf)eiben fonnte. 

^d) ging um ha^ §aug I)enim big an bic ^cgclbabn 
unb iuartctc bort. 9^id^t langc, fo fab icb aud) ben 

s ©cbimmcr cineg JDcifjcn ^leibcg, idb bortc ben leicbten 
©cbritt beg SQMbd^eng, unb gteid) barauf [tanb fie [elbft 
ticf aufatmcnb bor mir. — ®o mar icf) bcnn cnblidb 
h)iebcr mit ibr altein, int T)untd, in ber ®ommernad)t; 
obcr eg maren anbere ^eiten. ©be icb [ic anjureben 

lo Dermodbte, b^tte [ic ein "ipapier oug ber ^afcbe gcgogen, 
ber (Sdjein eineg 33Ul5eg fubr barliber, unb icf) erfanntc 
^oftftempel unb ©iegel eineg 33riefeg. „@r i[t toon 
Sbnftopb/' foflte ?ore, inbem fie bag "ipapier in meinc 
^anb legte, bic icb untDillfMicb hanaiij auggeftredt 

IS battc. 

„^on (5{)riftop{)!" rief id^; „\r)ann f)abcn ©ic ben 
«ricf crbaltcn?" 

— „^cutc!" crtoibcrte fie Icifc. 

„Unb ®ic finb bodj bicrber gefommcn?" 
20 <Sic fcbiBieg. 

„®arf icb ben 55ricf Icf en, ?enore?" 

— „^ii) ^aht ®ic barum bitten motten." 

3cb gitig an eineg ber erlcuc^tetcn ©aalfenftcr in ber 
bintern i^ront beg ^aufeg. — ?cnore mar mir Iang= 
25 fam gefolgt, unb ic^ filbltc, mie miibrenb beg ?efcng 
ibrc 5Iugcn unablciffig auf midb geridbtet marcn. 

(Sg mar ein langer S3ricf; (Sbriftopb Qob toon feinem 
<©d)tt)ei8en Stec^cnfdjaft. Sr battc bag ©cfcbfift feineg 

90 2Juf 6cr Untrerfitat 

0^cim« Ubcrnommcn; abcr bU 93cr^altniffc iDorcn 
langc in bcr ©c^mcbc Qcmcfen, bo allc^ don cincr 55cr* 
beiratung bcr Xocfitcr mit cincm irobl^Qbcnbcn <Sc^orn- 
Iteiiifcflcnnciftcr abQctiangcu; [c^on fci cr, bo cbcn cin 
ncugicrigcr^SS^Treibcr qu8 ber ^cimat if)n befuc^t $ 
habt, mit bcm ©crate ju if)rcr .^od^jcitSfaTnnicr bc= 
[d)aftiQt gctt)c[cn, qI« bic ganjc <Baci)t noc^ cinmol in 
^ragc gcftcllt morbcn [ci. ^ti^i obcr n)ar cnblid^ aUc« 
Qcorbnct, bic Xod^tcr l^attc ^od^jcit 9cmad}t, unb cr 
fclbft folltc in ben nad^ftcn Xogcn \>a^ 9J?ci[tcrrc(^t in lo 
bcr frcmbcn (Stabt crmcrbcn. ^Donn tub cr fie cin ju 
fommen, ba cr nic^t fort f5nne, um fie ju {)olcn. „(So« 
bolb ic^ beine Stntnjort ))aht," — bag njoren bic Icljtcn 
SSortc bc8 53ricfc«, „fc^icfe i(^ bir bQ« ^Heifcgclb; c« 
(icgt fc^on abgcjQf)It unb cingcficgett. ®a« ^au8 mirft is 
bu Ici(^t crfcnnen; ncbcn bcr grilncn 53anf, bic Dor bcr 
Xiir ift, ftcf)t cine ?inbe, mie bQl)eim oor bcinem (gltcrn^ 
f)au8, cine hammer, bic id) felber fUr bic jungen 
SWciftcrlcute f)crgeric^tct \)aht, ift ganj baDon be* 
fd^attet." 20 

3f(^ f)Qtte ben 95rief jufammcngcfQltet unb rei(^te 
i^n jurllcf. Slbcr ?orc fc^UttcItc ben ^opf. „®d^rcibcn 
®ie if)m, ^err ^f)ilipp!" fogtc fie, rtfi^rcnb cine Xriine 
nad} bcr onbcm Ubcr if)rc SBangcn tropftc; unb Icife 
unb mU()fam fcljtc fie f)inju: „(Sr bat c« gut gcmcint." 25 

^Unb <Sie motlen nic^t felber fommen?" fragtc id), 
.<Sic faf) mid) an, mit cincm ©licf fo doll oon flet)en= 
ber SSerjmciflung, bafe ic^ bercute, bicfe grofic Q" f« 

atuf 6cr Untperfttat 91 

Qctan ju fiaben, „?orc/' [ogtc ic^, „fann bcnn nicmanb 

(Sic [cnftc ben ^opf, inbcm ftc mit bcr ©tirn on 
cine 5c"[tci^f(^cibc Icf)ntc; bie iBcifec 9Jofc log noc^ 
5 immcr buftcnb auf bcm gtcinjenb f(^rt)Qrjcn ^aar. 
„@r ttjar, ba cr nod) lebtc, nur ein anner tdrid)tcr 
Tlann," [agtc fie unb it)re (Stimme brad^ faft in Dcr= 
lialtcncm (Scl^Iucf)jen, „abcr cr njor bod^ mein 33atcr, 
unb eg t)Qt mid^ [onft bo(f) fciner [o gcliebt, — cr hJiirbc 
lo mid^ Qud^ icl^t nod^ nic^t Dcrftofecn." 

2ll§ fie bag gcfagt f)ottc, fd^rticgcn n)ir beibc; nur 

l^atte id^, o^ne bo^ ic^ c« mu^tc, i^rc beibcn ^onbc 

ergriffcn, unb fie ticfe fie mir. — !Da biJrtc id^ Don bcr 

onbcm ©cite bc« §aufc8, Don bcr ^otte bcr, bic 

15 (Stimme be8 ^Jougrafen ibrcn Xiamen rufen. 

©ic fubr jufammcn. „?orc," fogtc td^, „f(inncn (Sic 
bcnn nid^t Io« Don icnem 3)?cnf(^cn?" 

3^rc Slugcn blidften mid^ grofe unb traurig on. 

„0^, bod^!" fagtc [ie Icife; unb mir tvav, qI§ foi^e id^ 

20 cin ?fid^cln um ibren SfJiunb; abcr cin ?dd^ctn tdk in 

DcrbUlltcr 5lrgli[t. — ^nbcm Ujurbe nocb cinmol unb 

mcbr in unfercr 9^Qbc gerufen. 

(Sic trodfnetc b^ftig ibi^e Slugcn. „?cb^ hjobi, 
^Pbilipp, Icb' mW flUftcrtc fie. 3db cmpfonb ben 
25 !Drucf bcr beibcn flcincn ^cinbc; bann mar [ic fort. 

SBic longc idb nqdb untcr ben 33aumcn auf unb ah 
gcgangcn, meife idb "ifbt. 3d^ fam erft micber jum 
iBcmu&tfcin bcr 2)ingc um mic^ b^r, al« brinncn im 

92 2tuf 6cr Hntrcrfttat 

©oatc ptoljltd^ bic 2:anjmu[if auf^ortc, unb ic^ ftott 
bcffcn ba« (Sc^rcicn bcr gro^cn (Sulcn t)cmaf)m, bic 
ticfcr im SSolbc if)r SScfcn tricbcn. 

21IS i($ bann, urn liber bie ©tcintrcppc ju bcm i^ufe^ 
n)C0 ju Qctangen, an bcr borbcm grontc bc« ^oufcfi s 
DorUbcrging, fat) id^ ?orc noc^ cinmal. ©ic ftonb 
unter bcr ^ofte, ben Hnn um cine bcr 'Baukn gc- 
[c^tungen, unb blicftc burd^ bic 53aumc auf bic @cc 
Flinob, h)o ebcn ein SBcttcrfd^ein bicnbcnb liber bod 
SBoffer leud^tcte. xo 

fim Stranbc 

/3fd^ l^attc lange fd^tofloS auf meinem stiffen gctcgen, 
an cinem '^lam [inncnb, n)ic id) ?orc mit v^pilfc mcincr 
SD'iuttcr cinen anbcrn ^uf^uc^tSort croffncn morf)tc, unb, 
n)a8 bicUcid^t bag (Sd^micrigftc fci, tt)ic td^ fie liber* 
reben fonnc, cinen [otc^cn anjunc^mcn. is 

2ll« ic^ am anbem SO'Jorgcn fpdt ermac^te, ftanb 5n<3 
SBlirgcrmciftcr, mic n)ir i^n atS j?naben ju ncnncn pfleg* 
ten, Dor meinem 33ctt unb lod^tc mid^ mit feincn treuen 
2lugcn an. — S3alb fofecn n)ir nebcncinanbcr im (5ofa, 
unb Ji^ife ^Qtte oollauf don gcmcinfc^aftlid^cn i^rcun* 20 
ben JU crjablcn, bic cr in ^cibclbcrg jurlicfgclaffcn. 
aber id) bJirte nur mit bolbem Obr; mcinc ©cbanfen 
maren bei bcm (Sricbnig bcr Dcrgangenen 9?ad^t. 

Sinige ^cit nad^ficr, al« h)ir auf meinen SBorfd^Iag 
bag $au« oerlaffcn unb am ©tranbc entlang in bcr 25 
fd^ottigcn UlmcnaHec nebcncinanbcr gingen, cntlaftctc 

2(uf bet UniDcrfttat 93 

[^ mcin ^crj unb bcrid^tctc il^m alk^, n)Q6 id) liber 
?ore unb mit if)r [clbft crfafircn f)Qttc. ^^riij bortc 
fd^tBcigcnb ju, nur mituntcr murmclte cr f)QlblQut cincn 
bcrbcn ^lud^, inbcm cr bit im SBcge licgcnbcn ©teinc 
s mit b€m ^^ufec fortfticfe, obcr cr flil^rtc cinen ^icb in 
bic Suft, al6 f)(ittc cr cincn ©c^Icigcr in bcr gouft. 

(g6 blicb aud^ nic^t bci bicfcn ^cid^cn; ad^t Xa^t 
fptttcr ftanb cr bcm S^augrafen auf bcr 9D?enfur gegcn* 
Ubcr. Slbcr bcr SJaugrof [c^Iug cine gcfd{)rli(^c Xtri, 

lo unb g^i^ crt)iclt cincn „(B^mi^," bcffcn 9?Qrbc noc^ 
ictjt, rtenn bcr 3oni il^m aufftcigt, h)ic cin rotcr 53Iit5 

Ubcr fcinc ®tirn ftammt. 

3116 h)ir aug bcr SlIIcc in ben SSoIb gefommen hiorcn 
unb foft bic <StcItc errcid^t bottcn, rto bcr i^ufenjcg bic 

IS Slnbobc nod^ bcm Janjbaufc binaufgcbt, fabcn n)ir ouf 
bcr anbcm (Scitc jcnfcit^ bcr S3aumc mcl^rcrc 9}?enfd5en 
auf bent ©tranbe. @ic ftonben bid^t ant SBaffer unb 
fd^iencn bantit befd^dftigt, tfma^, ba^ man nid^t unter= 
fd^ciben fonnte, auf ben 53obcn niebcriulegen. ^n 

20 bemfclbcn Hugenblid tarn aud^ cin SO?ann in gifd^cr- 
flcibung in ben 3Bcg bittouf. „SBag gibt'S ba unten?" 
fragtc id^ im SSorilbergebcn. 

nWici^t^ ®utc«, §crr!" mar bic Stntmort; „cin 
jungeS f^i^QUcnjimmer ift bcrunglUcft." 

25 „?orc!" ricf id^ unb ergriff unmillfUrlid^ bic ^anb 
meincS i^rcunbeS. 

@r ftic^ cinen ?aut bc8 ©c^rcdEeng au«. „Sa8 
rcbft bu nur?" fagte cr abhjcbrcnb. 

94 2tuf 6cr Hntrcrfitdt 

0Iei(^n)o^I [ttcQcn toix in [tummcm ©inocrftfinbniS 
burc^ bic ^Qumc on ben (Stronb ^inob. 3(f) ^ortc 
h)(i^rcnbbc« bic ?cutc bruntcn mitcinonbcr rcbcn. 
„5Ba« bcr 0cfeF)It fjabcn moQ?" [agtc cine raubc 
(Stimmc. „(58 mufe boc^ cine Don ben t)omcf)mcn s 
^rauIeinS fcin! — Unb in bollcm ©taot ift fie in« 
SSoffcr Qcgangen." !Dann rturbc c8 n)icbcr ftifl; nur 
bic SBctten raufc^ten in bcr SD^orgcnluft. 

2l(« mir jmifc^cn ben 53(iumcn t)crau6trQtcn; rturbc 
ic^ faft bom ©onncnfc^cin gcblcnbct, bcr in Doflftcm lo 
©tonjc t)or un8 ilbcr bic meitc 9D?ccrcSbud)t gcbrcitet 
h)ar. — Unb in bicfcm ©onncnglonjc log oud^ fie; 
bic i^\\d)tv trotcn bci unferer 2lnnai)crung jur <Scitc, 
unb njir fonnten fie ungcftort betrad^tcn. (S« toax 
fcin 3^cif^I mc^r. ®a« blcid^c ©cfid^td^cn rut)te ouf is 
bem Uferfanbe; bic Ftcinen tonjcnbcn %Vi^t ragten jcljt 
rcgungSloS unter bem ^Icibc f)crOor; (Scetong unb 
3D?uf(^cIn {)ingcn in ben fc^tt)arjen tricfcnbcn ^aorcn. 
^ic mcifee 9Jofe mar fort; fie moc^te in8 9J2ccr I)inQu«* 
gcfc^mommen fcin. ao 

JBiele ^al)xt finb feit icnem 3T?orgcn bergongcn. — 
?luf bem ^ird^f)ofc bcr UniderfitatSftobt, abfcit« im 
f)oi)tn &xa\t, licgt cine mcifee 93?Qnnortofct; „?enorc 
SBcQurcgorb" ftef)t barauf. — !E)rei ^cimatSgcnoffcn, 
In dcrfc^icbcncn 2:cilcn bc« bcutfd^en ?Qnbe8 Icbcnb, 2$ 
Idobcn fie gcftiftet. 



Heavy figures indicate pages ; light figures, lines. 

3. — 7. Scfunboncr. The course of study in the German 
Secondary Schools (®»)tnnofiutn, Oberrcalfc^ule, etc.) covers 
nine years, in classes as follows: Sexta, Quinta, Quarta, each 
of one year; Tertia, Sekunda, Prima, each of two years. The 
course is completed at about the nineteenth year. 

II. ju befc^affen. Note the passive force of the active in- 
finitive with fetn. Cf. 18. 22, 27. 9, etc. 

13. ^nc frii^ere, . . . jugejogene ^dc^in. Long or involved 
attributive phrases are to be translated — (i) by an adjec- 
tive clause: a former cook of his parents, who was, etc.; or 
(2) by an appositional construction: a former cook of his 
parents, still always called in, etc. Such phrases are frequent 
in the text. Cf. 22. 6, 7 f., 21. 19 f., 27. 27 f., 34. 24 f., 63. 4 f., 
56. 16, etc. 

14. bet JJfflu SBurflcrmciftcrtn, Note the use of the titles $err 
and i^vavi before designations of rank and the frequent reten- 
tion of the definite article, especially in the oblique cases. 
The feminine suffix — in is not now generally added to the 
title of the husband. 

4. — 18. ®nttbifle %xavi and ©nabigeS grttulein are forms of 
address generally used toward ladies of some social station. 
When so used flnttbtfl is usually not to be translated, jtldne 
(^rdulein unb gndbige t^riiufein might be rendered: little misses 

and young ladies. 

6. — I. tooiil . . ., been wont to. 
8. ouf ben Kopf flcfoHcn. Cf. vocab. jtopf. 
14. o^ne baff . . . crjtelt toaxt. The subjunctive (unreal po- 


tential) after o^ne bofe (nearly = obflleic^ nicftt) represents the 
statement of an unattained result as based upon surmise or 
opinion rather than as a fact. Cf. 34. 8, 37. 25. 

6. — 27. t>a \ttiitn ia. .., why there are (or stand), tic. ^ah 
used in stating something as self-evident or readily conceded, 
= of course, indeed, you know, don't you see, you see, why. Cf . 
90. 14, and often. 

7. — 2. Wber ©ottfg. Cf. vocab. lelbtr. Except in this ex- 
pression the genitive is rare in exclamations. 

3. (Sx mu^te ^ttntn boc^. !Do(^, like {a and )Dof)I, adds em- 
phasis to a statement, but differs from them in always having 
adversative force: You must know {in spile of your question). 
Cf. 59. 26. 

8. fiir We fiore. In colloquial speech the article occurs fre- 
quently in referring to persons familiarly or well known. 

35. inbem fte ftc^ . . . cttotfixtt. Clauses of time, manner, 
and cause are often best rendered in English by a participial 
construction, — while warding of, etc. 

28. @0 . . . ge^C^t, Now you have gone and set the girl to coax- 
ing me. 9lun einmal indicates that the matter is now settled 
and cannot be changed. 

8. — 22. Note the frequent examples of accusative abso- 
lute. Cf. 26. 13 f., 31. 1, 35. 23, 39. 4, 42. 12, 62. 23 f., etc. 

9. — 21. SRamfeO. Note the disparaging force in the use 
of 2J?amftQ rather than ^rttulein. 

22. Wirb Wo^l . . . fcln. Note the use of the future (espe- 
cially with X(itiiii[ = probably, I presume) to express present 
probability, that of the future perfect to express past prob- 
ability. Cf. 51. 21. 

24. BUT in requests is more persuasive than tinmal (cf. 
9. 11), and less firm and insistent than boc^ (cf. 15. 18);* 
please, pray, just, etc. Cf. 31. 9. 


10. — 20. nltftt gcften moKte. With a non-personal subject 
kDoIIen may, as here, serve to indicate the perverseness or per- 
sistence of circumstances: would not go; seemed bound not to go. 

11. — 18. (ieft . . . me^r, / cotild no longer keep quiet. 

22. !tu(4junge, a flap of cloth so arranged as to make the 
insertion of coins easy and their removal difficult. 

12. — 6. ouf . . . {Onnen, might be rendered: to whom I might 

have ascribed the transaction. 

13. elnen @ru^, supply ic^ bringe (eineti, etc.). 

13. — 10. loo^t einmal, would now and then . . . 

13. einmal, occasionally. 

14. — I. ttJOl^f, was apt to . . ., used to . . . 

6. griebrtc^ Sticker (1789-1860), from 1817 Director of 
Music at the University of Tubingen; composer and compiler 
of several popular books of choral music. 

15. Louis seize. Louis XVI of France was born at Ver- 
sailles, August 23, 1734, married Marie Antoinette of Aus- 
tria, 1770, succeeded his grandfather Louis XV, 1774, with 
the prospect of a successful and popular reign. In 1778 he ac- 
knowledged the independence of the United States and sent 
an army and fleet to their aid. Disordered finances, extrava- 
gances of the court and the rejection of proposals for reform 
led to a series of events which culminated in the proclamation 
of a republic, 1792, and the execution of the king, January 21, 
1793- — Tuileries, the royal palace in Paris, almost entirely 
destroyed by the Commune in 1871. 

15. — 18. <Bo toft bO(^ ft^en, . . . !J)oc^ adds urgency to re- 
quests, implying at the same time reluctance in the person 
addressed: Do let it be. Come, let it stay there. Cf. 28. 7, 
30. 12, 69. 24, etc. 

rg. tnein, colloquial for mir; a confusion of the two construc- 
tions: bad ^u(^ i[t mein, and t^ gei)5rt mir. 

100 NOTES 

16. — lo. fi«^ . . . nc^mcn loffcn. Cf. vocab. nel^men. 

17. — 17. \<l, really, isn't she? 

31. ^rau Siirgermciftcrin ^aben . . . In formal address titles 
often replace the pronoun of address (©ie). JJBoHen ^err ^ro- 
feffor (or ©nflblflc grau) bie ®Ute ^ben, etc. The use of the title 
with a plural verb in speaking of a person, as above, is char- 
acteristic of the uneducated. 

23. barum audi, {for that reason too = ) that explains also, etc. 

22. — 4. Xiet fiorc fcl . . . Note the use of the article to 
show case. Cf. 7. 8. 

20. tion alt unb jung. In a few set phrases the substantive 
adjective remains uninflected: „iunfl unb alt, bt>ci& unb niebrifl, 
fltle^rt unb ungeletirt mufete toon il)r lemen." — G. Keller. 

23. — 4. moi^te . . . crft^einett S^dgen, denoting as it does 
possibility, is frequently used to express a supposition, con- 
jecture, or estimate: may have seemed, possibly seemed. Cf. 
36. 26, 36. 27, 46. 12, 64. 5, 66. 8, etc. 

24. — 6. Senoren. Note inflected dative. Present usage 
prefers to indicate the case where necessary by the article. 
Cf. 22. 4. 

26. — 24. io. Cf. 6. 27. 

26. fo gut ti geben tooOte, as well as circumstances (eS) would 
permit, as far as possible. Cf . 10. 20. 

26. — 3. Kur tmmerju. Cf. vocab. imtnerju. Cf. 9. 24. 
16. 9}ur no(^ laum. Cf. vocab. faum. 

27. Sargfifc^. Evidently refers to one of the many local 
traditions for which Schleswig-Holstein is justly noted. 

27. — 21. wad man . . . bleten borf. Cf. vocab. bieten. 

28. — 7. bo*. Cf. 16. 18. 

18. (Be^ bo(4, Co then; Go, why don't you. 

NOTES 101 

21. toie SSJut. Cf. vocab. toie. 

23. ^u b'i\t ru^ig, Sore! Notice the use of the indicative to 
express a stern command. 

29. — 13. 9iur ju. Cf. vocab. nur. 

30. — 14. jo, you know; as you see. 

26. btttnit befd^afHgt, . . . ju legen. The construction in 
which ba(r) + preposition anticipates an infinitive with ju or 
a subordinate (bafe) clause, is equivalent to the English verbal 
noun in — ing after a preposition: busied himself with laying, 
etc., or was engaged in laying, etc. 

81. — 9. idfon, all right; never fear. 

32. — 9. tt tiabt . . ., indirect quotation of Christopher's 

16. 9Bie man's ne^men toiO. Cf. vocab. neldmen. 

33. — 3. The antecedent of ble is ble ®etfter. 

16. ^a^rmarlt. Popular amusements form an important 
feature of the markets or fairs which are still held at certain 
fixed seasons in many German towns. 

19. roten 9Rii^cn. A distinctive cap, sometimes the same 
for the whole school, sometimes different for each class, is 
usually worn by pupils of the Gymnasia. 

21. aftatifi^en Slugen, reference possibly to gipsies. 

26. toat. Note German preterit = English pluperfect in 
reference to past action continued to some specified time in 
the past. 

34. — 3. SBrttud^te i(^ nun hodt aut^ nic^t me^r . . . Note 
inversion for emphasis: Now certainly I too no longer 
needed . . . 

4. 9{at<>fcller. The basement of a city hall is not infre- 
quently used as a restaurant. 

9. grofif banad) gefragt. Cf. vocab. grog. 

102 NOTES 

36. — 12. ®ecft ( = high ground in contrast to swamp) is 
current only in North Germany. It occurs often in Storm's 
writings and he thus characterizes it: „bte fanbtge &tt\t . . ., 
of)n« fBttlbtr ober ©ttume, nur felten mtt ©(^toarj' ober ©eifebom- 
bUfc^rn auf btn niebrigtn iiQSaUtn, totlc^e bie ttnidnen {^tlbtr Donein' 
onber fdjeiben." — 3ur S{)ronif oon ®rit«^u«. 

2 2. nur faum . . . nodf cntfaltct, but barely developed {un- 
folded) as yet. 

36. — 27. moi^tc. Cf. 23. 4. 

37. — 13. fie = (bie) ^ttu«<^«n. In an adjective clause in- 
troduced by Xoit, such as, the antecedent is usually represented 
by a pronoun which is untranslatable in English. Cf. 64. 12. 

39. — 24. toar fitarf ^ertingebrodten. Cf. vocab. ftarf. 

40. — I. bad filirren t>tS ^lotttti an ben dftrnen Sting^afttni. 

Reference to the spearing of suspended rings by the riders 
while the merry-go-round is in motion. Cf. 1. 26. 

15. (S^ri^p^. Proper nouns, if unmodified, are often in- 
variable in apposition. 

41. — 3. ^reifltritten = t(^ ^abe tnic^ frtt fleritten, cf. 1. 22, frrt 
being a predicate adjective denoting the state of the object 
resulting from the action of the verb. / have earned a free ride. 
(Cf. 3(^ fyibt mi(5 mllbt flelaufen, fc^Ittfrifl fltlefen, etc.) 

18. So fpri(4 bo(4! Answet, why don't you/ 

42. — 7. bem alten @ouI, the motive power of the merry- 

26. t4 tourbe geflopft unb gefjdmmtri Note the impersonal 
passive to express action without reference to an agent. There 
was knocking and hammering. 

27. t§ f4ien {14 fobalb nic^t tpteber ftigcn ju tsollen, things 
(tt) seemed bound not to become readjusted soon, or it did not 
seem likely that matters would soon be readjusted. For tooQen 
cf. 10. 20. 

NOTES 103 

43. — 28. mt tooflcn. We will . . ., i.e. Let us . . . Cf. 
10. 17. 

44. — 19. SBui^engang evidently refers to ^aflebuc^en, 1. 5. 
46. — 18. ba trleb e§ unS, something impelled us. 

46. — I. ^df filaube ttJO^l, / think likely; I suppose so; I 
dare say. 

47. — 6. bu ^eirateft hodf einmal nut . . ., after all you know 
you will never marry any one else but ... 

48. — 10. SBog tnodjft bcnn bu bo fiir <S>dtdnt§? Cf. 1. 13, 
fiiT men benn? !Denn in questions indicates interest or impa- 
tience. Why, what a pretty thing, etc. For whom, pray? Cf. 
46. 13, 61. 24, 66. 20, 67. 9, 73. 3, 86. 9. 

17, 26. too^l. Note the significance of h)of)I in declarative 
sentences having the force of questions: / presume; I dare 
say; isn't she? aren't you? etc. Cf. 87. 13. 

60. — I. Cb . . . Jjonflt. Supply I wonder . . . Through 
frequent elipsis a dependent clause may come to have the 
force of a complete sentence. Cf. 59. 12, 94. 4. 

17. toar 6)efea geworben unb tooUte manbern. In each trade 
there were three grades: SWeifter, master-workman; ®efen(e), 
journeyman; and ?e{)rlinfl, apprentice. The requisites for ad- 
mission to the practise of a trade involved an apprenticeship 
(?e{)rial)re) under one master, followed by work as a journey- 
man under one or more masters abroad (SSanberjaljre). 

23. dnt^ pld^Hc^en Xobei^. Adverbial genitive of manner. 

61. — I. fie . . . jur Uni»erfa(erbtn . . . cingcfc^t. Verbs of 
choosing, appointing, electing, etc., regularly have the direct 
object in the accusative (fie) and the factitive predicate in 
the dative after ju (jut Unttterfalerbin). 

104 NOTES 

1 8. bie fdiraarjen fireuir. Marking the graves. 
21. 6ie tDcrben e^ ja gc^drt i^abtn, you have doubtless heard 
{about) it. Cf. 9. 2 2. 

62. — 7. In Storm's student dayS Schleswig was a province 
of Denmark. He followed the usual custom of studying for 
some time at a university outside of his native province, re- 
turning to the home university for special preparation for the 
state examination. Cf. 1. 14. f. 

17. ^cibelberg. Storm's father studied law at Heidelberg 
under the famous Thibaut and knew the poet Voss there. 

25. biitqtxlidi ( = middle-class), genteel, i.e. not like an 

63. — 3. farbige 9Rii^. A distinctive mark of most uni- 
versity student societies. 

5. Sateinertt. Cf. 6. 10. 

54. — 12. fie. Cf. 37. 13. 

13. trafcn in bit mctncn, encountered mint. 

14. fci. Note that the subjunctive of indirect statement is 
permissible after verbs expressing certain knowledge, but is 
less usual than the indicative. 

20. bcr Xamen . . . oergefTen. The accusative with t>tr» 
geffen is regular, the genitive ar(;haic. 

66. — 3. 65 teirb . . . fdn. Cf. 9. 22. 

66. — 13. $ebeO. Official messenger of the university, hav- 
ing certain police duties. This oflScer was formerly not un- 
known in American colleges: "It shall be the duty of the 
faculty to appoint a college beadle, who shall direct the pro- 
cession on Commencement day, and preserve order during 
the exhibition." Laws of Yale College, 1837. — Century 

30. benn, do you suppose. 

NOTES 105 

67. — 5. 9taugraf. A medieval title of nobility borne by 
a family having possessions on the Middle Rhine. The title 
and a considerable part of the estates fell to the Electoral 
Prince of the Palatinate whose capital was Heidelberg. Note 
the play upon words: ber 9iouflrof and bcr raul)e ®raf. 

25. ^unfer. This term implies reactionary conservatism, 
involving especially the maintenance of the privileges of the 
nobility, corresponding thus closely to the English "tory 

58. — 7. alS . . . Qtpodit tourbe. Note the omission of tt, 
regular in any word-order other than "normal." Cf. 42. 26. 
15. nodj. Cf. vocab. 

69. 6. ^afi. Up to the middle of the last century regula- 
tions concerning papers of identification and the like were 
numerous and rigid. Note the play upon ^afe (papers), and 
?aufpo6 {"walking-papers"). 

12. boft mir . . ., {it is) strange that ... or 7 wonder 
that ... Cf. 50. I. 

24. bo(^. Cf. 15. 18. 

26. bo(^. Cf. 7. 3. 

60. — II. ouf fic flcmuftcrt, unusual for [\t flctnuftert. Prob- 
ably a confusion of constructions. 

26. 5U ^iiren bcfommen. Cf. vocab. befommcn. 

27. <Bo &ott toifi. ©0 = tocnn, of frequent occurrence in the 
Bible, is now archaic. 

61. — 28. ble aUt Sd^mieben. It is characteristic of popular 
usage — (i) to replace the titles ^err, grau, and ^rfiulein by the 
definite article; (2) to weaken the feminine suffix — in to — en; 
(3) to add this sufl5x ( — en) to a surname. The old spinster 
Schmidt or Schmied. 

62. — 7. fottjctt c^ bomit rcic^en ttlK, as far as it suffices or 
will serve. 

106 NOTES 

19. gru^ barauf . . . adfttn. CI. vocab. grog. 

26. fic^ . . . fd)(afrn qtitm. Note infinitive without ju, ex- 
pressing purpose, a construction regular in certain fixed 
phrases after a few verbs: legen, fid) fet}«n, Bel)en, faf)ren, fommtn. 
Cf. 3c^ fit^e ((^lafen (babtn, einfoufen, etc.). 

64. — I. Xoft bi(ft! Confound you! An elipsis equivalent 
to some such phrase as: X)ab bic^ ber Xeufel ^ole! Cf. 60. i. 

12. wle t^r b«r JItem Berfe^te. The use of t>tv\t^n = stop, as 
intransitive is unusual. The usual construction is: ettoad Mr* 
feftt etnem ben a tern. 

66. — 26. loie angeflogeit, as if having alighted from a flight, 
i.e. as lightly as a bird. 

66. — 21. aSoaen toir . . .? Shall we . . .? (goHen toir and 
tDoden <Sie are the usual forms for asking a person's wish. 

22. 3(4 batife usually means nein (i(^) banfe. In accepting 
something one says (id)) bitte; 3o, (i^) bitte; or 3a, (t^)) banfe. 

67. — 15. Note the accumulation of particles, ja nun bod) 
einmal nlj^t. The sentence might be translated: These fine 
high-toned young gentlemen are, of course, after all, you know, 
not for the likes of her, — f iir fit gewad)f en = intended for. 

68. — 13. nur mit mir ottein, alone by myself. 

69. — 12. bon b«r 3d|ule ani, {from school = ) while still at 

70. — 3. fiir mt(4, as far as I was concerned. 

71. — 22. 3«ft bittt, supply um SJtrjelbunfl, (your) pardon. 
36. ■Oerren adds a respectful touch which might be ren- 
dered: The gentlemen of the {several) corps have, etc. Cf. 3. 14. 

72. — 12. Um ffntfc^ulbiflung, supply 3c4 bitte (um, etc.). 

NOTES 107 

73. — II. J^e^enfabbat. A midnight orgy supposed, in the 
Middle Ages, to have been held annually by demons, sorcerers, 
and witches, under the leadership of Satan. 

27. (^u(^i^. A member of a student club (5torp«, ©urfc^cn^ 
fc^aft, etc.) during the first two semtsters. After this period 
of probation he may become a 33urf(^(e). 

74. — 13. !tte ©rfifin follft bu erft fcljcn! Just uait till you 
see the Countess! 

19. von obcn i^erab. CI. vocab. oben. 

75. — 10. fic rotrb bic Idngffc 3cit bet bcr often lantc gchjefen 
fetn. For use of future perfect cf. 9. 22. {She has probably 
had her longest sojourn with her old aunt = ) She will probably 
not be with her old aunt much longer. 

13. ?lIfo ho(tf\ Then it's so, after all! 

76. — 20. tote 6)elb50^1ett = the pantomime of counting 

24. bttt idf bO(ft. Note "inversion" for emphasis. 

24. baft = jur 3ftt h)0. 

27. fie is redundant and colloquial. 

77. — 3. (SS hJOr ntJftt got fo ^eife . . ., There had been no 

great warmth of feeling . . . 

6. l(ft'^ = td& c6. e^ = {about) her aj^air with, etc. 

11. p erjiibfen itju^te, had to tell. 

12. ba(b Ittt eS ntttft . . ., presently I could endure ... Cf. 
11. 18. 

78. — 4. ttorft unb bloft, destitute, empty-handed. 
10. bo«* mtt bcm Satijen, this matter of dancing. 

17. berett, partitive genitive in the predicate, such {pieces) 
of them as, etc. 

27. bo(^, / beg of you. Cf. 16. 18. 

79.-3. tote oicfc Xage fte fidt fauer barum batte tun miifien, 
how n^any lon^ days she had had iQ Ipil for it. 

108 NOTES 

4. ®o lo^ bo(ft, Let me alone, why don't you. 

10. Stiffen, hot (from rapid and continuous sewing). 

15. won ben toetftcn SnatHHen, has the force of a partitive 
genitive = cimflc Bon ben 9D?aiUIicn. 

19. Sic t^at crft langc flefcffcn, at first she remained seated Jor 
a long time (without a partner). 

22. wicbcr ctncn 'Jlufruljr. Cf. 69. 14 f. 

24. loic tiei^cn \\t tt)n g(ctd)? now what is it they call him? 
(/ donH recall for the moment). 

27. ttle gar m(^t = fo gut ftic gar ntc^t, scarcely at all. 

80. — 6. aid ttjcnn cr \\t Jjat bcrjctyrtn foHcn, as if he would 
devour her. Note word-order. Indicative in this construction 
is unusual. 

82. — 26. aufgefttil^te, raised, i.e. with her elbow resting on 
some support. 

87. — 15. bo<ft, in reply to a negative question = Yes. £)% 
bo(^, Oh, yes, I do. 

23. ba^ eS mhr ntt^t umd Zan^tn loar, tAa/ (<A«) dancing was 
not my object. 

88. — 9. 6ftrifto*»t|. Notice case. — 24. ju [i^rtm] ^tolf. 

89. — 22. bflrum, to do so. 

28 f. Notice the changes of mode and tense in the synopsis 
of the letter in indirect statement. 

90. — 18. (fiir) We . . . aWeifterleute = here, ben SWeifUr unb 
bit 50?elftcrin, or ben SWeifter unb fcine grau. 

91. — 17. lo9, supply fontmen, get free from, rid yourself {of). 
19. CK bo(^! Cf. 87. 15. 

31. 3>i^'n ttjurbe noc^ cintnaf . . . flcrufen. For the omis- 
sion of ti cf. 58. 7. For the impersonal passive cf. 42. 26. 

NOTES 109 

93. — 7. ed biitb auttf ntt^t bet bicfen Sctc^cn, moreover matters 
(e*) did not stop at these demonstrations. 

9. Xcrj. In fencing, the third of a series of eight points 
and parries, beginning with prima. A thrust in Tierce is a 
thrust, with the knuckles upward, at the upper breast, which, 
from the ordinary position of engagement, the left of the 
foils touching, is given after passing the foil to the other side 
of the opponent's weapon. — Century Dictionary. 

27. toaS rebft bu nur! In questions and exclamations nur 
expresses surprise. What in the world are you talking about? 

94. — 4. hjos bcr flcfcfjit ftabcn tnag? Cf. 50. i. 

6. (JrouIftnS. In the colloquial speech, especially of North 
Germany, the plural — « is freely added to nouns of common 
occurrence (9K(tbc^en«, 3wnfl«n*» etc.). 

19. moc^te . . ., probably bad ... Cf. 23. 4. 



Forms included in the Vocabulary 

Nouns. The gender, nominative singular, genitive singular 
(when different from the nominative), and the nominative plural 
are indicated. 

Verbs. To the principal parts of irregular (strong) verbs is 
added the indicative present, third person singular, when the stem 
vowel differs from that of the present infinitive. Of verbs separ- 
ably compounded, the parts of the simple verb only are given. 
Intransitive verbs unless marked (f) [= fcin] have Ijabcn as tense 
auxiliary. Infinitives used as nouns and participles used as ad- 
jectives are in many cases not separately given. 

Adjectives — Adverbs. The forms of the comparative and the 
superlative are given when the stem-vowel differs from that of the 
positive. Adverbs having the same form as the adjective stem are 
not as a rule separately indicated. 

ProHUHciation has been indicated where it seemed necessary. 


ace. — accusative. 

m. — masculine. 

adj. — adjective. 

n. — neuter ; note. 

adv. — adverb. 

num. — numeral. 

ef. — confer. 

/. /. — perfect participle. 

ej. — conjunction. 

pr. p. — present participle. 

comf. — comparative. 

//. — plural. 

dot. — dative. 

poss. — possessive. 

d^m. — demonstrative. 

prep. — preposition. 

dim. — diminutive. 

pr. — pronounce. 

Eng. — English. 

pron. — pronoun. 

/. — feminine. 

prop. n. — proper name. 

Fr. — French or derived from 

re/lex. — reflexive. 


reg. — regular ; of verb* : weak. 

gen. — genitive. 


%. — ftabtn. 

rel. — relative. 

imfers. — impersonal. 

f. — \t\n. 

indecl. — indeclinable. 

ting. — singular. 

interr. — interrogative. 

super. — superlative. 

intr. — intransitive. 

tr. — transitive. 

inUrj. — interjection. 



^alhaut, «., -[e]«, ''er, eelgrass. 

ob, adv. and sep.prtf., off, away, 
down; — unb ju gefjen, walk 
back and forth. 

abbldttern, intr. (f.) a«^/ reflex., 
flake <>/- scale off. 

abbredicn (brad), gebrod)cn, bric^t), 
/r. and intr. (f.), break off; 
abgebroc^en {p.p.), adj., discon- 

^benb, m., -3, -e, evening. 

9Ibeubeffcn, «., -3, — , supper. 

9IbenbI)itnmeI, m., -8, — , even- 
ing sky. 

9(benb(uft, /., "c, evening air. 

9lbenbrot, «., -[e]3, sunset <7r 
evening glow. 

abenbS, a^/z"., in the evening, of 
an evening. 

^benbfonne, /., -n, evening or 
setting sun. 

9tbcntCUCr, «., -3, — , adventure. 

flbcr, <:(7M/'., but, however. 

9lbfn^rt, /., -en, departure. 

9lbflott, m., -e«, "er, idol. 

ab^angen (^tng, ge^angcn, ()dngt), 
intr., (toon timoS) — , depend 
(upon). [birth. 

^bfunft, /., descent, extraction, 

ablnufeit (lief, gelaufen, Iduft), 
intr. (f.), run off or down, set 
out,//-, (f).), outrun, gain by run- 
ning; (bit ben SRang) obloufen, 
outstrip, outrank. 

nbtCflen, tr., lay aside, take off. 

nbJiJfctt, tr., relieve. 

dbnc^mcit (na^m, genommen, 
nimmt), tr., take off or away; 
(ben Korf) — , pull. 

tHbrctfe, /., -n, departure. 

abretfen, intr. {[.), set out, de- 

9(bf(t|teb, w.,-[e]8, -e, departttre, 

abft^Iag, m., -[e]S, "e, ouf — 
5a^(en, pay on account, make 
part payment. 

abfc^Iogen (feeing, gefc^Iagen, 
fc^Idgt), tr., beat {or strike) off, 

nbft^ncibcn ([djnitt, gcfc^nitten), 
tr., cut off. 

abfd|ilttc(n, tr., shake off. 

abfc^lQCnfcn, intr. {\.) and reflex., 

turn aside, wheel off. 
abfctti^, adv., apart, aside, to one 

abfe^en, intr., cease, stop. 




aifolpte'ren, tr., absolve, pass, 
complete (one's studies). 

abfpenfttg, adj., etnem etrtia* — 
mad)cn, estrange or alienate 
something from someone. 

abtreten (trot, gctrctcii, tritt), 
intr. (f), step or walk away, 

abtrotfneit, tr., dry or wipe off. 

ObniC^rett, tr., keep or ward off, 
avert ; QbhJC^renb {pr.p.), repel- 
ling the thought. 

abwctfeit (rated, gelotcfen), tr., re- 
fuse, reject, dismiss. 

Ob^a^lcn, tr., count out or off. 

SlbjUg, w., -[e]8, *c, marching 
off, departure. 

Cd^, intery'., ah I oh I alas I 

m^t, num., eight; eighth; — 
Xage fpciter, a week later. 

94t, /., attention, heed; aufeer 
ac^t laffen, disregard, neglect; 
fi(^ in ad^t nefjtnen, take heed 
{or care). 

ad^ten, /r., esteem, respect ; intr. 
(auf), pay attention (to), give 
heed to; tit(^t grofe barouf — , 
give little heed to. 

9lrfcr, m., -8, ', (tilled) field. 

«(ferfelb, «., -[«]«, -cr, (tilled) 

S^nlil^, adj., like, similar. 

afabe'mifl^, adj., academic(al), 

•fjentute^ren, tr., accentuate. 

all, whole, entire, every ; oDeS, 
«. sing., all (persons), every- 
body, everything; Don aQcbem, 
of all that ; t)or oQcnt, especial- 

allebem, cf. qH 
9lUee', /., -n (Fr.), walk, avenue 

(of trees). 
aOein^, adj. indee. and adv., 

alone, only ; cj., but, however. 
nQetnal, adv., always, each time. 
oKerbtngd, adv., certainly, to be 

sure. [divers. 

aHerlei, adj., indec, all sorts of, 
aOerUebft, adj. and adv., (most) 

charming, delightful. 
on[e]5ett, adv., always, at all 

aQmo^lil^, adj. and adv., gradu- 

al(ly), by degrees. 
aUjU, adv. (quite or much) too; 

nic^t — mobern, none too fash- 
aid, cj., as, when ; {after comp.): 

than ; {after negatives): except, 

but; {before inverted clause): 

as if. 
fllfo, adv. and cj., thus, therefore, 

accordingly, so, then. 
o(t (alter, ditfft), adj., old; alt iinb 

jung {indec), old and young 

(people) ; metne 9(lte {familiar), 

my wife. 
«Uer, n., -%, — age. 

arterie''ren, reflex.; jld^ — , be 
vexed or excited. 



«Iter«flenoff[e], m., -ffcn, -ffen, 
contemporary, of the same age. 

alt^erlSmmlil^, adj., traditional, 

filtltci^, adj., elderly. 

%mt, n., -[e]8, «er, office, em- 

Smtntann, m., -8, -manner or 
-(eute, magistrate, steward, 

an, prep. {dat. and ace), at, by, 
near, against, along, to, up to, 
on, upon, in, in respect of, of, 
for, from ; om = — bent ; anS 
=: — hai ; adv. and sep. pre/., 
on (ward), along, up. 

anbteten (bot, geboten), tr., offer. 

anblicfen, tr., look at. 

onbrei^en (brac^, gebrodien, bric^t), 
intr., (log), dawn, break ; 
(3lbenb), come on. 

anber, adj., other, different, next. 

onbermal, adv.; ein — , (at) an- 
other time. 

anbtrd, adv., otherwise, else. 

anbeuten, tr., indicate, hint. 

anbeufungSnctfe, adv., in out- 
line, in a sketchy manner, by 
way of suggestion. 

onetnanber, adv., together, 

Slnfoilfl, m., -[t\i, *e, beginning. 

onfoitflcn (fing, gefangen, fongt), 
tr. and intr., begin, commence. 

anfanglil^, adj., incipient, orig- 
inal ; adv., in the beginning, at 
the outset. 

^nfongSgrunbe, m. pi., rudi- 
ments, elements. 

anfaffen, tr., take hold of, seize ; 
mic^ — , take my arm. 

onferttgen, tr., make, manufac- 
ture; angefertigt (/. /.), adj., 

anffl^ren, tr., lead (on), com- 
mand, adduce. 

9(nfii^rung, /., -en, leadership, 

anfiiUen, tr., fill up. 

angeflogen (/. /.), adj., on the 
wing, flying; ftJie — , as if hav- 
ing just alighted. 

attge^en (ging, gegangen), intr. 
(f), begin, start; tr., concern, 
affect ; eS ge^t mic^ nic^tS an, it 
does not concern me. 

angene^m, adj., pleasant, agree- 

angie^en (go6, gegoffen), tr., pour 
on; lute angegoffen, as if poured 
on, (fit) like the skin. 

^n^d^e, /., -n, rising ground, 

9nf(ingen (««/•)» "•» -^' clinking 
(of glasses). 

anfnfi<>fett, ^r., join, tie ;(5Jefannt. 
f(^aft) — , form ; (®efprdd)) — , 
enter into. 

anfommen (font, gefommen), intr. 
(f.),arrive;aufetnjad — , depend 
upon; eS fommt mir auf ben 
$reiS nicf)t an, the price is of 
no consequence to me. 



Vnfnnft, /., "e, arrival. 

aninrficn, tr., smile at (or upon). 

aniegcn, /'., set up, establish; 
put on. 

Slnlething, /., -en, guidance, in- 

9(nliegeit, n., -«, — , request, de- 

anmutig, aJJ., charming, comely, 

9(nnd^eruug, /., -en, approach, 
drawing near. 

anne^mcit (nal)m, genommcn, 
ntmtnt), tr., accept, take, as- 

9nrauf(^en (/«/•)» "•. -*» rustling 
or rushing sound. 

flttrcbett, tr., address. 

anrufen (vict, flenifen), tr., call or 
appeal to, hail. 

9(nf(^aueii {in/.), «., -5, gazing, 

anfc^einettb {/r. /.), adj. and 
adv., apparent(ly), seeming- 


9lnf(^Iagcn (/«/•)> "•> -^> ringing, 

anfe^en (faf), oefe^en, fie^t), tr., 
look at, upon, or on, behold; 
fic^ — , impress (one), look. 

anfe^en, tr., set, {of time)-, ap- 

9lnfpnt(^, m., [e]8, 'e, claim, de- 
mand; in — ne^men, claim, lay 
claim to. 

ttltftalt, /., -en, preparation ; es- 

tablishment, institution; — 

niad)en, make ready, prepare. 

anftarrcn, tr., stare {or gaze) at. 

anfiatr, prep. {ge»., inf. and sub- 
stantive clause), instead of. 

anftaunen, /'., gaze at (with as- 
tonishment), marvel at. 

anfteUig, adj., capable, efficient. 

onfto^en (ftiefe, aeftofeen, ftofet), tr. 
and intr., push, strike against ; 
nudge; clink (glasses). 

anftrcngen, tr., strain, stretch; 
fi(^ — , exert oneself, strive; 
anftrcnflcnb (/r. /.), adj., ardu- 
ous, intense. [nance. 

9(nt(it;, «., -c8, -t, face, counte- 

antretcn (tvat, gftreten, tritt), tr., 
enter, set out upon, begin; 
intr. (f.), take one's place, 
stand up. 

9(ntrteb, m., -[e]8, -t, impulse. 

aittun (tat, fletan), tr., put on, in- 
flict on ; (ed einem) — , bewitch, 
fascinate; (mit eincr @(^iirj() 
an^ttan, wearing. 

9tnttO0rt, /., -en, answer, reply. 

anttOOrten, tr. and intr., answer, 

^nttiefrn^rtt, /., presence. 

)Hni9urf, m., -[e]»s, plaster, 

9(ll,)a^(, /., number. 

onaie^cn (jog, flejogen), tr., draw 
{or put) on; attract; fi4 — » 
dress ; anjic^enb, (/r. /.) adj.^ 



onjiinben, tr., light, kindle. 

%^^t\\i', >».,-[€]*, appetite, hun- 
ger, relish. 

9Irbeit, /., -en, work, task, labor. 

arbettett, intr. and tr., work, 

^rbeiter, m., -i, — , workman, 

org (arger, argft), adj., bad, evil, 

iirgern, tr., vex, annoy. 

9Irg(ift, /., cunning, craftiness. 

^flrgUdfalter, m., -8, — , argus 
butterfly, small blue butterfly 
{genus Lycaend). 

arm (armer, drmfi), adj., poor. 

Strut, m., -[e]«, -c, arm. 

^rmbanb, «., -[e]8, 'er, bracelet. 

^rmut, /., poverty. 

21rt, /.| -en, kind, manner, spe- 

artifl, adj., pretty, nice, well- 
. behaved. 

Slrjt, m., -e8, H, physician, doc- 

ajiattfd^, adj., Asiatic. 

h. son aise (/'>.), at bis ease. 

$ltem, m., -i, breathing, breath. 

atmen, intr. and tr., breathe. 

aui^^ adv. and cj., also, too, even ; 
[tt)te, tpo or »aS] — , — ever; 
toemt — , even if, although. 

auf, prep. {dat. and ace), on, up- 
on, to, up to, into, toward, at, 
in, for, of J aufS = — bod; — 
einmal, all at once; auf^ neue, 

anew; adv. and sep. pre/., up 

(-wards), upon, open; — unb 

ah, back and forth. 
aufatmen, intr., draw a long (or 

deep) breath; breathe freely 

(or again). 
aufbeioa^ren, tr., keep, preserve, 
aufblitfen, intr., look up. 
^ilufbriicfen (»«/•). »;-^, opening. 
oufeinan'ber, adv., one after (or 

upon) another. 

9(ufent^a(t, m., -[«]«, -t, stop, 

stay, sojourn. 

auffa^reit (fu^r, flefa^ren, fa^rt), 
intr. (\.), start (or spring) up. 

tLVL^tiVitXi (ftel, flefatten, foDt), intr. 
(f.), fall upon, strike, surprise ; 
auffallenb (pr.p.), a<^'., striking, 

aufffiUig, adj., striking, remark- 

auffifd^en, tr., fish up, (jig.) pick 

oufforbern, tr., summon, chal- 
lenge, urge; (jum Xonje) — , 

oufge^en (ging, gegangen), intr. 
(f.), go up, rise; mir ging ein 
fiic^t auf, light began to dawn 
upon me. 

auf^angen, tr., hang up. 

aufi)5ren, intr., cease, leave off, 

aufjauc^jen, intr., shout (for 
joy). [ing. 

auflai^en, intr., burst out laugh- 



ouflc^nen, reflex., fl<^ flegeit ettooS 
— , rebel against, resist. 

auftnerlfam, adj., attentive. 

^ufmerffamfeit, /., -en, atten- 

^uf na^mc, /., -n, reception. 

oufne^men (na^m, genommen, 
nimmt), tr., take up, receive. 

OUfptrfen, tr., pick {or peck) up. 

aufrei^t, adj. and adv., erect, 

aufrei^en (rife, geriffen), tr., tear 
or fling open. 

aufric^ten, tr., rabe, set up; fi(^ 
— , stand {or sit) up. 

Slufru^r, m., -\t\i, -t, tumult, 

ouffi^crcn (fc^or, gef<!^oten), tr., 
coil, stretch. 

ouffdjloflcn iWm, fltfc^Iagen, 
fcl)ld9t), tr., (bie 9(ugen) — , 
raise, open ; (3<Ite, etc.) — , put 
up, erect. 

ouff(^lie§en {Woi, gef(^loffen), 
tr., open, unlock. 

auffc^naUen, tr., buckle on (or 
up). [up. 

ouffdjiirjett, tr., tuck {or gather) 

ouffelien {\af), gefe^en, [it^t), intr., 
look up. 

auffe^cn, tr., put on. 

auffpie|en, tr., pierce, spit, im- 

auffl^ringen (fprang, gefprungen), 
intr. {\.), spring (cr jump) up; 
fljT open. 

aufftc^en, (ftanb, gcftanben), intr. 
((.), get up, rise, stand up. 

aufftetten (ftieg, geftiegen), intr. 
(f), mount, rbe, ascend. 

aufftcDrn, tr., set up, raise. 

auffirtben, intr., strive upward; 
aufftrebcnb ( pr. />.), adj., aspir- 
ing; tall. 

oufftreit^eit (ftridi, geftric^en), tr. 
and intr., to strike up (a tune, 

aufft^tftn, tr., prop up, support. 

auffuc^Cn, tr., look up {or for); 
wieber — , revisit. 

auftauc^eit, intr. (f.), rise up, 
emerge, appear. 

Sluftrag, tn., -[t]i, *e, commis- 
sion, errand. 

aufmaOen, intr. {[.), bubble {or 
boil) up. 

9(ufl»Srter, m., -i, —, waiter, 

91ufipSrtertn, /., -nen, waitress. 

^Uge, n., -4, -n, eye. 

91ugen61ilf, m., -[e]«, -t, mo- 
ment, instant. 

?[uflenHb, «., -[e]8, -er, eyelid. 

OUgenfl^einUl^, a<^'., evident, ob- 

Sluflufit, w., -[eS], -e, (the month 
of) August. 

OUd, fref. {dat.), out of, from, of, 
with, for; adv. and sep. pre/., 
out, over, finished. 

Ifludliilkung, /., education, train- 



ituSbrettCIt, tr. and reflex. ^Sfx^zA 
(out), extend. [sion. 

^ludbrurf, m., -[e]8, *e, expres- 

audbriitfcn, /r. ««</ reflex., press 
out; express. 

aUCteinan^ber, adv., apart, asun- 

audetnanbcrfe(;en, tr., explain, 

set forth. 

auiifltegen (flog, geflogen), intr. 
(f), fly out (^r away). 

auSfu^ren, tr., lead {or carry) 
out, execute. 

^UiSfii^rung, /., -en, perform- 
ance, execution. 

9tudgang, m., -[e]3, "e, exit, end. 

9tu§flOUfl§tiir,/.,-en, exit (door). 

auiSge^en (ging, gegongen), intr. 
(D, go out. 

aUiSgelaffen (/. /.), ««>'., unre- 
strained, exuberant, boister- 

ouS^cIfen (^alf, ge^olfen, liilft), 
»>//r., aid, help out. 

OUSIac^en, /r., laugh at; intr., 
cease laughing. 

aUiSlaubtfc^, adj., foreign. 

auSpacfen, /n, unpack. 
auiSreben, tr., (cinem etiuaS) — , 

au^riiften, tr., prepare, provide, 

audfdiauen, intr., (norfi ettoaS) — , 

look out (for). 
aUi^fc^Ue^Hd), adj. and adv., ex- 


auSfc^eit (fa^, gcfc^en, fic^t), /w/r., 
look, appear ; barnad) — , look 
(like) it. 

9(Uvfe^en (/«/.), «., -i, appear- 

au^cn, adv., out, without, (on 
the) outside. 

9lu^cnfcttC, /., -n, outside, ex- 

auger, prep, (dat.), out of, out- 
side of, without, besides, ex- 
cept, but. 

augerbeut, adv., besides, more- 

augerft, adj. and adv., extreme- 
(ly), utmost. 

^Udftdjt, /., -en, view, prospect, 

auSftetgen (fttcg, gcftiegen), intr. 
(f.), alight, get out. 

auSftogen (ftic6, geftoeen, ftofet), tr., 
push (or thrust) out, utter; 
einen Sdirct — , scream. 

auS^iVtdtn, tr., stretch out, ex- 

au£ifu(i^eil, tr., select; auSgefuc^t 
(/• /•)> '^'O-f choice. 

anStau\ttitn, tr., exchange. 

OUStrOlfnett, tr. and intr. (f.), dry 
out (or up). 

aui^madifen {\m<S)i, gchjodifen, 
loddjft), intr. (f.), attain full 
growth ; boH auSgetoat^fen, full 

au^ttia^Ien, tr., choose, select. 

auSweii^en (loid), gcjoidjcn), intr. 



(f.), {Ja/.), avoid, evade, shun, 
get out of the way (of). 

'^adcnbatt, m., -[t]^, *e, whis- 

llBncfcnfnoc^en, m., -8, — , cheek- 

"^a^^xi, /., -en, track, road, way. 

haVb, adv., soon, presently; balb 
. . . balb, now . . . now. 

iSnlfcn, m., -i, — , beam. 

mVi, m., -[e]S, -e, ball. 

baUcit, tr., form into a ball; flC' 
batlte Sauft, clenched fist. 

»a«ct'fprung, m., -[e]«, ^e, bal- 

Safl^ouS, «., -e«, 'er, public 
ball-room, dance hall. 

l^aQftaat, w., -[e]«, ball costume. 

l^anb, «.,-[e]8, *er, ribbon ; {dim. 

Sanf, /., "e, seat, bench. 

SBrtrriere, /., -n [Fr. pr. SBfl^rifi^ 
7^], barrier, railing. 

Sarfc^oft, /., -fn, cash, ready 

S?art, tn., -[c]8, 'e, beard. 

lBort^eI,/ro/. «. [Sart^olomo'uS, 

baurn, tr., build. 

!!Pttucrburft^[e], »w.,-f(^«n, -f<6«n, 
peasant lad, young peasant. 

Sauermabc^en, «, ^8, — , peas- 
ant girl. 

Slaum, w., -[e]8, 'e, tree. 

Saumgang, m., -[e]«, '«, avenue 
of trees. 

baumloS, adj., treeless. 

S)aumf(^atten, »»., -«, — , 
shadow or shade of a {or the) 

!^aumftamm, m., -[e]'3, 'c, tree 
trunk. [to. 

beac^teu, tr., heed, pay attention 

l^enuregarb, prop. n. 

bebauen, tr., cultivate, till. 

bebetl, intr., shake, tremble. 

beboueril, tr., regret, deplore, 

bebecfen, tr., cover. 

bebenfen (bebadite, bcbadit), tr., 
think about {or over), consid- 
er; fic^ — , reflect, deliberate. 

bebeuten, intr., mean, signify; 
bcbeutenb {pr. p.), adj., import- 
ant, significant. 

bebienen, tr., serve; p* (+ir«.) 
— , make use of, avail oneself 

bebitrfen (bcburfte, beburft, be 
barf), tr, and intr. {-¥ gtn.), be 
in need of, need, require. 

9?ebttrfntd, «., -niffed, -niffe, 
want, need, necessity. 

bee^rcn, tr., honor. 

beenbigen, tr., end, finish. 

befangen, adj., embarrassed, 

befeM«n(^«f'J^I' befo^len, befie^It), 
tr., command. 



beftnben (befanb, befunben), tr., 
find, think ; fid) — , be, do. 

93ctin)ien (»«/.). «•, -^, health. 
beftnMt(4, adj., to be found, 

being, situated. 
befreunbet (/. /.), adj., friendly ; 

— e T'omen, lady friends, 
befriebtgen, tr., appease, satisfy, 
bcflcbctt (begab, begeben, bcgibt), 

reflex. ; fid) — , betake oneself, 


begegnen, intr. (f), {dat), meet. 

iBegegnung, /., -en, meeting. 

begeiftert (/. /.), adj., enthusi- 

SBegeifterung, /., -en, enthusi- 

0egtnn, m., -[c]3, beginning. 

beginnen (begann, begonnen), tr. 

and intr., begin. 
begleiten, tr., accompany, 
begraben (begrub, begraben, be« 

grabt), tr., bury. 
Scgriff, »».,-[c]§, -e, idea,notion, 

conception ;tm — fd)ctnen, seem 

about to, or on the point of. 
bcgriinbcn, tr., found, establish, 
begru^en, tr., greet. 
S^eljagcn, «., -S, comfort, ease, 

be^agltl^, adj., comfortable, 

agreeable; at (one's) ease, 
bebdltcn (be^ielt, befialten, bepit), 

tr., keep, retain. 
be^au^ften, tr., maitain, assert. 
be^Utfant, adj., cautious, careful. 

bft, frep. (dat.), adv. and sep. 
pre/., near, by, at, with, at the 
house of, in, during, consider- 
ing, in spite of; beim ■=. — bcni. 

beil^ten, tr. and intr., confess. 

beibe, adj. {pi.), both, two. 

S3ei^tlfe, /., aid, assistance. 

Scin, «., -{i\i, -e, leg. 

Scinwcrf, «., -[e]S, legs. 

beifammen, ad7:, together, 

Setfammenfein, «., -i, being to- 

beifeite, adv., aside. [bite. 

bei^en (bife, gebtfien), tr. and intr., 

8)ettrag, m., -8, "e, contribution. 

belannt, adj., (well)known, ac- 
quainted, familiar ;Serannte(T), 
m.andf., acquaintance, friend. 

Sefonntfl^aft, /., -en, acquaint- 

beKommcn {p. p.), adj., anxious, 

93ef(ommen^ett, /., -en, uneasi- 
ness, embarrassment. 

befommeit (betam, betommen), tr., 
get, receive; jit t)bren — , get 
word or report of; intr. (f.), 
agree (with one's health) ; loo^l 
befomm''8 ! may it agree with 
you, to your health! 

bcfiimmerit, tr., trouble, grieve. 

befunben, /'., make known, 

belabcn (p.p.), adj., laden (with), 

bcloubt (/,/•)> adj., covered with 
foliage, in leaf. 



bclcgcn, tr., overlay, cover; 
reserve (a seat, etc.); (in nut 
3Bur|t belefltcd 53utterbrot, a 
sausage sandwich. 

bclc^rcit, //'., instruct, teach. 

lie(eud)ten, tr., light up, illumi- 

35eleud^htng,/., -en, lighting up, 
illumination. [please. 

beltebeit, tr. and intr., to like, 

belicbt {p. /.), adj., favorite, 

bcmerfen, tr., remark, observe, 

iSemerfung, /., -en, remark, ob- 

bemu^en, tr., trouble; fic^ — , 
exert oneself; bemiil)t fc^einen, 
seem to be endeavoring. 

3)emu^ung, /., -en, trouble, ef- 

beob'ac^ten, tr., observe, watch. 

berauf(i)en, tr., intoxicate. 

iBercic^, m.orn.,-[i\i, -e, reach, 
range, sphere. 

beretfen, tr., cover with hoar 
frost ; bereift ( /./.), adj., hoary. 

bereit, adj., ready, prepared. 

bcrcitd, adv., already. 

Sereitft^oft, /., readiness. 

bcreuen, tr., repent (of), rue. 

i'erg, m., -[e]8, -e, mountain, 

brri(i|ten, tr., report. 

iBeruf, m., -[e]*, -t, vocation, 

berfi^mt, i*^'., famous, renowned. 
!6cru^mt(|eit, /., fame, renown, 

beriiljrcn, tr., touch. 

befc^affen, tr., procure; hior ju 
— , was to be procured or pro- 
curable, [employ. 

befdiaftigen, tr., busy, occupy, 

befd)attcn, tr., shade. 

S9cf(^(ib, m., -[t]i, -t, informa- 
tion, report, answer. 

b(fd)etbcn, adj., modest, unpre- 

93cfd)Ctbcnt|rtt /., modesty. 

befc^letdien (bcfc^lic^, befdilidjen), 
tr., steal or creep over (or up- 

befc^Iie|en, (befd)lo6, befc^loffen), 
tr. and intr., conclude, decide, 

83ef(f|fi^erin, /., -nen, protect- 
ress, patroness. 

bcfc^cn, tr., occupy, take posses- 
sion of; befell (/. /.), adj., 
taken, filled. 

beftegeln, tr., seal. 

befinnett (bcfann, bef onnen), re/lex., 
consider, reflect, remember, 
bethink oneself; c^e t(^ ntidi 
befinne, before I have my wits 
about me. 

Seftnnen (»«/), «., -8, reflection, 

Seftnnung, /., consciousness. 

befi^en (befaj, befeffen), tr., po»- 



bt\on'bttS, adv., (e)specially, par- 

BtiotQtliS, /., -niffe, care, con- 
cern, alarm. 

beffcr, at/j. (comp. of gut and 
>uof)I), better. 

beft, adj. (sup. of gut and »t)Of)I), 
best; jum bcften geben, give 
freely, treat, sacrifice. 

beftiiubt (/. /.), adj., covered 
with dust, dusty. 

^eftec^ung^tierfud^, m., -[e]d, -c, 
attempt at bribery. 

befteQen, tr., order. 

beftitnmeit, tr., fix, appoint, de- 
fine; beftimmt {p.p.), adj., def- 
inite, decided, exact, fixed. 

93eftiir5Utt0, /., alarm, dismay. 

bcfUC^cn, tr., visit, attend. 

83etonung, /., -en, emphasis, ac- 

betrac^teit, tr., regard, look at. 

SJetreff, m., -[e]«, in — (^-gen.), 
with regard to, in respect of. 

betreffcit(5ctraf, bctroffen, bettifft), 
tr., concern, touch, surprise; 
betroffen {p.p.), adj., perplexed, 
confused, surprised. 

»ett, «., -[e]^, -en, bed. 

bettein, intr., beg. 

beugcn, tr. and reflex., bend, 

beUltrU^tgcn, tr., disquiet, alarm ; 
fic^ — , be disturbed. 

beOor, cj., before. 

ieborftc^cn (ftanb, geftanben), 

intr., be in store {or at hand), 
be imminent. 
bettorfte^enb {p.p.), adj., coming, 


beioat^fen (/./.), a^^'., overgrown 

beloegeit, tr., move, stir; agitate, 

betocgcn (betDog, bettogen), tr., in- 
duce, persuade. 

9cWe8Unfl,/.,-en, motion, move- 
ment, action. 

beniirfen, tr., effect, produce. 

betuunbern, tr., admire. 

93elOUnberung, /., admiration. 

bett^U^t, adj., conscious (<?raware) 
of. [ness. 

S)etOU^tfetlt, «., -8, conscious- 

bejeigeil, tr., show, manifest; 
fic^ — , show {or conduct) one- 

bej(ie^cn (bc^og, bejogcn),/r., move 
into, take possession of ; cover ; 
(bie Uutbcrfitdt) — , enter. 

93esirf, m., -[e]5, -e, borough, 

SejirfSp^ljflfuS, m., —, district 
health officer. 

be^Wiltflen (bcjitiong, beaittuugen), 
tr., master, subdue ; jid) — , re- 
strain oneself. 

93t(fbccrengeftrau(f|, «., -[i]i, -c, 
huckleberry bushes. 

JBtcnc, /., -n, bee. 

8icnenflcfmnm[e], «.,-[«]*' ^"^n- 
ming of bees. 



Sicncttfleton, w.-LeJe, humming 
sound of the bees. 

iPter, «., -[t]i, -e, beer. 

SBterfeibel, «., -i, — , beer mug. 

btetcn (bot, gebotcn), ir., offer, bid ; 
was man bem Ctfe — barf, what 
one may expect (of, etc.), how 
far one may trust, etc. 

Bijou, [/>. pr. j. = Eftg. z in 
azure; ou =i Ger. u.], jewel; 
mon bijou, my treasure. 

Cilb, «., -[e]«, -cr, picture. 

bilbeit, tr.f form, educate, culti- 

Silbfd^nt^eret, /., -en, wood- 

Sillttrb, «., -«, -e or-i [pr. 3311'' 
jdrt], billiards, billiard table. 

StKarbjimmer, «., h8, — , bil- 
liard room. 

ittttg, a</j., reasonable, fair, 
cheap. [tie. 

itnben (banb, gebunben), /r., bind, 

his, prep, {acc^, adv., cj., to, up 
to, as far as, till, until ; — aitf, 
up to, except (for); — bal^tn, 
to that place or time. 

bidder, adv., hitherto, till now. 

Sttte, /., -n, entreaty, request. 

bitten (bat, gebeten), tr., beg, ask, 
request; (t(^) bttte, please; btt= 
ttnb {pr. p.), adj. and adv., be- 
seeching(ly), imploring(ly). 

b(a^, adj., pale, wan. 

SJlfltt, «., -[e]3, *er, leaf {dim. 

b(au, adj., blue. 

bffl^ern, adj., (made oO tin. 

bletben, (blicb, geblieben), mtr. 
(f.), remain, stay, continue, 
rest; fte^eu — , stop, stand 
still ; fi^en — , remain seated ; 
ftecfcn — , stick fast, be stuck. 

b(ei(^, adj., pale, pallid. 

bletc^en, tr., bleach. 

blenben, tr., blind, dazzle. 

Sftrf, m., -[e]8, -e, look, sight, 
glance, glimpse. 

bltrfen, intr., look, glance. 

blinfeit, intr., glitter, sparkle, 

bltn^eln, intr., blink, wink. 

SH^, m., -c5, -e, lightning, flash, 

b(ti;cn, intr., gleam, flash, 

blonb, adj., blonde, fair. 

b(o§, adj., bare, naked; simple, 
adv., simply, merely. 

blu^en, intr., blossom, bloom. 

Slumc, /., -n, flower. 

Slumcnrofette,/., -n, flowerlike 

S3(umenftrau§, m., -e8, "c, bou- 
quet, nosegay. 

83(umentOpf, m., -[e]S, 'e, flower- 

»Iut, «., -e«, blood. 

¥lliite, /., -n, blossom, flower. 

iBliitentraube, /., -n, cluster of 

blutrot, adj., blood-red, crimson. 



f&ohtn, m., -8, — and ", ground, 

bobcilIOiS, adj., bottomless, un- 
fathomable ; iit§ $oben(ofe 

gcljcn, be bottomless. 
^l>^tn, m., -8, — , bow. 
SJoot, «., [c]8, -e and 93bte, boat. 
SBorb, >«., -[e]S, -c, rim, board, 

SBfirfe, /., -n, purse. 
bJg, bbfe, flrt^'., bad, evil, angry, 
braudien, //•., use, make use of; 

need, require. 
brautt, adj., brown; bte Sraune, 

the brunette. 
braunltd), adj., brownish. 
braufeit, intr., roar, hum, buzz. 
93rautt0am, w.,-8,-e, betrothed, 

StOtlO, inter/., bravo !, well done I 
brcc^ett (6racf), flebrodjen, Driest), 

tr., break. 
breit, adj., broad, wide, 
breiten, tr., spread, extend. 
brennen (brannte, gebrannt), tr. 

and intr., burn. 
SBrett, «., -[e]8, -cr, board, plank. 
SBrtcf, m., -[c]«, -e, letter, 
bringcn (braditc, gcbrac^t), tr., 

bring, carry, take. 
SBrombeerfoUcr,OT.,-8, — , Green 

Hair Streak {papilio rubi, a 
butterfly, olive brown above, 
bright green beneath). 
93rombcerranfe, /., -n, black- 
berry shoot or bramble. 

©rot, «., -[e]§, -e, bread, loaf of 
bread, (y?^.) livelihood; {dim. 
3}rotcf)en, roll, biscuit). 

JBrotfrumc, /., -It, bread-crumb. 

Sriilfc, /., -n, bridge. 

Srubcr, m., -8, ^ brother. 

brummen, intr., growl, mutter. 

93runnen, m., -e, — , fountain, 

Sruft,/., *e, breast, chest, bosom. 

Surf), «., -[c]S, "cr, book. 

ajuc^ie, /., -n, beech-(tree). 

S3ud)engang, »/., -[e]«, "e, avenue 
of beeches. [finch. 

Surf|finf[c], m., -Icn, -fen, chaf- 

S3u(^ftabe, m., -n[8], -n, letter 
(of the alphabet). 

IBud^t, /., -en, bay, inlet. 

bittfen, /r., bend; fid) — , stoop 

bunt, adj., gay, motley; — fle« 
luiirfelt, with variegated 

btirgerlid^, adj., civilian, (belong- 
ing to the) middle class. 

Sitrgermeiftcr, m.,-»,—, burgo- 
master, mayor. 

^iirgermetftcrin, /., -nen, wife 
of the burgomaster. 

93iirgcrftctg, m., -[e]8, -e, foot- 
path, sidewalk. 

83«rft^[c],w.,-fd)cn, -ft^en, youth, 
lad, apprentice, fellow; stu- 

83ufci^, m., -c8, *e, bush, shrub, 



Suttertirot, »., -[e]«, (a piece of) 
bread and butter. 

attampaQntt, m., -8 (pr. fc^am» 

pan'Mfr)/ champagne. 
6t)ampaancrpfropfcn, m.,-&, —, 

champagne cork. 
G^arlot^te, prof. «., Charlotte, 
^^riftop^, prop. «., Christopher. 

bo, adv. {place), there, here; 

{time) then ; cj., since, as, when, 
babet, adv., by it, (that<7r them), 

near, at hand, at the same 

time, in so doing (saying, etc.). 
•tiot^, ft., -[e]«(, "er, roof, 
baburc^, adv., through or by 

means of it, (this, that), there- 

bafiir, adv., for or in the place 

of it, (that, them), therefor, 
bagegett, adv., against it, (that, 

them), on the other hand, in 

comparison with, 
ba^etm, adv., at home; bet unS 

— , with our people at home, 
ba^er, adv. andcj., thence, hence ; 

therefore; along, 
ba^tn, adv., thither, in that direc- 
tion, away, along, to that place 

or time; — fein, be gone or 

ba^tnein, adv., in there. 

ba^inftcuern, intf. (^. and \.) and 
tr., steer {or head) in that 

balftnter, adv., behind it, (that 
or them). 

bal)tnn)cnben (raanbte, getponbt 
and reg.), tr., turn thither {or 
in that direction). 

barmaid, adv., at that time, then. 

Dame, /., -n, lady, partner. 

Damenbienfit, m., -ed, -t, gal- 

Domenfattel, m., -i, «, ladies' 
{or side-)saddle. 

bantit, adv., with it, (that, them), 
therewith ; cj., in order that. 

X)ammeruiig, /., twilight. 

bampfcn, intr., steam. 

biimpfcn, tr., suppress, check, 
deaden; ber flcbdmpf tc Ion, the 
muffled (subdued) sound. 

"^^^Vki:^, adv., after, for, concern- 
ing or toward it, (that, them); 
thereupon, accordingly ; — 
Quofctjcn, look (like) it. 

baneben, adv., beside it (that, 
them) ; bt(^t — , close by {or at 

banfen, intr. {dat.), thank, decline 
with thanks. 

bann, adv., ihtn. 

batan, adv., at, near or on it, 
(that, them); — boriiberac^fn, 
pass, go past, etc. ; — bcnf<n, 
think of, etc. ; — loiirgen, choke 
with it. 



barauf, adv.^ on, at, after or to 

it, (that, them), thereupon, 

then, thereafter, afterwards, 
barnud, adv., from or out of it, 

(that, them) ; — »t)erben, come 

of it. [proffer. 

barbicten (bot, geboten), tr., offer, 
barein, adv., in(to) it (or that). 
boreinfc^ett (fa^, gefe^en, fic^t), 

intr.y look on. 
bartn, adv., in it (that, them), 

barnad) = banoc^. 
bartiber, adv., over or about it, 

(that, them), on that account, 

on that point. 
bnrunt, adv. and cj., for or about 

it, (that, them) ; therefore, for 

that reason. 
barunter, adv., under or in the 

midst of it, (that, them), among 

ba^, cj., (in order) that, so that; 

ofjne — , without. 
Saturn, m., -5, S)aten, date, 
bauern, intr., last, continue, 
bauern, tr., move to pity, grieve, 
^autnen, m., -i, —, thumb. 

botton, adv., of or from it, (that, 

them), off, away. 
battor, adv., before or in front 

of it, (that, them). 
bajU, adv., to it, (that, them), 

besides, at the same time. 
bajUget)5rt0, adj., belonging (or 

pertaining) to it or them. 

bajmifdien, adv., between or 
among them, in the midst of 
it, (that, them).> 

^crfe,/., -n, covering, ceiling. 

^ecfel, m., -5, — , lid, cover. 

be^nen, tr., stretch; ftd) — , ex- 
tend, [thy 

beilt, poss. adj. and pron., your, 

benfen (bac^te, gebQ(^t), tr. and 
intr. [usually with an or iibcr + 
ace], think (of). 

benn, cj., for; adv., then; {in 
questions): pray, cf. 48, lo. 

ben^nod), cj. and adv., yet, still, 

ber, bie, baS, def. art., the ; dem. 
adj. and pron., that (one), this 
(one), he, she, it; rel. pron., 
who, which, that. 

berb, adj., strong, blunt, rough. 

berientge, biejenigc, baSjentge, adj. 
and pron., he (who), she (who), 
that (which). 

berfelbe, biefelbc, baSfelbe, adj. 
and pron., the same, he, she, it. 

ber'jeit, adv., at present. 

beS^dlb, adv. and cj., on that 
account, therefore. 

bedpef tterlic^, adj., disrespectful, 

be'flO, adv. (with comp.), the; je 
. . . befto, the . . . the. 

titUt, m.,-[e]i, -c, farthing, doit. 

bcut(t(^, adj., clear, distinct. 

^cuHtc^fett, /., clearness, dis- 



beutfl^, adj., German. 

^(Utf(^(anb, prop, n., -&, Ger- 

Itl^t, adj., close, tight, dense, 

bi(f, adj., thick, stout. 

^Icfir^t, «., -[e]«, -e, thicket. 

$iclc, /., -n, (deal-)board, floor. 

^tenft, m., -eS, -t, service. 

^icnftbotC, m., -n, -n, servant. 

btefer, biefe, btef[e8], dem. adj. 
andpron., this (one), that (one), 
the latter. 

bieSmaf, adv., this time. 
. ^tetrt(^, m., -«, prop. H. 

^ing, «., -\t\i, -e[r], thing. 

Sirne, /., -n, girl, lass, damsel. 

%\i\\iXi', m., -ti, -t, conversa- 
tion, discourse. 

bO(^, adv. and cj., yet, still, 
nevertheless, after all, but, 
though ; surely, why, really, 
indeed, at least ;cf. 7,3;15, i8. 

^of'tor, m.,-9,, S)oHo''rcn, doctor. 

bonnern, intr., thunder, boom. 

<J)orf, «., -[e]8, 'er, village. 

<Dortt, m., -[e]3, -«n, thorn. 

^orn^etfe, /., -n, thorny hedge. 

bort, adv., there, yonder, in that 

d08 \ dOB \,Fr\ back to back. 

^ofe, /., -n, box, snuff-box. 

®ofe, prop. n. 

%xvi\^if m., -[e]8, "e, wire. 

2)rang, w., -[e]«, impulse, de- 
tire, pressure. 

brSngen, tr. and intr., press, 
force, urge, insist ; (id) — , 
crowd, push. 

brau^en, adv., outside, out of 
doors, out there. 

bre^cn, tr., turn, twist. 

'^^re^orgel, /., -n, hand organ. 

brei, num., three. 

bretn — barein. 

brei^ifl, num., thirty. 

breije^nja^rig, adj., thirteen 
year(s) old. 

brtitlten (= bariniten), adv., in- 
side, within, indoors. 

broben, adv., up there, aloft, up- 

Ilroffet,/., -n, thrush. 

brjtben, adv., over there {or yon- 

^ru(f, m., -[e]«, -c, pressure. 

briicfen, tr., press. 

bruntcn (— boninten), adv., be- 
low, down there. 

btt, pron., you, (thou). 

$uft, tn., -[e]8, 'c, perfume, 

buftenb {pr.p), adj., fragrant. 

bulben, tr., suffer, permit, allow. 

bumm (biimmcr, biimmft), adj., 
stupid, dull, foolish. [tinct. 

bunlel, adj., dark, dim, indis- 

^unfel, «., -8, dark(ness). 

bunfdgrun, adj., dark green. 

!^unfel^Ctt, /., darkness, dusk. 

buufclrot, adj., dark red. 

bflnti, adj., thin. 



but^, prep- {ace), adv. and sep, 
pre/., through, by (means of), 
throughout, during. 

bttr(^''orbeitcn,/r.,work through ; 
fief) — , work one's way through. 

bur(^'br(ingen,/r., push through ; 
fid) — , force one's way through. 

burc^brtn^gen (burcfjbrong, bur(^= 
brungcn), tr., penetrate, pierce. 

burdieitian^ber, aa'z'., confusedly, 

burd^cinan'bcmcrfcn (toarf, ge= 
hJorfeit, irirft), ir., mix up, dis- 

burc^'firugeln, tr., beat soundly, 
thrash ; fief) — , fight. 

bur(^^ft(^tiD, adj., transparent. 

biirfen (burftc, gcburft, barf), 

modal aux., [permission, right]: 
be permitted or allowed, may, 
might ; nicf)t — , must not. 

bfirftig, adj., needy, scanty, poor, 

burftig, adj., thirsty. 

bitfter, adj., dark, gloomy, dismal. 

^U^enb, «., -8, -e, dozen. 

ebcn, adj., even, level, smooth; 

adv.,']\xst, just now, just then. 

even, precisely. 
@bene, /., -n, plain. 
ebenfaUS, adv., likewise, also, 
ebentn&^tg, adv., symmetrical. 
ebenfo, adv., just so {or as). 

ebenfOOft, adv., just so, {or as) 

ebenfofe^r, adv., just so, {or as) 

©iff, /., -n, comer, edge. 

erfig, adj., angular. 

ebcl, adj., noble, generous. 

t^aV, adj\ [Fr.], alike, the same. 

C^C, cj'., before. [riage. 

(5^C, /., -n, matrimony, mar- 

S^e^err, m., -n, -en, lord (and 
master), husband. 

e^er, comp. adv. \cf. e^e], rather, 

e^renfeft, «., -eS, -e, festival, 

e^rltl^, adj., honest, honorable, 
upright, respectable. 

Ct, interj., ohl — ttjaS, oh non- 
sense I 

ei, «., -[e]3, -cr, egg. 

@ifer, m., -8, zeal, ardor, eager- 

Gifcrfue^t, /., jealousy. 

eiferfild|tifl, adj., (ouf -h ace:), 
jealous (of). 

eifrig, adj., zealous, eager. 

eigen, adj., own, characteristic; 

etnem — fein, be peculiar to, or 
characteristic of. 

etgenftnnig, adj., wilful, obsti- 
nate, headstrong. 

ei'gentum, «., -[e]«, —turner, 

Gi'geittiimcr, m., -8, — , owner, 



Ctflentiintlic^, adj., characteristic, 

eilifl, adj., quick, hasty. 

ein, indef. art., a, an ; — ©eftaffcr, 
a body of water; cine SBare, a 
(piece of) material ; num., one ; 
fron., one, a person. 

Ctltan^ber, pron., indecl., one 
another, each other. 

cinBrec^en (brad), gebroc^en, 
brit^t), intr. (f.), come on (or 
appear) suddenly ; cinbrec^enbe 
2)unte[:^ett, approaching dark- 

einbringlii^, adj., impressive, 
urgent, intrusive. 

etnfai^, adj., simple. 

cinfaUen (fiel, gefatten, fattt), intr. 
(f.), fall in(to) ; occur to, come 
into one's mind; toaS fSHt bir 
cin?, what are you thinking 

@infaffung, /., -en, binding, 

ctnfinben (fanb, gefunben), reflex., 
fi(^ — , be present, appear. 

Sinflug, m., -ufieg, -iiffe, in- 

C^ingang, m., -[t]i, "e, entrance. 

eiiigc^cn (ging, gegangen), intr. 
(f )< go> (enter) into; come to 
an end, cease. 

ein^fiQen, tr., wrap {or muffle) 

(tnig, adj. and pron., some; //., 
a few, severaL 

etntD, adj., agreed, of one mind. 

einigerma^en, adv., to some 
extent, somewhat. 

@infauf, m., -{t\^, "e, purchase. 

einfeilen, tr., wedge in. 

etn(aben((ub, gelaben), tr., invite. 

eintnal, adv., once, some time, 
one day, at any time ; noc^ — , 
once more, again ; nt(f)t — , not 
even ; auf — , all at once, sud- 
denly; {^ith requests): just, 
only, pray. 

eiitne^men (noi^nt, genommen, 
nimmt), tr., take, occupy. 

cin|ia(!cn, tr., pack up. 

cinril^ten, tr., arrange, settle. 

einfont, adj., lonesome, lonely, 

(Sinfamfcit, /., solitude, isola- 
tion, loneliness. 

etnfammeitt, tr., collect. 

etnf l^enf en, tr., pour (water, wine, 
etc., into a glass, etc.). 

einfi^Iafen (fdjHef, gefc^lofcn, 
f(t)lQft), intr., fall asleep. 

einfe^en, tr., put or set in (place), 
appoint ; intr., begin. 

etnftegein, tr., seal up. 

einftlbtg^ adj., taciturn, curt, re- 

einft, adv., once, some day. 

etnftetgen (fticg, gefttegcii), intr. 
(f.), get into (carriage, boat, 

einfieQen, tr., place, put in place; 
[Id) — , appear. 



Ctnftorfifl, adj.^ one-storied. 

einftubtercn, tr., rehearse, study. 

cintretctt (trat, getreten, tritt), intr. 
(f.), enter, step in, set in. 

@intritt, m., -[e]§, -e, entrance. 

@intirittSgelb, «., -[eJ8, -er, en- 
trance (or gate) money. 

etnufien, tr., practice. 

StttDerftanbntS, «., -ntffeg, -niffe, 
agreement, understanding. 

eintoei^en, tr., initiate, conse- 

@tntoenbung, /., -en, objection. 

eintoicfeln, tr., wrap (up). 

SintOO^ner, m., -3, — , inhabit- 

©inttJO^nerft^oft,/., inhabitants. 

einwurf, >n.,-[e]§, "e, objection, 
reply, rejoinder. 

Cinseln, adj., single, detached, 

einjie^en (jog, gejogen), tr., draw 
in; Srfunbigung — , collect in- 
formation, make inquiry ; intr. 
(f), march (or move) in(to). 

einjig, adj., sole, only. 

@ii^, «., -e§, ice. 

@iiSberfc, /., -n, sheet (<?r cover- 
ing) of ice. 

@ifcn, «., -8, iron. 

@ifenbra^t, »i., -[e]S, % iron 


@tfengeldnber, «., -S, — , iron 

rail(ing), balustrade. 
Cifem, adj., iron, 
ei^fo^rt, /., -en, skating-trip. 

0(^e, /., -tt, surface of the 

@iS(auf, tn., -S, skating. 
ei§f<)iCflCl, >w., -§, — , ice (as 
smooth or clear as a mirror). 
(Slegans^, /. [/>.], elegance. 

eiI[en]bogcn, m., -8, — , elbow. 

elterlil^, adj., parental. 

(SUem (//.), parents. 

@Uem^aui§, «., -eg, "er, (parent- 
al) home. 

elterttlOiS, o^'., orphaned. 

etnpftnben (enu)fonb, empfunben), 
tr., feel, perceive. 

Cin))Or^, flt/z'. a«</ J<'/. pre/., up- 
ward, aloft. 

emporfpringen (fprong, ge. 
fprungen), intr. (f.), jump up. 

txap9ttotx\tti (loarf, geworfen, 
luiift), /r., throw up(ward), 

cmporjie^en (jog, gejogen), /y., 
raise {or draw) up. 

etnfig, adj., diligent, industrious. 

@nbe, «., -8, -«, end ; am — , in 
(at) the end, finally, after all; 
jU — , at an end, finished; — 
neljmen, come to an end. 

enblili^, adj., final, last; adv., 
finally, at last. 

@nfel, tn., -8, — , grandson. 

entbecfen, tr., discover. 

entfalten, tr., unfold, develop. 

entfernen, tr., remove; fic^ — , 
depart, withdraw. [mote. 

entfentt (/./•), adj., distant, re- 



(f-ittfernuitg, /., -en, distance; 

eiUpic^en (cntflo^, entfloljen), intr. 

(f.), escape; ciitfIol)CH (/. />.), 

aJJ., past. 
cntfilfjren, tr., lead {or carry) 

away or off. 
entgegen, prep, (follows dat), 

adv. and sep. pref., agaiust, to, 
toward, to meet. 

cntgegen^alten (f)ieU, flcl)alten, 
l)dlt), /■/-., hold out, extend to- 

eittgegenfommen (tain, fletom^ 
men), intr. (f.), (dat), come to- 
ward (or to meet). 

entgegenne^men (nQf)m, flcnom^ 
men, nintnit), tr., receive, ac- 

entgegenftretfrn, tr., extend (or 
stretch) towards. 

entgegentreten (trot, oetreten, 
tritt), m/r. (f), step (<'r advance) 

entge^en (enlaing, entflangen), 

intr. (f.), (dat,), escape. 

enf^aUen (entf)ielt, ent^olten, ent= 

Ijdit), tr., contain, 
enttang, adv. and prep. (/ollo7vs 

ace, dat., and an -H dat.), along, 
entlaften, tr., unburden. 
eittlegen, adj., distant, far away, 

ent(tl)nen, tr., borrow. 
Cntomolo'g[c], m., -gen, -gen, 


cntrctgeii (enlrift, entrijfen), tr^ 
tear (or snatch) away. 

cntrtirfen, tr., remove, carry off; 
entriicft {/. /.), adj., far distant 
(or away). 

(£utfd)ulttigung, /., -en, pardon, 
excuse, apology. 

entfinnen (cntfann, cntfonnen), 
rejtex. (-J- gen.), recall, recol- 
lect, remember. 

entfte^en (cntftonb, entftanben), 
intr. (f.), arise. 

CUtfteUen, tr., distort, disfigure. 

entjte^en (enf^oo, entjogen), tr., 
withdraw, take away ; ficfl — , 
avoid, withdraw from. 

entj^utfen, tr., charm, delight. 

er, pron., he, it. 

erorbeiten, tr., gain (or achieve) 
by labor. 

ertiarmungdIOiS, adj., pitiless, 

erbaut (p-P.), adj., edified. 
@rbtn, /., -nen, heiress. 
Srbtante, /., -n, wealthy aunt. 
Grbe,/.,-n, earth, world, ground, 

erf aftren (erfnfir, crfofircn, erfa^rt), 

tr., experience, learn. 
Grfinbung, /., -f", invention, 
erfrifc^cn, tr., refresh. 
<frfrifrf|ung,/.,-en, refreshment, 
erffillen, tr., fill, imbue, fulfil, 
ergelicn (eratng, eraongen), rejlex.; 

ftd) in tixo&i — , indulge in, 

pour forth. 



ttQtaUtn, intr. (f.), become gray. 

ergreifeit (ergriff, ergtiffcn), tr., 
seize (bold of). 

er^alten (erf)ieU, er^alten, erfiQll), 
//-., receive; maintain. 

er^afdien, tr., catch, seize. 

cr^citcil (ert)ob, erf)oben), /r., raise, 

erinnern, tr. (an + ar^. = of), 
remind, call to mind ; fx^ (+ 
^^«. <7r on + acc^, remember. 

Srinnerung, /., -en, remem- 
brance, memory. 

erfennbar, aa>'., recognizable, dis- 

er!ennen (trfannte, erfonnt), tr., 
recognize, perceive, discern; 
tear ju — , was discernible. 

(Srfranhing, /., -en, falling ill, 

erfunbtgen, reflex., p«^ (nac^ or 
iibev ctlonS) — , inform oneself 
(about), inquire (after). 

CFrfunbtgung, /., -en, inquiry, 

eriangen, tr., reach, attain, ac- 

CErlebnti^, «., -ntffe, -nlffeS, expe- 

eriernen, tr., leam, acquire. 

er(rU(^ten, /r., illuminate, light 

ermiiben, tr. and intr. (f.), tire, 
fatigue, grow weary. 

ermuHgen, tr., encourage, make 

erneuerit, tr., renew, 
ernft, adj., serious, earnest. 
erSffnen, tr., open, 
erregen, tr., arouse, excite, 
errcij^cn, tr., reach, arrive at, 

erfdieinen (erfc^ien, erfc^ienen), 

intr. (f), appear. 
erf(^rt(fen (erfc^rof, erfcftroden, er« 

fc^ricft), intr. (f.), be frightened, 

erfparen, tr., save ; bad erjporte, 

erft, ««»». adj., first ; erfter Slrbei> 

ter, foreman ; a^/z/., first, at first, 

not until, only, but, just, 
erftaunt {p.p), adj., aatonished, 

erfteigen (erftieg, erftiegen), tr., 

mount, attain. 
erftcnmal, cf. 3Kal. 
ertragen (ertrug, ertragen, ertrogt), 

tr., bear, endure, suffer, 
erwai^en, intr. (f ), (a) wake. 
ertOC^ren, reflex. (-H gen.), ward 

off, defend oneself against. 
ertoettern, tr., enlarge, expand, 
ertoerben (emorb, (rftiorben, er« 

roirbt), tr., acquire, earn, win. 
CrniiberR, tr. and intr., answer, 

reply; return, requite, give 

ers&^Ien, tr., tell, narrate, relate, 

©rja^Icr, m., -8, — {/em. -in, 

-Innen), narrator, storyteller. 



6r,)a41uno, /., -en, narrative, 
story, tale. 

eri^ie^lcn, tr., attain, obtain. 

erjioingen (erawong, erahjungen), 
tr., (bring about or attain by) 

ti, fron., it, there, something, 
things, (in pre J. often =) so. 

ejfcn (a6, geflefien, ifet), tr. and 
intr., eat. 

ttna, adv., perhaps, perchance; 
about, nearly. 

ettOOd, pron. indecL, something, 
some; fo — , a thing of that 
sort, such a thing; laum — , 
hardly anything; adv., some- 
what, rather, a little. 

euer, poss. adj. and pron., your, 

GulC, /., -n, owl ; moth, owlet. 

(?»ejttuolttot^ /., -en [/r. D = 
Eng. v], possibility, outcome. 

6{a'men, «., -S, Gja'mina, exskn- 

^ltx%\tx')^\9.^, m., -ti, 't, drill- 

e{tra, adv., extra, especially. 

Ofaben, m., -i, — and *, thread. 

fa^ren (ful)r, gefa^ren, falirt), intr. 
(f), drive, go, move, pass; — 
laffen, let go, drop; tr., drive, 
convey, carry ; ft(^ — laffen, let 
oneself be conveyed, (pushed 
in sled, etc.). 

3f0^ft^/-i -en, journey, trip, ride. 

Ora^r^eufl, »., -[cjo, -t, convey- 
ance, vehicle, craft. 

gfnD, m., -[t]i, 'e, fall ; ju Tia\l[t] 
bringen, throw down, bring low. 

fttUcn (fiel, gefaUen, falll), intr. 
(f ), fall. 

falten, tr., fold, wrinkle. 

SfaUer, m., -i, — , butterfly. 

gfamt'Iic,/., -n, family. 

fangen (fing, gefongen, fongt), tr., 
catch, capture. 

Ofanggerat, «., -5, -e, net, trap. 

't^athe, /., -n, color. 

farbig, ad/., colored, variegated. 

foReit, tr., seize, grasp; (etnen 
$lon) — , form; nad) etrta* — , 
reach for; fic^ ein ^rj — , 
pluck up courage. 

faft, adv., almost, nearly. 

Ofauft, /., 'e, fist, closed hand. 

Sfauftret^t, «., -8, law of the 
strong arm, club law. 

Sfauftfi^lafl, m., [e]«, 'e, blow 
(with the fist). 

SftC^ten (in/.), «., -3, fencing, 
duelling; (slang): (going) beg- 

Ofeberfaften, m., -i, —, pen(cil)- 
box ; (dim. 3ebertaft(^en). 

fcgen, tr., sweep. 

fe^Ien, tr., miss; intr. and 
impers., fail, ail, be lacking (or 
wanting); toai fe^lt i^?, what 
is the matter with her ? 

gfeierabenb, m., -[e]«, -t, (lei- 



sore) after work-huurs, time 

for stopping work. 
i|eierli(^feit, /., -en, solemnity, 

Ofeiertag, »»., -[e]«, -e, holiday. 
fcin, adj., fine, delicate, slender. 
%t\xCb, m., -[e]8, -e, enemy, foe. 
3feinbfd)0ft, /., -en, enmity, 

Ofein^cit,/., -en, fineness, refine- 
gelb, «.,-[e]8, -er, field ; freieS— , 

open country or field. 
5eIt>flof(^e,/., -n, flask, canteen. 
^elbweg, m., -[e]«, -e, country 

path or road. 
5eU, «., -[e]8, -e, hide, skin. 
Ofenfter, «., S, —, window, 
nrcnfterbanf, /., 'e, window-seat. 
Ofenfternifc^c, /., -n, window- 

(bay or) -niche. 
Hfenfterfc^eibe, /., -n, window 

^erien, //. indecl., holidays, va- 
cation; — mac^en, have (or 

give) a vacation, 
fern, adj., far, distant ; — t)alten, 

keep away (from). 
iV'Crne, /., -«, distance. 
3ferfe, /., -n, heel. 
fertig, adj., ready, prepared, 

Ofeffel, /., -n, fetter(s), chain(s). 
fcft, adj., firm, solid, fast, secure. 
5cft, «., -e8, -e, festival, feast. 
feft^aUen (^ielt, ge^alten, pit), 

tr. and intr., bold fast, keep 

(in sight), 
(^eftltl^fcit, /., -en, festivity, 

Oreftf(^maUi§, m.,-ti, *e, (festive) 


5euer, «., -«, — , fire. 

Sftflur', /., -en, figure. 

ftnben (fanb, gefunben), tr., find; 
fiir flUt — , think proper (<7rfit). 

gfiltfler, tn., -S, — , finger. 

ftngern, tr., finger, handle. 

finftcr, adj., dark, gloomy. 

^ifl^er, m., -§, — , fisherman. 

{^tfi^erboot, «., -[e]«, -e ^r — 
bote, fishing-boat. 

i^ifl^crflctbung, /., -en, fisher- 
man's garb. 

fijtc'rcn, tr., fix one's eyes upon, 
stare at. 

f(ad), adj., flat, level; bie fiacre 
C>anb, the palm (of the hand). 

(^(ad^C, /., -n, flat or level sur- 
face, plain. 

f[a(fern, intr., flare, flicker, blaze. 

flamntcn, intr., flame or blaze up. 

gloft^C, /., -», bottle. 

flei^tcn (flo^t, fleflodjten, flidit), 
/r., braid, plait. 

gtcif, »»., -[e]«, -e, spot, place 
(r//OT. Sledc^cn). 

fle^en, intr., implore. 

OfHcff ^nctber, m., -8, — , jobbing 

flieflen (flog, flePogen), intr. (f.), 



J^Iiefe, /., -n, flag-stone. 
piemen (flofe, flefloffen), intr. (f.), 

flow, run. 
fftmntern, intr., glisten, glitter, 

^UxtXV, n.,-\i\^,-tand~%, foil, 
^lorfd^al, tn., -\t\i, -e or -8, 

crape or gauze shawl, or scarf. 
j)flU(^, OT., -[c]^, 'c, oath, curse. 
5IU(^t, /., -en, flight ; flock. 
^flC^tig, adj., iieeting, transitory, 

gplUfl, m., -[c]8, 'e, flight. 
gfliigel, »»., -8, — , wing, (half of 

a) folding -door ; (einer 3Binb» 

ntii^Ic), sail. 
gflugeUur, /., -en, folding-door. 
%\WC, m., -[e]3, -C {also /.; fl., 

-tn), [=. ^auSflur], entrance 

hall, vestibule. 
fliiftern, intr. and tr,, whisper. 
3flut, /., -en, flood, water, waves. 
gflttte« (»■«/•). «•. -«*/ roll(ing), 

rush(ing), rising. 
{^o(ge, /., -n, succession, conse- 
quence, result; obedience; — 

Iciftcn, obey, comply with, 
folgen, intr. (f), (dat.), follow. 
\oxm\t'xtXi, tr., form, 
fort, adv. and sep. pre/., forth, 

forward, on(ward), away, gone ; 

continually,without cessation ; 

er jpra(^ noc^ eine ffieile — , he 

still kept on speaking for a 

while. [working. 

fortarbeiten, intr., continue 

fortbduern, intr., last, continue, 
fortfoliren (ful)r, <iftaf)rcn, fd^vt), 

intr. (f. and )).), drive away; 

continue, go on. 
fortfit^rcn, tr., take away, carry 

on, continue. 
fortge^en (flina, fleflonflen), intr. 

(f), go away, 
gfortge^en (/«/•). «•. -*» going 

away, departure, 
fortla^cn (licfe, oeloffen, lafet), tr., 

release, leave out. 
fortrctfcn, intr. (f), depart, leave, 
fortfc^offen, tr., remove, get rid 

fortfi^urren, intr. (f. andi^.), slide 

or scrape along, 
fortfe^en, tr., continue, 
fortpe^lcn (ftal)l, gcftol)Ien, ftleljlt), 

reflex.; fic^ — , steal away, 
fortftoftcit (fticfe, 8efto6cn,ffb6t), tr , 

push {or thrust) forward or 

away; mit bem 5»6e — , kick. 
forttOOtirenb, adj. and adv., con- 
tinually), constant(ly). 
t^rage, /., -n, question, 
f ragen, tr. and intr., ask, inquire ; 

itQC^ ettea^ — , inquire after or 

frailSO'ftfdl, adj., French. , 
Sfrau, /., -en, wife, woman, Mrs. 
Ofrauensimmer, «., -^, —, wom- 
t^rfiulein, «., -«, — , young lady, 

fret, adj., free, open; ba8 freie 



^tlb, open country or fields; 

bai Steie, open air, open space. 
freigerittett, c/. «. 41, 3. 
t^rei^ett, /., -en, freedom, 
frei(i(^, adv., certainly, to be 

sure, of course. 
fremb, ai//., foreign, strange, 

alien, unknown, unfamiliar. 
frentbartig, ad/., strange, odd. 
Ofrembe, /., foreign parts or 

frembldnbifcJ^, ad/., foreign. 
freubcftra^Ienb, adj., beaming 

with joy. 
freubig, ad/., joyful. 
{^reunb, m., -[e]8, -e, friend. 
Ofreunbin, /., -ntn, (female) 

freunblic^, ad/., friendly, kind, 

frCUnblOiS, ad/., friendless, 
^reunbfi^aft, /., -en, friendship, 
frjfl^, adj., fresh. 
f^rxtf, prop. n.,gen., — <7r SriJ^enS, 

(short for Friedrich). 
fro^, adj., glad, pleased, happy. 
iJrout, /., -en, face, fa9ade. 
groft, m., -eg, % (severe) cold, 

frii^, adj., early; comp., frii^er, 

adj. and adv., former, earlier, 

sooner, before. 
SriJ^jofir, «., -[e]«, -e, spring. 
{Jru^Htlfl, m., -8, -e, spring. 
tlftii^Hngi^fonne, /., vernal sun, 

springtide sun. 

Hfru^ftiirf, «., -[e]8, -e, breakfast. 

frit^ftitlfen, inlr., breakfast. 

fru^SCittfl, adj., early. 

OfU(^^, m., -eS, 'e, fox; bay (or 
chestnut) horse; freshman, 
(student in first semesters). 

gfttfl, m., -[e]v\ right, authority ; 
mil — , with good reason, fit- 

fitgen, tr., fit or join together ; 
fic^ — , become adjusted, yield. 

fu^Ien, tr. and reflex., feel. 

fu^reit, tr., lead, guide, conduct, 
carry ; boA groBe SBort — , boast, 
lead the conversation; (bie 
9Jabel) — , ply ; (bQ« glorett) — , 
wield ; (etJoaS an bie fitppen) — , 
raise; (cincn ^teb) — , make, 

(^u^rmann, m., -[e]§, -inaitner or 
-leute, carter, carrier, wag- 

t^fiQe, /*., abundance, profusion, 

fiiaen, tr. and reflex., fill (up). 

fiinf, num., five. 

funfeln, intr., sparkle. 

Jfir, prep- (acc^, for, in return 
for; — ftd), to or by oneself; 
hJttS — , what sort of. 

(furc^t, /., fear. 

fiirc^tett, tr. and intr., fear, be 
afraid of; fid) — , be afraid. 

furc^tlo^, adj., fearless. 

^urnterblattt^en, «., -i, —, small 
leaf of veneer. 



^U§, m., -e3, 'c, foot ; stem (of a 

glass) ; [dim. Siigc^eit]. 
9fu^boben, m., -i, -bbben, floor. 
$U§fptt;c, /., -n, (point of the 

foot), toes. 
Ofu^ftrig, m., -[i]i, -t, footpath, 
gu^wefl, m., -[e]8, -t, footpath, 
fdttern, tr., feed. 

(Sa^nen (»«/.), «., -8, yawning. 

^aloppa'bt, /., -n, gallopade, 

©atifl, m., -[e]3, 'e, walk, gait, 
motion, progress ; passage, 
hallway, entrance; in boHem 
@ange, in full swing or action; 
in — lommen, come into action, 

®an9, /., "e, goose. 

gailj, adj., whole, entire, quite; 
adv., wholly, quite, very; fin 
ganger ^erl, a fine {or good) 

gor, adv., entirely, quite, very, 
actually, indeed; — ntc^t, not 
at all. 

(iJorbcro'be, /., -n, [/>.], ward- 

Q)arten, m., -%, \ garden. 

(Darten^aud, «., -e8, 'er, sum- 

(Sarttnlanh, «., -[e]8, 'er, (gar- 
den-land), gardens. 

&aft, m., -[e]8, 'e, guest. 

gaufein, in/r., perform feats of 
magic; play or flutter about. 

&au\, m., -[e]d, *e, horse, nag. 

&tbaubt, n., -8, — , building. 

geben (gab, gegeben, gtbt), tr., give ; 
Xoai gibt'dV, what's the matter.'; 
eS flibt, gob, etc. (-H ace), there 
is, was, etc.; jum beften — , give 
{or spend) freely, treat. 

QCblfimt, adj., flowered; ^ell — , 

gebraui^ett, tr., use, make use 
of; nicht ju — , of no use. 

©cburtStog, m., -[«]«, -e, birth- 
day, [thicket. 

@ebuf(^, «., -[e]8, -t, bushes, 

@ebanfe, m., -n*, -n, thought. 

gcbenfcn (geboc^te, gebad)!), intr. 
{gen. or an -H ace), think of, 
remember; (-H »«/". with ju), 
think of, intend, purpose. 

gcbulbtg, adj., patient. 

(Sccft, /., upland, high ground. 

gefa^rlic^, adj., dangerous, peril- 

(JJcfaijrt, «., -[e]«, -e, vehicle. 

(Sefallcn, »/., -8, pleasure; tl)r ju 
— , for her pleasure. 

gefoUen (gcfiel, gefallen, gefattt), 
intr. {dat.), please ; fid) — lajfen, 
consent to, acquiesce in, put 
up with. 

gcf a^t, <2<^'., collected, composed ; 
auf etttiQ* — , prepared for. 

(Bcfolge, ft; -8, — , train, reti- 
nue, following. 



(Sefft^I, «., -[«]«» -«» feeling, 
sense, sentiment, emotion. 

gegen, prep. (acc>t, against, over 
against, contrary to, opposed 
to, in comparison with, to- 
wards, near, about. 

G)egenb, /., -en, region, neigh- 
borhood, country. 

®ef)cngrunb, m., -[c]'3, *e, coun- 
terargument (or reason) ; 
©riiitbc uiib ®cgettgriinbc, rea- 
sons for and against. 

Qtegenfitaitb, m., -[c]«, "e, object, 

gegenii'ber, prep, {following 

(fat.), adv. and sep. pre/., oppo- 
site to, over against; onbern 
— , before or in the presence 
of others. 

gegenitberHegen (lag, gelcgcn), 
intr., lie {or be) opposite. 

gegenuberfie^en (ftanb, gcftanben), 
intr. (^. andS.), stand opposite. 

^egenioart, /., presence. 

®t})t\mn\i, «., -ntfi'cd, -ntffc, 
secret, mystery, secrecy. 

ge^eimntdtloQ, adj., mysterious. 

fle^en (fliitfl, gegangeit), intr. (f.), 
go, walk; (bie %'v.x), move; '\\\& 
Sobcnlofc — , reach or extend 
to an unfathomable depth ; 
Wic ge^t cd tf)m? how is he 
(doing).'; cd gc^t nic^t, it will 
not do, it cannot be done; jo 
gut eg ge^en hJoUte, as far {or 
yitW) as possibly. 

fleljeucr, adj. {used only with 

neg.), safe, right. 
®e^ilfe, tn., -n, -n, assistant, 

(^e^ol^, «., -c«, -c, thicket, 

grove, wood. 
gc^iircn, 'intr. {usually -4- dat.), 

belong (to). 
gePrig, adj., belonging (to). 
@etflC, /., -n, violin, fiddle, 
getgett, intr. and tr., play (on the 

violin), fiddle. 
(Betgenbecfcl, m., -i, — , top of 

a violin. 
(Beift, m.,-ti, -er, spirit, spectre, 

(MellaVper, «., -d, rattling, clat- 

ter(ing), flapping (of wings). 
C5c(a(4tcr, «., -o, laughter. 
OJcIog, «., inS ©clog f)tnetii, at 

gelangen, ««/n (f), arrive at, 

reach, attain. [posure. 

fficloffcn^rit,/., calm(ness), com- 
gelb, adj., yellow. 
(Mclb, n., -[e]#, -cr, money. 
@clbfummc,/.,-n, sum of money. 
Q^elbjaiilcn (/«/•). "i -*» count- 
ing of money. 
gcle^rt, adj., learned; ctn ®c(ef)r= 

tcr, a scholar. 
Q)r(cf|rtcnf(4u(c, /., -n, classical 

{or Latin) school, 
geltngen (gelang, gelungen), intr. 

(j), succeed; impers. {dat.), e8 

gelingt mir, I succeed. 



ttUtn (flolt, geflolten, flilt), intr. 
be of value, count, be valid; 
o/Un impers. ; e5 gait nur nod), 
it was now only a question 

^elhtng, /., value; jut — font, 
men, attain (its) proper value 
or effect. 

grmeinfi^aftnc^, adj., common, 
joint; adv., in common, to- 

GJctnut, «., -[e]S, -cr, feeling, 
disposition, heart. 

genau, adj., exact, strict, inti- 
mate, precise. 

^tXitXtiWW\&, »/.,-[* ]d, -e, com- 
manding (or official) glance. 

genefen (gcnoS, gencfen), intr. (f.), 
recover, get well ; bet (bit) ®ene» 
fenc, convalescent. 

flcnie^en (gcnoft, genoffen), tr., en- 
joy, eat. 

@enoff[e], m., -[e]n, -[e]n, com- 
panion, comrade. 

gCttUg, adv. and inded. adj., 
enough, sufficient. 

0enii{)en, intr. (dat.), suffice, sat- 
isfy; geniigenb (/r. /.), adj., 
sufficient. [fy. 

flcnugtun (tat, gcton), intr., satis- 

(HenUfltUUItfl, /., -€n, satisfac- 

CBrnfl§, m., -eS, 'e, enjoyment. 

gernbe, adj., straight, erect, 
direct ; adv., just, exactly. 

gerabcoud, adv., straight ahead. 

@trantcnto|)f, m., -[f]«, "e, pot 
of geraniums. 

d^eraniutn, «., -«, ©eronten, 

%txat, n.,-{t]i, -«,implement(s), 

gerotett (gcrtet, geratcn, gerot), 
ititr. (f.), come, get cr fall (into), 
turn out. [dom. 

G^eroteUiO^f, n., aufa — , at ran- 

grraum, adj., ample, spacious; 
gcraumc (3cit), considerable, 

C^criiufl^, «., -{t]i, -f, noise. 

gertng, adj., small, insignificant, 
scanty, slight. 

gem (Itcbcr, am (tebficn), adv., 
gladly, willingly, with plea- 
sure; (with verbs), like to; — 
t)abcn, like. 

(Berudl, m., -[e]«, 'c, odor, fra- 

Q^tX^HHt, n., -[e]«, -c, rumor, 

@ef(^aft, «., -[e]«, -t, business. 

gef(^et|en (gefd)a^, gcjdicficn, 
gefd)tct)t), intr. ((.), happen, oc- 
cur, come to pass. 

gefdjcit, adj., sensible, intelli- 
gent, shrewd; ntd)t — fcin, be 
out of one's mind. 

gf fc^rut, incorrect /or gcfd)Cit. 

@ef(f)td)te, /., -n, story, history, 

«cf(f)tef, «., -[e]«, -f, fate, des- 



geft^ilft, adj., skilled, dexterous, 

®ef(^lec^t, «., -[e]S, -er, sex. 

%tiixi, n., -[e]d, musical sounds 

or tones. 
@et3fe, »., -i, noise, din. 

gefdiwinb, adj., quick, swift, @etranf, «., -\t\i, -t, drink, 


®ef(i|Wifterfinb, «., -[e]8, -cr, 
(first) cousin. 

®e|eU[c], m., -cUcn, -eHen, com- 
panion, fellow, journey man. 

(^Cfclliflfctt,/., sociability, social 

Q(efeitf(^aff, /., -en, company, 
society, party. 

gef Ct?li(^, adj., legal ; adv., legally, 
by law. 

^eftt^t, «., -[c]S, -cr, face.counte- 
nance, sight; (<//»i. ®efi(^t(^en). 

©cftdlt-^ouSbrucf, m., -[e]d, «e, 
(facial) expression, expression 
of countenance. 

©eflc^t^JUfl, »«.,-[e]8, 'e, feature, 

Qlcfinbcl, «., -^, rabble, mob. 

®efpra(f|, «., -8, -e, conversa- 
tion, talk. 

(^eftalt, /., -en, figure, shape, 

geffc^en (seftanb, geftanben), tr., 
confess, admit, acknowledge. 

geftern, adv., yesterday. 

geftifulie^rcn, intr. [Fr.], gesti- 

beverage. [dare. 

getrauen, rejlex., fl(^ — , venture, 
^etoiic^it, «., -e3, -«, growth, 

@eioaU, /., -en, force, power, 

®etoa{fer, «., -8, — , expanse of 

water, waters. 
getot^, adj., certain, sure. 
geWifferma^en, adv., to a cer- 
tain extent. 
geiDd^ntiC^, adj., usual, ordinary, 

gelOO^Itt, adj., accustomed, usual, 

@elo3(be, «., -«, — , vault, arch, 
gewiilbt (/. /.), adj., arched, 

©eWil^I, «.,-[e]3, bustle, tumult, 

gewfirf elt (/. /.), adj., checked ; 

bunt — , with gay colored 

%\tiXi%, m., -ti, brightness, 

glattjen, intr., shine, flash, 

®lo«, «., -eS, 'er, glass. 

®efhraudf, «., -[e]«, -e, shrub, (BluSbecfe, /., -n, (of ice), glassy 



geftrig, adj., of yesterday, yes- ^It^fafUcit, w., -«, — , glass case 


or cabinet. 



@Io^fr»ne,/., -n, (glass) chande- 

glatt, adj., smooth. 

glaubcn, tr. and intr., believe, 

fllcir^, adj., like, equal, (the) 
same, identical ; adv., equally ; 
(= {oQletd)), directly, immedi- 
»ately, at once; ii ift mir — , 
it is all the same (a matter of 
indifference) to me. 

glctdjertoeife, adv., likewise, in 
like manner, equally. 

glei(^gefitmt, adj., like-minded, 

glcif^tOO^I, conj. and adv., never- 
theless, however. 

glciten (fllttt, flcglitten), intr. (f), 
glide, slip, flit, pass. 

QMxit, «., -[e]«, -€r, limb, mem- 

gli^ern, intr., glitter, sparkle. 

@!iirf, «., -{t]i, (good) fortune, 
happiness, success, luck. 

0(U(fIi(4, adj., happy, fortunate. 

gluten, intr., glow, be on fire; 
Qlii^enb (jr. /.), adj., glowing, 

gnabig, adj., gracious; fletne 
©iiiibigc, (my) little lady or 

OJolb, «., -[e]8, gold. 

golben, adj., gold(en), of gold. 

®oIbfu(^|«, m., -ti, "e, light 
chestnut or bay (horse). 

©olbmflnjc,/., -n, gold coin. 

®3KlteriN, /., -nen, patroness, 

®Ott, m., -ei, "er, God, god. 
grobcn (arub, flegrobcn, flrdbt), 

tr., intr. and rejlex., dig, cut 

grabe, cf. aerobe. 
0rof, m., -en, -«n, count, 
(^rdftn, /., -nen, countess. 
®rad, n., -c8, 'cr, grass. 
®ro^ronb, m., -[c]«, "cr, grass 


©ra^'ronbeO', «.. -[«]«, -«, 
round plot of grass. 

©ro^ftengcl, m., -«, — , stalk 
{or blade) of grass. 

grttU, adj., gray. 

gra,VO^^ adj., graceful. 

grcifcn (ariff, gcariffen), tr. and 
intr., grasp, seize; nod) (twod 
— , reach for. 

grimmtg, rt<^'., fierce, angry, grim. 

Wrog, m., -«, iEng.^, grog. 

gro§ (grofeer, grbfet), adj., large, 
great, tall ; — onbltden, gaze or 
stare at; — bornoc^ fragen, 
take pains to inquire about it; 
— borouf a(4ten, give much 
attention to. 

(9rogtiater, m., -i, ", grand- 

griin, adj., green. 

(9rfin, «., -*, green (color), vcrd-v 

(KrMHb, m., -[e]«, *e, ground, 
bottom; reason; in ben unUu 



ften Oruttben, in the lowest 

@runtoftu(f, «., -[e]8, -t, plot of 

ground, landed estate, field. 
QitUppt, /., -n, group. 
(Stn^, m., -cS, ^c, greeting, 

salutation, compliments. 
Wunft, /., favor. 
gut (bcffer, beft), adj., good; adv., 

well ; fiir — finbcn, think fit or 

advisable; gut!, very well, 
guttniitig, adj., kindhearted, 

good natured. 
gUttuiUtg, adj., obliging, com- 
Q^qmnartuft^ m., -en, -en, pupil 

(of a collegiate school). 
(SqmnaTtum, «., -8, ©Qmnafien, 

collegiate school. 

^«or, «., -[e]«, -e, hair, 
^aarbanb, «., -[c]d, 'cr, hair 

^oben (fiatte, gei^abt, ^at), /n, 

have, possess; lt)a§ ^aft bu?, 

what is the matter with you.' 
^ab^aft, «<{>■. (etnct ©ac^e) — 

tocrbcn, become possessed of, 

get hold of. 
^nften, intr., cling to, stick, be 

$age6ui^C, /., -n, hornbeam, 
^ageborn, w., -[e]8, -«, baw- 


^agcborn^eife, /., -«t, hawthorn 

^Oger, adj., lean. 

^a^n, m., -[e]s>, *e, cock, rooster. 

^a(b, adj., half. 

^alber, prep, {following the gen:), 
on account of. 

^Olbgeiiffnet (/. /.), adj., half- 

^Olblout (adj. and) adv., in an 

^albpart, inded. — ! shares! 

^albftiefel, m. pi., low shoes; 
{dim. ^albftiefeldicn). 

llfllbtJerfaflen (/./.), adj., half- 

^albipeg(e), adv., half(way). 

^filftc,/., -n, half ; Quf ber — bet 
Stn^b^e, half way up the hill. 

^afle, /., -n, portico, porch. 

^alS, m., -eS, 'e, neck, throat. 

^alteit (fitelt, ge^alten, I)alt), tr. 
and rejlex., hold, keep: intr., 
halt, stop; 9Bort — , ketp one's 

^altung, /., -en, bearing, car- 

^amtnern, tr., hammer. 

$anb,/., "e, hand. 

^anbet, m., -9, affair, transac- 

^anbgelenf, «., -[«]«, -e, wrist. 

^rinblcr, m., -9, — , (retail) 

^anbfc^ulj, m., -«, -«, glovft 



$anbfi^u4f(^a(^te(,/., -n, glove- 

^anbwerf, «., -8, -t, trade, 

^anbmerfer, m., -4, —, me- 
chanic, artisan. 

jgtanbttierferftanb, m., -[e]«, *e, 
artisan class. 

^anbwcrfcrtoc^ter, /., ", me- 
chanic's {or artisan's) daugh- 

^anb»errsgefen[e], m., -[e]n, 

-[e]n, journeyman. 
^anbtoerfiSmann, m., -[t]%, 

-leute, artisan, mechanic, 

^angen or f)anflen, (f)ing, gc^anflen, 

I)dngt), ifttr. (^. and \.), hang, 

be suspended, cling, 
^angen, tr., hang, suspend. 
^anttercn, intr., be busy, work, 
^arfe, /., -n, harp, 
^arfeitmabc^en, «., -8, — , girl 


^arfenton, m., -[t\^, "e, sound, 
or tune, of the harp. 

|art (garter, ^drteft), adj., hard; 
adv., — (nn + dat.), close or 
hard by. 

||artnfi(fig, adj., stubborn, per- 
sistent, stiff-necked. 

^Sg, m., -ti, hate, hatred. 

flaxen, tr., hate. 

^ii^lil^, adj., ugly. 

^oft, /., haste. 

^ofKg, adj., hajitj, hurried. 

.^aube, /., -n, (woman's) cap. 

^au(^, w., -[«]«, -c, breath 

$aufe[n], »«., -fenS, -fen, heap, 
pile, crowd. 


^aupt, «., -[e]*, "fr, head, chief. 

^auptcingflltg, w/.,-[c]iJ, "c, main 

^aupt^a^n, m., -[t]i, *c, chief 
cock, leader. 

^avii, «., -e8, *cr, house; nac^ 
^aufc (geljen), (go) home; ju 
.^aufe,at home ; {dim. ^avii&^tn). 

^aufcn, intr., live, dwell. 

^OUSPur, m., -{t\i, -C {or/. ; />/., 
-en), entrance hall, vestibule. 

^au^genoffe, m., -n, -n, inmate 
of the same house, fellow- 

^audttf(^Icr, m., -«, — , family 

f^audtiir, /., -en, street-door. 

.^audlOtrt, m., -[e]«, -t, landlord. 

.ftauSwirttn, /., -nen, landlady. 

^out, /., *c, skin. 

4>autfarbc, /., complexion. 

^ebeit (f)ob, fle^obcn), tr., raise, 
lift; fit^ — , rise. 

^etfe, /., -n, hedge. 

^eftigfeit, /., vehemence, vio- 

$etbe, /., -n, heath. [land. 

^etbclanb, «.,-[c]«, heath, moor- 

.^eibclberg, prop. «., — «. 

^eibrlcrc^e, /., -n, woodlark. 



j^etlfraft, /., "e, healing power. 
^eint, adv., home, 
.^etmat, /., -en, home. 
^etmat(td), adj., native. 
^eimntSoenoffc, m., -n, -n, fel- 
low townsman. 
^eimfa^rt, /., -en, homeward 

journey or trip. 
^eimfc^r, /., return home. 
^Ctmli(^, adj., secret, concealed. 
^etmlic^feit, /., -en, mystery, 

secrecy, cosy seclusion. 
^Ctntnicn, m., -[c]§, way home, 

^Ctratcn, tr. and intr., marry, 

get married. 
^eifer, adj., hoarse, 
^et^, adj., hot. 

Iicipiiittn, adj., hot-blooded. 
^et^CIt (^icfe, flc^ctfecn), tr., bid,, 

call; intr., be called ornamed; 

signify or mean ; CS ^ei^t, it is 

said or reported. 
I^eitcr, adj., cheerful, merry, 

^CtJCn, tr., heat. 
^elfcn (ftalf, ac^olfcn, ^ilft), intr. 

(tiat), help; lt)Q8 l^tlft cS bcnn?, 

what's the use? 
^CH, adj., clear, bright, light (in 

color). [check. 

^emmcn, tr. and rejlex., stop, 
^er, adv. and sep. pref., hither, 

here, this way, (toward the 

speaker) ; neben mir — , along 

beside me. 

^Crab^, adv. and sep. pre/.,6o^n, 
^crabfaUen (fiel, gefaaen, fallt), 

intr. (f), fall down. 
^crabfCDCn, tr., sweep down. 
^erfl6jjleiten(antt, ocflltttcii), intr. 

(f), glide down. 
^erab^aitflcn or -^dngcn (t)tnfl, 

fle^angcn, ^ongt), intr., hang 

^erabfommen (fam, gcfotnmcn), 

intr. (f), come down, descend. 
I^eralifc^en (fafj, gefe^en, fic{)t), 

intr., (auf ethJoS) — , look down 

^crabfpringcn (fprang, gcfprun. 

gen), intr. ().), jump down, 
^crabfteigen (fticg, gefticgcn), intr. 

(f.), descend, dismount. 
I^erabftrcic^en (ftrtd), gcftrtd)en), 

tr., stroke {or smooth) down, 
^crobtoiirbiguttfl,/., abasement, 

^eron'', adv. and sep. pre/., hither, 

this way, near. 
^cranlommen (fam, gcfommcn), 

intr. (f.), draw near, approach, 
^erantreten (trot, gelrctcn, triit), 

intr. (f.), step up to, approach, 
^erantttac^fen (U)u(^«, gchjndifcn, 

nicic()ft), intr. (f), grow up. 
^trauf^, adv. and sep. pre/., up 

here, upward. 
^ernuffommcn (font, gcfommcn), 

intr. (f.), come up. 
^erauffteifleit (fttcg, gefticgcn), m/r. 

(f), climb or mount up. 



^ercild'', adv. and sep. pre/., out, 

out of, from, forth ; Qud (ettoad) 

— , out of. 
^eroudbrangen, tr., push out; 

fid) — , force one's way out 
^eroudfallcn (ncl, gefallen, faOt^ 

itttr. (f), fall out. 
^eraudfommcn (font, gefommen), 

intr. {).), come out. 
^eraudpOI^Cn, tr., get {or bring) 

out by pounding, (urging). 
\^txaVLi\6\\dtn, tr., send out. 
^craudfteQen, re/., appear, de- 
^eraudtreten (traf, getreten, triti), 

intr. (f.), step out or forth. 
%tx\i, adj., harsh, vigorous, 

^Crbci', adv. and sep. pre/., here, 

^erbcifu^rcn, tr., bring on or 

^rberflC, /., -n, inn, tavern. 
^Crbft, m., -<«, -t, autumn, fall, 
^crbftmot^e, /., -n, autumnal 

herein', adv. and Sep. pre/., in 

(here); ^eretn !, come in. 
^eretnbrci^en (brad), gebrodicn, 

brt(l)t),;>«/r.(f.),sct in, approach. 
ficrcinrommen (fam, gefommen), 

intr. (f), come in, enter. 
^Crgebra(^t {p.p.), adj., custom- 
ary, traditional, 
berge^en (gtng, gegongen), intr. 

{\), walk or go along, proceed ; 

neben (+ dat.) —, walk beside; 

t% gebt toU ber, there are wild 

^erfommen (fam, gefommen), intr. 

(f), come (here or hither), ap- 
^tXX, m., -n, -en, gentleman, 

master, Mr. 
^rrrtc^ten, tr., set in order, ar- 
range, prepare, 
.^errlii^feit, /., -en, splendor, 

magnificence, lordliness. 
$errf(^aft, /., -en, authority, 

those in authority, master and 

mistress; meine C''fn'ff^Qf*en '» 

ladies and gentlemen! 
^crfteDen, tr., restore, cure; b«» 

gefteQt {p.p.), adj., recovered, 

^eru^ber, adv. and sep. pre/., 

over or across here {or hither.) 
^erunt'', adv. and sep. pre/., 

around, about. 
Iierumflc^cn (gtng, gegongen), 

intr. (f.), walk {or go) around, 
^crumlaufen (lief, geloufen, louft), 

intr. (f ), run around. 
^crutnfd)Wormen, intr. (f ), roam 

{or wander) about. 
IierumtOCC^feln, intr., change or 

turn about. 

^frumwerfcn (»arf, getoorfen, 
h)irft), tr., thro^ about, turn 

^erun'ter, adv. and sep. pr*/., 
down, downward^- 



^erunterf ommen (lam,8efommen), 
intr. ({.), come down, become 
reduced; ^eruntergelommen 
(p. p.), adj., reduced in cir- 

^erunterne^men (na^m, genom' 
men, nimmt), ir., take down. 

^cruntcrrei^en (rife, geriffen), tr., 
tear off or down. 

^erunterfjjriitflen (fprang, ge= 
fprungen), intr. (f.), jump down. 

Iierunterftitrjen, intr. (f.), fall 
down (headlong). 

I|erunterju))feit, tr., tug {or pull) 

^ertior'', adv. and sep. pre/., for- 
ward, forth, out. 

^eroorarbeiten, tr., work out, 
bring out. 

^eroorge^en (gtng, gegangen), 
intr. (f.), go forth, proceed 

^eruorrasen, intr., project, stand 

^erttorfe^en (fo^, gefe^en, fiet)t), 
intr., peep {or look) out. 

^eroorfpringen (fprang, ge. 
[prungen), intr. (f.), leap for- 
ward; burst into view. 

^eroorfto^en (ftiefe, geftofeen, ftbct), 
tr., push or thrust out; (etntge 
SBorte) — , utter, blurt out. 

^crj, «., -end, -en, heart ; fi(^ ein 
— faffen, pluck up courage. 

I^el^en, tr., incite to pursuit, set 
on, hunt, chase. 

^tvAt, adv., today ; — abtnb, this 

$CJ«r /•. -"/ witch. 

^ecenfabtiat, m., -[«]«, -e, witch- 
es' sabbath or revel; jum — , 
at the (sign of) etc. 

^ie (= ^ier), adv., here. 

^teb, m., ~[i\i, -t, stroke, cut; 
einen — fii^ren, make, etc. 

^ier, adv., here. 

^ier^er, adv., hither, this way, 

^tlfe, /., -11, help, aid. 

^immelangft, ad/. ; mir \oaxb —, 
I was terribly frightened. 

I^in, adv. and sep. pre/., thither, 
along, there, away (from the 
speaker); — unb toieber, hither 
and thither, now and then. 

^tnab'', adv. and sep. pre/., down- 

^tnabge^en (gtng, gcgongen), intr. 
(f.), go down, descend. 

^inabftnfen (fanf, gefutifen), intr. 
(f.), sink (down), set. 

^inobfpringeit (fprang, gcfprun. 

gen), intr. (f), run {or jump) 

^inttbfteigen(ftieg, geftiegcn), intr. 

(f.), descend. 
^inabtrinfen (tronf, gctrunfen), 

tr., drink down, 
^inan'', adv. and sep. pre/., up, 

up to. 
^inanftetgen (ftieg, geftiegen), intr. 

(f.), mount, ascend. 



^inarbeiten, intr. (ouf tVeacA) —, 

work towards, aim at. 
^inauf^, adv. and sep. pre/., up. 
^tnaufge^en ((ting, gegangen), 

intr. (f), go up, ascend, 
^inoufljeben (f)ob, gcfjoben), tr., 

lift {or raise) up. 
^inauffc^Itngen (fc^lang, gefdilun' 

gen), reflex.^ wind <»r creep 

^inouffe^eit (fa^, gefe^en, r«et)t), 

intr., look up. 
^inouf^ciflcn (ftieg, geftiegen), 

intr. (f.), ascend, mount, climb 

^inaufftretfcn, tr., stretch {or 

extend) up, raise. 
\xn.9XA', adv. and sep. pre/., out, 

forth, away ; jur Stabt — , out 

of {or through) the town, 
^inaudblicftn, »«//-., look out {or 

^inaudfa^rtn (fu^r, gefa^ren, 

fa^rt), tr. and intr. (f.), drive 

(carry, take, or convey) out. 
^tnnu«(fuf|ren, tr., lead out or 

^inau^ge^en (ging, gegangen), 

intr. (f.), go out. 
])inau^(0(fen, tr., lure {or entice) 

^tnaudretc^eit, intr., extend 

^inauSfc^tegen (fc^og, gefc^offen), 

intr., shoot {or dart) out. 
I^inaudfc^reiten (fc^ritt, gef(^r{t> 

ten), intr. (f.), walk out or 

i|inaudfd)ivtmntcn (fc^wamm, ge< 

fd)roommen), intr. (I)- and f.), 

swim tr float out. 
^tnaui^fe^en (fa^, gefe^en, fi(^t), 

intr., look out. [out. 

^inaudfe^en, tr., put (or place) 
^inau£ifitrctfen, intr. (f), stroll 

(<7r roam) out. 
^inaudtrcten (trat, getre ten, tritt), 

iittr. (f.), step {or walk) out. 
I|inaudwerfen (warf, gettjorfen, 

IBtrft), tr., throw or toss out. 
^inau£($iel|en (aog, gciogcit), /r., 

draw out(side); intr. (f.), 

march out. 
^tttblafcn (blicS, geblafen, bidft), 

tr., Dor fl(^ — , blow out orforth. 
binbltften, intr., look towards or 

at something; bor fid) — , gaze 

into space. 
^tnberltc^, adj., hindering, troub- 
^inberni0, «., -niffe^, -niffe, 

hindrance, obstacle, 
^inbrangen, tr. and reflex., push 

or press (towards), 
^inctn^, adv. and up. pre/., in, 

^tneinblttfen, intr., look or 

glance in(to). 
^ineinfa^ren (fu^r, gefo^ren, 

fnl)rt), intr. (f.), go, drive or 

rush into; mit bcm SWfffer — ^, 

plunge the knife into. 



^ineinpteftcn (flo6, geflolfen), intr. 

().), flow into. 
^ineinge^en (fling, gegangen), intr. 

(f.), go in(to), enter, 
^ineinfommen (fam, gefommen), 

intr. (f), come in. 
^incinlegen, tr., lay {or place) in. 
^inetnftarren, intr., stare or gaze 

(fixedly) into. 
^inetnfteigcn([tieg, geftiegen), intr. 

(f), step in(to). 
^ineintoerfen (tuarf, getoorfen, 

ioix|l), //•., throw or cast in(to). 
^ineintttU^Ien, intr. and reflex., 

burrow {or dig) into; fl(^ (in boS 

:&aar) — , bury itself in, clutch 

^infliegen (flog, geflogen), intr. 

(f.), fly along {or away). 
^tnge^en (ging, gegangen), intr. 

(f.), go there {or thither). 
I)tnfllcitcn (glitt, gcglittcn), intr. 

(f), glide along. 
^inrci^cn (rife, geriffen), tr., tear 

along, carry away ; e^ vi^ mid) 

t)in, I was carried away. 
Ifinft^ieben (fdiob, gefcfioben), tr., 

push {or shove) along or 

^infe^cn (fail, gefe^en, fle^O, intr. 

look thither or there. 
^tnfteUen, tr., place, put (away 

or in place). 
^inftret^en (ftri(^, gefiri(^en), intr. 

(f.), (iiber ettoaS) — , pass over 

(lightly), graze, stroke. 

^inten, adv., behind, back ; nac^ 

— , in {or to) the rear. 
Winter, prep. {dot. and ace), adv., 

sep. and insep. prtf., behind, 

back of, after. 
Winter, adj., back, rear, 
^inter^er^, adv., along behind 

{or after), 
^tttterfantmer,/., -n, back room 

{or chamber) ; {dim. ^inteTlQDt< 

J&intcrfo|»f, m., -[e]«, 'e, back 

(part) of the bead, 
^interftube, /., -n, back room, 
^in&^ber, adv. and sep. pre/., 

over, across. 
I^tnfiberblilfen, intr., look across 

or over; (4- i"), look toward, 
^inuberfeben (faf), gefe^en, fie^t), 

ifttr., look over or across. 
^iniibertreten (trat, getreten,iiitt), 

intr. (f.), Step over, walk 

^inuberwerfen (toarf, geJoorfen, 

totrft), tr., throw across or over. 
^inun^ter, adv. and sep. pre/., 

down, downward, 
^inunterrufen (rief, gerufen), tr. 

and intr., call down. 
^tntPeg'', adv. and Sep. pre/., 

away, forth, 
^inwegwc^en, tr., blow away. 
4tn»egf|)rtngen (fprong, fle« 

fpningen), intr. (f.), jump, 

(vault, spring) over or away. 
^inioenbeit (loanbte, getvanbt, and 



n^.), tr. and reflex., turn to- 

Ifintoerfen (marf, aetoorfen, tolrft), 
tr., throw (to or toward some- 
thing), fling down. 

l^in}U'', aih>. and sep. pre/., to, 
toward, in addition. 

^tnjufe^en, tr., add, say in addi- 

^irfc^fopf, m., -[e]8, 'e, stag's 

^irt[e], m., -ten, -ten, herdsman, 

^t^tg, adj., hot-blooded, hasty. 

l^obeln, tr., plane. 

1^01^, adj. {jvAen inflected, ^0^, 
comp. I)i)f)er, sup. t)OC^ft), high. 

^Sl^ft, adj. [j«/. ^ t)oc^], highest; 
adv., very, extremely, most. 

^Ot^jett, /., -n, marriage, wed- 
ding, nuptials ; — mad)en, cele- 
brate a marriage. 

^oc^aeitSIiett, «., -[e]6, -e, nup- 
tial bed. 

^oc^jeitdtammer, /., -n, nuptial 

^uf, m., -[e]3, *e, court, court- 

ijoffen, tr. and intr., hope. 

^offnung, /, -en, hope. 

Ildfltl^, adj., polite, courteous. 

^oftiir, /., -en, (court-)yard door 
or gate. 

^P^, cf. ^oc^. 

^d^e, /., -n, height, altitude, 

^o^ltoeg, m., -[e]8, -e, narrow 

pass, defile, 
^olb, adj., favorable, kind, gra> 

cious, fond. 
^Olen, tr., go (or come) for, fetch. 
^oUiinbtfl^, adj., Dutch. 
$0(5, n., -ti, wood ; {student 

slang): thrashing, beating, row. 
^dljern, adj., wooden, 
^oljgaul, m., -[e]S, 'e, wooden 

$ol5trep)if^en, «,-§, — , wooden 

\lxtlX, tr., hear; Quf (+ ace) —, 

give heed (or pay attention) to. 
^ortjont, m., -\t\i, -e, horizon, 
^iirfoal, m., -[f]d, -fdle, lecture 

hall, recitation room. 
^fibf<4, adj., pretty, comely. 
^Uf, m., -[e]8, -e, hoof, 
^flfte, /., -n, hip, (//.) loins. 
^figcHg, adj., hilly. 
^JiQc, /., -n, covering, wrap- 

(ping), veil. 
pummel, /., -n, bumble-bee. 
^Ufc^en, intr. (f), whisk, scurry, 

pass quickly ; bat)in — , glide 

swiftly away, flit past, 
^uften, intr., cough. 
^Ut, m., -[e]«, «e, hat. 

il^, pron., I. 

Sfltl. »»•. -^> —> hedgehog. 

i^r, pron., you. 



t^r, pass. adj. and pron., her, its, 

IJ^r, poss. adj. and pron., your. 

immer, adv., always, ever; — 
tuicber, again and again; — 
tiefer, deeper and deeper; auf 
— , forever. 

immerfortfWz'., continually, con- 

immeriU, adv., continually, on 
and on ; — !, go {or keep) on, 
go ahead. 

in, prep. (dat. or ace), in, into, 
to, at, within ; im = — bent, 
insl = — bad. 

inbettt'', cj., while, as ; adv., mean- 

inbed'', c/. inbeffen. 

inbef^fen, adv., meanwhile, dur- 
ing that time, however. 

inetnan^ber, adv., into one an- 
other or each other. 

infolgebeffen, adv., consequent- 
ly, owing to this or which. 

inmitten, prep, {gen.), in the 
midst of. [in. 

innc, adv. and sep. pre/., within, 

tnne^alten (^ielt, ge^alten, ^d(t), 
tr., hold, keep, observe; intr., 
pause, stop. 

inner, adj., inner, interior; bai 
Sitnere, the interior, inside. 

innerlil^, adj., inner, heartfelt; 
adv., inwardly, at heart. 

inneWO^ntn, intr., be inherent 

infofern, adv., (in) so far; <-/., 
— , (in) so far as. 

SnftitUt^ «.,-[e]«, -e, institution, 

Snpntmcnt', «., -[e]<J, -c, instru- 

Sntcref fe, «., -3, -n, interest. 

interefjie'rcn, (r., interest. 

in^tut^fdjcn, adv., meantime, in 
the meantime. 

irben, adj., earthen. 

irgenb, adv., -ever, -soever, 
whatsoever, at all; — jemanb, 
any one at all. 

irren, rejlex., be mistaken. 


ja, adv., yes, yea; indeed, of 
course, surely, certainly, why, 
(as) you know; — too^I, cer- 
tainly, yes indeed. 

3«»rfe, /•. -"» jacket. 

^Oflb, /., -en, chase, hunt. 

3o^r, «., -\t\i> -f' year. 

^O^redfrift, /., -en, (the space 
of) a year; um — , in a twelve- 

^a^re^Sett, /., -en, season. 

^a^rmarft, m., -[e]d, "e, (annual) 

^a^rmarfttrcttien (««/.), «., -«, 
doings (activity, bustle) of the 

^fi^jorn, m., -[e]«, violent pas- 



Safonett^, m.,-{t]i, -t or-^[Fr., 

pr. 3 = a »■« azure\ thin cotton 

fabric. [tainly. 

jatOO^I^, adv., yes indeed, cer- 
jc, adv., ever, always; je . . . 

befto, the . . . the. 
jcbtr, jebe, jebeS, adj. and pron., 

each, every, any, all. 
jebeiCitnal, adv., each {or every) 

jeboc^'', aa'z/., however, still, yet, 

'\t'\av\i, adv., ever, at any time. 
je^manb, pron. {gen. -[«]«, dat. 

-[em], ace. -[en]), somebody, 

some {or any) one. 
jencr, jcne, jenc§, dem. adj. and 

pron., that (one), the former, 

3ennt, prop. «. 

icn'feit[S], prep, {gen.) and adv., 
on the other side of, beyond. 

\t^i, adv., now, at present. 

^O^ann, prop. «., John. 

^Ugcnb, /., youth. 

^ugcnbflefpielt, m., -n, -n, play- 
fellow (of one's youth or child- 

jugcnblt(f|, adj., youthful. 

jung (iiinfler, jiingft), adj., young; 
Qlt vmh —, old (people) and 

3unge, m.,-TH, -n, boy, lad, youth. 

jungfraulic^, adj., virgin. 

^ungfrdultl^fett, /., maidenli- 
oess, maidenhood. 

!3unfer, m., -i, —, (young) no- 
bleman, country squire. 
}UtWti\ii, adj., legal, of the law. 
juft, adv., just, exactly, quite. 

P'of 'ff f , *"; -^> coffee. 

fa^(, adj., bare, barren, bald. 

Stalbiitniidiltin, «., -i5, — , calf's 

folt (falter, lalteft), adj., cold, cool. 

Stanxivay, m.,-en, -en, comrade. 

^amerabfc^aft, /., -en, compan- 
ionship, good fellowship, com- 

Shammer, /., -n, room, chamber. 

^ammer^crr, m., -n, -en, cham- 

^am|lf, m., -[e]«, *e, combat, 

fantpfen, tn/r., fight, contend, 

^apittW, n., -[e]3, -e[r], capital 
(of a pillar). 

fdrgltl^, adj., scanty, sparse. 

Staxtt, /., -n, card, chart. 

Stavni\tU\ tt., -3, -e or -8 [Fr.\ 

5taruffcUpia^, m.,-ti, "e, site or 
place of the merry-go-round. 

Soften, m., -8, — , box, chest; 
[dim. iiiiftdien]. 

^a^rnbucfel, m., -i, — (cat's 
hunchback), obsequious bow,' 



lautn, fr., chew, 
faufeit, ir., buy, purchase. 
Jtaufiabcn, m.,-i, ^, store, shop. 
j^aufmann, »/., -[e]^, taufUute, 

fauttt, ai/7K, hardly, scarcely ; nur 

mii — »iUer)ct)eifacn, but just 

{or barely) distinguish still. 
^a\>alitv% m., -[e]d, -e {/>r. to = 

Eng. v), gentleman, cavalier. 
^egcI6o^n,/.,-en, bowling-alley. 
fe^ren, tr. and intr. (f.), reflex., 

turn ; [icf) an ettoad — , give heed 

(or pay attention) to. 
fetnten, intr., germinate, bud, 

letrt, adj. and pron., no, not a, 

not any, no one, none. 
(etne§itieg[e]d, adv., not at all, 

by no means, in no wise, 
^elc^, m., -[e]d, -e, cup, wine- 
glass, goblet. 
i^cllncr, m., -3, — , waiter. 
!cnnen (fannte, gefannt), tr., know, 

be acquainted with; (eincit) — 

leriten, make the acquaintance 

fieri, m., -[e](J, -e, fellow; etn 

ganger — , a fine fellow. 
ficrje, /., -n, candle, taper. 
fiefl^er, m., ~i, — , hoop-net. 
Jfeffcl, m., -3, — , kettle, boiler. 
feut^en, intr., pant. 
fiinb, «., -[e]8, -er, child. 
fitnbeSfleftoIt, /., -en, childlike 

form 0r figure, child. 

Uinn, «., -[c]d, -c, chin. 

5iird)C, /., -n, church. 

iitirt^^of, m., -\t\i; H, church- 
yard, graveyard. 

fiijfen, «., -<J, — , pillow, cushion. 

filammer, /., -», clothes-pin, 

(Ia|)pen, intr. and tr., clatter, 

(far, adj., clear, bright, trans- 

filaffe, /., -n, class; 

f(atf(^ett, intr., crack (a whip), 
clap (hands). 

fi(etb, «., -5, -er, dress, clothing, 
(//.) clothes. 

fleibeit, tr. and reflex., clothe, 

fiIctbcrfainmer,/.,-n, wardrobe. 

If Icibung,/., -en, clothing, dress, 

fletn, adj, small, little. 

filciniflfcit,/., -en, trifle. 

fletnlauf, adj., dejected, quiet, 

fifcinob, «., -\ty> -e and -ien, 

Kettcrn intr. (^. and f), climb. 

fitmpern, intr., thrum, play in- 

fliiiflcn (flong, fleflungen), intr. 
sound, resound. 

Kinoeln, intr., ring (the bell), 

filinfc, /., -n, latch. 

IHrren, intr., clink, clash. 



Kopfen, inir. [auf + ace] andtr., 
knock, rap. 

fldfterlic^, adj., inonastic(al). 

flug (Hiifler, fliigft), adj., sensible, 
clever, intelligent. 

^abe, m., -XI, -II, boy. 

fnaben^aft, adj., boyish, puerile. 

Jinabcn^erj, «.,-€ii8, -en, boyish 

Pnabenltebe, /., boyish love. 

Jfno^benp^ontofte',/.,-[e]n, boy- 
ish fancy or imagination. 

i^naficnfptelseug, «., -[e]«, -e, 
boyish plaything, toy. 

fnaUen, intr., give a (loud) re- 
port, pop. 

fnapp, a<^'., tight, close, concise. 

fnarren, intr., creak. 

JhtC(^t, »»., -[e]3, -e, servant. 

fnetfen (fniff, gefniffen), tr., pinch. 

^neipabenb, m., -[t\i, -e, (even- 
ing appointed for) convivial 
gathering, student carousal. 

^t\)ft, /., -n, meeting of stu- 
dents for convivial purposes; 
student club house or meeting 

^te, n., -i, -[e], knee. 

fnirfc^en, intr., gnash. 

^noc^en, m., -§, — , bone. 

fniil^em, adj., bony. 

finojif, m., -[e]«, «e, button. 

&n9Xt, fn.,-n, -n, {student slang), 
journeyman, townsman, row- 
dy, rough. 

fnfipfen, tr., tie, knot, join. 

Jfot^, »»., -[ej«, ■€, 5fb<^tn, /., 
-nen, cook. 

ftoffer^ »». or «., -«, — , trunk, 

fomifd), adj., comical, odd, ludi- 

lommen (fom, flefommen), intr. 
(f), come, come about, occur, 

ftomintKto''ne, m., -n, -n, fellow 

^ommo''be, /., -n, bureau, chest 
of drawers. 

i^otnpHment^ «., -[«]*, -f, com- 
pliment, bow. 

fonfirmte^ren, tr., confirm. 

fdnnen (fonntc, gefonnt, fann), 

modal aux. and tr. ; {ability) : be 

able, can, could; {possibility): 

be possible, may, might, 
ftontertatij, »i.,-ed, "e, quadrille, 

square dance. 
Hontraft'', m., -eS, -e, contrast. 
JtOpf, m., -[e]d, 'e, head; (</;»»., 

ftbpf(t)eii), et ift nic^t ouf ben — 

gefallen, he is no fool. 
9:9ppt\, /; ~n, enclosed pasture 

or field; — an — , field after 

ftpraiaenlttSpr^en, «., -8, — , 

coral button(8) or link(s). 
ftorb, m., -[e]«, *e, basket, 
ftorf, »w., -[e]«, -«, cork, 
^orpcr, »!., H8, — , body, 
^orpd, «., — , — , Corps (as80cia> 

tion or club of students). 



SiotpSbut\di[i], m., -ft^en, -f(^en, 

loftbar, adj., precious, costly, 
foftcn, tr., cost. 
ilo'tiOon, m., -i, -§, [/-r. /r., 

il6''--tiI=jon], cotillion, german. 
frac^en, intr., crash, crack. 
Rxa\t,/., 'e, strength, power. 
Iraftig, adj., strong, vigorous, 

jhragen, m., -8, — , collar, 
^ritgelt^cn, «., -§, — , collarette. 
^ram, »».,-[e]8, "e, small articles 

or wares, 
frantcn, intr., rummage. 
Irampf^aft, adj., convulsive. 
^ranj, m., -c«, "c, wreath, gar- 
StxaMi, «., -[e]§, 'cr, herb(s), 

^retbc, /., chalk. 
freibcwci^, adj., white as chalk. 
.QrciiJ, m., -e§, -e, circle. 
Ireifc^cn, intr., scream ; ^rciftfien 

(/«/.), «., -§, scream-, (ber ®ct= 

gen), shrill tone. 
^rcifcn (/«/.), «., -^', revolving, 

^rcftttJcifjlinfl, m.,-^, -e, white 

{or cabbage) butterfly, {genus 


jhreuj, «., -e8, -e, cross, 
^rtefl, m., -[e]8, -e, war. 
frieften, tr., get, obtain; h)«r 
t)at'8 gefriegt?, who caught 

5{riftan''beife, /., -n, crystal cov- 

IriftalCen, adj., crystalline). 

5trone, /., -n, crown. 

ftrufl, m., -[i]i, 'e, mug, pot. 

^fil^e, /., -n, kitchen. 

^ud)en, m., -i, —, cake. 

^ui^enforli, »»., -[e]8, 'e, cake- 

fiifti, adj., cool. 

j^U^(ung, /., coolness, cooling 

(itmmern, tr. and rej!ex., worry, 
grieve, trouble, concern ; fl(^ 
um ctttJaS — , concern oneself 
about, bestow care upon. 

ilunfJ, /., "e, art, skill, trick, 

^iinftler, »»., -S, — , artist. 

fitnft(t(^, adj., clever, artificial. 

IwpfCftflf <^'(I'-t coppery, copper- 

furs ('"i^3er, liirjeft), adj., short, 
curt ; adv., in short, briefly ; 
— borfcincm Gnbe, ashort time 
before his death ; feit furjem, 
for a short time (past) ; Dot 
lUTjem, a short time ago. 

ffiffen, tr., kiss. 

^flfKc, /., -n, coast 


liidjedt, intr., smile, 
ladicn, tntr., laugh. 
laifie'rcn, tr., lacquer, varnish, 



polish ; (adier^te <&(^u^e, patent 

leather shoes. 
£ilben, m., -8, *, shop, store. 
£abtnbtener, m., -i, — , clerk, 

£abcntifi^, m., -c8, -e, counter. 
Sage, /., -n, position, situation, 

condition, state. 
£agerbter, «., -[e]^, -e, lager 

lagcrn, intr. (^. and\.) andrefiex., 

rest, lie, encamp, settle. 
la^m, adj., lame. 
lammfromm, adj., (as) gentle as 

a lamb. 
Sampe, /., -n, lamp. 
Sam^enbelcuc^tung, /., -en, 

fianb, «., -[e]6, 'er, country, 

land, province. 
fian^beSunioerfttat'', /., -en, the 

provincial {or home) univer- 
fianbcSuniBcrfitot^pabt, /., «e, 

the university-town of the 

£anbf(^aft, /., region, district, 

£anbfee, m., -8, -[e]n, lake. 
£anbSmann, »»., -[e]8, -leutc, 

tang (langer, langft), adj., long, 

(ang[e], adv., long, for a long 

time ; [after ace. of time] for, 


langfam, adj., slow. 

laitgft, adv., long since, for a long 

laffcn (lic6, fleloffcn, lafet), tr., 
leave, leave off, let alone, 
cease, stop; {^ith inf.) let, 
suffer, allow, cause, have ; intr. 
bon ethJoS — , renounce, give 
up; Cafe!, stop, don't; fie liefe 
Icin 9(uge bon tf)m, she did not 
take her eyes off him ; er liefe 
fid) nic^t jn^eimal fagen, he did 
not need to be told twice. 

Ififfig, a^/)'., indifferent, negligent, 
lazy, listless. 

£affigfett, /., indifference, lan- 
guor, listlessness. 

fioft, /., -en, burden, load. 

fiaftiltfl, m., -8, [Eng.], lasting, 
(a kind of woolen stuff). 

£aftingf(^u^, »/., -[eJ^S -e, shoe 
made of lasting. 

fiotet^ner, m., -i, —, Latin, 

Latinist, (familiar) : pupil of 
a I^tin school. 

latei^nifi^, adj., Latin. 

fiotcr'nc,/., -n, lantern. 

IflU, adj., lukewarm, mild. 

£aub, «.,-[e]8, -e, foliage, leaves. 

£aubgang, m., -[e]i, 't, arbored 

£aubfrone, /., -n, (leafy) tree- 

£auf, m., -[e]8, 'e, course. 

loufen (lief, oeloufen, Iduft), intr. 
(f.), rim; {colloquiaf): walk. 



Sauf))a§, m., -e8, 'c, dismissal, 
discharge, {familiar) : walk- 

fiflUt, m., -[e]«, -e, sound, tone. 

lout, adj., loud, aloud. [run. 

lautcn, m/''., sound, be worded, 

(auter, adj., pure, unalloyed; 
{indecl.), nothing but. 

rautiod, adj., noiseless, silent. 

(eben, intr., live; lebcn ©tc too^I !, 

fiebcn, «., -§, — , life. 

(cbcn^btg, adj., living, lively. 

SebcnSgenu^, »»., -nuiTeS, -niiffe, 
enjoyment of life. 

fiebenSweg, »»., -[e]8, -c, course 
<7r path of life. 

leb^aft, adj., lively, vivacious. 

leer, adj., empty. 

ICflCn, tr., lay (laid, laid), put, 
place ; ftc^ — , lie (down), settle. 

£e^ne, /., -n, back (of a chair or 

le^nen, tr., intr. andrejlex., lean, 
rest; fit^ an eltoaS — , lean 
against; auf (cttoaS) flclefjnt, 
leaning or reclining on. 

fie^npU^I, m., -[e]g, 'e, arm {or 
easy) chair. 

fic^rcr, m., -§, — , teacher. 

£e^rburfd|[e], w., -[e]n, -[c]it, ap- 

fie^rling, m., -8, -e, apprentice, 

Se^rfhtnbe, /., -n, lesson. 

fieib, /»., -[ej8, -er, body. 

fictbeSfrttft, /., 'e, (bodily) 
strength; nac^ Ceibe^frdflcn, 
with all one's strength,(might). 

IctJ^t, adj., light, slight, easy. 

leit^tfertig, adj., thoughtless, 
fickle, airy, frivolous. 

(etl^tbin, adv., lightly, airily, 

fieib, «., -[e]8, wrong, injury, 

leib, adj., indecl. {with fetn, toer» 
ben, etc. -f- dat) ; cd tut nitr — , 
I am sorry, I regret ; eincm — 
hjcrben, become sorry, repent. 

letben (litt, gclitten), tr. and intr., 
suffer, endure; cd Hit mid) ni(^t 
IdngcT, I could endure it no 

Seibenfdjoff, /., -en, passion, 

letbenfl^aftHl^, adj., passionate. 

(eiber, interj., alas, unfortunate- 
ly, I regret to say; leibcr ®ot» 
teS !, alas!, more's the pity. 

letbttl^, adj., tolerable, passable. 

fieterfaften, m., -S, — , hand- 

Sieicrfaftenmann, m., -\t\i, *er 
and -Icutc, (hand-)organ 

Seierfaftcnmufif, /., music of 
the hand-organ. 

ficin, m., -[ejvS flax. 

ficinc, /., -n, line, rope. 

Seineule, /., -n, grass cr antler 



fieintuc^, «.,-[«]*» 'er» linen cloth, 

(Ctfe, adj., soft, gentle, light 

Ictfien, ir., do, perform, execute ; 
(5oIge — , give obedience, obey. 

fieno're, prop. n. 

ficrc^c, /., -n, lark. 

Serti^enfalmt, w., lark-stew. 

Icrncn, tr. and intr.,\ca.m ; (einen) 
fenncn — , make the acquaint- 
ance of. 

Icfcn (laS, gclefcn, Itcft), (r. and 
inlr., read. 

Ic^t, adj., last, latest; bet le^ftere, 
the latter. 

le^tcnmal, adv. ; jum — , for the 
last time. [shine. 

(cui^ten, inlr., gleam, sparkle 

leugnen, tr., deny. 

Scute {no sing.), people, men. 

fillet, «., -[eJ8, -er or -e, light, 
candle; mir gtng cin — auf, 
light dawned upon me, I be- 
gan to see clearly. 

nd)t, adj., light, bright. 

fitd)tf(^Ctn, tn., -[e]«, lamp- {or 
candle-) light, gleam of light. 

fiib, «., -[e]«, -er, (eye)lid. 

Iteb, ad;., dear, beloved, amiable, 

Iteb^aUQeln {insep.), intr., cast 
loving glances (at), ogle. 

Itelicn, tr., love, like. 

lieber, adv. {comp. of flevn), rath- 
er, sooner, better. 

Itei^Iofeit {insep.), tr. and intr., 

caress, fondle. 
ItebUl^, adj., lovely, pleasing. 
Stetlltng, tn.,-i, -c, favorite, pet. 
fiicbltngcifo^lt, m., -[c]ci, 'c, fa- 
vorite son. 
liefern, tr., provide, deliver. 
lieflcn (lag, flclegen), intr. (f). and 

\.), lie (lay, lain), be situated. 
fiiUe, /., -n, [pr. nV'l-l], lily. 
Stnbe, /., -11, linden, lime-tree. 
fiiltic, /., -n, [pr. 2in'=(=fJ, line. 
linl, adj., left. 
fitnfe, /., left hand or side; jur 

Cinfcii, to or on the left. 
HnfS, adv., to or on the left 
ilttipe, /., -tt, lip. 
Itfpcln, intr. and tr., whisper, 

lisp, murmur. 
locfcn, tr. and intr., allure, entice, 
fioifruf, m., -[e]«, -c, (enticing) 

gore {dim. 2ord)en), short for 

(Oj8, adj. and adv., free, loose, rid 

of; barauf — fc^reitcn, walk or 

march straight towards it. 
lofe, adj., loose ; lofeS ®elb, loose 

money, cash, change. 
I5fen, tr., loosen, free. 
loS^mai^en, tr. and rejlex., free, 

deliver, disengage ; fic^ bon (et' 

tpa8) — , rid oneself of, get rid 

lod^reigen (rife, geriffe"), tr. and 

reflex., tear {or pull) away. 



Louis seiie, Louis XVI (of 

2litf C, /., -It, gap, opening, break. 

fiubnitg, prop. «., Lewis, Louis. 

SJuft, /., "e, air, breeze, atmos- 
phere; dim. Ciiftdjen, gentle 
breeze; ft(^ (aVi/.) — morf)en, 
ease or unburden itself, give 
vent or free play to. 

Suft^au^, »»., -[e]8, breath of 

lilfjcn (fofl, gclogen), intr., lie, tell 
a falsehood. 

Stigner, »».,-«, — ;/.,-tn,-tnnen, 
story-teller, deceiver, liar. 

fiuft, /., pleasure, desire; — 
l^aben, desire, want, have a 
mind or fancy. 

luftig, adj., merry, gay, joyous, 

madden, /n, reflex., intr., make, 
do; ftcf) iiber (cth)a5) — , make 
for, fall upon; fid) 3U (ber 
©c^miebeit) — , make off (t^rset 
out) for; fic^ auf (btc 28anbc= 
rung) — , set out upon ; fid) ju 
fc^affen — , busy oneself; moc^ 
juriirf, turn back. 

SRabd^en, «., -8, — , girl, maiden. 

SRabd^enantlt^^ «., -e«, -e, girl's 
(<7r girlish) face. 

aRSbt^engcftoW, /., -en, girl, 
girl's (flr girlish) figure <7r form. 

mabc^en^aft, a<^'., girlish, maid- 

iDidbd^enfram, /w., -[<!]*» sn^aH 
girlish things or belongings, 

SRabel, «., -§, — , young girl, 

3Roeftro, m., -i, -«, (//a/.), (mu- 
sic) master, teacher. 

anogastn^ «., -[e]«, -e, (/•>.), 

aWa^ago'iiifurnier', «.,-[«]«, -«, 
mahogany veneer. 

a)iitl^J, «., -[c]§, -c, or "cr, meal. 

9Ko^IjCtt, /., -eu, meal, repast. 

2Ra^nung, /., -en, admonition, 

aRotlilie, /., -n, (<r/. 2iHe) lily of 
the valley. 

aWot, «., -[c]«, -c, time[s] (usu- 
ally combined with preceding 
numeral, cf. jWcimal, nllemal, 
ntanc^mal, bu^enbinal) ; ctn paar» 
mat, a few times ; jum erftcnmal, 
(for) the first time. 

aKomfcr, /., -en or -«, [/•>-. 
Mademoiselle], miss, young 
lady. ['hey- 

nton, pron. indecl., one, people, 

man^ (-er, -e, -eS), adj. and 
pron., many a, many, several. 

mand^mal, adv., sometimes, 
many a time. 

^langel, m., -3, ", want, lack. 

ntanirr^lidl, adj., polite, courte- 
ous, well-mansered. 



Viann, m., -[e]«, *« (m com- 
pounds /i. often = -leutf), man, 

monnigfaUtg, adj., manifold. 

97{antrl, m., -i, *-, cloak, man- 
tel ; (dim. 8D?anteI(^en). 

SRorgare^te, prop. «., Margaret. 

SRorle', /ro/. «., Mary. 

9Rarft, »»., -[e]«, 'e, market, 
market-place, fair. 

9Worft6ube,/.,-n, market booth 
or stall. 

9)!arftftra^e, /., -en, Market 
Street. [tablet. 

9)larmortafe(, /., -n, marble 

9Rarqut''fe, /., -n, [/r. qui = 
y^t-^], marchioness. 

9Rarti''ni \gen. of Martinus], 
Martinmas (Nov. ii). 

SWoffc,/., -», mass, multitude. 

aWofur'fa,/., h8, mazurka. 

matt, adj., (of persons) tired, 
faint ; (of color) dull, lustreless. 

SWfluer,/., -n, wall (of masonry). 

SWoufejagb, /., -en, mouse-hunt. 

9Wccr, «., -[e]8, -e, sea, ocean. 

2Wcerc8bu«^t,/., -en, bay (of the 

VleereSfpteflel, w., -«, — , sur- 
face of the sea. 

me^r, adj. indecl., more; culv.^ 
more, longer. 

me^rere, (//.)a<^',, several, a few. 

me^rmald, adv., several times. 

%SitWt, /., -n, mile (= about 5 
U. S. A. miles). 

BICtn, pass. adj. and pron., my, 
mine; bte SReintgen, my family 
or friends. 

tnetneit, tr. and intr., think, be 
of the opinion, say, mean, in- 

metnig, cf. mcin. 

meift, adj. (superl. of MUX), most 
(of) ; adv., mostly, for the most 
part ; am meiften, adv., most. 

metftend, adv., mostly, for the 
most part. 

9Mciftcr,»».,-8, — , master(-work- 

SRetfterin, /., -nen, mistress, 
master(-workman)'s wife, lead- 

9Reiftcr(eute, //., the people or 
family of the master(-work- 

Wetftcrrci^t, «., -[e]«, freedom 
of a trade or guild, privilege 
of practicing a trade. 

9)2eifteri$tO(4tcr, /., ', daughter 
of the master(-workman). 

aHeUbte'',/., -en, tune, air, mel- 

9Rena'ge, /., -n, \Fr, pr. i = z 
in azure], household (effects), 
domestic economy, house- 
keeping; \l)Xt — ^atle, kept 
house, lived. 

SWenge, /., -n, (large) number, 
multitude, crowd. 

9Renf(^, m.,-en, -en, man, human 
being, fellow, creature. 



Snehft^ettfletpii^I, «., -[e]«, throng 

(or crowd) of people. 

3Rcnf(^enmaffe, /., -n, crowd of 

menf(^(i(^, at//., human. 

3Weufttr', /., -en, student duel; 
duelling ground. 

mcrlen, tr., notice, mark, ob- 

mcffen (mafe, gemeffen, mifet), /r. 
rt«^/ reflex., measure. 

3Kcffer, «., -«, — , knife. 

aWctoa^ «., -eS, -e, metal. 

aKic^oeltSmorft, »/., -[c]3, 'e, 
[/r.3Krc^--fi=e'4r3], Michaelmas- 
fair; (Michaelmas, Sept. 29). 

SRtene, /., -n, mien, air; — 
mac^en, prepare or offer to, 
seem about to. 

Wxii^VoX, m., -[e]8, "e, livery 
horse or nag. 

2Wict|jfert», «., -[e]**, -e, livery- 
horse, hack. 

aWiltl),/., milk. 

nti((f)l)OrHn,a<J>'., downy-bearded. 

int(b, adj., mild, gentle. 

mtnbefteud, adv., at least. 

aWinu'te, /., -n, minute. 

mi^fllflrf'en, intr. (f), (+ dat.), 
fail, miscarry. 

tttit, frep. {dat.), adv. and sep. 
pre/., with; together with; 
along (with); — mtr olletn, 
alone by myself. 

tnttbrtngen (brac^te, gebradit), tr., 
bring or carry along (with). 

mitcinonber, adv., with one an- 
other, together. 

mitge^cn (gtng, gcgongen), intr. 
([.), go along with, accompany. 

SRttleib, n., -[i\i, pity, sym- 

SlJittag, m., -[e]«, -t, midday, 

aJilttOgStiftf), m., -[i]i, -e, mid- 
day meal, dinner. 

mittanjcn, intr., dance (with 
others), join in a dance. 

'^Xttt, /., middle, midst. 

mittetlen, tr., impart, communi- 
cate, inform. 

'SSlitM, «., -S, — , means, expe- 
dient;//., property. 

mittefgro^, adj., medium-sized. 

mitten, adv. (usually with prep, 
an, Quf, in, etc.), in(to) the 
midst of; — im SBalbc, in the 
midst of the forest. 

mittler, adj., middle, central. 

tntttlcrioeKc, adv., (in the) mean- 

mxiyxn'ttX, adv., from time to 
time, now and then. 

9KittW0(^, m., -8, -t, Wednes- 
day; — obcnb, Wed. evening. 

fD{iibc(, «., -3, — , (piece of) fur- 

aWS'belmflflojiit', «., -[e]«, -t, 

moberit'', adj., modem, fashion- 

tnSgen (moc^te, gemcc^t, mag), 



modal aux., tr. and ittir,, {lik- 
ing, choice): like (to), care to; 
(possibility, concession, conject- 
ure): may, might ; mofl fic uni» 
l)(icfen, let her look around, cf. 
u. 23, 4. 

mogltc^, adj., possible. 

monlil^ft, adv., as much as pos- 
sible ; — laut, as loud as possi- 

mon bijou {Fr.), my jewel, my 

aRonfieur [Fr. fr. "SRhWi'], Mr. 

^99^, «., -c^, -c, moss. 

'^loxaV, /., moral. 

^2orgen, m., -&, —, morning. 

morgen, adv., tomorrow. 

SRorgcnfrfi^C, /., early morn- 

morgcn^cK, adj., clear or bright 
as the morning. 

ajiorgcnlonb, «., -{t\i, 'cr, (the) 
Kast, Orient. 

^iorfltnluft, /., 'e, morning air 
or breeze. 

WotflCnfonitC, /., morning sun. 

miibc, adj., tired, weary. 

gjjuff, m., -[e]8, -e, muff. 

Wft^e, /., -n, trouble, toil, diffi- 

ntfl^en, tr. and reflex., (cf. bc^ 
mii^cn), trouble; ftc^ — , exert 
oneself, endeavor. 

9Jiai)le, /., -n, mill. 

^JDJtt^lenteic^, m., -[e]«, -t, mill- 

mit^fatn, adj., troublesome, labo- 

SRfiHerdfrau, /., -en, miller's 

9Runb, m., -[e]«, -e and "tr, 

'iSVa.Xi%t, /., -n, coin. 

murmefn, tr. and intr., murmur. 

^^ufl^el, /., -n, mu8sel(-shell), 

SWuftf'', /•. music. [cian. 

3)2urifant^ m., -en, -en, musi- 

a)iuftfoiit'entif(^, m., -e«, -e, 
musicians' table. 

tttilffcn (mu6te, gemufet, mu6), 
modal aux., and intr., (compul- 
sion): be obliged, compelled. 
or forced to, have to, must ; fie 
mu^e ^ertor, she had to come 

Wfifeifl, adj., idle. 

9Rufter, «., -8, — , pattern, de- 
sign, model. 

muftern, tr., inspect, examine, 
view, gaze at. 

ntutma^(td|, adj., presumable, 

abutter, /., ', mother. 

SRutterbruber, m., -«, ", (mater- 
nal) uncle. 

aWfl^e, /., -n, cap. 

na(^, prep, (dat.), adv. and sep. 
pre/., to, toward, for, about, 



after, behind, by, at, according 
to, in accordance with; — 
^ufe flf^en, go home; — (b«m 
SJoote) ju, to, toward. 

nai^'a^tnen, /r.<zWi«/r., imitate. 

'itaiibar, m., -S or -n, -n, neigh- 

nai^bcm', cj., after, when; adv., 

nac^benfUi^, adj., thoughtful, 

nac^fragen, intr., inquire. 

nai^ge^en (ging, gcgangen), intr. 
(f.) (+ dat.), follow, pay at- 
tentions to. 

nai^^angen (^ing, ge^angen, 
pngt), intr. (4- dat.), follow, 
give way to, indulge in. 

nai^^angen, c/., nac^fiangen. 

nodj^er, adv., afterwards. 

nai^fomntcn {iam, getommcn), 
intr. (f.) (-f- daL), follow, come 

na^IotTen (Hefe, gelatTen, laiit), 
intr., relax, flag, cease, desist; 
tr., leave behind. 

na(^ma^cn, tr. (einem ettoaS — ), 

92a(^mtttag, «., -[t]i, -t, after- 

ttac^tnittag^, adv., in the after- 
noon, afternoons. 

9{a(^inittag0fonne, /., afternoon 

nai^fe^rn (fa^, gefefien, fie^t), tHtr. 
(-h dat.), look toward ar after. 

nadifinncn (fann, gcfonnen), im/r., 

reriect or meditate upon, pon- 
ttiflft, adj. {ftiperi. of no^t]), 

next, nearest; in brn sadifttB 

Xagen (with-)in the next few 

!Wttt!)t, /., «e, night. 
^^adjttgaO, /., -en, nightingale. 
9{a(^tluft, /., 'e, night air. 
9{acfcn, m., -e, — , nape of the 

naiff, adj., naked, bare; — unb 

bloB, empty-handed, destitute. 
9{abc(, /., -n, needle. 
9{age(, m,, -i, •«, naiL 
nagen, tr, and intr., gnaw; fic^ 

ouf ben Sippen — , bite one's 

9}a^arbeit, /., -en, needlework, 

«tt^[e] (no^er, nSc^ft), adj., near, 

9}i^r, /., nearness, proximity, 

vicinity; in nad)fter — , in 

close(st) proximity. 
nfi^etl, tr. and intr., sew. 

tta^er, adj. {comp. of na^f]); 
92d^ercd, something more ac- 
curate, further details, parti- 
culars; — na(!^fTagcn, inquire 
more minutely or particularly. 

nof|Cm, reflex., fi* — , approach. 

nabcju, adv., nearly, almost. 

9{ai)faftc4nt, «., -^, —, work- 



"ilalinaM, /., -n, needle. 

9la\tt, /., 'c, seam. 

92a^terin, /., -ncn, seamstress. 

9{ame[n], »/., -en3, -en, name. 

namcntlic^, a<ft'., especially. 

nam^aft, aJ/\, -mad)en, name, 

namlil^, aih:, namely, that is to 
say, for. 

9Zartie, /., -n, scar. 

9?afe,/.,-n, nose; (</*»«. 9Za8(^en). 

nag (nailer, najieft or reg.), adj., 
wet, damp. 

9iattir', /., -en, Nature. 

92aturgef(^id)tr, /., natural his- 

92ahirgen)alt, /., -en, force of 
Nature, natural force. 

92ebel, m., -§, — , mist, fog. 

neben, prep. (dot. and ace), be- 
side, by, by the side of, near. 

ttebenan, adv., close by, next 
door, in the next room. 

92tbenbu^(er, m., -«, — , /., -in, 
-tnnen, rival. 

nebenetnanber, a*/!/., side by side, 


92cbenfiube, /., -n, adjoining 

Webenjimmer, «., -«, — , ad- 
joining room. 

nebp, prep, {dai.), together with, 

xeiftn, rr., tease, banter. 

Kelnten (na^m, genommen, 
nimmt), tr., take, accept; ^la^ 

— , take a seat, be seated ; (in 
Snbe — , come to an end, cease ; 
5ur ^anb — , take in hand, take 
up; fK^ in ac^t — , take care or 
heed; fie ifattt ei fic^ ni(f)t — 
la|)en, had not allowed herself 
to be deprived of; Uiic man'i* 
— toill, as one cares to regard 
it, that depends. 

9ltlQe, /., -n, dregs, remainder, 

neigen, tr. and reflex., incline, 
lean, bend, bow. 

ncin, adv., no. 

nennctt (nannte, genonnt), tr^ 
name, call. 

9?eiiel, /., -n, nettle. 

9?eft, «., -eS, -er, nest. 

neftein, tr., lace, tie, fasten; 0« 
bem (S(^Ioft — , work at the 
fastening or clasp. 

neu, adj., new ; t)on neueftem !ta» 
tuin, of the latest or most re- 
cent date; auf« neue, anew, 

9ieuflier, /., curiosity. 

neugiertg, adj., inquisitive, curi- 

9?eujal)r, «., -[e]«, -«, New Year, 
New Year's day. 

9icunt6tcr, m., -«, — , nine-kill- 
er, shrike, butcher-bird. 

nit^t, adv., not. 

ntd)t^, pron. indecU, nothing, not 

uilfen, intr., nod, bow. 



nie, adv., never. 

nieber, adv. and sep.pref., down. 

nieberbltcfen, intr., look {or 
glance) down. [depress. 

nteberbriiifcii, tr., press down, 

nteberlegen, tr., lay down. 

nieberfc^lagen (fc^lua, gefdjlaflen, 
{d)ldgt), tr., cast down. 

nteberrtnfen (fanf, gefunfen), intr. 
(f.), sink down. 

92ieberung, /., -en, low ground, 

niebrtg, adj., low, lowly, humble. 

niemalS, adv., never. 

Itiemaitb {indef.) pron., (gen. 
-[e]«, dat. -[em], ace. -[en]), 
no one, nobody. 

nO(^, adv., yet, still, more; — 
einmal, once more, again ; — 
etn^aS, something else or more ; 
— ein, another; — je^t, even 
now; — ^eute obenb, this very 
evening; nieber . . . — , neither 
. . . nor. 

92orbnieftuitub, m., -[e]3, -«, 
northwest wind. 

9iot, /., "e, necessity, need, dis- 
tress, danger; eS l)Qt ntc^t — , 
there is no danger or urgency. 

UOtbtirfttg, adj., scanty, needy; 
adv., barely, scarcely. 

nottgrn, tr., press, urge, invite. 

9iotij', /., -en, notice. 

9{otfued^t, m., -[e]«, -e, person 
called in to make up a required 
number, jnake-shift. 

92oiiem6ert0tnb, m., -[e]d, -t, 
November wind. 

92ummer, /., -n, number. 

nun, adv., now, welll cj'., now 

nur, adv., only, but, juat, scarce- 
ly ; (with imperative cf. w. 9, 
24) just, please; — ju !, now 
for it, just go on or ahead ; too 
— , wherever. 

9?U§flebufl^, «., -[e]«, -«, thicket 
of nut trees. 

D !, inter;'., oh I 

pb, CJ., whether ; aI8 — , as if. 

oben, adv., above, up-stairs ; ^ter 

— , up here; toon — ^erab, 

condescending(ly), haughty, 
ober, adj., upper, higher. 
Ober^atb, prep, (gen.), above, 
obgleic^', cj'., although, 
ober, CJ., or. 

Ofetl, m., -i, *, stove, furnace. 
Dfen^eijer, m., -«, — , furnace 

feeder, stove-tender. 
offcit, adj., open, 
offenbar, adj'., evident, obvious. 
0Y\tnt\\^, adj., public 
Difijier', m., -i, -t, officer. 
Offiiieret'toittoe, /., -n, officer's 

pffnen, tr., open, 
oft, adv., often. 
C^ein, m., -[e]«, -t, onde. 



O^nc, prep, {acc^, without ; — jU 
(4- ««/.) ; — ^0.^, (+ substantive 
clause), without. 

O^nC^tn, adv., without that, be- 
sides, moreover. 

0^0^ ! inter}., oho I 

D^r, «•, -[e]^/ -e«, ear. 

D^rring, m., -[e]d, -c, ear-ring. 

oli^ocnbraun, adj., olive brown. 

Dpfcr, «., -^, — , sacrifice, offer- 
ing, victim. 

or^bentlii^, adj., orderly, regular, 
proper ; adv., really, thorough- 


orbnen, tr., set in order, arrange, 

Drt, »»., -[e]S, -e and ■"er, place, 

spot, region. 
Dftcrn (//.), Easter. 

*^8aor, «., -[e]3, -e, pair, couple ; 
(dim. ^dr(^en). 

t)aar, indef. num. indecl., (a) few. 

Vaartnal, aa'z'.; ein — , a few times. 

*^Jatf, OT. a«^ «., -[c]*/ -e and'-i, 
pack, package ; {dim. ^acfc^en). 

patfcn, /r., seize, lay hold of. 

^onbeFten, w. //., pandects 
(compilation of Roman civil 

^onberten=^ontrot)rt'fe, /., -n, 
controversy, discussion or dis- 
puted point in Roman law. 

Ropier'', «.. -[e](8, -e, paper. 

^orf, m., -[e]S, -e, park. 
$artte, /., -[e]n, parcel, lot, 
partner, m., -^, — (/., -i: 

-tnncn), \_Eng^ partner. 
^0§, m., -eS, •"€, passport. 
)>aff en, intr., fit, go well togethe 
t^affteren, *«/r. (f.), happen, o 

^aufcrci^, /., -en, student 

$aufe, /., -n, pause, stop, inte 

*.PcbeU', m., -[e]S and -en, -e[n 

beadle, official messenger, 
^eitfc^c, /., -It, whip, 
peitfc^en, tr.andintr., whip, las^ 

^el5la|>))ci^en, «., -«, — , Utt 

fur cap or hood. 
^erfSn'', /., -e«, person, indivi 

ual, character. 
?Pfoffengojfe, /., -n, prop. , 

Parson's Alley. ^ 
«Pfo^I, m., -[e]«, *e, post, stak 
^feifcn {inf.), «., -e, whistling 
^ferb, «., -[e]8, -e, horse. 
$ferbe»er(ei^er, »«., -8, — , li 

^ftngficn (//.) indecl., Whitsu 

tide, Pentecost (7th Sund: 

after Easter). 
^Panje, /., -n, plant. 
t>flegen, intr., be wont or acci 

^forte, /., -n, gate, portal. 
^f often, m., -3, — , po»t, jaml 



fipftn, m.,-4, — , cork. 

p\ , tnterj., (for) shame ; — boc^, 

)surd ! 
^intnfie^ /., -[e]", imagina- 

on, fancy. 

% n, m., -[e]§, "t, plan. 

^ ^, m., -e§, ''e, place, room, 

aat ; (public) square. 
^iuberei'', /■, -en, chat, con- 

|; ubevit, intr., chat, talk. 
% ^Ul^r adj'.f sudden. 
\ <)t\X, tr. and intr., pound, beat, 


\ te'ren, tr., polish. 
tiSei'» /•» police, 
(ijtff, w».,-en, -en, policeman, 
rtar, «., -[e]8, -e, gateway, 

rtratte'runB,/.,-en, portrait- 
ire, portrayal. 

rjeUon^bofe, /., -n, porcelain 

r^eltan^en, adj., porcelain. 
jfen^aft, adj., farcical, ludi- 
crous, clownish, jesting. 

)ftineifterto(i^ter, /., % post- 
master's daughter. 
)ftftcm<iel,/w.,-8, — , postmark. 
Ol^tig, adj., splendid, magnifi- 
cent, gorgeous. 

ofentie^ren, tr., present, offer, 

rofenttet''tetter, »».,-S, — ,tray, 

'^XtU, m., -e8, -e, price. 

^PreUftein, m., -[e]8, -e, guard- 
stone, curb-stone. 

^xma'ntX, m., -8, — , member 
of the highest class (in the 
Gymnasium), Senior. 

%X\\Xi\paV, m., -[e]§, -e, employ- 
er, chief, principal. 

$rifc, /., -n, pinch (of snuff). 

^rofcf for, m., -§, ^rofeffot'en, 

?Pr05Cbut', /., -en, procedure. 

^rtifen, tr., test, examine, prove. 

«Putt, n., -[e]§, -e, desk. 

%vmtt, m., -[e]§, -e, point. 

^unfi, »«., -eS, punch. 

^tt^, w., -e§, finery. 


quctten (quoH, gequoHen, qulttt), 
intr. (D, gush (forth), flow, 

qucr, adj., oblique, cross; adv., 
crosswise; — iiber, across. 

0ttei:I»oKen, m., -«, -, cross- 

Ouerljola, n.,-ii, ^er, cross-piece 
or rod. 

rogen, intr., project. 
{Ronb, »«.^[e]3, 'er, edge, bor- 

Wang, »»., -W, *«' «^''» P°*^- 
tion, station. 



tariiit^ttn, tr. [/v., pr.^ — z in 
azure], arrange. 

9Ianfe, /., -n, shoot {or branch) 
of a vine. 

ta\di, adj., swift, quick, hasty. 

rafett, intr., rage, rave; rafenb 
(//•. /.), adj., wild, furious, 

Slafcn, m.,-i, turf, grass. 

Slafenfleif, m., -[e]«, -e, grass- 

iNafen)i(a$, m., -e3, *e, grass- 
plot, green. 

raftlOi^, adj., restless, indefatig- 

Slot, m., -[e]3, counsel, advice; 
— toiffen, know what to do. 

9iat^aui9, «., -eS, 'er, town {or 
city) hall. 

iRotdfeaer, m., -8, — , cellar {or 
basement) of the town hall. 

iHaubDOgel, m., -9>, *, bird of 

JHttUr^, w., -[«]*» smoke. 

iNaugraf, m., -en, -en (a mediae- 
val title of nobility), raugrave, 

rou^, adj., rough, harsh, coarse, 

iHoum, m., -[e]3, 'e, space. 

rdumen, tr., remove, clear away. 

rauf(^en, intr., rustle, murmur, 

9{e(4enf(^aft, /., account. 

rer^t, adj., right, correct; na(^ 
bem 9le(^ten fe^en, have an eye 

to things ; adv., quite, exactly, 

9ie4|te, /., right hand or side; 
jur Mec^ten, to or on the right. 

9iebe, /., -n, speech, talk. 

reben, intr. and tr., speak, talk. 

regetma^tg, adj., regular. 

regen, tr. and rejlex., move ; fi(^ 
— , be stirring. 

regnen, intr., rain. 

regung<^(0^, adj., motionless. 

rciiien (rieb, flcrieben), tr., rub. 

JReie^, «.,-[f]8, -e, empire, realm. 

reil^, adj., rich. 

reid^en, /r. ««</ intr., reach, ex- 
tend, suffice; juriid — , hand 

Slei^e, /., -n, row, rank, series, 
succession, turn ; ein Jtontertan j 
fam an bie — , the turn for a 
square-dance came, a square- 
dance was next in order; 'itxt 
tft an bet — , it is Lore's turn. 

rei^en, tr., set in a row or line ; 
fid) aneinanber — , range them- 
selves together in line or order. 

{Heife, /., -n, journey. 

iHeifegelb, «., -[eJiS, money for 

Tci^en (rife, fleriffen), tr., tear, 

reiten (ritt, geritten), tr. and intr. 
(^. and f.), ride (horseback); 
i(^ ^abe mid) frci geritten, I have 
earned a free ride. 

Stetterin, /., -nen, horsewomaa 



9{titptit^dte, /., -n, riding-whip. 

iReleflotion^/., -en [pr., t = tfe], 

vennett (ranntc, flerannt), intr. (f.), 
run, rush. 

JRenommift^, m., -en, -en, boast- 
er, braggart. 

reparie'rcn, tr., repair. 

9{efe''ba, /., -3 or SRefeben, mign- 

dtt\t^t>atOpf, m., -[e]8, 'c, pot of 

refoluf, adj., determined, re- 

JReft, m., -eS, -e, (the) rest, re- 
mainder, relic, remnant. 

SicfuUot^ «., -[e]8, -c, result. 

retiri^eren, intr. (f.)/ [/^r.], retire, 

iH^ein, »/., -[e]§, /w/. «., Rhine. 

JH^tit^mug, OT., — , 3?^9t^men, 

rt^ten, /n, direct, turn, adjust, 
arrange, set right. 

9}t(^tung, /., -en, direction. 

JHiefcltt (««/')i «•• -^» trickling, 
rippling, murmuring. 

JWtltfl, w., -[e]«, -e, ring. 

ttngen (rang, flerungen), »«/r., 
struggle, wrestle, strive. 

Siing^alter, w., -3, — , ring- 

tinQS^evum, adv., round about. 

tiltgSum^er, adv., round about. 

rtnnen (rann, geronnen), itttr. (f.), 
run, flow. 

{RoUe, /., -n, r61e, part 
iHonbeU'', «., -[e]3, -e, round 

bed ^r plot. 
Stofe, /., -n, rose. 
Wo'feitbufett^ «., -3, -«, <>r -4, 

bouquet or bunch of roses. 
9tofengtrlan^be, /., -n, garland 

of roses. 

JHofenftromft, m., -[t]i, «e[r], 

iRofen^eit, /., -en, time {ar sea- 
son) of roses. 

roftig, ad^'., rusty. 

rot, ad/., red. 

SRot, «. (indecL), red. 

rotblJi^enb, a^/>'., red-flowering. 

9{dtC, /^-i redness, blush. 

rSHt^, a#, reddish. 

92tt(fen, »i., -5, — , back. 

xMtn, tr. and intr. (f), push, 

move, draw. 
riirflingS, adv., backwards. 
iHiitfflC^t, /., -n, consideration, 

ritdftd)t^(o^, adj., inconsiderate, 

9}ii(fnieg, »/., -[i\^, -«, way back. 

rttbern, tr. and intr. (^. and f), 

row (a boat). 
5Huf, m., -[e]«, -e, call, calling, 
rufen (rief, gcrufen), intr. and tr. 

call, call to, summon. 
JRu^e, /., rest, quiet, peace (of 

ru^en, intr., rest. 



ni^g, tuij.y quiet, peaceful, calm. 
riirm, tr., intr., leflex., move, 

rumpfen, tr., wrinkle; (bit SJafe) 

— , turn up. 
Stunbe,/., -n, circle, ring, round ; 

in bie — , bur(^ bie — , (a)rounci. 
rufteit, /n, prepare, equip. 
rifitig, adj., vigorous, active, 


<SooI, »/., -[e]«, Sole, hall, as- 

(Saalfenftcr, «., -S, — , window 
of a large room or hall. 

^^vMxLX, /., -en, door of a large 
room or hall. 

®abfiat, m., -[c]8, -c, Sabbath. 

Gfldie, /., -n, affair, matter, 
thing, concern, (//.) things, 

@a(^oer^aU, m., -\t\l, state of 

affairs, facts of a case. 

fad)Oerfianbig, adj., expert, com- 
petent, professional. 

fagen, tr. and intr., say, tell. 

@a(nti, «. [/>.], bird-stew. 

fammein, tr., gather, collect, as- 

@am[me]t, /«., -[«]«, velvet. 

(Sammctbraun, »., inded., vel- 
vety brown. 
@amm(uito, /•> -«"' collection, 
famtlidi, adj., all (together). 
@anb, m., -{ty,, sand. 

SanbwoU, w., -[e]«, *f, mound 
<7r embankment of sand. 

fonft, adj., gentle, soft. 

Sorgfifrt), w., -ciJ, -», coffin-fish; 
./. n. 2«, 27. 

Sottcl, m., -i, ', saddle. 

Sattelfnopf, m., -[e]8, «e, pom- 

@o^, >w., h:8, 'e, leap, bound; 

fauber, adj., clean, neat, tidy. 

@aubertett, /., neatness, cleanli- 

fauer, adj., sour, hard, trouble- 
some; (eiitcm) bad ficben — 
mac^eii, make life a burden (to), 
embitter one's life. 

@au(e, /., -II, pillar, column. 

@aulengang, m., -[t]i, 'e, colon- 

@au(cnbaUe, /., -n, portico. 

Bd^adfttl, /., -n, box, bandbox. 

Sl^aben, m., -8, ', damage, in- 

f(^offen (f<t)affte, (jef^oft), /r. </«</ 
/«//-., do, work, be active; pro- 
cure; fic^ ju — modjen, busy 

fc^offcn (fcfiuf, flefc^affen), tr., cre- 
ate, produce. 

fc^oUcn (r<y. and f(f)oa, gefc^otten), 
/»/r. (^. and\.), sound, resound, 

fl^anbftl^, adj., shameful, dis- 
graceful, base. 

f«^orf (f«l)arfer, {(^arfft), at^-.,8harp. 



harsh, violent; — e 9(ugen 
ntQc^en, look (at) fixedly. 

f (^arf f attttg, adj., sharp {or keen-) 

fl^armanr, adj. [/>.], charming. 

Sr^dr)ie, /., -n, sash, scarf. 

fl^arren, intr. and tr., scrape, 
scratch, shuffle; (mtt ben ^ufen) 
— , paw. 

6t^0fteit, w., -8, — , shadow, 

fc^atteniOiS, adj., shadeless. 

fc^atHg, adj., shady. 

@(4atur(e, /., -It, box or small 
chest, chest of drawers. 

@C^a^, m., -ti, *c, treasure, 
sweetheart. [view. 

f(^auen, intr. and tr., look, gaze, 

fli^auertt, intr. and impers., shud- 
der, tremble. 

fl^OUfufttg, adj., curious, desirous 
of seeing. 

@(^aum, m., -\i\i, foam. 

fc^aunten, intr., foam, sparkle. 

@(^et6e, /., -It, disk, target, pane 
(of glass). 

Serein, m., -\t\i, -c, shine, light, 
gleam; appearance. [ing. 

ft^cinbar, adj., apparent, seem- 

fc^etncit (fcf)tcit, flcfdjtcncii), itur., 
seem, appear; shine. 

©t^cHe, /., -n, (little) bell. 

fc^enlen, tr., give, present; pour 
out (liquor). 

@(^rnfiotrt, m., -[e]3, -e, tavern- 

fc^eren, reflex.; fi<^ um titoai — , 

trouble oneself about, care for. 
@(^cr;(, m., -ti, -t, joke, jest, 

f(^eu, adj., shy, timid. 
\^t\ktn, tr.,intr.and rejlex .,i\iMn, 

avoid, shy, take fright ; fic^ — , 

hesitate, shrink (from), be 

afraid of. 
fl^ilfen, tr., send. 
fi^teben (fcf)ob, gefc^obcn), tr., 

shove, push. 
©J^tebfc^Iitteit, m., -i, ~, chair 

sled or sleigh. 
®(^tefer, m., -i, — , slate. 
®(^teferba(^, «., -[e]i8, "et, slate 

f(^te§en, (f«^o6, gefc^offt n), tr. and 

intr., shoot. [sailor. 

@(^tffer, m., -8, — , boatman, 
©djilf, «., -[e]«, -c, reed(s), 

rush(es), sedge. 
(Sc^tQing, ni., -[e]iS, -c, shilling. 
Sdjimmer, m., -«, — , glimmer, 

(faint) light, gleam, 
ft^tmmern, intr., glisten, glitter, 

®(^(a(^t, /., -en, battle. 
Srf)Iflfe, /., -ti, temple, 
fr^lofcn (id)Iicf, jicfdjiafcn, fdjloll), 

intr., sleep. 
fd|((lff, adj., slack, limp, languid. 
3t!)(affamnicr, /., -n, bedroom. 
\6^\tL\\^i, adj., sleepless. 
Sc^lOfl, »/.,-[«]«,'«, blow.stroke; 




fj^Ittgen(ft^tug, qtWaqcn, ft^Iagt), 
tr. and intr., strike, beat, cast ; 
intr. (of birds) : sing, warble. 

@(4(ager, »»., -*, — , rapier, stu- 
dent's duelling sword. 

((^(angcnarHg, adj., snake-like, 

fl^fanf, '</'{>'., slender, slim, slight. 

fc^lct(I|cn (fc^ltt^, gefc^Itrficn), intr. 
().) and reflex., creep, slink, 

Si^Ieier, w., -8, — , veil. 

<S(^Ictfc, /., -'t/ knot or bow (of 
ribbon), favor. 

fc^Ienbern, intr. ([. andff.), saun- 
ter, stroll, ramble. 

fc^Itl^t, ad/., plain, simple. 

f(^Hc|cn (it^tofi, flcfc^loffcn), tr. 
and intr., shut, close ; conclude, 

fl^ltmm, adj., bad, ill, evil; am 
fc^Hmmften, at the worst. 

f (^lingcn (fc^lonfl, gcfdilunflcn), tr., 
wind, twist, entwine, sling. 

®rf)littcn, m.,-i, — , sled, sleigh. 

®d)littf(l)U^, rn., -3, -c, skate. 

8(^(ittf(^u4(aufer, m., -8, — , 

©(^lofj, «., -c8, 'er, lock ; castle. 

8(4(ogflartcn, m., -8, ', garden 
(or park) of a castle. 

fi^luc^jcn, »«/r., sob. 

f(f)(U(fen, tr. and intr., swallow, 
gulp (down). 

f(^(upfen, intr. (f), slip, glide. 

fc^Iurfen, tr,, sip. 

fi^mol (fc^maler, ft^malft or reg.), 
adj., narrow, small. 

f C^mccfen, intr., taste, taste good ; 
Iq6 blr'd — , do it full justice, 
may you relish it. 

f(^mct(f|e(n, intr. (H- dat.) and tr., 

<Sd|ntCri(, m., -C«, -en, pain, grief. 

fdjnterjCn, tr. and intr., pain, 
ache, grieve. 

fc^mcrjlid), adj., painful, melan- 

Sdimcttcrling, »/., -{t]i, -t, but- 

Sc^met'ternnflctfc'fc^cr, m., -i, 
— , butterfly-net. 

@(^met'terltng^famm'lung, /., 
-en, collection of butterflies. 

Sd^mtcb, »/., -[c]«, -e, (black) 
smith ; also prop. n. =: Schmidt, 
\^Eng. Smith]. 

Sc^miebcn = Sc^miebin, cf. n. 
61, 28. 

(Sc^mt^, m., -c8, -e, stroke, blow ; 
{student slang), cut (in the face). 

6(4mU(f, w., -[e]«,//. rrtrif, orna- 
ment, finery, jewelry. 

fl^mucf, tidj., smart, spruce, tidy. 

fdinoQcn, tr., buckle, strap. 

fi^nouben (reg. and f(^nob, ge. 
ft^noben), intr., snort. 

fi^neiben (fc^witt, gefc^nitten), tr. 

and intr., cut. 
St^neiber, m., -4, — , tailor. 
Sc^nctbcnn, /., -nen, dres* 




S^neiber^audd^en, «., -8, — , 

tailor's cottage, 
ft^neibern, /r. and intr., make 

clothes or dresses. 
Sc^ncibertifc^, m., -[e]8, -e, taU- 

or's table or board. 

6(^uetberto(^ter, /., ', tailor's 

fl^neQ, rdj., quick, fast, swift. 

@(^nttt, /«., -[e]«, -e, cut, inci- 
sion, piece, slice. 

Sd^nttte, /., -n, slice. 

@i1^nittni(treit (//), dry-goods. 

<S(t|nttttoarcnI)diib(er, m.,-i, —, 
dry-goods merchant. 

fc^ni^en, tr. and intr., carve. 

Sd)ttm)ftabof[S]bofc, /., -«, 


@(4nupftU(^, «., -[e]S, 'er, (pock- 
et-) handkerchief. 

Si^nurenroif, m., --[t\i, 'c, 
frogged coat. 

(Si^iturrbart, m., -[e]3, "c, mus- 

Se^otar', »»., -en, -en, scholar, 

fd^Olt, adv., already; indeed, 
even ; surely, no doubt, never 
fear. [fine. 

\df'on, adj., beautiful, handsome, 

<Bt^iJn^Ctt,/., -en, beauty. 

©(^ijpfuitfl, /., -ctt, creation. 

Sdjornftein, m., -[e]S, -e, chim- 

@(^ornf(einfc0ermeifter, »»., -«, 
— , master chimney-sweep. 

(Sdiag, m., -tS, "e, lap. 
Sf^Otttfl^, ». indecl. or ®(!^ot< 

tif(^[c], m., -Wxi, -f(^en, 

fl^riig, adj., oblique, slanting. 
@c^ranl, m., -[c]a, 'e, cupboard, 
fc^raubcn, (reg. and ftf)rob, fle» 

fdjrobcn), /r., screw; banter. 
@(^reifcn, »«., -8, — , fright, 

horror, dismay. 

<Sc^rei, m., -[c]8, -c, cry. 

fi^reiben (fc^ricb, ocfc^ricbcn), tr. 
and intr., write. 

S(^reibfhlbc,/., -", office, count- 

@l4reibtif(^, m., -c8, -t, writing- 
table, desk. 

fi^reicn (frfirtf, flcfrfmccn), intr. 

and tr., cry (out), shout, 

@(^rcinerct, /., carpentry, cabi- 

fd^retten (fc^rttt, flefc^rittcn), intr. 
(f.), step, walk, stride. 

Sl^rttt, m., -[c]«, -c, step, pace. 

@(^ubfad|, n„ -[c]8, «cr, drawer. 

fd^iit^tertt, adj., timid, shy. 

@l4u^, w., -[c]8, -«, shoe; {dim 

@(^uf|mai4er, »/.. -5, — , shoe- 

S^ulanftalt, /., -«n, school 

<5(^ulb,/., -en, debt, fault, guilt. 

@(^u(c, /., -n, school. 

6d|ti(er, »»., -8, — , scholar, 



8(^uUer, /., -n, shoulder. 
(Sc^urj, m., -«a, -c, apron. 
^C^itr^e, /., -n, apron, 
©f^iiffel,/., -11, dish, vessel. 
<Sd)uftcr, m., -S, — , cobbler, 

fl^Utteln, tr. ami intr., shake. 
@(^U^, »!., -c8, protection, shel- 
frf)iibcn, /r., protect, shelter, 

fi^wac^ (ftf)tt)a<^er, fc^loac^ft), adj., 

weak, feeble, frail. 
fiqttlfi^Ctt, tr., weaken, enfeeble. 
f(^ttia(i^(i(^, adj., weakly, infirm, 

(Si^wamm, m., -[e]«, "e, sponge, 

mushroom, fungus. 
@(^»ammgcniac^d, «., -c«, -e, 

fungus growth. 
©d^toattg, w., -[c]S, swing, mo- 
tion, vogue; tm — e ge^en, be 

SdjWflrm, m., -[c]8, 'c, swarm, 
fd^wartnen, intr. (^. a«^/f.), rove, 

f (^ttiarj (fdjtDoricr, fc^toaracft),a<^*,, 

black, swarthy. 
Srf)ttJar,^nmfcI,/., -n, blackbird. 
fd)n>or,^fcibcn, adj. (of) black 

f(^tOa^en, /«/r. and tr., gossip, 

chatter, talk. 
St^nicbc, /., suspense, balance. 
f (^llieben, »«/r., hover, soar, hang, 

^ suspended, 

fdiwetflcn (f(^»ftcfl, gefcftwtegen), 
»w//-., keep (or become) silent. 

©(^WCtflcn (/«/•). «•. -«» silence. 

fc^Weigenb (/r. /.), adj. and adv., 

8(^ttiet§, m., -eS, sweat. 

fc^tvettfcn, intr. and tr., turn, 
wheel, swing. 

fl^lOCr, adj., heavy, difficult 

fc^tOCrfanig, adj., clumsy, pon- 

fd^toerlil^, adT., hardly, scarcely. 

@(^toefter, /., -n, sister. 

Se^iwcfterfo^n, m., -[e]3, "c, 

fc^Wtertl), adj., difficult, hard. 

(Sl^tOtertflfeit, /., -tn, difficulty, 

fi^totmmcn (fc^iuomm, gef(f)tttpm« 
men), intr. (^. and f.), swim, 

fc^totil, adj., sultry, close. 

Sc^wung, »i., -[e]8, 'e, swing, 

energy, flight. 
ffl^d, num., six. 
See, »»., -8, -[c]n, lake. 
<Scc, /., -[c]n, sea, ocean. 
Sccbut^t,/., -Ctt, bay (of the sea). 
Seeftranb, m., -[c]o, -c, seashore 

t^r beach. 
Seetang, w., -[e]8, -c, seaweed, 

sea tangle. 
Seetoinb, »»., -[e]8, -e, sea breeze 

(wind from the sea). 
fejcln, i»/^. (^. am/ f), wiL 



fe^eit (fa^, flefe^cn, ftc^t), tr. and 
intr., see, look; bretn — , look 

Se^ttfut^t, /., longing, yearning, 

fe^r, adv., very, much, greatly; 
fo — , (as) much as. 

@eibel, n. and m., -8, — , (pint) 
mug, tankard. 

fetben, ad/., silk(en). 

Btihtnlappt, /., -n, silk cap or 
hood; (dim. ©eibcnlappc^cn). 

®etbenttiof(^e,/.,-n, awash(ing) 
of articles of silk. 

fetb% ad/., silken, silky. 

feitt (mar, geloefen, ift), intr. (f.), 
be, exist; ei t[t mtr, or mir tft 
(al§, etc.), it seems to me. 

fein, poss. adj. and pron., his, its. 

fetned0(et(^en, pron. indecl., its 
(his) like or equal(s). 

fett, prep, (dat.), since; for; — 
lange, for a long time ; (/'., since. 

feitbent, adv., since then or that 
time ; cj'., since. 

<3ctte, /., -n, side ; page. 

@ettenHf(^, m., -ti, -t, side-table. 

(Sctten^immer, «., -8, — , side- 
room, adjoining room. 

feitwartd, adv., sideways, to one 

Seize, c/., Louis Seize. 

Sefunba'ncr, m., -i, — , mem- 
ber of Second (next to highest) 
Class in the Gymnasium. 

felbanber, adv. (both) together, 
we {or they) two. 

felber, pron. indecl., -•elf, (my- 
self, yourself, etc.). 

felbft, pron. indecl., -self, adv., 

felbftfttc^tig, adj., selfish, self- 

fcHg, adj., happy, blissful; late, 

fclten, adj., rare, unusual; adv., 
seldom, rarely. 

Selten^cit, /., -en, rarity. 

©emcft'cr, «., -^, — , semester, 
half year. 

fcnben (fonbte, gefanbt, and reg), 
tr., send. 

fenfett, tr. and reflex., lower, 
let down, (cause to) sink; fiC^ 
— , drop, sink, fall. 

\tX\9d' , adj. [/v.], serious, grave, 

fcrttie'rcit, tr. and intr., serve, 
wait at table. 

@erttttcur^ m., \Fr. pr. ejlrwl. 
tor'], servant. 

fe^ett, tr., set, place, put ; \\6^ —, 
sit (down); fid) aufrdcftt — , sit 
up; fit^ fd)lafcii — , sit down (to 
go) to sleep; ficf) in 5Bcn)CflUiig 
— , start, move. 

feuf^en, intr., sigh, groan. 

Seufjer, m., -S, — , groan. 

ftl^l, reflex, and recipr. pron. {dat, 
and (Xfc), himself, herself, it- 

$«lf, ^b^ipsclv^, efcb Q^bcr, 



one another; fiir — , to him- 
self; Uor — ^in, in front of 
him, into space. 

filler, adj.f safe, secure. 

Sil^erifeUf /., security, assur- 

fil^tftar, adj., visible 

fil^tlidl, adj., visible, apparent, 

fie, pron. (Jin^.), she, it; (/>/.), 

<5lC, pron., you. 

ftebcn, num., seven. 

fteben (fott, gefotten and reg), tr. 
and intr., seethe, boil. 

ftcbrnb^et§, adj., seething-hot. 

(3ie(te(, «., -^, —, seal. 

fiegen, intr., gain the victory, be 
victorious ; (iibcr ettoaS) — , con- 

®iet(anb, «. {Low German pcb = 
low, shallow, flat), cf. SfZicbC" 

@ilbe, /., -n, syllable. 

Silbermiittiie, /., -n, silver coin. 

Silbcrft^lag, m., -[e]«, 'e, silvery 

(Sticker, prop. «., cf. n. 14, 6. 

fniflcn (fang, gcfungen), tr. and 
intr., sing. 

finfcn (fanf, gefunlen), intr. (f), 

ftnnen (fann, gefonnen), intr., re- 
flect, meditate, ponder. 

®tniten («>«/.), «., -«, meditation, 
reflection, thought 

6t^, w., -e8, -c, seat. 

fUjew (JOB, gefeffen), intr., sit ; IqR 

5o(^ — , do let it be or remain. 
Si^pIoU, m., -c«, *e, seat, 
fo, adv. and cj., so, as, thus, 

therefore, then, such ; — [ct]= 

toaS, something of that sort; 

— fc^r, (as) much as; — ®ott 

iriH, if it please God. 
fobalb', cj., as soon as. 
foe^bcn, adv., just now, just. 
@ofo, «., -i, -8, sofa. [ately. 
fofort^, adv., at once, immedi- 
fogor^, adv., even, actually. 

foflcnannt, «<»>., so-called, 
foolcit^', adv., at once, directly, 

@0ftlc, /., -n, sole. 
@o^n, w., -[e]^, "c, son. 
fo(anfl^[e], cj., as (or so) long as; 

fo lange bt«, until, 
folc^ (-er, -f, -cd), a*^'. and pron., 

foDeit (fottte, gcfollt, foO), »»o</a/ 

flMjr. and intr. (obligation, duty), 
shall, (pret. suhj.) should or 
ought, be to (1 am to, etc.), be 
right or necessary, be destined 
<?> intended ; fte — nid)t fiir mi(^, 
they are not intended for me; 
(report, rumor), be said to. 

@ommer, m., -4, — , summer. 

@oinmerna(^t, /., 'c, summer 

@ommertioge(, m., -«, ', butter- 
fly ; [dim. isomtnert>bge((^en]. 



fonbem, cj. {after negative), but. 

©onite, /., -n, sun. 

@onnenban, m., -[e]a, (orb of 
the) sun. 

(SonncttDlaitJ, »*., -ti, (brilliant) 

@onnenf(^Ctn, w., -[c]5, sun- 

@onnenftra^(, w., -[c]«, -en, sun- 
beam, ray(s) of the sun. 

fonntg, adj., sunny. 

Sonntag, m., -[c]S, -e, Sunday. 

@onntagna(^mittag, wi., -[e]«, -c, 
Sunday afternoon. 

@onntaf)^f(eibung, /., -en, Sun- 
day garb {or dress). 

fonft, adv., otherwise, else, in 
other respects, besides, usual- 
ly, ordinarily, as a rule, at 
other times. 

fonftig, adj., former, of former 
days, usual. [cern. 

(Soroe, f., -n, care, anxiety, con- 

forgen, intr., care, be anxious, 
(iim einen) — , be anxious 
about ; (fiir etloaS) — , toke care 
of, look after. 

forgfiiUtg, adj., careful. 

forflloS, adj., carefree, thought- 
less, unconcerned. 

forgfant, adj., careful, solicitous. 

fobiel, adv., as much (as), the 
same (as). 

foitJcit', cj., (in) so far as. 

f))a^en, intr., spy, watch, be on 
the look-out 

S^iolt, »/., -[e]«, -«, slit, slot, 

crevice, crack, 
fpantfc^, adj., Spanish, 
fpanncn, tr., stretch, [bank. 

8par6ii(^fe, /., -n, money box, 
fpdrlt(^, adj., meagre, sparse, 

fpfit, adj., late, 
fpater^tn', adv., later on. 

©pa^ic'renflcfien (/«/•). «i -*» 

walking, taking a walk or 

©pojier'gong, m., -\t\i, 't, walk, 

ramble, stroll. 
©po^ter'wefl, m., -«, -[t]i, walk, 

@peife, /., -n, food. 
SpeifcfartC, /., -n, bill of fare, 

<BpcMation',/., -en [/r. t = tS], 

speculation, venture, 
fpefulic'ren, intr., speculate. 
Spiegel, m., -», — , mirror, 
fptcgelblanf, adj., (as) bright and 

smooth as a mirror, glassy. 
Spiegelflat^e, /., -", smooth, 

glassy or mirror-like surface. 
Qpitl, «., -[t]i, -t, play, game, 
fptclcn, tr. and intr., play, act, 
fptdcnb {/>r. />.), adj. and adv., 

playing; playful(ly), sporlive- 

Spiclflcnoffle], m., -[t]n, -[e]«, 

playmate, plajrfellow. 
6pirlf amerob, m., -en, -<n, play- 




Spicljeufl, «., -[e]«, plaything, 

<Spit(t, /; -n, point, tip, head, 
fpdttifc^, tuf/., mocking, sarcas- 
tic, scornful, 
f prct^cit (fpradi, flcfprod)cn,fprid)t), 

»///r. aft(/ tr., speak, say, talk ; 

etnen — , speak to, talk with. 
fprenfrin, tr., speckle, 
fprittflcn (Ipronfl, gcfprungen), 

itttr. {\) and \), spring, leap, 

jump; gush, flow. 
@prun0, m., -[c]v% «e, leap, 

bound, spring. 
Spur, /., -tn, track, trace, ves- 
fpitren, tr. and itttr., trace, feel, 
fpurlod, adj., trackless ; — (Pev» 

ft^lntnben), entirely, without a 

Stoat, m., -[c]«, -en, state, 

splendor, finery ; tit boOem — , 

in full dress. 
<Btah, m., -[e]«, 'e, staff. 
Stabt,/., 'c, city, town, 
ftfibtifc^, adj., belonging to a city 

or town, municipal, town-like. 
Staf)Ifc^nonc,/.,-n, steel buckle. 
£tof)If(^uft, m., -[e]«, -e, skate, 
etoljlfo^le, /., -n, steel (sole =) 

etoD, tn., -(e]«, -e, stable, stall. 
Stamm, m., -(«]«, -e, stem, (tree-) 

trunk. [trample, 

ftampfrn, tr. and inlr., stamp, 
gtttiib, m., -[e]«, *«, standing, 

stand, position, profession. 

rank, class, 
ftanbedma^tg, adj., of suitable 

{or proper) rank, 
ftonb^^altcn (I)iclt, gc^altcn, ^dlt), 

inlr., keep or hold one's ground 

or position, hold still ; t»or dwod 

— , stand (or hold) out against. 
ffflrf (ftarfer, ftorfft), adj., strong, 

stout, large, heavy, hard; (bie 

^dmmerung) mar — ^ereinge. 

broc^cn, was far advanced; — 

(crgrout), very. 
ftarfen, tr., starch ; strengthen. 
fHarren, intr., stare, 
ftott, /'■<•/. {gf»-), instead of. 
ftottltl^, adj., stately, fine, portly. 
@tau6, m., -{i\i, dust. 
ftCtfcn, tr. and intr., stick or put 

(into)'; stick or remain fast, 
ftc^cn (ftonb, geffanbcn), intr. (I). 

and].), stand, stand still, stop, 

remain, be; ctnem gut — , be 

ftel|lcn (ftQl)I, gefto^Ifn, ftic^It), tr., 

intr. and re/lex., steal ; steal off 

or away. 
(3tCt(|, m., -[e]d, -e, footpath. 
<Stcigbflgc(, m., -8, — , stirrup, 
ftctflcn (fticg, gefttegctt), intr. ({.), 

climb, ascend, mount. 
@trtn, m., -[f]«, -t, stone. 
Stttntrcppe, /., -n, stone stair- 
way, flight of stone steps. 
(Stctntoall, m., -i, "f, stone-ran)- 

part or embankment. 



©teOc, /., -Jt, place, situation, 

fteUen, tr., place, put, station; 
halt, stop; in Stage — , put in 
question, render doubtful. 

(SteQung, /., -en, position, situ- 

@tengel, »»., -8, — , stalk, stem. 

Steppenjug, m., -8, *e, stretch 
of treeless plain(s). 

fterben (ftarb, geftorben, ftirbt), 
intr. (f.), die. 

pet, adj., steady, constant. 

Steuer, «., -8, — , rudder. 

fteuern, tr. and intr., steer. 

fttften, tr., found, establish ; (eine 
Safel) — , erect. 

fttD, adj., quiet, silent, still, calm, 

fttQen, tr., still, quiet, quench. 

@ttmme, /., -n, voice. 

ftitnnten, tr. and intr., tune; be 
in accord. 

@ttmmengeipirr[e], «.,-[e]8, con- 
fusion, medley or hum of 

@ttrn, /., -en, forehead. 

@ttrnfaUe, /., -n, wrinkle of the 

@tirn^aar, «., -[e]8, -e, forelock. 

8tO(f, m., -[e]8, 'e, cane, stick. 

@toff, tn., -[e]8, -e, material, 

@toff)iergeubung, /., waste of 
(good) material. 

ffolj, adj., proud, stately. 

I, m., -ti, 't, thrust, push, 

flflften (ftiefe, geftofeen, ftoBt), tr., 
push, thrust, hit; einen Dor ben 
5fopf — , affront, give offence 
to ; mit ben SQcnbogen — , nudge. 

Stranb, m., -[e]8, -e, (sea-)shore, 

(Strode,/., -n, street, highway. 

<3tra^en(aterne, /., -n, street 

Bitaficnpfla\ttr, «., -«, pave- 

@hrau^, m., -eS, *e, bouquet 

ftreben, /n/r., strive, endeavor, 

@tteife, /., -n, stretch, distance, 

ftrecfen, tr., stretch, extend, 

ftretJ^cn (ftvi4 geftric^en), tr., 
stroke; (bie ®cige) — , play. 

ftreifen, /r., stripe, streak ; f(f)n)arj 
unb rot ge[tretft, with black and 
red stripes. 

ftreifen (i). tr. and intr., touch 
lightly, graze ; stroke, strip off ; 
^iniiber — , glide over i>r past ; 
(2). intr. (^. and f), stroll, 
roam, ramble. 

©tretfjUfl, m., -{e]«, 'e, excur- 
sion, expedition. 

fhrettig, adj., contested, in dis- 
pute; einem tUvai — mac^en, 
compete, contend or dispute 
with someone for something. 



fircuen, ir., strew, scatter. 
ftriegeln, /'-., curry, brush. 
(Strom, »»., -[e]«, "t, river, 

stream, current. 
<BtvAt, /., -n, (small) room. 
Stubentiir, /., -en, door of a 

Stiilf, «., -[e]3, -t, piece, part, 

bit, morsel; {Jim. Stucf{f)en). 
Stubent', m., -en, -en, student 

(of a university). 
@tubenten(e6en, «., -8, college- 

{or university-) life. 

@hibentenmu^e, /., -n, student 

@tubentenfiube, /., -n, student's 

room ; {dim. <Stubenten[tub(^en). 
(Stubium, «., -i, Stubien, study. 
@*«fe,/., -n, step. 
Bixi^X, m., -[e]«, 'e, chair. 

timm, aJJ., silent, mute, dumb, 
hinbe, /., -n, hour, lesson ; an 
hour's walk. 

fttirmifl^, a<^'., stormy, tempestu- 

fturjen, intr. (f.), fall headlong, 
plunge; tr., cause to fall, hurl. 

ftU^en, intr., be startled, stop 
short, prick up the ears. 

ftit^en, tr., prop, support. 

fubmi|', aiij., bumble, obedient, 

fu^jeit, tr., look or search for, 

fummen, intr., buzz, hum. 

fi|, adj., sweet. 

Io'bttf[«]fafien, m., -8, — , 


tabcUod, adj., blameless, irre- 
proachable, faultless. 

Sog, m., -[ej8, -e, day. 

7agedf(i|etn, m., -[e]8, daylight. 

taq\x6), adj., daily. 

XaXtX, m., -«,—,[= about \ of 
a] dollar. 

%mtt, /., -n, aunt. 

Xoitj, m., -eS, *e, dance. 

Xanjabenb, »/., -8, -e, evening 
(set apart for a) dance, as- 

tanjen, intr. and tr., dance. 

Xfinjer, m.,-i, — ;/.,-in, -innen, 
dancer, partner. 

IonjfefiHid)feit, /., -en, ball, 

Sattj^au^, «., -e8, 'er, dance- 

Xanjlofal, «., -[e]8, -e, public 

^tanjluft, /., love of dancing, 
desire to dance. 

Xanjmetfter, m., -8, — , dancing- 

Xaitimuftf^, /., dance music. 

Xan^paax, «., -[e]8, -e, couple. 

Sanjpaufe, /., -n, intermission 
(between dances). 

2:anjf(^u4, m., -[e]«, -e, dancing 
shoe, pump. [school. 

^aitjfi^ule, /., -n, dancing- 



Zatli^tunht, /., -n, dancing les- 

Xailjioetfe, /., -n, dance music. 

Xaff^e, /., -n, pocket. 

2af(^enu^r, /., -n, watch. 

Soffe, /., -n, cup. 

Zat, /., -en, act, deed; in bet — , 
in fact, indeed. 

Xaube, /., -n, pigeon, dove. 

taufeitb, num., thousand. 

Xaufenb, «., -8, -e, (a) thousand. 

Xaufeiibfiinftter, m., -S, — , jack 
of all trades, conjurer. 

See, m., -S, tea. 

2;etl, m. {and «.), -[e]§, -e, part. 

Xetlna^me, /., sympathy, in- 
terest, [listless. 

teilnc^tnlod, adj., indifferent, 

teirne^men (na^m, genommen, 
nimmt), intr. (an + dat.), par- 
ticipate or share in. 

teiftoeife, adv., partly, in part. 

XtXLtX, m., -«, — , plate. 

XempO, w.,-5, -8, time (in music). 

lerj, /., -en, tierce, stroke (in 
fencing); etne — fc^lagen, give 
a stroke in tierce. 

%i\tamt\\t\ n., -[e]«, -e, will, 

teftatnenta^rifll^, adj., testament- 
ary ; adv., by will. 

teuer, adj., dear, precious, ex- 

tief, adj., deep, low; bie lieffte 
Seme, the most remote dis- 

Iiefe, /., -n, depth, abyss. 

Xier, «., -[«]^, -e, animal, beast. 

Xiflcrbecfe, /., -n, tiger-skin 
covering or rug. 

X\nttn\ii^, «., -e8, 'er, inkwell. 

%\\^, m., -e«, -e, Uble, dinner, 
supper; ( = Sabentifd)), coun- 

Xtfl^Ier, m., -i, — , joiner, cabi- 

2tf(f|(er(e^rHn0, m., -i, -e, cabi- 
net-maker's apprentice. 

%\tt\, m., -S, — , title. 

%9^itX, /., ', daughter. 

2ob, m., -[e]8, //. XobeSfaOe, 

toO, ad^'., mad, wild. 

low, »»., -[e]8, 'e, tone, sound. 

tonen, <>i/r., sound, resound. 

lopf, »»., -[e]8, 'e, pot. 

toril^t, <z</[r'., foolish, silly. 

Sormeg, »»., -[e]8, -e, gateway. 

Xottr, /., -en [/"r./r. tur], figure, 
set, round. 

trabeil, intr. {\). and \.), trot. 

traflctl (trug, getrcflen, tragt), tr., 
carry, bear, wear, support, 
cherish; ^Jerlangen — , have a 
desire, long for. 

Xrane, /., -n, tear. 

Xraube, /., -n, bunch of grapes, 
cluster of blossoms. 

trauetl, intr. and rejlex., trust 
(in); fifJ) (an tiXooA) — , venture 
(up to). 

Xrouermantel, *•., -«, ', mourn- 



ing-cloak butterfly, Camber- 
well beauty. 
Iraum, m., -[e]«, *e, dream. 
txawatn, tr. and intr., dream. 
Iroumerei'', /., -en, dreaming, 

musing, reverie, 
traumertfc^, adj., dreamy, 
traumijaft, adj., dreamlike. 
Srauntttiai^en, »., -i, waking 

\XtMX\% adj., sad. 
Sraurigfeit, /., -en, sadness, 

grief, sorrow, 
treffcn (trof, getroffen, Irifft), tr. 

and intr., hit. Strike, meet, 

find, occur, 
treiben (trieb, getriebcn),/r., drive, 

impel, urge; intr. (^. and f.), 

move, drift, float, be carried 

along; gegen un5 {)eran — , come, 

blow or drift toward us; fic^ 

tjoriiber — , stroll past. 
Sretbeii (»«/), «., -§, actions, 

activity, doings. 
trennen, tr., separate. 
Xrcpl^e, /., -n, stairway, flight 

of steps. 
Ireppencinflaitfl, m., -[«]«, 'e, 

stairway entrance. 
ttetcn (trat, getreten, tritt), intr. 

(b- and f.), step, walk, tread, 

come, go. 
treu, adj., true, faithful, honest, 

treulod/ adj., faithless, disloyal, 


Srieb, »<.,-[e]8, -e, shoot, sprou*, 
growth ; impulse, instinct, pro- 

triefen (troff, getroffen and reg.), 
intr., drip, trickle. 

trinfen (tranf, getrunfen), tr. and 
intr., drink. 

Zx'xtt, m., -[e]^, -e, step, pace, 

2^rtunt|l^', m.,-{t\i,-t, triumph. 

trOCfnen, tr. and intr. (b- and f), 

troUen, intr. (f.), trot. 

Xropfen, »/., -«, — , drop. 

tropfen, intr., drop, drip, trickle. 

Xroftloflflleit,/., despair, wretch- 

tro^, prep. {gen. and dat.), in 
spite of. 

tro^tg, adj., defiant, haughty. 

trub[c], adj., gloomy, troubled, 
sad; dull, dim. 

trfibfeltg, adj., sad, troubled, 

tritgltc^, adj., deceptive, delu- 

trunfrn, adj., intoxicated, drunk. 

trunfftiQig, adj., ruined by drink, 

Srullp, m., -[e]8, -9, [/v.], troop, 

Zuif, «., -[e]a, -e and 'er, cloth, 

Z&iftldltn, n., -i, — , kerchief. 

tfil^Hg, adj., able, capable, vigor- 
ous, thorough. 



tudtiUnQt, /., -n, cloth tongue 

or flap. 

Stttleri^en, //. [/>., />r. tui li/te 
Eng. twee], Palace of the Tui- 

Jftll, m., -[e]8, tulle (lace-like 

lumuU', m., -3, -e, tumult, up- 
roar, row. 

tun (tat, getan), tr. and intr,, do; 
(eine Stofle) — , put or ask; 
(etnen ©c^ritt) — , take; (einen 
Sail) — , have a fall, take a 
tumble; einem hjo^t — , benefit, 
do one good. 

2:ar[e], /., -[e]n, door. 

SflrfrfieDe, /., -n, house- [or 

tufc^elll, intr., whisper. 


flbel, adj., bad, evil, ill. 

iiben, tr. and reflex., practice, 

iibtr, prep. {fiat, and ace), adv., 
Sep. and insep. pre/., over, 
above, beyond, across, by way 
of, about, concerning, on, at, 
during; iibctS = — boS. 

iiberaU, adv., everywhere. 

iibcrfarien (iiberfiel, iiberfatten, 
iiberfaUt), tr., come upon {or 
over) suddenly; attack, sur- 

fiberfl{e''gen (iiberflofl, iiberfloflf n), 
tr., cross, pass over. 

ii^berflfig, m., -<i, superfluity, 

fibcrgtc'gen (iibergog, itbergoffen), 
tr., suffuse; toie mit Slut iibei' 
goffen, blushing a deep crim* 

ttber^itt'', adv., over, past 

iifierfout^men (iiberfam, iibtrtom* 
jnen, tr., seize, come over or 
upon (one); bie Suft iibertam 
mtc^, I was seized with the de- 

fibertarfen (iiberliefe, iiberlaifen, 
uberldfet), tr., yield, give over, 

Uberle^gen^eU, /., superiority. 

fi^bermfltig, adj., haughty, super- 
cilious, overbearing; wanton, 

fiberne^^men (iiberno^m, iiber. 
nomnien, ubcrnimmt), tr., take 
over, take possession of, as- 
sume, accept. 

iiberraft^^ung, /., -en, surprise. 

itberre^ben, tr., persuade, talk 

fiberfc^Iagen {Wn, aefc^lagcn, 
ft^ldgt), tr,, throw or turn over; 
iibergeft^lagene (Seint), crossed. 

iiberfeVen (iiberfa^, iiberfe^tn, 
iiberfie^t), tr., survey; over- 

fiberioin^ben (ubtrioanb, itberiDun> 
ben), tr., overcome, conquer; 



fic^ — , force oneself, bring one- 
self to. 

iibcr,^CU^(|en, tr., convince, per- 

u{icr5te''^en (iiberjog, iiberaoflen), 
tr., cover, suffuse. 

Ubrtg, adj., remaining, other, 
left over; tin iibriflcn, more- 
over, besides. [sides. 

itbrigenct, adv., moreover, be- 

Ufcr, «., -^, — , shore, bank. 

Ufcrfanb, m., -[c]«, sand of the 

U^r, /., -en, hour, o'clock; 
watch, clock. 

U{mcnoBee,/.,-n, avenue of elm 

urn, prep, (flcc), adv., sep. and 
insep. pref.,aho\i\., around, for, 
concerning, on account of; 
{time) : at, about ; — ^fl^ve^frif^ 
in about a year; {in compari- 
sons) : by ; — f rafd)cr, so much 
themore rapidly, all thefaster; 
Mm* = — bad ; — jh (-♦- inf.), 
in order to, only to; — {-^gen.) 
tviKcn, for the sake of, on ac- 
count of; — (midi) ^er, — (mic^) 
^erum, around, (round) about ; 
fie — unb — tonjen, dance 
around and around them, out- 
dance; io.'^ eS nitr ntc^t umS 
2;an5en loar, that I did not care 
for the dancing. 

um^blicfen, intr. and reJlex.,\ooV. 
back or around. 

um8e''bcit (nntgab, umgeben, um> 
gibJ), tr., surround, enclose. 

Utn^er^, adv. and sep. pre/., 
about, around. 

um^erftrctfen, intr. (f ), stroll, 
roam or ramble about. 

um^erwcrfen (njorf, flctporfen, 
Joirft), /r., throw (t^r cast) about. 

Unffc^rett, tr., reflex, and intr. 
(i ), turn around. [brace. 

umflam'niern, tr., clasp, em- 

Um^fc^lag, w.,-[c]d, "c, covering, 
compress; naffer — , wet appli- 

Umf(^IaOCtu(^, «., -[e]*, 'er, 
wrap, shawl. 

um'fe^cn (fa^, gcfc^en, fte^t), 
rejlex., look back or around. 

Untfonft'', adv., gratis, for noth- 
ing, in vain ; cr tjot ctlua^ — , it 
costs him nothing. 

um^ftitr,^Ctt, tr., turn over or 
down, overthrow; intr. (f ), 
fall down. 

um'hin (tut, flctan), //., put on. 

um'tocnben (loanbte, geivanbt and 
reg.), tr., rejiex. and intr. (^. 
and f.), turn around. 

Ultablfifftg, adj., unceasing, con- 

Unabfc^bar, adj., reaching be- 
yond the range of vision, 

Mnabftlf)tn(^, adj., unintentional. 

unanncne^m, adj., unpleasant, 



unauf^drltc^, adj., incessant, con- 

unaudflleiflltl^, adj., infallible, 

unbebeutenb, adj., insignificant, 

unbeorenjt, adj., boundless. 

unbe^agltf^, adj., uncomfortable, 
ill at ease. 

Uttbe^inberf, adj., unhindered, 
free from restraint. 

Unbefannf, adj., unknown, 

Unbemcrft, adj., unnoticed. 

Unbequem, adj., uncomfortable, 
inconvenient, troublesome. 

unbefttmutt, adj., indefinite, in- 
distinct, vague. 

unbeluegni^, adj., immovable, 

unbeiUU^t, adj., unknown, uncon- 
scious, involuntary. 

unb, cj., and. [fused. 

unbcutlid), adj., indistinct, con- 

unburdlbrtngHc^, adj., impene- 

unenbUl^, adj., endless, intermi- 

unerortinblic^, adj., unfathom- 

unerreit^bar, adj., unattainable, 

Ungebulb, /., impatience. 

ungebulbtg, adj., impatient. 

unge^euer, adj., monstrous, enor- 
mous, awful, tremendous. 

unge^inbert, adj., unhindered; 
adv., without hindrance. 

Uttge^iirt, adj., unheard. 

ungeftiirt, adj., undisturbed. 

ungcftiim, adj., impetuous, vio- 
lent, tempestuous, boisterous. 

Unglaubig, adj., incredulous, dis- 

Ungtfllf, n., -[e]«, misfortune, 
disaster, accident. 

un^iirbar, adj., inaudible. 

Untucrfarerbin, /., -ncii, [/r. t> 
= Etti^. v] sole heir(ess). 

lltt^ocr^ltat^ A -«"» \pr. ^ = 

Eng. v] university. 

UniUCrfttfitSf'ftabt, /., 'c, univer- 
sity town. 

unUebfam, adj., unpleasant, dis- 

unmerflil^, adj., imperceptible. 

Ultnotig, adj., unnecessary, need- 

Un^ru^e, /•, -n» commotion, ex- 
citement, restlessness. 

unfc^Itijfig, adj., irresolute, un- 

nnfer, pass. adj. and pron., our. 

unf[e]rig (bcr, bie, taA -t, bie -<n), 
pass, pron., ours. [cure, 

unftc^er, adj., uncertain, inse- 

unten, adv., below. 

unter, prep. (dat. and ace), adv^ 
sep. and insep. pre/., under, 
below, beneath ; among, in the 
midst of, between, with, dur- 
ing; unterm = — bem. 



un'terbtitben(banb, gebunben), tr., 
bind or tie below {or under- 

uitterbrec^^en (untcrbrac^, unter^ 
brodjcn, unterbric^t), /r., inter- 

unterberfen, adv., meantime, 

Unter^artung, /., -«n, conversa- 

Un^terfommen, «., -S, shelter, 

untcrne^^mcn (untema^m, unter« 
nommen, uiitcrntmint), tr,„ un- 
dertake, attempt. 

Un'terri(^t, m., -«, instruction. 

uittcrfdjci'ben (unterfc^teb, uiitcr^ 
fc^iebcn), /r., distinguish, dis- 

Mltterfe^t', adj., thick-set, short 
and stout. 

Un'tcrft, adj., lowest, nethermost. 

unterfu''l^en, tr., examine, in- 

untcrWCflfiC, adv., on the way. 

untcrwci'fcn (untertpte^, unter» 
loicfcn), tr., instruct, teach. 

Unfibertoinbiil^, adj., unconquer- 
able, insuperable. 

unt>erf|eiratet, adj., unmarried. 

UnDerfennbar, adj., unmistak- 
able, evident. 

UnberrtC^tet, adj., unperformed ; 
-cr Sac^e (adverbial gen.), with- 
out having accomplished one's 

unurrfl^iiutt, adj., impudent, in- 

Un^Weit, prep, {gen.), near, not 
far from. 

UllWiberfte^ItC^, adj., irresistible. 

UltWillfitrltd), adj., involuntary. 

Ultwirfc^, adj., cross, peevish, 

un'tOO^f, adj., ill, indisposed, 

Urfat^e, /., -n, cause, reason. 

Urfprunglic^, adj., original. 

Soter, m., -^, ', father. 
Dtiterltl^, adj., fatherly, paternal. 
Saterftabt, /., 'e, native town. 
Dcnetta'nifdi, adj. {pr.'o = Eng. 

7. ; t = tB), Venetian, 
UerabretC^en, /'., dispense, hand 

out or around, 
tterorfltcn, tr., despise, scorn. 
Seradltung, /., disdain, scorn, 

tteranbcrn, tr., change, alter, 
tteranlaffen, tr., cause, induce, 
berarbcitrn, /'., use (make o* 

work) up. 
berbet^tn (berbtc, berbiffen), /r., 

suppress, restrain. 
tterbcrBen(berbQT9, bcrboT8en,t)tT» 

birflf), tr., conceal, hide, 
tirrbtnbltt^, adj., obliging, cour- 

Serbtiibung, /., -en, union, com* 




bination; student society or 

uerbleidjen (berbltc^, berblic^en, 
and reg.), intr. (f.), grow pale; 

DCrbraui^CIt, tr., use up, consume. 

oerbamntt ip-p-), adj. and adv., 
cursed(ly), deuced(ly). 

ttcrbcrbctt (DcibarO, oerborbcii, bcr» 
bivbt), intr. (f), spoil, go to 
ruin ; tr. {also reg.), spoil, des- 
troy, ruin. 

berbtcncn, tr., earn, deserve, 

t)crbrtc^(t(^, adj., vexed, cross, 
illhumored ; vexatious, annoy- 

SBerbru^, m., -ffcg, annoyance, 

Ucrbunfein, tr. and reflex., dark- 
en ; fi(f) — , darken, grow dark, 
become clouded. 

bereinigen, tr., unite. 

ticretn^cU (/. /.), adj., isolated, 

dcrerben, tr., bequeath, transmit; 
fid) — , be transmitted. 

t)CrfaQcn {p-p-), adj., ruined, in 

werPtC(icit(ttcrfIo(i, berfloflen), intr. 

(f), fly away; fid) — , fly astray. 
3?CrfoIflCr, m., -^, — , pursuer. 
tiergcbcnS, adv., in vain. 
bergcblic^, adj., futile, vain ; adv., 

in vain. 
tierge^en (tJcrgino, bergangcn), 

intr. (f.), pass away, elapse; 
bctflangcn (/. /.), adj., past, 

betflcffcn (bergafe, bcrgeffen, bcr= 
gtfet), tr., forget. 

SerflCUbcn (»«/.), «., -S, wasting, 
squandering. [tion. 

Seroeubunfl, /., waste, dissipa- 

Serflniigungdort, m., -[c]«, -c, 
pleasure resort. 

bergiitcn, tr., make good, make 
amends or compensation for. 

ber^alten (t)er{)ic(t, brrfjatten, \>tX' 
^alt), tr., restrain, repress; ft(^ 
— , be, stand, act. 

^tX^aUnx^, «., -ijfeS, -iffe, friend- 
ly intercourse or relations; 
condition, circumstance; pro- 

Scr^attungdreoel, /., -n, direc- 
tion, order, instruction. 

tier^angni^bon, adj., fateful, por- 

oer^etratcn, tr. (on + ace. = to), 
give in marriage, marry; fl<^ 
— , marry, get married. 

IBer^eiratung, /., -cii, marriage, 

bcrlfctgcn (ucrfjtcfe, ttcr^cifecn), tr., 

licrl)C;reu, tr., bewitch. 
Uer^inbcrtt, tr., hinder, prevent 
berI)iiUcn, tr., veil, disguise, 
kierfaufcn, tr., sell. 
SBerfoufer, m., -8, — , seller, 

dealer (in), vender (of). 



Scrfe^r, m., -[t]i, intercourse. 

Oerfe^reit, intr. (mit -H dat.), as- 
sociate with. 

tierfunbtgen, /r., announce, make 

^crlattgcn (««/.)» «•> -*» desire, 
wish, longing. 

ttcrlaffcit (ticiliefe, berlaffcn, ber= 
Idfit), tr., leave, desert, forsake. 

tier(C(|Cn, (r., transfer, shift. 

ttcrlcnen (/>. /.), adj., embarrass- 
ed, perplexed. 

ScrlCflCn^ett,/., -en, embarrass- 
ment, perplexity. 

tierltcrrn (bcrlor, oerloren), /r., 
lose; (cine Silbc) — , waste. 

Scrttbni^, «., -niffe^, -niffc, en- 
gagement, betrothal. 

tier(0(fcn, fr., allure, entice, 

tiermittcdt, tr., arrange, bring 
about, effect. 

8crmitt[e]Iung, /., -en, media- 
tion, intercession. 

ttermoflcn (t>crmocf)te, bermod)!, 
bcmtQCi), intr. and tr., be able 
(to do). 

93crmo0Cn, «., -3, property, 
means, wealth. 

Dernelimrn (Dernafjm, bemomnten, 
Ucrinmntt), tr., hear, perceive, 
become aware of, learn. 

ttcrnc^mltd), adj., audible, per- 
ceptible, [slip. 

tierpnffcn, tr., miss, let pass, let 

ucrrotcn, //•., betray, disclose, 
divulge, show. 

Dcrriirfen, tr., displace, shift; 
cinem ben f opf — , turn a per- 
son's head, infatuate; berriicft 
{p. p.), adj., insane, crazy. 

tierfammein, tr. ami re/lex., as- 
semble, meet, gather. 

Derfc^tcben (berfc^ob, bcrf(()obcn), 
tr., shove or put out of place, 
disarrange; put off, defer. 

t)erf(f)ieben, adj., different, di- 
verse, sundry. 

tierfc^ranlcn, tr. (bic arme), fold, 
cross; incinanber bcrft^ronft, 

tterfd^totnben (bcrfc^hjonb, ber. 
fd)li)unben), intr. (f.), disap- 
pear, vanish. 

Derfe^en (bcrfaf), berfef)en, ber» 
fiel)t), tr., overlook, fail to see; 
provide, furnish ; e^c id) mid) 
bcffcn (or cS) bcrfaf, before I 
was aware of it or expected it. 

Iierfe^en, tr., displace, remove, 
block ; (ben 9(tcm), take away, 
stop ; intr., reply. 

Bcrfjirec^en (bcrfprac^, berfpro= 
<^cn, bcrfprtdjt), tr., promise, 

tterfpiiren, tr., perceive, notice, 

ticrftccfen, tr., hide, conceal. 

Derftc^cn (bcrftanb, bcrftanbcn), tr. 
and re/lex., understand; fltft 
ouf ctrtaS — , be skilled {or at 
home) in; e3 berftef)! fid) bon 
ftlbft, it is a matter of course. 



ticrftcincrt (/. /.). «'^-. petrified, 
turned to stone. 

tierftO^Ien, a(//. and adv., furtivt- 
(ly), secret(ly). 

tierfto^cn (Dcrftic^, bcrftofecn, bcr» 
ftol)t), /r., reject, cast out oroH. 

tierfhimmen, intr. (f), become 
silent, remain speechless. 

UeifucflClt, //-., try, attempt. 

ttcrfunfcn (/. /.), adj., sunk, 
absorbed; ttt fl(^ — , lost or 
wrapt in thought. 

tfcrtiefcn, /;., deepen; fic^ — , 
lose oneself (in), become ab- 
sorbed (in) ; bcrticft (p.p.), adj., 
absorbed (in). 

Dertraucn, intr. [dat. or a\\\-h 
ace), place confidence in, trust 
to ; tr., entrust or confide to. 

Sertrauen {inf.), «., -§, confi- 
dence, trust. 

tiertun (ttcrtat, bertan), tr., squan- 
der, spend. 

t>ttVkn' ^Ixidtn, intr. (f), meet 
with an accident, perish, come 
to grief. 

ticmac^fen (/. /.), adj., grown 
together, interlaced, over- 
grown ; deformed. [intend. 

Uernialtcn, tr., manage, super- 

ticrluanbt, adj., related; Scr^ 
)t)anbtc[v], m.,f., relative. 

JBcrweflcti^ctt,/., -en, boldness, 

»crnjel)rcn, tr. (etiicm ctioaS)— , 
hinder, preyeot; keep U9m, 

tocrtOCtlen, intr., linger, Urry. 

tfertoirrt (/./.). f^^J., perplexed, 

kiertuunbcrt (/. /.), adj., aston- 
ished, amazed. 

ttcrsaubern, tr., charm, bewitch, 

»»cr^el)rcn, //•., devour, eat. 

^erjttici flung, /., despair, des- 

'&t\ptxhtot, n., -[c]«, -c, after- 
noon lunch, supper. 

tttcl (mcf)r, mcift), adj., much,//., 
many ; adv., much. [haps. 

BieUctd^t^ adv.[pr. tc = X\, per- 

Dtclmc^r, adv., rather, on the 

tticr, num., four. 

SlCrter, n., -5, — , and indecl. 
adj., quarter, fourth part. 

liBiertelftuntie, /., -n, quartet of 
an hour. 

bicrje^n, num., fourteen; — 
laflc, a fortnight. 

Strgtnte, prop. «., Virginia. 

tiiftoniir'', adj. [pr. b = Eng. v.], 

Soger, m., -8, ', bird. 

Sogelct, «.,-[c]«, -cr, bird's egg. 

^olt, «.,-[c]^, 'cr, people, nation, 

JBoIfi^'mcIobtc'', /., -n, popular 
air or tune. 

DoH, adj., full. 

tionouf, adv., in abundance; — 
{ju tun), plenty. 



tloQen''ben^ tr., finish, complete. 

tJOUifl, adj,,l\x\\ complete, entire. 

UoUftanbig^ adj., whole, entire, 

tton, prep, {dot.), from, of; by, 
with, concerning; bom = — 
bem ; toon . . . aud, from. 

BOr, prep. {dat. and ace), adv. 
and sep. pre/., before, in front 
of, ago, for, on account of, 
with, from, against, of; — p*^ 
^in, ahead of or to oneself, in- 
to space; — (ben Ol^ien brau- 
fen), in. 

t9xan', adv., before, at the head, 

toxnvid', adv., in advance, be- 
forehand; aufSBeinac^ten tm — , 
in anticipation of Christmas. 

tiorbe^aUen (bc^tclt, be^alten, 
be-all), tr., reserve. 

XtOXittV, adv. and sep. pre/., past, 

toorbctge^en (fling, flegangen), 
intr. (f .), go past or by, pass by. 

borbetfegeln, intr. (^. and\.), sail 

tiorbetjtc^cn (jog, gejogen), intr. 
(f ), go or march past. 

Dorbrtngen (brac^tc, gebroc^t), tr., 
bring forward, produce. 

tJOrber, adj., fore, front 

SorfaU, m.,-[e]8, *e, occurrence, 

OPrfaOen (ftel, gefatten, foOt), intr. 
(f.), happen, occur. 

oorfitbren, tr., lead out, bring 
forth, produce. 

ttorbttt^f adv., hitherto, a while 

tiorig, adj., former, preceding; 
borigcn 3a^rci% last year. 

Iiorfommen (tarn, gefommen), intr. 
(f), seem, appear, occur. 

OOrlcgen, tr., lay or place before, 
show, display. 

tiormai^en, tr., place or put be- 
fore; (etncm etmad) — , show 
(someone) how. 

Sormittag, m., -[c]d, -e, fore- 

ttom[e], adv., in front. 

Oornebm, adj., distinguished, 
aristocratic, principal, fore- 

Sorf(^(ag, m.,-{i]i, "c, proposal, 
plan, suggestion. 

tiorfdireiben (fc^tieb, geft^ricbcn), 
tr., prescribe. 

ttOrft^tig, adj., cautious, careful. 

tlorfiteOen, tr., place before, in- 
troduce; (ucf), dat.) — , imagine, 
picture to oneself. 

tiorftreifen, tr., stretch forward 
or out, extend. 

ttorii'bcr, adv. and sep. pre/., 
past, over, by. 

ttoriibergfbfn (fl'"fl', 
intr. (f.), go past or by, pass; 
im Soriiberge^cn, in passing. 

tiorfibergleiten (glitt, geglittcn), 
intr. (f.), glide past or by. 



borflbcrfommett (fam, gefommen), 

intr. (f.), come past or by. 
tiorfi&ertragen (trug, getragcn, 

trogt), tr., carry or bear past 

{or by). 
ttoriibertoanbelnb (/r. /.), adj., 

passing, transient, fleeting. 
Sortoanb, m., -[e]«, *c, pretext, 

)iOXV)'axt^, adv., forward, onward. 
I^ortourf, m., -[c]8, H, reproach, 


Mail^feit (toud^^, getoac^fen, hiac^ft), 
i«/r. (f.), (etncm) gett)ad)fen fctn, 
be equal to or a match for. 

SSac^fen {inf.), «., -8, growth, 
growing, increase. 

toacfer, adj., valiant, brave, 
worthy, honest, energetic. 

toagen, tr. and rejlex., venture, 

SBagfdfale, /., -it, scale (of a 

SBfl^I, /., -en, choice. 

Ma^r, adj., true; iticftt — ?, isn't 
it or that so? 

tod^renb, /r^-/. {gen\ during; 
ij., while. 

tofi^rcnbbeS, cf., hjfi^renbbeffen. 

toabrenbbeff en, adv., in the mean- 

aBo^rbeit, /., -en, truth. 

S8alb, tn., -[e]8, 'er, forest, wood. 

SBalbbtene,/., -n, wild bee. 

SSalbWtefe, /., -n, meadow in 
or near a forest, forest glade. 

aSan, m., -[f]«, 'e, embank- 
ment, bank, rampart. 

toalijen, <»/r., waltz. 

993a(^er, m., -i, —, waltz. 

aSanb, /., 'e, wall (of a room). 

toanbein, intr. (f. a«</ ^.), go, 
walk, wander. 

ttianbern, intr. (f. «««/ ^.), wan- 
der, walk, travel; Suft pm 
SSanbern, pleasure in walking, 
desire to walk. 

SSanberung, /., -en, walk, wan- 
dering, travel. 

9Banb(eu(^ter, m.,-4, — , sconce, 

SEBange, /., -n, cheek. 

toann, adv. and cj., when. 

2Bare, /., -n, material, mer- 
chandise, (//.), goods. 

toarm (todrmer, todnnft), adj.^ 

toarmen, tr., warm, heat. 

Marten, intr., wait; (auf -*- acc:^ 
— , wait for. [fore. 

loarunt, adv. and cJ., why, where- 

WttS, interr. pron., what; rel. 
pron., what, that which, a 
thing which, whatever, that, 
which; (= etloaiS), something; 
— fiir (ein), what (a), what sort 
of (a); ei — , oh nonsense; fo 
(et)lt)ad, something of that sort, 
some such thing. 



)t, /., wash, washing, linen, 
lonfi^cn (wufd), geioofc^en, todftfit), 

fr., wash. 
aSJaftt|forJi, m., -[e]8, 'e, clothes 

2Sttf(^fot^en (/.//.), wash. 
SBoffcr, «., -i, — , water, body 

of water; [(/im. SJofJcrc^cn]. 
29?offermulIcr, m., -8, — , miller, 

owner of a water-mill. 
9a?aficrfpieficl, »»., -8, — , sur- 
face of the water, expanse of 

SBet^fef, m., -8, — , draft, check, 

tOCbcr, rj'., neither; — . . . no4 

neither . . . nor. 
29eg, m., -[e]8, -e, way, road, 

WCfl, <i<fv. and sep. Pre/., away, 

rocflcn, prep, i^n.), on account 

of, for the sake of. 
tocflfle^en (fling, geganflen), intr. 

(f), go away, depart, leave. 
SQ3cg0e^en (»«/.), «., -8, depart- 
ure, going away. 
WC^CIt, intr. ami tr., blow, wave, 

993ci6, «., -[*]*/ -«r, woman. 
2l^cif|lta(^tcn (//.), Christmas. 
9Bci^na(^t£imante(, »/., -8, ", 

Christmas cloak or mantle. 
Wett, cj., because, since. 
9Bet(e, /., while, time. 
9EBetn, w., -{t\i, -e, wine. 

SScinrn (««/•)» "•» -*» weeping. 

2Betnje(t, «., -[e]8, -e, refresh- 
ment tent. 

28eifc, /., -n, manner, usage. 

weifcit (wic8, flcttJtefcii), /r. ««</ 
tufr., point, show, direct. 

ttici§, (itij., white. 

923et{fbrdt(^cn, «., -8, — , (wheat- 
en) roll or biscuit. 

loett, adj., far, extended, distant, 
wide; <://?'., far, much. 

mctfer, adj. and adv. {<omp. of 
tveit), further, forward, on. 

lB3eitcrge^en (/«/.), «., -8, con- 
tinuation of the walk ; jUin — , 
to continue or proceed. [on. 

nirtterf)in, adv., further away or 

lueit^tn, adv., far away, to a great 

tOC(d|Cr (roelc^c, tt)c(cf)C^), interr. 
adj. and pron., which, what; 
rel. pron., who, which, that. 

SBeQe, /., -n, wave. 

2Bellcnliewc8unfl,/.,-en, undula- 
tory (or wavelike) motion. 

JBcU, /., -en, world. 

933e(tf(^Opfung, /., creation of 
the world. 

toenbcn (loanbtc, gcmanbt and 
r<^.), tr. and rejlcx., turn. 

SBcnbuitfl, /., -cn, turn, turning. 

tticnig (hjcniger, njeiitgft, t^rminbcr, 
mtnbeft), adj., (a) little, not 
much, (a) few, some; adv., 
little; ni(^t8 ivcntger aI8, any* 
thing but. 



mniq^itnS, adv., at (the very) 

ivenn, cj., if, when, whenever; 
— auc^, even if, although. 

toer, interr.pron., yi\\o;rel.pron., 
he who, whoever, who. 

tocrben (luavb ami wurbe, [ge]= 
iDOibcit, loirb), inlr.(\.), become, 
grow, get, happen, come to 
pass, be ; {future aux.) : shall, 
will ; (f(?W«VwMrt/ awJT.) : should, 
would; {passive aux.): be; 
anbetS — , turn out otherwise 
or differently. 

werfcit (loarf, oeiuorfcn, loiift), tr., 
throw, cast. 

SKcrfftott {or SBerfftcitle), /., -en, 

aScritcr, prop. n. 

SSSefen, «., -5, — , being, nature, 
character; fein — trciben, be 
active, exist. 

lOCS^alb, adv., why, wherefore, 
on which or what account. 

aSettcr, «., -8, — , weather, 
storm, {slang) (a) row. 

tvetterfeui^ten, intr. {insep.), 

aBcttcrfr^cttt, m., -[c]8, -e, 

9Bt(^3, m., -CS, {student slan^), 
gala dress; in boHem — , full 
rig or regalia. (twist. 

Wttfeln, tr., wind, wind up, wrap, 

»iber(|al'(en, intr., resound, re- 

Ivic, adv. and cj., how, as, just 
as, when, like, such as, as if, 
something like, as it were; — 
aiic^, however. 

tOtCtier, adv,,sep. and insep. pref., 

wieberticr^OefteQt (/. /), adj., 
restored (to health), recover- 

Wtcbcr^O'Ien, tr. {insep.), repeat ; 
Juicbcrl)0(t ( /. /.), adj. and adv., 
repeated(ly) ; again and again. 

Wte'bcrfc^rcn, intr. {].), return, 
come back. 

micbcrum, adv., again, on the 
other hand. 

loicgcn, tr., rock, sway; fi(^ Im 
Sanje — , dance. 

99?ic^cnt {inf.), «., -S, neigh 


aSicfc,/., -n, meadow. 

Wilb, adj., wild, fierce. 

9Bilbe=®anj=3oflb, /., -«"» wiW 
goose chase. 

aBtac[n], m., SBtncnS, will. 

widen, lint . . . tutUcn, cf. um. 

aSinb, m., -[e]«, -e, wind. 

SBinf, m., -[e]8, -c, sign, nod, 
suggestion, hint; — folflcn, act 
upon a suggestion. 

{EBinfel, m., -8, — , angle, cor- 
ner, nook. 

aSJinfcItonjittctfler, m., -«, — , 
obscurecr second-rate dancing 

iEBinter, «., -i, —, winter. 



Wintttlu^t, /., "e, wintry air. 
SBtnternat^mittag, m., -8, -e, 

winter afternoon. 

Wip^tl, m., -«, — , (tree-)top. 

roir, f>ron., we. 

mirfU^, adj., real, actual, verita- 

SBirtft^aft, /., -«n, household 
management; establishment, 

993irtd^au-3, «., -ii, "cr, inn, 
hotel, tavern. 

tt)tf(^Cn, tr., wipe. 

ttiffcn (loufetc, oc^o"&t. >oet6), Z'-. 
a«</ intr., know ; (+/'«/".), know 
or understand how, be able; c3 
ju ntac^en — , understand doing 
it, manage to do it; fie tDiQ 
ittc^tS me^r t)on cuc^ — , she will 
have nothing more to do with 

2Bitnie, /., -n, widow. 

WO, adv. and cj., where, when, if; 

— ... nur, wherever. 
SBoii^e, /., -It, week. 
Uiidicntlic^, adj., weekly; adv., 

every week, a week. 
tOO^et'', adv., whence, from 

where, where . . . from, where, 

tOO^in', adv., whither, where; 

— foiift, wherever else . 
too^I (bcffcr, am bcftcii, and reg.), 

adv., well ; perhaps, possibly, 
probably, surely, I presume; 
indeed, occasionally ; would, 

used to, was apt to; einetn — 

tun, benefit, do one good. 
tOO^Ibefannt, adj., well-known. 
ttJOljlflcfiillt, adj., well-filled, 
ttfoljl^alienb, adj., well-to-do, 

tOO^ncn, intr., dwell, reside, live. 
9Bo^nftubc, /., -n, living- {or sit- 

ting-)room; {dim. 3Bo^nfliib» 

99?o()nung, /., -en, dwelling, 

SBo^itjtmmcr, «., -i, —, living- 

(pr sitting-)room. 

JBoIfc, /., -It, cloud. 

iVOQcn (tooUtc, gctoollt, tviU), tr. 
and modal aux,, \%vill, inten- 
tion']: wish, want, purpose, in- 
tend, desire; be willing, will, 
would; be about to, be on the 
point ol;[claim'\: claim, assert. 

SBoQenf letb, «., -[e]8, -cr, woolen 

SBoIIenftoff, m., -[c]«, -e, woolen 
material or stuff. 

loomtt, adv., with which or what, 

tvomogltc^, adv., possibly, per- 

tOOrin, adv., in which or what, 

993ort, «.,-[«]«, -i and 'ex, word, 

WOrtfarg, adj., taciturn. 

toortlod, adj., speechless; adv., 
without a word. 



iPOtlOn, adv., of {or from) which 
or what, whereof. 

lOOjU, adv., why, wherefore, to 
or for which, or what. 

ttM^ttn, intr., grow rankly or 

tuii^Ien, intr. and tr., burrow, 
stir up, tumble over. 

SButtber, «., -^, —, marvel, mir- 
acle, wonder, surprise. 

lOUnber^iibfl^, adj., wonderfully 
pretty, very beautiful. 

lOUnberltl^, adj., strange, won- 

9Bunf(^, m., -e§, 'e, wish. 

ttliinfl^en, tr., wish (for), desire. 

mttrgen, intr. and tr., choke. 

SSurft, /., 'e, sausage. 

toitft, adj., waste, desert; wild, 

aSut, /., rage, anger. 


ja^Ien, tr. and intr., count out 
(in payment), pay. 

5a^(en, tr. and intr., count, enu- 

3o^n, m., -[e]8, 'e, tooth. 

janfen, intr. and rejlex., quarrel, 

}fixi, adj., delicate, tender, gen- 

jarttil^, adj., delicate, tender. 

BftrtltJ^feit,/., tenderness, fond- 

3auin, m., -[e]«, *e, bridle, rein. 

3oun, m., -[e]«(, 'e, hedge. 

je^n, num., ten. 

Se^ren, intr. (on or bon -\- dat.) ; 
t)on ettDoS — , live (or feast) on. 

Sti^ttl, «., -d, — , sign, token. 

jeigcn, tr. and intr., show, point 
(out) ; fit^ — , appear. 

Stit, /., -en, time ; ttuf furaer — , 
for a short time. 

jeitig, adj., timely, early; adv., 
in good time. 

3ett(an0, /. ; eine — , for a (or 
some) time. 

3elt, «., -[e]3, -e, tent. 

jerfa^ren (aerfu^r, aerfa^ren, aer« 
fa^rt), tr., wear or break (by 
driving, skating, etc., over). 

3erjil3runfl^trieb, m., -[e]«, -t, 
destructiveness, instinct of de- 

3ettel, m., -9, —, slip of paper, 

3eug, «.,-[e]d, -e, stuff, material. 

3ieflenfe0, n.,-[t]^, -t, goat-skin. 

jle^tn (aofl, flea''flen)» fr., draw, 
pull; intr. (f), proceed, go, 
move; fid) — , stretch. 

iitmlidt, adj., tolerable, passa- 
ble ; in — er (Sntfernung), some, 
considerable; adv., tolerably, 
rather, pretty ; — eflol, (pretty) 
nearly equal. 

iitvUit, adj., graceful, fine, 

3igor're,/., -n, cigar. 



3tmmer, «., -«, — , room. 

3itronenfalter, m., -d, — , brim- 
stone (sulphur or yellow) but- 

3itroncnt>ogeI, cf. 3UronenfoIter. 

jittern, intr., tremble, quiver; 
am flanjen Seibe — , tremble in 
every limb. 

jdgem, intr., delay, hesitate. 

3<»m, m., -[t]i, anger, rage. 

jomig, adj., angry. 

JU, /''<'/. {daL), adv. and sep. 
pre/., to, unto, at, in, on, to- 
wards, for the purpose of, in 
order to, as, for, by, in addi- 
tion to, besides; jum =: — 
bent; jur = — ber; adv., too, 
(shut) to, towards, shut; auf 
mic^ — , toward me ; nur — !, 
now for it; nur inimcr — , keep 
right on, go right ahead. 

jubringen (broc^tc, flcbradjt), tr., 
bring or carry to; (bie 3*'0» 
spend, pass away. 

JUffen, intr., twitch, quiver. 

3ucfcr, w., -■*, sugar. 

8uiferfiftcn^o(^, «., -eS, (wood 
of sugar box). West Indian 

juetnanber, adv., to one another 
or each other. 

jtucrft, adv., first, at first. 

jufallen (ftel, gefaHen, fallt), intr. 
(f ), (cinem) — , fall to (one's 
share); (Xiir), close. 

3ufIU(f|t, /., refuge. 

3uflu(^tiSort, m., -[e]8, -e or 'er, 
place of refuge, retreat. 

,^ufiU)tCrn, tr., whisper (to). 

i^ufit^ren, /'., lead (or conduct) 

3ufl, m., -[e]*, 'e, draft, pull, 
procession, train ; trait, expres- 

}U0(etl^^, adv., at the same time, 

JU^dren, intr., listen to. 

3ufunft, /., future. 

f^XXitm', adv., last, at last, finally. 

jumor, adv., especially; cj., es- 
pecially as. 

pnai^ft, adv., next, first of all, 

3unfle, /., -n, tongue. 

juntrfcn, intr. (eincm) — , nod to. 

jupfen, tr., tug, pull. 

JUrce^t', adv., aright, to rights, 
in order or position. 

^ViXti\{t, cf. 4ured)t; in fid) — 
tontmcn, see one's way clear, 
make up one's mind. 

jurei^tlegcn, tr., lay {or set) in 
order, arrange. 

%WCM', adv. and sep. pre/., back, 
backwards, behind. 

jturuffbletbeit (blteb, geblieben), 
intr. ()'.), remain behind. 

juriitfbliifen, intr., look (or 
glance) back. 

5uriic7forbern, tr., demand back. 

jurucfge^en (ging, gegangen), intr. 
(f/) go back, return. 



jurfitf^aUen (^ielt, ge^alten, ^olt), 
tr., hold back, check, repress. 

5UrU(ffe^reil, intr. (f), return. 

juriitflommen (fam, gefommen), 
intr. (f), return, come back. 

jurticftaffen (Hefe, gelaflen, lafet), 
tr., leave behind. 

juriitflaufeu (lief, gelaufen, lauft), 
intr. (f.), run back. 

5Ur«rfIc^ncn, r,r/?<rA., lean back. 

jururfft^iclictt (fc^ob, gefc^oben), 
tr., push or shove back. 

jurUcffc^cn {\a% gefe^cn, fief)t), 
intr., look back. 

3uriii!fcnben (fonbtc, gefonbt, and 
reg.), tr., send back. 

jurudftirtngen (fprong, gefprun» 
gen), intr. (f.), spring or jump 
back; recede. 

Surittfftretci^en (ftriu'i, geftrid)en), 
//-., stroke {or smooth) back. 

$uru(ftreten (trat, gctretcn, tritt), 
intr. (f.), step back, retire, with- 

juriitfwanbern, intr. (f), wander 
{or walk) back. 

juritdioenben (tvanbte, getpanbt, 
and reg.), tr, and reflex., turn 

juriitfwcrfen (tcarf, getooTfen, 
lotvft), tr., throw {or toss) back. 

jurMjie^en (jog, gejoflcn), tr. 
and reflex., draw back, with- 

3uruf, m., -[e]«, -e, shout, ac- 
clamation, call. 

Suntfen (rief, gerufen), tr. and 

intr., call out {or shout) to. 

3ufage, /., -n, consent, promise. 

JUfagett, tr., promise; intr., con- 
sent, accept, suit. 

3Mfom^men, adv. and sep. pre/., 
together, jointly. 

^ufammenbet^en (bis, gebiifcn), 
tr.; bte 3a^n« — , set one's 

SttfammeNbenfen (boc^tr, gebac^t), 
tr., join or connect in thought. 

}Hfommenbrangen,/r. and reflex., 

press or crowd together; fi<^ 

— , contract, come together. 
jufanttnenfa^reK (fu()T, ge(a()rtn, 

fa^rt), intr. (f.), start (with 

fright), recoil. 
jufnittmrnfoUtn, tr., fold up. 
jufommenjtnben (fanb, gefiiiiben), 

reflex. ; S\&, — , meet, come {or 

be) together. 
3ufammenget|fn (giiig, gegangen), 

intr. (f . ), go or belong together ; 

in etniJ — , join, make one. 
jufammenfneifen (fniff, gcfnijfeii), 

tr., pinch or press together, 
jufammcnicgcn, /r., lay together, 

pile or fold up. 
jufammenne^tnen (na^m, grnom« 

men, nimint), /r., collect, gather, 

take up; fic^ — , pay attention, 

take courage, collect oneself, 
jufammenfc^reifen (fc^rat, gf' 

fdirocfen, fdiriit), intr. (f.), start 

(with fright). 



$ufammenfi^en (\ai, gtfeflcn), 

intr., sit together. 
}ufatnmentan,)en, intr., dance 

jufommcntreffen (trof, getroffen, 

trifft), ;«/r. (f.), (mit einem) — , 

meet, encounter. 

aufammenwo^nen, intr. (mit 
einem) — , live together with. 

Sufammensie^en (jog, geaogen), 
tr. and reflex., draw together, 

5Uf(^auen, intr., look on, watch. 

^ufi^ouer, w.,-8,— ,3uf<^owerin, 
/., -nen, spectator. 

jufdilagcn (ftf)Iug, geft^Iogen, 
jc^ldgt), intr., strike (or hit) out. 

jufdfreiten (fc^ritt, gefdjritten), 
intr. (f.) (auf etnen) — , walk to- 
ward or up to. 

Sufliredien (fpro4 fle[prod)en, 
fprirf)t), intr., speak to, address, 

Sutreteti (trat, getreten, tritt), intr. 
(f.) (auf einen)— , step up to or 
towards. [formerly. 

JUOOr^, adv., before, beforehand, 

5Utoei(en, adv., at times, now 
and then, sometimes. 

auwcrfen (luavf, gcmorfen, »Dtrf»), 
tr. (einem ettoatf) — , throw (or 
cast) to, at, or toward. 

jujetten, adv. ( — ju 3eHen), 
sometimes, at times. 

^ujte^en (iog, gcjogen), /r., draw 
to or towards ; call in or draw 
upon (for assistance). 

3>oang, m., -[e]«, constraint. 

Jttiar, adv., indeed, to be sure. 

^Wei ^gen. -[er], dat., -[en]), num., 

3n'etfe(, »«., -S, — , doubt, un- 

JlOeifel^aft, adj., doubtful, du- 

3>oet8, »/., -[e]«, -e, branch, 
bough, twig. 

jiueimal, «'/!'., twice. 

jtueit, num., adj., second. 

SWingen (atpong, geitoungen), tr., 
force, compel. 

Jltoifl^tn, prep. {dat. and ace), 
between, among; — bem lotJ" 
jcn, between the dances. 



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